Monday, April 30, 2007

Super awesome! The whole internet may have exploded in wank, but hey, this guy is good at writing.

I come from the mid to upper class over privileged young white men who thought the world owed them. We felt entitled to say what we wanted, about who we wanted, and we were taught that our God endorsed right to children and wife and to be the protectors of the women for we were warrior-men. Friends of mine felt that women should fuck them just because they’re white, male and that was god’s gift to females. Back then, I’d support them either actually agreeing with them, or by shutting up and letting them take my silence as support.

Sure, I wasn’t entirely like the rest of the pack, but I had the option to join and merge with the herd open to me at any point. I was a Nice Guy ™. I thought that just being a reasonable civil person not just meant I deserved a cookie, but full sexual favours to go with that cookie. The stuff I heard, the stuff I said, the stuff we tacitly supported because we didn’t speak up and oppose it led to my peers, my friends (and some of my enemies) thinking that woman hating was fine, so long as you fucked them while hating them. After all, the only thing most of those guys hated more than women was gay men.
Library issues and circumstances- geh! Ok, library dickface! Please do not make fun of other library patrons for speaking in foreign languages! As a fat white guy sitting near said "It's America, you can speak whatever you want". Really, what a cockbroom! He also wasted a librarian's time, which she had to use telling him that there's no rule against foreign languages in the library! That guy=total major fail!
Soulbonders give regular ol' crazy people a bad name.

Did you know it's dr elle now? If you congratulate people on the internet, it improves their psychology.
Because tittermilk=being black.

Six Flags Over Jesus mentioned in non local blog.
(some dildo content)

Not getting HBO shows for free is oppression.
*sucks it up- gets netflix* Hey, it's like feminism, but with more men who don't bathe.
I'm glad postfeminists know it's not feminine to not bathe.

Meth Lords Take Over an Indian Reservation.

Vote for healthcare- fight the stupid!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blackface painting in poor taste.

LOL, ew!

In nongross news, Piny posts about stuff.
Piny posts on the vagina. I link all of piny's post not to bother hir, but through my theory that if we all give hir positive reinforcement, ze'll post more. I'm sorry for those who I've offended with my pronouns. A nsfw link from the vagina thread. (the first page is safe for work, but the rest has visual educational content about the genitalia of an transman)

Racial disparities in police stops.

Soulbonds,LOL. Are soulbonding folk mentally ill? The depressingness of soulbonding.
The boss chracter speaks! You know, when I find things boring, you know what I do? I don't engage with them. *is an adult, though*. I wish I had a copy of the games people play. Then I'd know the real name of this game. You see, all players know that stormy will fly off the handle and do something strange if pushed. But it's hard for them not to push stormy- they like feeling justified in their anger. So stormy flies off and does something strange! Then it's all weird- like if stormy does something strange to one person, everyone is mad, but the other players on that side are not responsible for pushing stormy, who they all know will do something strange. Then when stormy goes off and does something strange, the players can feel angry, and get positive strokes and praise. And then they can continue the game, justified in their stormy pushing behavior, so then stormy gets pushed again, and then the game continues. I say, stormy as she is the main person doing something bad in this iteration of the game. The next target for pushing will be the next person in the next game. It is very hard for shannon, to not enable this game playing, because bad shannon is amused, and good shannon wants everyone to be friends(bad shannon- is very mean, delights subtly in the misery of all people. good shannon- wants everyone to be friends. Very difficult to maintain) Is belledame's favorite ego state the adapted child in which rebelling against one's 'parent' is encouraged? I don't know. I just like saying bad things about people in a passive aggressive manner.

And not everyone thinks it's OK to hire prostitutes.
I bet that after this post, someone will say they love sucking cock after it's been up their ass! Then I'll wish there was an image macro for the phrase "let me tell you internet, it's a day to day struggle being full of shit".

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spotted Elephant is trying to quit Cymbalta cold turkey! If you post nice things on her blog, she'll be totally happy and stuff. I tapered off the Paxil, so I didn't have such bad problems.

Twisty reminds me of my own theory about empowerful women. Thier acceptance of feminism does not depend on how nice actual feminists are, but in fact on their own reasons. Some people just feel more strongly that they need approval than other people. I'd rather be right than have some asshole think I'm cute! Ah, good ol' Twisty's, where women who actually would like some sort of connection to the person they are having sex with can speak freely. Also, brain melting description of otherwise cute apron:

The Domestic Goddess Apron is for the hostess with the mostess! A woman's place today is anywhere she wants to be, and the smart, modern woman wants to be there in this retro-chic vintage Domestic Goddess Apron. The aprons are designed in vibrant colours, flirty patterns and figure flattering shapes for today's modern domestic goddess, these romantic visions from a bygone era have become the ultimate fashion accessory in or out of the kitchen.

None of that pesky reading or justice stuff. Just pure consumerism.

Also, I think porn is sort of a sadistic decadence.
It's not mutual, there's none of the give and take in real sex, and sometimes it looks like that stuff hurts. I'm always wondering if the porn star is having any fun there, are they bored, are they sore? I can't enjoy it with all of that.
Etsy threads:

No compensation for downtime.

