Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The first thing I thought while reading this is I wish I had a Passat. Unfortunately, I'll never have one since psychology methods makes me break down in hysterical tears. All day. For two days in a row.
I took a long study break to go to the break dancing exhibition. Students from Georgia State popped, beat boxed, and did floor flares to much applause. Their costuming was also great- the best costume I saw was a girl in a relaxed pinstripe suit type outfit with a string of fake pearls. I also got a unity t shirt for answering a question. I'm glad because this was my last unity month, and I think I would have regretted not getting a t shirt. I got a t shirt last year for answering a question during Better Luck Next Time. I'm not sure why they call diversity unity instead, but it's great fun.
I've discovered that I'd be happier moving to Madagascar where they haven't even heard of methods, and the idea of seven page long instructions for papers is foreign. Even if they do have instructions for papers that are longer than most people's arms, I wouldn't have to do any of them.
It's sad, but the first thing I thought when reading this article was "Hmm, they have a woman leader"

Monday, November 28, 2005

Even though I've been more able to work than usual, I have only gotten 3 good hours logged on my critique. I wonder how I can master my rhythm. The caffeinated tea I drank earlier still beats in my veins, but the concentration is gone. The clarity of mind I once had leaves me. An acquaintance of mine will go on medical leave this fall. I'm not sure it's physical. Sometimes I wish I could leave too- but I must keep going. I graduate in May, after all.
I made a flickr account. Yahoo loves buying stuff up, doesn't it?
Hey, there's finally an Atlanta Movie Fans meetup! Also, the new backlinks seems to be set to allow as a default now. Good!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Note to white folks: Boondocks is merely a funny cartoon program. If I hear some white dude blaming his ignorant acting ass on the Boondocks, I'm going to have a nigga moment.
I'm going to use 43 Things as a To Do List. It'll help organize me, and plus I can put things that are low priority on there too.
Yay, I downloaded all six episodes of Paradise Kiss. I'll have something good on my breaks from finals hell. Well, back to sleep.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Canada is going in for programs to reduce Native poverty. The US should follow its example if they back up their words with action.
Well, you can fight the global digital divide by donating money. Note that African heads of state were the ones pushing for this. Although they should not take only paypal or bank transfers. It may scare away donors.
Pinko Feminist Hellcat gives us all a clue on a subject that really bothers me. How concerns that affect people like women and minorities are considered to be small concerns, but all the sudden, we're all supposed to care about rich white males or sometimes maybe rich white women. When poor folks make some money, people talk about the evil unions, but when some white guy makes a million bucks a year driving a company into the ground, it's the free market,etc,etc. How fucked up is that?

Also, more clueification on classism. She's on a roll!
Here's a better written reiteration of an idea that I have touched on before.
The horrible practice of human dumping continues unabated. Also, beautiful, beautiful irony, although I hope the price of bell peppers won't go up again.
A cheery Census Bureau thing with Asian facts. Also, did you know that March is Irish-American Heritage Month? Can I claim to be part Irish and drink green beer?
Ornicus finishes his series on how Michelle Malkin exemplfies lying about how supposedly crazy left wingers are, while continuing to be a crazy right winger.

Friday, November 25, 2005

I am amused by this picture.
I'm watching Anna and the King. This movie seems to have some mighty whitey overtones, but it has really nice costuming. We watched Shaft in Africa yesterday just because of the great 70s costumes. We also watched Daddy Daycare, but the costumes were only so so.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Islamic Q&A from a British Shi'a cleric.
On Salon, I found an article that annoyed me in its factual errors. This paragraph really bothered me:

But at the same time the definition of treatable depression was watered down -- renamed as social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and, my personal favorite, generalized anxiety disorder -- to include a seemingly endless demographic of adults and children

Anxiety disorders and depression are not the same thing. Social anxiety disorder is a disorder in which you are so frightened of people you can barely function. Panic disorders involves panic attacks frequently, and sometimes involves acrophobia- in which the person barely goes outside, and what's so good about generalized anxiety disorder? Jumping at small noises, and having back pain so bad you think you have a kidney stone for no good reason is not the same as lying in bed wishing you were dead because of your worthlessness.

If a senior psychology student could notice that he's lumping two separate, although slightly related disorders together, why couldn't his editor do the same? He could have even checked out online what these disorders were. And for his well it's not really that hard, just man up advice?

I'm sorry, but that's not going to work. When you could get a decent job with a high school degree(OK, if you were white, but if you weren't,well, you were screwed) , maybe not being able to write 20 pages a week of papers wasn't really a big deal. The bar for success is higher now. College is now the key- back in the day, it was high school. I'm trying to apply for a master's degree, but even with that level of education, I'm not going to be able to make much money.

