Saturday, April 14, 2007

White male science blogger PZ Myers says that Kos screwed up. As a rad fem, I take the privilege of putting my foot down. Kos is not a valuable part of our team. as one of Myer's dumbass commenters says. If he can't understand why women don't like men* posting their home addresses and talking about how they'd like to rape the women's corpses, well, I don't want him on my team at all.

*It's not women making these threats. When women get upset about being raped and denigrated it's all feminism becomes a hate movement if you say that men hate us! (SFW? Probably not). But hey, say you want to kill and rape a woman? Women are too sensitive! Why do they go around blogging in public if they don't want their home address put up? Also, note that having your picture photoshopped into porn is considered a threatening act. Chew on that for a while!

Yet again with the poor poor fucking men!

Note this article. The first time kids report having sex is around age 15. How much good sense did you have at that age? Do you not think the culture has any fucking effect on what they think sexuality is at that age?

At this stage, I just don't understand post feminism at all. How can you even try to focus on how a few ladies don't want horrible bullshit about women posted all over or the fact that sometimes women get really mad and say men are all bastards when this bullshit is going on?

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