Should begging on forums be banned?

Jewelry that I sold wholesale is being resold! Help!

My jewelry is being resold!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Shannon is annoyed at Kactus. So like, here are some roles. There is the queen bee/instigator. Loves drama, but hides behind others. The martyr- gives as good as she gets but is happy to cry about being a victim. The mediator- sometimes tries to disguise bias by trying to mediate, but other times, sincerely wants peace. Wannabe- chimes in with insulting stuff that never helps. When you figure out how those roles apply to the rad fem bashers, you can see why I am annoyed.

Also, bad touch!!

MLMs- they'll steal your money.

Don't eat ice cream cake...*dies* Amusing blegging.
Shannon be reporting wank! It's a hard day, even with my super fast reading skillz. Ok, there is too much wank to report on, so I will just report on the core wank.

Precursors to wank:

Stormy analyzes the content of ren's blog!

Delphyne tries to truce. Stormy also wants the attacks to stop. Ren refuses to truce. You're mean! No you are!

The Main wank:
Stormy issues an ultamatum!
Ren gets mad! It's all public! Delpyhe tries to chill stormy out. Stormy is still mad! (Stormy would make a good manga chracter!) Shannon is upset!! The boss character appears!! Witchy doesn't like outing. Kim also freaks out. Pony is worried about genderberg outing. V is also worried about private emails revealed. Ren is very upset, but may have truced V is not impressed. Ren says she has never outed anyone from genderberg. V says Renposted private genderberg information on her blog. Ren admits guilt. V is still angry about this. Anon comments at Ren's Ren's info is not at genderberg. Delphyne says Ren deserves not to be outed, and that her info is not at genderberg. Stormy is still mad and holds ren to the terms. V asks for who gave Ren the genderberg info. Stop it, says stormy. Anthony Kennerson is a crazy stalker guy. Amber thinks there's no such thing as a private email.(wasn't she the same person whining because people made fun of what some lady said on a public blog?) Pony still doesn't feel safe.
Don't incite radbashing. Anti starts whining. OMG free speech!!(she can say stuff about us, but we won't like it!)Delphyne tries to truce. Antiprincess tries to truce. V reveals a weird blog! Hmm.. Blackmail! Antiprincess starts her racket- just knowing people will give her negative strokes. Delph says that it's wrong for stormy to collate Ren's posts. V is still angry about previous outings. The former Pippa wonders if the purpose of bashing rad fems is to bash rad fems. Ren speaks about the blackmail. Heart talks about having being outed Faith says blatant lies are wrong. Cool Aunt does not feel personal trust for antiprincess. Witchy pledges to be nice.


I've posted this summary so that folks can see the main points first hand rather than jumping off half cocked from third hand accounts.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OMG! Super stupid! I bring the stupid to your living room! Also, Aunt B makes a much better post than I about how we need real news during the day! I don't want to end up knowing the lyrics of pop music, what Madonna did in Malawi and who got shot today and know nothing about education gaps, what happened in Iran today and what's going on in the housing market.

Also, we want healthcare!
*blushes* Mocked by the mod!! White people: books! You can read them! If you can't, maybe go to some adult literacy services? Adoption row. I hate finals. Now that I've made this post, I can't actually read the threads because I have to bathe and go to the library. I guess I shouldn't have wasted my time giving all my thoughts on the transgendered

Oh yea, and the evils of buy and replace.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I created a chipin. I wonder if the actually poor/disabled want to take advantage of this.

And I have an amusing fund. Maybe it should be the manga and beads fund rather than manga and titays.
I was going offline to let my paper cool for a final edit, but I'm peeved at wkno.

We've made arrangements with the Memphis library station (89.9) to carry
BBC during the day... it's 6-9am and 11-Noon weekdays. And of course,
this Fall, when our HD stations launch, we'll have one station dedicated
to BBC and another with NPR news/talk programs.

Because we are all made of fucking money. So basically, there's a near total information blackout in Memphis during the afternoon. We're missing most of talk of the nation, and the first bit of all things considered. We have a measly one hour of news in the daytime. And this cut to our news service wasn't even discussed with local residents either. Really, don't people without much money need real news more than people with lots of money?
Sistersong needs donations for scholarships for young women to be able to attend a special event.

Heart is mad at me for calling her a transphobe. I like epithets for people- so I'll often put "White rad fem Spotted Elephant" or "White feminist Jill". Heart's is just "That transphobic Heart". I don't think it makes her a bad person to be transphobic, I'm not as good about this as I should be, either. It's just that if you want to say stuff that people think is transphobic, people will say that they think you are one.

Strange lady thinks it's better to euthanize a perfectly fine healthy infant rather than adopt it out.
Stupidfreers can tell that she is not every feminist ever!!!

Memphians, please send email to radio [at] about how we should get at least some day time talk! We don't need all day classical music- we need our Science Friday!

Also, random internet people, I constantly get swollen bumps on my underarms. What would you do?
As a rad fem, I can say that comment string is kinda gross. Also, the internet doesn't care that you got laid.