I could have achieved more if I was not wary of taking study drugs. Often my studies are impaired by the fact that I require more sleep than normal people(about 8 hours a night, and sometimes ten). The human body has limits. All of us come with different ones. We have no safety net. They are cutting food stamps. We have no national health care. Republicans have circled Social Security like sharks. I don't blame my classmates for taking drugs. Sometimes it's that or become part of the despised underclass.
I'm worried that I am exerting too much energy this holiday season. I've been talking to people from 12 pm to 9:20. Now I have to write a paper. And I'll have to talk to people tomorrow as well.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Yay, beads!
I wish I had ice cream. Everyone should try this website. Buy stuff, and I'll be able to eat ice cream. Uh..I made up the slogans on the buttons and magnets. I also made the jewelry.
I'd like to submit that looking for a partner is soul sucking, self esteem crushing, and in general, horrible. I sometimes think I'd prefer arranged marriages although I've read enough books to know better. It's so soul crushing because at the exact horrible moment of quarter life crisis, the moment in which you hear someone is interviewing at Harvard Med school, and you won't even make the deadlines for social work school, the horrible voice in your head that accompanies all these realizations whispers "and she has a boyfriend". It's the coup de grace in the revealation of your lack of worth.

You can say you never wanted to go to med school. You can talk about how you hate blood. You can talk about how the 100 hour weeks for some shitty wage for years on end aren't really worth it in the end. But it's hard to argue with a boyfriend, because everyone has one. But you. Girls who spent their afternoons with legs in the air while you were studying algebra and now have ten unruly brats to show for it? Boyfriend. That creepy guy at the snake handling church whose testimony was about how he killed two people? Girlfriend. Suicide Bombers? Girlfriends. Drug Addicts? Boyfriends, girlfriends, whateverelsefriends out the wazoo. Even ten year olds are blissfully paired off.

But, there's you- the only person on the entire planet who is unpartnered? Well, you must not be trying hard enough. Instead of sleeping so you can actually go to class and not fail college, you should stand night after night in loud clubs where you can't hear anyone, while tall large breasted girls get off with all the guys. Or maybe you should suffer through frat parties, despite having grown out of them freshman year? Sit in smoky bars for no good reason at all, while your thirty pages of papers to do sit at home undone?

Sure, maybe today you could barely get yourself to type up a survey or fix yourself a cup of tea, but taking on another full time job? Easy Peasy. Yet again, I hate everybody and wish they would all die. Meeting people in everyday life? Not a chance. Today, I overslept and was nearly late for a quiz- putting on a fuckton of makeup? Yea right. Dressing like a slut? It's 40 fucking degrees outside.

People say "be confident" They are crazy. Nothing will make you hate yourself more than a venue in which everything can be wrong. My hair is probably too nappy, maybe I should straighten it? No, my hair looks like a hot mess straight. Should I go to a demotologist? But does anyone notice the old scars of long gone acne? Maybe if I was thinner? But I really can't lose much more weight. Well, what if I dressed sluttier? I already did that. What if you pretended not to be interested in fun things? No, that's too fake. Oh no, too forward with my interests! I'm sure that scared him away! Maybe I should talk more? Geh, I talked too much. Everything can go wrong, and if it does, it's all your fault fot being a horrible person. But if you give up, you're a horrible person too.

You can't win, and there's no cure.

Monday, November 21, 2005

The white folks whining about Asians come in for a new level of mockery. So remember- racists- everyone is laughing at you.
Ah, a lovely merger of fashion and politics. I don't get the resident troll's take on this. I mean seriously, are Republicans going to go "Well, saving kids from dying of AIDS is bad, because a guy had on an outfit that riffed on gay marriage"? I seriously doubt it. Speaking of Republicans, watch out for the Council of Conservative Citizens. They have merely changed the name from White Citizen's Councils, but apparently have a racist agenda.
Tip: If you're white, here's a style guide to when you might want to shut the hell up.

Now, as a black person, our culture has a concept we call shutting the hell up. This is if you're going to say something stupid, you avoid saying it. Sometimes, cultural appropiation can be a good thing.

1)If you're about to utter a sentence that has the words 'reverse racism' in them, and you're not making fun of the stupid. There are many good books that explain what the word 'racism' means, and what racism is. Read them.

2)If you're about to call blacks or anyone else 'racist'. Read a book, and remember- whites do not have a special anti criticism clause, not to mention, why don't you change your own damn behavior before talking about shit you don't know about?

3)If you're about to talk about how white men can't get a break in this society, shut up and read a book. Also, try to appropiate the concept of 'reality'. You know, stuff that's actually happening?

4)If you're going to talk about how the fact that you ate ramen noodles for a week because you were in between parental handouts means that you triumphed over poverty, and so everyone should be able to do this. (Ok, this is actually pan racial.)

5)If you are going to talk about black culture, shut the hell up. Rap videos are part of black culture like rock videos are part of white culture(although whites tend to control the production of rap more than blacks control the production of rock). It's a very small part. Also, making shit up based on racist notions from 1840 is just plain dumb.

6)If you're going to talk about how blacks do X, because you once saw one black do X, shut the hell up. I mean there are documented cases(i.e. not made up) of white people eating human flesh, but I am sure this is not typical behavior. Yea, I'm sorry that the black kids in your school beat you up. Maybe it was because you were an asshole.

7)If you want to talk about how you're not attracted to black people, shut the hell up. No one cares that you're a racist asshole who can't tell millions of people who look completely different apart. And don't talk about your weird Asian fetish- it's a bit creepy.