We can all agree that MRAs are dumbfucks. I think most of us can agree that Camille Paglia is a dumbfuck too. The thing is that those college girls are putting out not to make psychotic gunmen jealous, but because having sex with attractive people is fun. It's not their fault if someone guns down the school. Math is used to mock the stupid too. Heck, even men are mocking her.(I've always wondered about the whole men have sex without commitment but women don't mindset. Like, are the men having gay sex? Can we watch?)

Monday, April 23, 2007

I don't like fluffy feminists. Black women get boyfriends with hair on their legs, without bikini waxes, without slathering a fuckton of makeup all over their face. I'm also not sure about the political commitment of the sort of person who would choose their political beliefs based on what the boooyz thought. For fuck's sake, what if they got a boyfriend that was for voting for Bush? If they are that shallow and vapid, I'd rather not have them in my movement at all. I mean, thinking is unfeminine! What would the booooyz think?

ETA: I think what annoys me about this is the idea that women are inherently irrational and stupid. I think the picture is a lot more complex than the 'what about the airheads' people portray. Seriously, I have seen some girls in my college days, who have worked for feminism, who do sincerely care about women's rights. Just because they are under 30 doesn't mean they can't believe in political causes for actual logical reasons. Not all of us have the value system that what is right is less important than what is popular or what boys like. Supposing a common value system among young women really annoys me. Especially since it's the most stereotypical shit ever. We don't just have idiotic radio stations playing crap about girls who are so whatever we have so called feminists who assume that women are uniformly interested in impressing guys and looking good, when a lot of us may have other priorities in life. It's sort of like the 50s when every woman was thought to have the same goal: wife and mother, regardless of any actual goals the woman might have.
Send Blackamazon to the Allied Media Conference.

Come to the Take Back the Night 5k Run!

Lots of sexist stupid today. I like my business vagina. My vagina is all business, and there is no party in the rear.

I'm sick of this whole girls who don't know why they bleed every month are total whores crap. If your teenager is in fact a whore, seek local resources, such as this, where they can get help.

Tame foxes were bred. They are untrained.

The dread Sheezlebub mocks those who need to save Muslim women from overly modest bathing suits. I mean really, you can't win. it's either you're a whore or bikini or GTFO. Also, Aimai says stupid things causing lulz.

Etsy admin apologizes for the great downtime of 06.
A quote from the NY Times:

Most striking, here and throughout the country, is the large racial disparity. In Mississippi, infant deaths among blacks rose to 17 per thousand births in 2005 from 14.2 per thousand in 2004, while those among whites rose to 6.6 per thousand from 6.1. (The national average in 2003 was 5.7 for whites and 14.0 for blacks.)

Also, proof of the rumor about certificates of attendance:

Students who have completed all graduation requirements will be awarded a regular diploma. Students who
complete all graduation requirements but who have not passed the required competency tests or made
passing scores on the required gateway tests (English II, Algebra I, and Biology) will be awarded a
certificate of attendance

Another way over testing is shafting our kids.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pandagon picks up the story of Akon and the dry humping. The girl apologized for being victimized. What the fuck. Sexualized humiliation of young girls in public=not OK.My misogynist friend's reaction: WTF.
Oooh!!1 I'm sooo excited! Ok, I clicked over from witchy's and then was sort of confused. A full quater of my brain power is on what sexual positions I am experienced enough to attempt as far as penatrative sex, and I spent at least half an hour talking lip glitter with a woman on the internet, so I was like huh. Then I realized it. This was pure comedy gold!!! This is the perfect post feminist screed! Woman choosing political position based on fashion? Check. I love men and sex!!! Check. OMG, you're so mean!!!! Check. No understanding of psychology? Check.

I really don't like post feminism in any of it's incarnations of which I see three. A)The sort of clueless coed type. They would be feminist, but it's not cute. What would the boys think? B)The sort of lady who is against the very worst of abuses- she understands why outlawing all abortions ever may not be a good idea or why requiring all women not to work may not exactly make any sense, but they don't understand systematic sexism. C)The it's all about me feminist. Her allegiance to feminism is based on who likes her that day, what's in fashion(if grunge is in- she's a feminist! But if tube tops are in- not!) and whether people like her hobbies. As I think one's politics should be guided by what is right rather than what is cute this season, this annoys me.

All three represented in post
feminist bingo:

Piny posts, causing everyone to talk about the politics of telling and not telling in rape cases.

On the lighter side, heh.

That transphobic Heart starts a carnival of radical feminists.

The media can't even get studies about honey bees right
and they don't hate and fear honey bees.

Jill writes on the infant mortality rate in Mississippi. Well intentioned, but I think her logic is off. I think this is the chain- high conservatism= high selfishness=demands for lower taxes/no big gov't=lack of funding for programs that help poor people=dead babies. Add religiosity- which helps with an ideology that is pretty fatalistic- some people are blessed, and some are sinners- if you sin by opening your legs, that's it for you. There's also not much support for good sense measures like telling kids about condoms or having better preventative care for the poor. If you're poor, it's your fault. Add a pinch of racism, ok,ok, a lot of racism, and you're looking at a trainwreck.