8)Don't talk about Africa at all unless you actually know something about it. You should hopefully have a masters before you open your mouth. And on Africa- fool.

9)Don't talk about how famous blacks would be for a whites only America. If you can read this, you can read their work, fool.

10)Don't talk about how black people are lying about racism. There's tons of books on the existence of racism, dumbass. Reality- it's a good idea.

11)Basically, if you don't know shit, have an inflated sense of entitlement or are just being a dumbass, shut the hell up. Ok, that's pan racial, but the system of white supremacy allows whites to show that they are douchebags a whole lot. Maybe a good start in not being a douche would be reading the online articles of Tim Wise.
Gillard says- Turkeys Needed. To tell the truth, all I have is a can of tuna fish, so someone with an actual turkey to give should try to give, you know?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The interesting part of this Boondocks episode is that the ho apparently is supposed to be black, but doesn't look like it. (otherwise that wouldn't say she was lightskinned nor would they call her a fake ass Mariah Carey) I'd make a long post about the racial politics of all this, but it'd take a long ass time.
WTF? Also check out my google base.
Stupid whiny whites fight intelligent people over World Nut Daily article which hopes to distract whites from the fact our gov't sucks and Republicans are fucking them and their poor white brethren over by worrying them about what some Canadians are doing. Also, some Canadian guy says that minorities in Canada feel discriminated against.

I think the difference between liberals and conservatives are that liberals are connected to the actual. For example, I find the idea that whiteness makes you qualified for jobs confusing because to me, whiteness means you have pale skin, and possibly some very funny ideas. But maybe, they aren't talking about actually being able to do the job, but some Mussolini like(I associate this with Mussolini after reading him say that the Italians won the war when they lost it) qualification of the soul. It's the same for equality. When I say it, I mean equality of results- i.e. actual, empirically measurable things. But they mean equality of opportunity- in which they just feel things are equal whether they are or not. This divide between actually doing stuff and not actually doing stuff is the difference between liberal and conservative, and often between black and white.
Man, now white folks are bitching about there being too many Asians in their school. Let that be a lesson to folks who try to use Asians as a way to bash black folk. It ain't us, and it ain't Asians- it's the white folk.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Yea, It's a repost of America's Second Harvest URL. I can only give them like ten bucks,ok? But if a lot of other people all gave them ten bucks, a lot of people would be eating,ok?
P6 fights the stupid. And dude, if folks teased you in school, don't take it out on all the rest of us black folk,ok? Just one comment, though. One other possible confound is that high GPA black kids may end up being placed in honors and AP with the white kids. I did talk to other blacks in high school, but mostly in the few classes I had on the regular track, in the lunch room, and outside of school. I was tracked with nearly all whites, so thus, I had more white friends than black. I'm not sure if they removed this possible confound. Also, what if blacks who go to schools with more whites are richer(and thus more likely to have high GPAs)? That could also confound the research.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Items that I think others should know from the Right Stuf e-newsletter:

*** Anime Today Podcast Launches! ***
Finally there's a show that focuses just on what you want to know: the Anime Today
Podcast Show!

Brought to you by Right Stuf International, every other week Anime Today's hosts,
Rich and Nick, along with a team of special guests, bring you a look at what's new
and what's hot in the world of anime and manga!

Each episode features reviews of titles from the major anime studios, a special
insider's look at the anime industry from our production team, as well as segments
like "The Anime and Gamer's Guide to Japan" and "Anime Today Q&A," where listeners
can call in and leave their own questions on anime and Japanese culture!

Plus, in our debut episode, we'll be revealing two exciting contests we have
running this month!

Ready to listen in? You can download the debut episode from the main page:

*** TCM's Studio Ghibli Tribute! ***
This coming January, the cable network Turner Classic Movies will be airing
several Studio Ghibli films! There will be two shown each Thursday, according to
the current schedule:

January 5th: Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away
January 12th: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Castle in the Sky
January 19th: My Neighbor Totoro and Porco Rosso
January 26th: Only Yesterday and Pom Poko.

As always, these dates could be subject to change, so check your local listings
for exact air dates and times!
The Colbert Report helped me learn about this important proposal that can hopefully lead to a greater support to not have terrible fucking health care in this country.
Apparently they didn't cut Pell Grants for the poor. You still need to give food, blood, etc.
My swim teacher wears these shoes. Today we practiced jumping off the diving board and swimming to either the wall or rope without any gear(we started off with fins and a floating board). She wanted me to go to the rope(I'm always picked on as I'm the worst person in the class) but I said I didn't have the strength. I have difficulity swimming both because I'm not strong enough and because I can't figure out how to breathe. I can now swim at least 15 yards on my front without stopping. I can swim up to 50 yards on my back without stopping now. Before I took the swim class, I could barely even get in the water because I have been frightened of water since I nearly drowned at a water park when I was 7.