Also, illegal abortions kill women of color.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Any etsy members out there? Come to our bead party chatroom! Be polite! Old ladies are trying to sell things! Ok, I am too. But I'm not an old lady! Save my pocket book from earrings!
The person who crossed out the cusswords in Little Bitty Lies(Cordova Library) didn't cross out peckerwood. Also I bought a copy of Right Wing Women for 50 cents!

Man, what a dick this guy is! Oh the poor guys! Their lives were changed! What about the poor woman?

I'm not the shining picture of trans enlightenment, as I am a dick, but yea... do refrain from talking about 'transies' and their sparkling cocks. Us prudes thank you in advance.

I'm against porn, but a playboy cake for one's 18th birthday isn't cause for yelling SLUT!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

I have no knowledge of the important news events of the day because NPR is not avaliable during my daytime car rides anymore. So without further ado, hip hip. From Bossip via ONTD, but they friendslocked the post like pussies. Stupidfree should open their post too, some asshole rapper guy did something that is just wrong- (video here, scroll past wordy nonsense) Some people in the comments say that it's the girl's fault for dressing like a whore, but come on people. Now, I wouldn't let a 14 year old out of the house dressed like this but my smugness would be short lived as she probably would sneak and put on the clothes anyway. That's no excuse to fake rape a 14 year old on stage. I think that this shows a low respect for our young women of color! Think about it: would a man fake ass sex on stage with some dude even if he was shirtless and wearing only sexy shorts? I'm all for the dry humping, but no kids, folks. Keep it between adults!

Note on consent: I'm always shady about folks who are like she really wanted it. She probably was too shocked or simply unable to get away. Actually, imagine that you're a 14 year old girl. An average one, not like your genius self who went to college at age 12, and could kill pedos with your laser eye balls. Would you not feel pressured by the mere presence of a crowd of thousands?

Of course, we also have the she straddled him once so it's ok to dry hump her and drag her around! Just like if you pay a whore for a blowjob, you totally can get random anal that you didn't pay for!*

*Don't do this- it's rape
I found my keys! Now I'll be able to go to my counseling session on why I always lose things.

I read on sly's blog that devious diva was outed by evil people.

I missed some etsy drama!
Have you seen this man? (Nationwide search for Kevin's brother, believed to be on the West Coast)
I took a break from searching for my keys. I looked at feministe, and saw a link to this heartbreaking post.

Now people are defending kiddie porn! Man, that's too bad to be on post feminism watch. Note in the stupidfree post that young children are being freaked out by disgusting porn. Please put filters on because sometimes I'm like "I'm not old enough to view this" and I'm like 23. Fight against pop ups with firefox too. Don't let your child be freaked out by giant giant penises.

Also, please do not download giant folders of poorly labeled porn off other's computers.
Again, don't do it!

AlsoPorn- it's racist.

More thoughts on porn: I can't ignore a person in pain or a person suffering or a person being exploited even if there are naked people involved.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I found this anti feminist bingo on stupidfree. The originator is unknown, but retains credit.

I love this kinsey scale for racism.
John Scalzi posts on abortion. A poster named 'Kate' makes me realize how dumb the idea of woman=feminist is. If some dumbfuck wants to say that it's cool to force a woman to be preggers because she didn't use a condom, well, that's on them. I don't care if the woman was the dumbest woman in the world, she should still be allowed to have an abortion! That's called actual feminism- working for women's political rights.

Also here's some crazy mess: infanticide no longer legal my ass!

On the VT case, Nikki Giovanni put the shooter out of her class.
Note that he harassed and photographed female students beforehand. Harassing women isn't just fun and games, folks. It can be a warning sign of greater violence to come.
Nexy is enjoying her new vagina! Because I'm in a grumpy mood, I'm going to be like 'congratulations on your new womanhood! However, be careful of the dangers of femininity. A few new panties won't kill ya, but don't get sucked into the whole 'your shoes have to match your purse which has to match your lipstick, you can't go outside without makeup or stockings, feminism isn't a political movement as us women can't worry our pretty little heads with actual issues' stuff."

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Internet people: are there any books about the rise of the obsession with the fucking fetus? Like how did the fetus get elevated above a woman,etc?
I really like this icon. I should make a button for when I go around eating babies and shit.

I think they shouldn't have pictures of the killer looking kinda badass around, they should have more pictures of him looking pathetic. People who aren't stable or solid may look around for an image of who they can be, and well..I don't want them to be like "that shooter guy is famous and he looked cool! I'm going to really show them!"

Can of worms opened in blackfolk.

Huh? Mental health and people of color
Our day time NPR is decimated!!! What should I do? Difficulty: car is not Ipod ready.

A person going by the pseudonym Aloysius Watermelontail has whipped up a VT bingo card.
You can donate to the virginia tech community.


Also, some childfreers are mad because some people on WIC buy easter baskets , eat healthy food and have nice clothes. Other childfreers point out that thrift stores, handmedowns and the clearance rack have deals, that healthy food is better for you and that Easter baskets are just fine.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Apparently MATA plus sucks and the disabled are late for work and get fired. Also, local people have been saying that if students don't pass the TCAP they will get useless certificates of attendance that will not allow them to get a job at Miccy Ds. I have been unable to get independent confirmation.
ONTD starts the racist stupid about the virgina tech murders.

Small children really are very talented. Note: child is 8.

Walter Mosley is awesome. Yay, black people!!

I think Nikki Giovanni is in this part of talk of the nation.

Son of the drug wank.
Plz to not ask how to get mail order needle exchange on poor skills!(friends locked, please join for lulz)

Note: this post took 2 minutes of extra work. I remembered the npr stuff from stuff I heard in my car.

Another note: I like the Daily Show mocking idiots who mixed up gay with transgendered. Not to mention, gay does not equal public restroom sex. And many transgendered people have really good taste in outfits. Ok, many cisgendered people really suck in their taste in clothing too.
More LULZ! Feminism as a political movement? Banish the thought! Also, I love those roving bands of feminists who spit in the faces of men and put dead baby pictures on billboards. Yea, that happens all the time! This sort of bullshit is why I'm for opt in feminism instead of opt out feminism. A group defined by ideology and commitment is much firmer and maybe even more effective than a group defined by they have labia.
Woah! That's fucked up!

Woah, I hope that dickhead white people don't blame all asian people everywhere just because one guy flew off the handle! I don't blame you white people when a white man flies off the handle and shoots up his workplace, his school or his wife.
Yay, macros!!

Ok, more macros!

Less than feminist macro, but LOL.

Ah, good ol' soulbonding. The internet: why I don't believe you are a special snowflake.

*We still need a less sexist term for attention whore.

Good ol' google ads.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Ren ev is mad. I wish I had thought to be in that forum just so I could see what was being said!

Also in post feminism, I choose political movements based on whether people shave or not. You see, I was going to be against racism, but then I realized that some anti racists have stringy broken off relaxed hair, so I guess I'm for racism now! Heck, my aunt is against racism and she doesn't shave! My mom? Against racism. Doesn't shave. OMG, SIGN ME UP FOR THE KLAN!!!
Virgina Tech shooting wank. I always miss the good wank- it seems to go on while I'm at school. I have to go and join childfree to see. Oh why didn't I join it before?!

Some gun related Virgina Tech wank.
Why do I cover wank? Because it's slightly encouraging to know that people will be complete and total idiots, even in the wake of such a tragedy.

Special Virgina Tech coverage on NPR. not related: possible welfare cuts for non working parents.

Brownfemi linkblogs. Shannon is slightly mad about how they thought the first shooting was 'just' a domestic dispute. *feminist kiiiick*

Some shit stirring on blackfolk.
What will they blame the Virgina tech shooting on?
Blackfolk thread on the shooting.

The douchebag Fr*d Ph*lps wants to harass people at the funerals of the Virgina students I hear.
Virgina Tech shooter thread from etsy in real time.

Also, the best stupid in the whole world.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sorry for blogging so much but LOL:

babyjewels says:
It's been a few years since I graduated Caucasian American 101, but I can assure you there was a lot of material to cover and its easy to forget soap on a rope.

I think your post is harsh and if you really think that 'idiots' work at Walmart, I'd suggest not getting your prescriptions filled there, of all things.

from this thread
My writing is not good enough to publish. Should I start another blog and post them on the intertubes?
Left Behind Fanfic.

A white woman uses good common sense.
White men are outraged. I was reading Pinko Punko's blog and this link was offered.
Adorable child charged with felony temper tantrums.

Arrest report posted at slate.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I commented on the internet!
Stupid bullshit in my email. I get spam on a group I use to sell fucking coca cola cards on and I'm supposed to be super happy about everything:
date 14 Apr 2007 09:00:39 -0700
subject [altcollect] Teen Site

Excellent teen site, 1, 000, 000 uncensored images, 250, 000 movies!
All images and video are extremly high quality. Favorites option for
both movies and videos and also free downloads of the material you
like. Free tour......Copy/Paste the link below for a look NO POP-UP's
on this site!!!

This site is a MUST SEE!!


Once in the site, click on the "Free Tour" icon to get access!!!
White male science blogger PZ Myers says that Kos screwed up. As a rad fem, I take the privilege of putting my foot down. Kos is not a valuable part of our team. as one of Myer's dumbass commenters says. If he can't understand why women don't like men* posting their home addresses and talking about how they'd like to rape the women's corpses, well, I don't want him on my team at all.

*It's not women making these threats. When women get upset about being raped and denigrated it's all feminism becomes a hate movement if you say that men hate us! (SFW? Probably not). But hey, say you want to kill and rape a woman? Women are too sensitive! Why do they go around blogging in public if they don't want their home address put up? Also, note that having your picture photoshopped into porn is considered a threatening act. Chew on that for a while!

Yet again with the poor poor fucking men!

Note this article. The first time kids report having sex is around age 15. How much good sense did you have at that age? Do you not think the culture has any fucking effect on what they think sexuality is at that age?