Well, at least my top didn't flip over completely this time. The last time we practiced jumping off the wall my tankini top flipped completely up and I had to fix it underwater.
Will whites flee to the moon next? Seriously, get a grip.
Learning about other cultures can help you learn about your assumptions. For example, I don't think the chest coverings on these Nazerite(sp?) maidens (NSFW: Nat'l Geo) make their outfits more modest, but they were added for extra modesty. I found that I felt that covering the nipples was an important part of modesty. Of course, my head is often uncovered, so I'm not modest by the standards of many people in the world.

In other news, the Shembe have ganked your dress, Scottish people!
YES! Gothic Lolita Patterns!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The stupid burns. If you see this stupid or similar in your school or hometown newspaper, please write a letter to the editor to avoid the stupid from spreading. Facts, reality, and book recommendations can fight the massive surge of dumbassness.
An index of how much I suck at life: I have been wondering for a month where that Terry Prachett book Going Postal was. You know where it was? In my big fat pile of untouched grad school literature.
Injured Marine Charity. Give.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It seems that I'll read this book sometime.
What a heartwarming blog. Stuff like this like my main image of gay people being 'married' so I don't understand people who are against gay marriage. Two guys have formed a family group, and have adopted a little girl. Instead of being in the system, the child seems well cared for and happy. I don't see what could possibly be wrong with this.
The word for today is gentrification. Also, historians say stuff about the riots in France.
I'm enjoying The Bookseller of Kabul. It's such a great portrait of family life, and I love the focus on the women of the family.
Doubt #5 is out. I'm enjoying it bit by bit. I'm also hoping that the anime club's supply of Yakitate Japan holds out. I really am enjoying Princess Nine, but I only have a few episodes left. Well, I have two series of Slayers, at least.
The Washington Post has an article about how the World Bank is probably behind the famine in Malawi. We must stop this! Also, find ways to get better technology to the people. I will look for charities that do infrastructure.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Angry White Kid has some interesting musings that may become a productive discussion.
Chris Clarke declares a blog against racism day. Fight the stupid!
Tim Wise fights the stupid.
I have set up a t shirt poll.
The realization that whites don't 'work' like normal people drives me nuts. For example, to me, it makes no sense to waste millions of dollars putting people in jail, when you could educate them, and they'd improve society. Also to me, what use is it to have crappy schools for one group of people, and not improve it? You're wasting talent. Also, white people's time perception is weird. Like where do they think the money that whites got from being allowed to do jobs blacks weren't went? In the sky? Why do they think the effects of slavery went away? And why do they not recognize the sameness between the old white people of today and the young whites of 40 years ago? It's so confusing.
P6 investigates the war on opportunity.
It's time for me to map why I get upset over the war on opportunity. OK, this is how I see it. Whites(outgroup) support blacks(in group) not being accepted to college in as high a number(bad, because college means opportunity for good jobs). They say this is because blacks are unqualified(not true- to me, qualified means you can do what's needed in a position- if a black person has above a 2.0 and is trying hard, they are qualified. Also, many whites aren't very good at college either) or that this is racist(not true to me, because rectifying racism is not racist. Racist is seen in effects not words) Whites seem mean and spiteful because blacks haven't done anything to them, there has been a lot of past oppression(whites are assumed to think this was bad, so I am confused about why they'd like the effects of this to linger) and they seem to like to talk down about black people's poverty. Personal reasons this seems mean: Whites talk about how they think blacks are unqualified in front of black people like me. Also, my view is still shaped by the guy who complained about AA in my case when I had way higher scores than him on everything. It also seems mean to make a big fuss about qualifications because someone is black, but not care when they are white.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Yes, a sequel to Bend It Like Beckham!
Thanks for the racism, dude. I wonder why no one writes columns asking people like my mom about why she doesn't protest in the streets every time someone bombs an abortion clinic. Nor do we have columns asking all whites to apologize whenever a white person decides to kill a black person. I never get these columns. Are Muslims supposed to have a special hive mind in which they control the actions of people across the planet? I'm sure the Muslims at my school don't like suicide bombings, but it's not like they can magically make a bunch of people whose language they might not even speak stop the violence.
I hadn't seen the crazy God Warrior lady yet. What a nut.
On Pandagon, Pam covers the war on opportunity with new and interesting statistics.
Sarah Lynn links this post on how to prevent rape. I'd like to add some more suggestions- if a woman is passed out, don't have sex with her, you pervert. That's rape. If she's in the jail house, don't coerce her into sex, that's rape. Hey, don't coerce a woman into sex period. That means don't say "Have sex with me or I'll kill you, give you a horrible grade, make you stay in prison longer, etc etc" You know why? Because that's rape, scum bag.
There's the beginnings of an interesting conversation on the fight against minority education on P6.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Today's moment of pure evil.
Cuban scientist saves babies. Also, Steve Gillard gives a great post on his favorite subject- why he's not a black republican. Black Republicans aren't going to keep me in tortillas and beans- only people who actually work for education and jobs for black folks will do that.

This dress is so so pretty. Also, save the environment: cycle.(SFW? Although it does have a beer brand and a lot of midriff)
Have I been taking crazy juice or is this a interesting comic about the erasure of black figures from the common consciousness?