At this stage, I just don't understand post feminism at all. How can you even try to focus on how a few ladies don't want horrible bullshit about women posted all over or the fact that sometimes women get really mad and say men are all bastards when this bullshit is going on?
As a rad fem, I don't think this image (NSFW) is very woman loving. Any dissenters? And why?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lesbian women of color perform masculinity.
Markos is tone deaf on death threats. Also, why don't they have better rape shield laws? If a white woman is attacked for having the audacity to be good at computers, how much worse it must be for a woman who stood up and accused 'nice' rich white men? I mean, how dare a worthless black woman say anything against a white man? They were inconvenienced! I bet she's getting all sorts of crap from douchebags who know that people don't think a woman's life is worth shit. Note that I can't even type the name of the case to avoid searchers who want to attack black women who stand up for themselves.

White feminist Jill tries to help with some feminism, and I end up agreeing with belledame in the comments.
All whites over the age of 18 are declared grown ass and are now responsible for their actions.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The mute button saves sanity, white people.

So does blackamazon.

I clicked on UBUNTU and I clicked on a link saying that there was a project for intersex and trans survivors of violence.
Another stupid proana c*nt is all like OMG, skinny people have it sooooo hard. So I kicked her in the face. Then I went to the positive zoo community and kicked them all in the face. If those mean British ladies get bestiality porn outlawed, I'm going down there and laughing and laughing.
Etisians argue about how their craft is super special, and how the only jewelry that should be sold on etsy should involve molten metal and glass.

You should be able to buy feminist offsets too. Reading a chicklit novel could be offset by a ten dollar donation to planned parenthood. Saying feminism is about choices? An hour of baby sitting for low income mothers. Well, you get the point.

On sale for $600.

Activists arrested for feeding the homeless.
Please call into Talk of the Nation and say your thoughts about immigration. The show is 1 pm CDT. I want a good ride home people!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Department of Public Safety continues to receive information about individuals crawling under or crossing between railroad cars as trains are momentarily stopped on the Southern Avenue tracks adjacent to the campus. In addition to being extremely dangerous when the train moves suddenly and unexpectedly, these activities are violations of the law and can lead to arrest and fines.

The railroad tracks are private property. For pedestrians, walking on the tracks, or crossing other than at designated locations when the tracks are clear, constitutes trespassing.

According to Operation Lifesaver, in the United States in 2006, there were:

- 466 Railroad Trespassing Injuries

- 530 Railroad Trespassing Fatalities

In 2006, Tennessee ranked 11th in trespass fatalities by state with 13 fatalities.

The University of Memphis urges everyone to refrain from these very dangerous activities. We are concerned about your well-being and safety. Until long-term solutions are developed, we are asking for your assistance to help us keep everyone safe.

The worse I feel the more I blog. I was amused, even though someone said c*nt:

Oh look at all the women agreeing with him.

Here's a tip to the boyfriends of those dumb cunts... if she's still running about the internet presenting herself to all and sundry as grade A1 patriarchy compliant girl friend material, she's probably still in the market to upgrade to a better class of patriarchy compliant man... you know the drill, better job, more power, nicer motor car, bigger house. Her willingness to put other women down so enthusiastically indicates she is still in competition with them and that she feels the need to distinguish herself as not like the others pick me pick me pleeeeease pick me.

Read the rest of the thread.
Oh yea, and because this lady(?) said c*nt, I'm now for the sexual harassment of immigrants in factories. So don't say c*nt or I'll get a job complaining about women having jobs.
OOOOH!! Etsy waaaaaaank!!!

Retro Attic is like first they came for the vintage sellers.

It's a shopping site, not the Holocaust!

Etsy is totally as serious as the Holocaust!

But genocide starts with threats to expression!

But it can't really be all that bad.

Etsy=poor parenting?

Oh yea, and etsy gets reamed.

My view is that the etsy admins need to go to bed. Go to the beach. Basically, this sort of thing is why I am lazy. Overwork is one of the leading causes of crazy. When you're tired, hungry, and overworked, your decisions will suck. Eating some fucking pie will usually cure this.
Etsy: Forums freakout Keeping in contact.
The admins are trying to cool down, but everyone is het up.


Registered nurses response network. I could have sworn I heard a long detailed story about this on the radio, and it was all about Memphis nurses!

African immigrants killed in fire.
A dozen people in a small apartment seems somehow sad, and the deaths even more so. You can donate to a fund for the families.
Great macro.

Falsified confession on the internet as a literary genre.

Amy said something I'm too sleepy to understand but maybe she has some sort of point.

Aunt B recognizes that black people discuss misogyny and that being a stupid white person is wrong. I think not enough people recognize that black people do a lot of cultural critique. How do you guys think I learned to be an evil rad fem? When I was at Emory, black women were questioning what half naked women had to do with basketball. They weren't making up pie in the sky rationalizations for some bullshit- they were asking why.

Piny posts which is of course deserving of a link. Personally I don't care if you call me cisgendered. If a bunch of people want to have a name for us folks who are perfectly fine with our genders as they are, why should I care?