Friday, November 11, 2005

Today I saw crudely lettered paper signs saying things like God Bless The Troops and America- Home of the Brave on campus. A lot were taped to the cardboard man hugging the flag pole lately. The yellow ribbons made the campus look a bit more festive. My white history teacher was shocked, shocked that she was teaching WW1 on the anniversary of the armistice. If you want to get a hero tag, help a soldier. I have seen signs in the library saying that Katrina victims might need phone cards too.

Apparently there's some crazy shit going down up in Wisconsin. Apparently they arrested a black alderman from Milwaukee for cussing out some police men who were called on him because he was in a Blockbuster parking lot. Some are protesting, and some stupid white guy got the consequences of his actions lessons by some angry people. Here's the news video with thrice repeated scary black beat down action.

White person tip: Please keep your stupid comments to yourself in tense situations.
Well, The Bush Adminstration works hard to fuck up the progress we've made towards more education for people of all races. We already have white males educated out the wazoo- it's time for whites to give up their unearned advantages and work for a more equal society. Just because grandpappy lynched a nigger and pappy was in the KKK doesn't mean that white people need to be the only people in higher education forever,ok?
This article shows interesting parallels to the black situation in America.

"Every rejection - even those that may not be racially motivated - undermines your self-confidence. You feel you will never make it because you are Arab

It is this feeling that I feel I can't explain to whites. Yesterday, a girl I know was like "OMG! This girl I know thinks the people at McDonald's are racist because they didn't give her a cup, and they said you people!!! Just because a group is all black doesn't mean people are racist!!" I have to admit that I did say without thinking maybe they just hated college students. I realized my mistake quickly, but then I couldn't think of anything to fix it. I thought of saying something about being ignored in banks. Geh, finally I made an off hand comment later about how South Park needs to mock people who go to schools they know have minorities but still complain about them, but I don't think I entirely fixed the stupid...

Anyway, it might not have been racist, but it sure may feel like another brick in the wall- a wall that you feel you can't get over. Also, stupid white people ruined my enjoyment of Cowboy Bebop, as I felt uncomfortable for the whole rest of the evening.

"People always talk of the need to 'integrate' Muslims. But the youths are French. Why should they need integrating?" asks Samia Amara, 23, a youth worker near Paris.

Mr Sabeg agrees that "integration" is just hot air. "What does it mean? Are some French people supposed to integrate and others to be integrated?"

I never got why people want us to always act exactly like whites. Sometimes whites may have good ideas, but sometimes they are dumb ideas, or sometimes they are only preferred because whites have more power. They have good points on the youth being French- you can't say that only whites are French if people have been there for two and three generations.
Camo Cutie.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm not participating in novel writing month. I probably have written about 7000 words this semester in school work, although that might be off. My current assignment is 3,600 words at this time. It's due tomorrow, so I'm going to bed in a few minutes so I can get up at 6 and do the painstaking detail work I need to do. But I am inspired to write a novel when I feel better and have more energy.
What is she wearing? MAJOR butt cleavage.
Here's some more translations that may help you understand the French riots. Also, more on the riots. In other riot news, oh noes, blogs. I hope they fix the problems in France by actually fixing the problems, not making excuses about how they can't.
Barack Obama interview. *heart*

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Apparently you can get emergency contraception on the internet.

In anecdotal news, according to my methods teacher, there is a drug that costs $30 per pill that you give to cancer patients, and they have to take it twice a day. According to a random girl in my religion class, she went to a Rastafarian ceremony, in which some guy told everyone not to hate her for her extremely pale skin and to stop staring at her, and also they reenacted the coronation of Haile Salaise(SP?). All anecdotes may be riddled with errors.

Also, the internet has changed my mind. I think I'll start using the full word nigger. I'm sick and tired of not saying what I want to say because some asshat might want to co opt it. TIP: Excuses are nothing. Context is everything. Obey a basic sense of decency.
I'm looking for research for the experimental study and this is a weird study I saw:

Grov, Christian. "Make me your death slave": Men who have sex with men and use the internet to intentionally spread HIV. [References]. [Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal] Deviant Behavior. Vol 25(4) Jul-Aug 2004, 329-349.

Here's another odd one on the same topic:

Gauthier, DeAnn K; Forsyth, Craig J. Bareback sex, bug chasers, and the gift of death. [Journal; Peer Reviewed Journal] Deviant Behavior. Vol 20(1) Jan-Mar 1999, 85-100.

Hey, this is fun- an article on ebay:

Dunn, Sharon Ann. Do losers matter? an experimental look at the impact of control and scarcity on satisfaction with an online buying experience. [Dissertation Abstract] Dissertation Abstracts International Section A: Humanities and Social Sciences. Vol 64(1-A), 2003, pp. 208