My Zumba class is cancelled for Saturday.

Poly LJ bingo.

American Girl doll photo stories.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Apparently it's bad to buy food with food stamps. Also, apparently women are suffering four day labor for some free cheese or some shit like that.

I'm resting from my snark to thank the people of stupidfree who said that this sort of thing is classist bullshit. People are poor for years on end and to a child, no ice cream for a year is for fucking ever. Heck, I'm 22 and no ice cream for a year is too much for me.
I really don't like post feminists! How to tell if you may be arousing my ire!!

1)You think wearing a gold digger skirt * is an actual feminist statement.

2)You haven't put together the fact that more women than men just happen to hate hair, and have to shave everything but thier heads and their arms, even though men have more body hair.

3)You think that feminism's political positions should be based on what men who think that the Suicide Girls are the height of feminism and the sort of girl who thinks that the WTO conference is designed to end poverty in Africa think.

4)You think that just because someone has labia their choices are automatically above criticism.

5)You would be against women getting less pay for more work, but some mean feminist said that shaving your hoo ha wasn't a feminist statement, so you can't be against that then!

6)You are totally so much cooler than those girls who are so weak and stupid as to feel pressured to do sexual things they aren't comfortable with! Teenagers are always self assured and confident.

7)The patriarchy totally doesn't exist because once when I was twelve, this girl said my hair was ugly! It's totally a matriarchy now! Girls are so mean, because I'm super hot and cool!!!

8)You think feminism is all about individual women doing whatever they want, instead of women(and concerned men) working for the good of women as a whole)

*I love the skirt, but it's not exactly breaking down barriers for women.
Etsy: forum muting for violating guidelines. Etsy has labs, film at Thursday.

The morals police at etsy are mocked.

Monday, April 09, 2007

I hate everybody! Tommorow grievances will be settled. Now to get some fucking sleep.
This post reminded me that one time in TN, this lady called 911 when she heard some domestic violence and saved a woman's life.
Etsy argues: is ebegging ok? What does admin think etsy users ask. There is a whole site devoted to begging for money from internet strangers. I'm not sure if I can complain much although I do give people products in exchange for funding me. I think people are a bit overly self righteous though. While I'm more likely to give to Doctors Without Borders than a chip in fund, it's not like the ebeggers are making us give them money or they say that we can't give to the camera fund and the Doctor fund. Also, donation thread. New thread about the topic. Should etc be hidden?

Also, apparently poor people can spend their money on whatever they damn well please. This has some connection to the sort of undertone that if you're not working five jobs as you have done since you were five(when all you got for a twelve hour day was a nickel and a smack in the eye) you can't ever ask for anything.

Ooooh! I'm totally reminded now! Stupid policies starve Africans. You know, buying the food from developing nations would help make their economy better over there, instead of sending our stuff over there! With a stronger economy, they'd be better able to be self sufficient is my opinion.
New immigration laws that are against family reunification are being considered. Why don't you guys call the white house and say you don't like it? It would be a big help if you did.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My brains are fried! And I'm killing people in poor countries!!
When I was a kid, we read American Girl books for the cool historical bits at the end! *has an Addy doll* but people in this trashy generation go to doll hairstylists and get denied! Although I admit that once when I was in elementary school, I bought FF3US using my saved up allowance money. It cost $40 and dad had to give me an extra dollar for the tax. Goons are shocked, shocked.

Also, an explanation of ero loli.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

WTF? Culled from blackfolk.
Oh my god! Am I the only person who didn't know of Meta's new English site?!

Also, if you aren't woman enough to brave a few stares, you're not woman enough to be a lolita.
Sparkle is against raping ten year olds. Some boys need to be put up under the jail. In Queen Bees and Wannabees, the author said an explanation for these sorts of attacks is too much masculinity. Basically boys are pushed into acts beyond their comfort zone by pressure to prove they are real men not girls or 'fags'. Add to this the fact that many boys may get only an education in the mechanics in school, and the rest is made up by talk with peers who are steeped in boy culture and maybe they have seen some porn. Learning about sex through porn is like learning how to drive a car by watching the Fast and the Furious. You aren't taught the rules of the road(respect your partner, learn nonverbal signs of 'no', not all women like the same thing) and what you do see about the road and driving is very unrealistic.

With all this, in some cases, a tragedy can occur.
I hate crap like this list. It just makes poor people feel like crap because they aren't millionaires.

Also, crafters of color, want to be interviewed? Email me.

Next on my idea list- if your main political gripe is that people don't take your seriously because you're wearing sparkly eyeshadow, you're doing pretty good. You should be grateful every single day for that. Please tithe to charity if you are doing good enough to be mad about people thinking sparkly eyeshadow is silly. If you need a list of charities, I can assist you.

Also, etsy forum drama over copying I'm embarrassed to admit that I started to make a circle necklace because I saw my class mates all wearing them. I think I might keep one for myself.

The famous milk=rape wank.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ann Althouse yells at this white lady for no reason. It is believed that the white woman has breasts. Also, the mentally ill have done nothing to be compared to Ann Althouse.