Monday, November 07, 2005

I've recovered and am going over my research report with a fine toothed comb. At least I'm not as whiny as this guy.
I seriously think my dream career would be to do nothing. Seriously, I feel really resentful that I have to have extra long periods, back aches and neckaches and do three papers a week, then a paper after that, then a paper after that. Then maybe some tests brought in, and it never ends. It never stops. I'll never be able to rest. And no, two seconds typing this in isn't enough fucking rest. I estimate I need a week after each paper over about 5 pages. Yes, I know that you all did three twenty page papers a week, and had a good time partying. Good for you. Why don't you go fuck yourself?
Design talent is inspiring me here. In other news, teachers and optometrists are now terrorists. Who will be next?
Steve Gillard continues to reflect on the causes of the French riots. Here's another perspective on the riots. With my lack of knowledge, it seems that if people can't advance normally, they'll go into other avenues, even if they are illegal. Here's a translation of a French radical statement on the riots. Here's another translation of a statement. It seems that my European history teacher was right- socialists are creating some intense rhetoric. Maybe you should read the whole section on the riots at this blog. Also, this whole section about racism in France. I really need to be reading about imperialism.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm enjoying the Boondocks. I think "You can't tame the white supremacist power structure with cheese" will be my new quote. Once I met a black guy who worked for cartoon network at a Halloween party. He was dressed as a Scottish person. That was a good party, although now I've been told that I should avoid parties that involve white people setting themselves on fire, even if it's accidental. Although I can't really talk about that as I knocked over a table. I like how all the white people at the party at the Boondocks are like Aww, aren't you cute, Huey? You speak so well!*

*White Person Tip: Don't say "You speak so well" or "You're so articulate" to a black person- most blacks in America are native speakers of English.
Tip: if your stomach has hurt for five days, don't put milk in your tea. In other news, Steve Gillard outlines some background history of France and immigration for people like me who were like "woah, there's riots?" But at least I feel better- I was the only person in History who guessed that the problem in France was the riots. I think this supports my "if you treat people like crap, they'll kill you and take your stuff" theory, but maybe I'm crazy.
In America, kids are going hungry. This is a disgrace! We obviously have enough food to feed everyone in America. Donate to your local food bank today. You may also want to support Doctors Without Borders' heroic work in Niger.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Left wing reflections on the French riots. I have nothing useful to say except for I once knew a girl who was talking to a guy named Ibrahim from France. Also, my white history (The Making of Modern Europe) teacher said that the socialists were pumping up the rhetoric due to the riots.
American ex pats in Japan are the REAL RACISTS! How can Italian Americans hold their heads up after this horrid horrid slur!!

(not my photo)

Lots of insight on why whites don't talk about racism. Everyone, get informed, and have the courage to speak out, ok? The abolitionists spoke out, and the white civil rights workers spoke out at the risk of their lives. I think it's insulting to their bravery to say that you have no power to fix racism when you have more power than they did, and you're safer than they were.
My problem with the acting white myth is that in general, white people just don't like black folks. So when we say oh, students are getting teased, they don't think "hey, let's stop bullying in schools" they think "blacks are inferior". This is a problem because we need better schools in America. We need to stop a tracking system that has some kids getting the best instruction and others being taught by the coach, and filling out worksheets on fractions in twelfth grade. We need to bring all our resources to bear on educating all the kids, not just the kids of whites. We need more qualified teachers, who believe that all kids can learn. We need to desegregate the schools.

None of this can be done by focusing on what a schoolkid thinks is cool. Even if every black schoolchild in the nation was a perfect angel, we would still need to fight against the structure that disadvantages them. It's a different focus for me- you can't get all the kids to act right, but you can change their environment so it's easier for people to act right. It's hard to act right when you have to fill out worksheet after worksheet, are stuck in an overcrowded class with a teacher who thinks you're dumb and can't teach, and plus, you don't even have air conditioning.
My post on the girlcott is on my consumerism blog. It's been a success, but let's all buy from alternative t shirt shops instead of corporations that seem to have to say something offensive every year.
I reccomend that everyone save up the $13 for this book. It's awesome, and one of my blog reviews wouldn't give it justice as the tons of great pictures are the best part. Check it out at the library or maybe explore people who resell college textbooks- I got it because it was a text for my art history class, so there must be other people who will sell it cheaper than you see on amazon. But my life sucks, and now my copy of this book is ruined. Damn you leaky bowls. If you were animate, you'd go straight to hell!

Friday, November 04, 2005

Emory students fight stupidity. If you see a dumbass editorial in your school newspaper or any newspaper telling obvious untruths, fight back with facts. Don't let morons dictate the discourse and spread misinformation.
Thanks for making my job harder, Spike Lee. How come white folks who listen to more rap than us, and certainly don't value education(I'm sorry, but you'd think they could read a fucking book once in a while and learn to value facts. ) never get these sorts of things? It's always a special black problem, even though gangsta rap is just a corporate image of black folks. Negative public images of a people are no excuse not to fight against discrimination. I guess because I'm younger and have always been surrounded by whites I pick up on these things easier. White culture, well, it's lazy. If they can find an excuse to fuck over blacks, they will. To improve black life, it'd be better to work on public policy rather than complaining about how blacks aren't good enough.

Why do I think so? Basically, I have been around whites. They ain't superior. So there must be another reason. Also, all the "well, you ain't doing this" in the world isn't going to substitute for improving the structure of life. In the US, elderly poverty rates have fallen- and it's not because the old people of today are better people- it's called social security. Black people are working hard to catch up to whites who have generations of advantages, but we need time, and we need people doing real things to support us, rather than talking about imaginary blacks. I certainly preferred interning in a mental hospital(UT Medical was having a summer program) to hearing about how somehow we all have a gangsta mentality, especially since I couldn't tell you what the most popular rap song today IS. (Although my classmates who are better informed on rap are also working hard) Many of my white classmates enjoy rap too, and some are really lazy, but it's not like people think "Hey, this white guy is lazy- it must be his deviant culture of liking rap music"

I read a comment directed to Spike Lee on that makes sense to me. A guy said Hey, why don't you produce positive rap music? I agree- there are many people making good rap who are unknown. Lift them up. Let us hear positive rap messages. Spike's a media guy, so I don't expect him to create a school program to help kids or anything, but he could really help because he is so famous and well connected to produce more positive images. I still enjoy his movies, though.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Also, a cartoon mocking the right wing, as I try to edit my post about stupid whites.
Shame on Brownie! And he's still getting paid more than people who work hard and are good at their jobs. Merit, my ass.
Well, this is the fucking last straw. The following post will be filled with pure rage. Conservatives, white folks and other people who can't take the heat are advised. That dumbass Brown proves he's a stupid incompetent. I don't care whether your dog fucking dies or if you go out looking like shit, DO YOUR FUCKING JOB. Especially when it involves people DYING. If you don't DO YOUR FUCKING JOB. I don't care if you're white and could care less if black people die- it's your fucking JOB to do something, idiot.

More of my anger is on one of the mysteries of white culture. Why do whites want to tell everyone they are stupid racists? Like why don't they keep it to themselves? Italics will be this future Klan member, regular will be me.

Last week after checking my LearnLink, I could no longer take the racial slurs that were being permitted. I finally read the last post before I was morally and ethically obligated to write this article regarding the smoke screen that surrounds racial quotas in our nationÂ’s most superior academic institutions for higher learning

In his first paragraph, he insults people who actually have endured racial slurs(NO ONE is obligated to tell whites that they are better than us. It's not slavery times.) He also does the typical white tactic of saying factually incorrect things. I understand that are other ways of knowing than "facts" or "reading", but if he really wants to be in an academically superior place of learning, he needs to push himself to meet basic standards.

On any given day on campus, there are numerous “pre-law” or “pre-med” meetings that are exclusively held for the benefit of minority students. Many universities, such as Georgetown and John Hopkins, offer specific “protected” pathways for minority students to enter their graduate programs. These “front door” methods occur even when students do not match the standard criteria required of other applicant pools seeking acceptance. These universities come to Emory frequently to captivate students with their implausible offers for students who are supposedly disadvantaged because of their race or gender. This theory that mainstream academia has taken hold of in large numbers is offensive and insulting to all students who desire the advantages of “higher learning.”

So he's angry because he doesn't want minority students in law or medicine. Many of the minority pre law and pre med groups are attended by minority students because they want to became good lawyers and doctors. Yes, there are going to be minority groups because there are minorities on campus- why he chose a school with 1/4th of their students being minorities, I have no idea. What ever happened to personal responsibility? He could create a seperate group for racist pre law or pre med students, but he is too busy wanting to insult minorities to care. What evidence does he have that they don't match the critera? And why isn't he concerned over white people who don't meet the critera? If he doesn't know about racial or gender discrimination, instead of lying about what is insulting to students, why doesn't he check out a book from the library? His byline says he is a junior- I have library access(I'm a senior) and so do all the students in the University. After all, one of the ways to achieve higher learning is to...say it with me- LEARN SOMETHING.

Like many others, I resent aid based on race or gender. It is an insult to all people. Regardless of your race or gender, no one should desire a “given” opportunity in academia for the sole purpose of fulfilling an attribute to satisfy a quota.

He doesn't resent white males whose daddies went to this school or who are better at sports than others or who were able to intern at daddy's law office. No, it's those uppity minorities! Who cares if they work hard, and make good grades at college? They have tits and look different! That's the core of my resentment of whiny whites right there. They assume that all whites somehow magically make the grade, when reality suggests that they do not. There are many whites who have suckier GPAs than me, and don't do as well on tests. But somehow, he doesn't care about them. I'm the problem no matter how hard I study because I am a bit darker than some of the other students. Hog wash! Just think of it as a natural sunscreen, dude. And yea, some of those Asian students speak different languages- I bet they got a better grade than your lazy ass.

Students should overlook the desire to simply further their career and begin to realize that they are being used for their race or gender and being mistreated as individuals.

Yea, because I'd rather go and work at a grocery store and not use my talent at all, because some white person would think I'm just being used. That makes no sense. I'd like to get a master's in social work, and I think I can get into some programs if I get my letters of recomendation in. Why should I pass up the oppurtunity to learn some skills so I can help the community, just because some white guy thinks I'm being mistreated? I mean seriously, there are some white people who are horrible at their jobs around but no one is all paternalistic, oh you're just being used, poor white guy because people like white males more. We'll decide when we are being mistreated, k,thx.

What does this quota system demonstrate regarding the university’s belief in minorities? It conveys that the “diverse” universities of America, including Emory, are simply racially prejudiced. And this is most evident in their selection of minority students.