Also, contact netflix if you want them to carry a certain film, if you've made a film and you want them to carry that film, etc.

I hate snap preview
. Now, I am usually doing ten different things at once- during one of these blog posts, I may also be oppressing the white man, typing a paper and selling people things, but I don't like too much stimulation in different modes at once. I like blogs with nice quiet text, not stuff moving around or too much youtube. Seriously, when I'm reading your treatise on why dancing on tables isn't empowering, I don't want unrelated things popping up in my face. I know your blog isn't going to link to goatse, so I don't need a preview of links, if I want that link, I right click, and open it in a new tab, like any middle class person with any sense would!
Beautiful Insides My Ass!

Having sex with ten year olds is wrong.
Men should take responsibility!

Wagglepop is more to be pitied than wanked.
If you're using a keylogger on your boyfriend's computer, just leave the douchebag.

I still don't think men are entitled to porn though. More on stupidfree.

New word: porn creep. I agree with the woman who was more comfortable with Nofauxxx than All Anal Gangbang, because some of that shit is just woman hating. Porn is not the issue here, says white lady But men are entitled to porn or putting out!
Amanda talks about compulsory femininity. My thought on the sole woman of the captured British personnel wearing a headscarf is that I think you're not supposed to make your captors unnecessarily mad in a hostage situation? So maybe she was like "If I wear some silly thing on my head, maybe they'll free us faster" That's also my theory on the confessions. If some crazy guy wants you to say something weird on TV, and they might free you because of it, well...

Also, Amanda doesn't live in the Big City either. The Big City is an imaginary place full of people who pay over $100 for shoes and think nothing of it. They also never have any societal pressure to do anything in the Big City. In the Big City, people's mothers never tell them to wear pantyhose in church. I think people in the Big City are hatched from pods.
"What is clear to me is that many girls believe that the dynamics of oral sex reflect the power difference between boys and girls. Repeatedly I've been told how degrading it is to be submissive to a boy. That the only way that a girl can maintain a good reputation and give a boy oral sex is if she's in a committed relationship with him. Otherwise, it's usually seen as a deperate attempt to please a boy she likes but who may not like or respect her in return"- Queen Bees and Wannabes, p. 258

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

People(ok, women) have twice in my earshot said they'd rather be called mommy than doctor. This is totally stupid, and has happened two times more than the feminist police beating you up in an alley because you wear high heels. Like, pwned or some shit, titty babies.
Ginmar posts and shannon feels some sympathy for the devil.

Hey, community health clinics!
Dos and Don'ts update.

A user bill of rights.

Shannon: When she takes a break, she takes it on her feet.
The republic of t has a post about blogrolls and stuff. I don't pay much attention, since my blog is not the type of blog that would be widely read as my posts are very short and low on content, and I tend to obsess about weird things all the time. I just hope that people who are entertained by this blog link it :D

Jon Swift blogs in.
Woman pimps out daughter. She is a terrible excuse for a human being.
Etsy rant. I'm sick and tired of whiny ass people. If someone posts 'crude' language in a thread, don't cry to farking admin. Just don't read it. While the whiny titty babies are crying because someone said dildo once, the clique members are talking about important issues for the buyers and sellers on the site. Less titty baby crying, more crafting please!

*sad* I'm sad to know I don't have an original creative spirit.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

New term: why don't you get a vagina! I was being bitchy and thought this.

Idea: I need more casual lolita skirts. I love the look of the skirts, and a shirt that can tone it down a bit. *is wearing one of my casual lolita skirts today* Be careful of the wind fellow loli lovers.Us non petticoat wearers must be careful lest our boxers be exposed to all and sundry!

Also, whiny white people get schooled.
Tag team, back again, gotta give you some facts let's begin!
Now both milk and starbucks are rape. I call a moratorium on calling things 'ghetto'. Now, it's time for the mortgage post.

A major subprime lender flied for bankruptcy protection
as many defaulted on their loans because of the lax rules for lending. NPR has been covering subprime lenders at least since last week. It seems that the disclosure rules were too complicated and the lenders too greedy. The ballooning of mortage rates has led to foreclosures that have put an Iraqi vet out of his house. Also, predatory lenders are putting the poor and minorities out of their houses, with their rates that go up after a certain time, making them unable to pay the payments. Immigrant families, already suffering from the problems of mixed status families, are also being put out of their houses by people who take advantage of language barriers.

Also, did you know that subprime credit card companies are out to rip you off? Just say no to people who benefit from a credit industry that gets rich off the poor!

Icon love!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I've decided that porn is totally empowering to black women! Big Booty Ghetto Hoes isn't a racist, sexist statement trading on the economic oppression of black women, it's really a true expression of love for black women. What greater sign of value is there than to have some nasty ass pasty ass man jerking off to your picture? Forget self esteem or self worth! Other esteem is where it's at! I once knew one black chick who went to massage school from her porn earnings, so everything is fine and dandy.

Keep your nasty ass cooter away from our middle schoolers, white women.

The maniacal obsession with straight hair goes on.

Blackfolk respond to fucking crazy.
I overslept today. I just woke up an hour ago.