So having minority students is prejudiced? Maybe you should learn what prejuidice is. Basically, he is assuming that Emory is just saying "hey, you look dark, get in here!" Not true at all, dumb ass. An ancedotal example: I am black and in high school had a 3.7 GPA, was in the top ten of my class, and had a 1300 on my SAT. There are whites at this school with the same scores. Why is it all the sudden prejudiced because I'm in? No one is telling a poor white with a 1260 SAT that the university is discriminating against him by letting him in because they think that he'll be a good addition to the band or the soccer team. I have an idea, why doesn't this guy protest prejudice against soccer players instead of trying to tell us what is racially prejudiced or not?

This discovery can be taken with an unconstructive outlook or it can give life to a new ideal that works towards a better system of acceptance in the top schools.

Why not try something entirely new? Why not strive for the “ideal” purpose of college that will lead to the academic community of the future? Why not create a university where the greatest minds will converge and share their thoughts, ideas and dreams?

Why doesn’t Emory become a frontrunner in the academic world by creating the first truly “blind” acceptance policy

But the problem would arise that some of those best minds are black, asian or hispanic, and so whites would not believe it was blind after all. Basically, aiming for an all white university which is the only thing that would satify them is not tenable. Maybe whites should just accept that a good mind can inhabit a body that looks different from theirs? Growing the fuck up also is an important job skill. You have to do your job even if it might have people of different colors in it. You havre to deal with the United States as it is- we're not an all white country. Yea, there might be a black person in your chemistry class. There might be Koreans in your History class. An Iranian might be taking art history. People who are non white have been here for hundreds of years. It's time for whites to get used to it.

Emory has the opportunity not only to regain the prized rankings that it is losing, but more importantly, Emory can revolutionize the structural framework of the academic world. Let Emory force the other great institutions of the world into a feeling of existential nothingness. The concept will create a revolution amongst the elite universities and colleges. The best minds will want to come to Emory to be surrounded by the best students the new global 21st-century society has to offer.

If it's global, people of color will still be here. Also, there's not a ranking for whiteness. They don't give you more points in the ranking if your school is all white. Why would the other people feel bad? They are getting students who achieve instead of whining that there are people who don't look like them- AT COLLEGE. And can't read a fucking book too.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I'm a bit suspicious of this. I'm against running secret prisons, personally. I also think sending people to other countries where you know they will be tortured is bad, BTW.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Well, it seems I'm going to have to wake up at 5 am. Before that happens, share my confusion at why Scalito is 'racist'? Uh...'little scalia"? Would Alicia be racist too? I don't get right wingers. They aren't racist if they talk about how people are ch*nks or the n word, because that's 'just a joke', but making a nickname to compare one guy to another guy is the worst thing ever? What? To me, Scalito sounds like if you took the common African American surnames of Johnson and Williams and came up with Johniams as a nickname. I think my problem comes from the fact that I really can't tell Italian Americans from other whites. I actually was a bit confused, as when I first came across Alito I was hoping he was a Hispanic. Maybe I'm sheltered, but the worst thing I have ever heard about Italian Americans is when my grandmother used an anachronistic term to refer to a Italian American's garden(I promptly was like grandma!) There aren't tons of news articles about how Italian Americans are all in the mob, and are to blame for everything from hurricanes to the time that that hot girl at that party laughed at you. Nor do people act like Italian Americans are taking Supreme Court positions from deserving British Americans. I have to admit I'm at a loss.

Especially since aren't these the same people who say that we shouldn't be mad at Bill Bennett's crazy ass or at guys who say the n word or people who write articles about how black people are to blame for everything from earthquakes to that back hair growth? Like what? Why are they all the sudden so 'concerned' about racism against an ethnicity that isn't even discriminated against? Couldn't they put that energy into reading about structural racism or something important?
Procrastiblogging strikes again. I stopped fighting with my lab partner. I apologized for being hot tempered and he apologized for changing stuff without telling me. I still have to limp along without some of the data I need. I also think he needs to sleep for god's sake. On Halloween and the day before Halloween I went reverse trick or treating. i.e. I knocked on people's doors(don't worry! I used a random number generator! I'm not that bad of a student) and offered them candy if they'd do a survey. It worked well. I got a 87.5% response rate of people who were there.
I don't get Newsmax. How is pointing out the fact that Clarence Thomas doesn't represent the views of most blacks insulting us? What's the point of selecting a black person if they don't represent black people? The whole reason that people are agitating for black people in high positions is that they want the views of black people represented. Otherwise why would we care? Well, that's confusing. Time for funny right wing website ads. It's good to see that black men are profiting from the fact that right wingers who live in all white neighborhoods to get away from the 'crime' for some reason need ghetto prison fighting secrets. I hope that the fact that that ad is probably the only contact with a black person that some of those people who apparently know so much about what insults us or not have doesn't totally contribute to racism. What am I talking about? Of course it will.

Also, here's the ubiquitous floor humping man. Hump it. Hump it real good.
TIP: Want people to think you're not racist? Avoid racial slurs.