Sunday, September 28, 2008

If your kid is a little chub cake, you're a child abuser!!! OH NOES!!!

Let's totally ignore real child abuse, and go after people whose kids probably trade their apples for twinkies at lunch time.

ETA: or they may eat the school lunch, which is basically obesity on a stick.

Oh, I love the trauma conga line.

Hhehe, anal.
Oh yea....added to the list of feminine things that weird me out- ass sex.

Also, you know what? It's OK to like it gently in the missionary position.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarah Palin has become Bible Spice. I think that captures the faux feminist flavor of Palin's candidacy. The Spice Girls were all about 'girl power' but not about any actual political power for women.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks for the blacksnob for pointing out Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert pointing out that the hunting fishing shooting church going 'true American' is not exactly the most common type of American.

Millions of us live in cities, enjoy a latte, would rather watch netflix than football, and would rather feed a goose than hunt it. We're real and valid Amerians too!
Free speech my ass. Somebody is scared that people that look different from them will be successful because instead of wasting their time being mad that people of other races are going to school and learning skills that will put us in the forefront of the world if we let them they are actually studying. hat tip to bfp.

People plan to protest bailouts in the street.yes, I get all my information from twitter.

well, that's cheerful. from cripchick.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Domestic Violence is not romantic. Even if you're oh so kinky and 'deep'.
People who say worldview a lot are sort of creepy.

Depressing news is depressing.

I'm a credit to my race- I punch idiots like you in the face.
And then I judge all white people by the most loserific whites ever, just like you judge black people. So move over Albert Einstein, I'm judging all white people by the fact that once I saw some redneck beat his kids! Let's totally ignore all the law abiding and hard working whites, and focus on the worst of the bunch! That's totally fair!

"The Gizmo is not a giant iphone on its side"- a keith olbermann quote to help this next link go down.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

The debate about chickification rages! Basically, I don't care if a chracter is girly, just don't randomly change my awesome asskicking Action Girl into a flower arranging chick who can't do anything without a man with no good reason.
The Junior Libertarian Squad strikes again! Because after you're raped, the fact that some guy will have to pay an extra 2 cents in taxes to pay for your rape kit should totally be your first concern.

Why is John McCain against teaching children about no touching in the swim suit area?

Hey, I made a new trope.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

lacencurls:"She doesn't believe that any old irresponsible whore who opens her legs can should have the right to kill her baby."

Reverend ross: That's going to be her campaign slogan.

That's the funniest thing I've seen on etsy for a long long time.

Now, I'm judgmental. I think that if you like to have cattle prod sex, you need to have it in your bedroom[or another PRIVATE place], and not whine if other people think cattle prod sex is weird. I don't support women's choices. But come on, aren't we all irresponsible whores? Accidents can happen. I think that we should give people tools to deal with the accidents that happen in life.

ok ok, I hadn't seen this gem yet:

I am speaking of actual hookers and whores people. what else do you call them? I pass them on a daily basis. I know of 3 right now who work the corner just a few blocks from here. They cant bother with birthcontrol. They wait until they are several months along as it feeds the fetish business and they make good money from it. Then they get an abortion. One of these women have had 3!!!!

Good ol' dehumanizing sex workers. That's a great business strategy. You know, that post didn't have any of the cuss words people make such a fuss about people using on etsy, but it turned me off way more than someone saying 'fuck, yeah!' would have.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Please don't go out and buy gas in a panic because the price might go up. I bet that makes the price go up. Note: you're in Memphis. Memphis. We're hundreds of miles inland.
Ok, that's dumb.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Harvest Moon Island of Happiness- I like the control scheme. Sure, sometimes I wish I could use the directional buttons, but it's very smooth being able to run and walk using the touch screen. I also like that you can attach four different tools to different buttons.

For my first play through, I decided to be the girl.
ah, rape fic. Showing that we have a long way to go since 1990.

That's just stupid.
Someone write a long essay about stigmatizing the poor, please! Because I'd be embarrassed to eat a crappy sandwich and have my lunch thrown away in front of everybody. *goes back to mailing plush chickens to France*

Monday, September 08, 2008

In fanficrants, this lady deconstructs deep throating. The problem with porn is that you end up with a bunch of fetishes being depicted as normal. I don't think human sexuality is just 'women/the bottom submit!', many women and gay men enjoy mutually pleasurable sex. Also, I think it's OK to be disgusted by some sexual practices. Not all of us have to go 'wow! I'm not grossed out by shit eating!'

I'm on team Olbermann
. Maddow/Olbermann, I ship it! What, news shows aren't fandom? Is that true?

Best LJ icon ever by karnythia

Spore is out, but I can't buy it.

Slackitvist Fred learns an important lesson about people who are idiots.

Sarah Palin and her religion.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I turned on my radio after class, and some asshole was all talking abut how he became a republican becaise he didn't want to be poor and depend on government. I'm like what do the two have to do with each other? If some rich guy gets a tax break, that's nice for him, but that's not going to get you health insurance.
Quotes from a BBC article:

Some are charging just £10 extra for unprotected intercourse

"However, for most women involved in prostitution, the reality is a cycle of violence and coercion, perpetuated by poverty and inequality."

So women are risking their lives so some dude can not use his hand tonight. That's so equal, not.

The we can't tell the truth about Obama because people are getting rained on guy is a minute in.
Ok, I'm disturbed by this. bfp showed it.
PLEASE don't chickify female characters in your fanfiction! If in canon, she's off killing people, shoving folks out of windows, and exploding planets, don't randomly make her all weepy and shit,ok? And even reformed villianesses with babies will still maintain their personalities. Their personalities of being fucking awesome,ok? I don't want to read about some chick swooning over some guy. I want to read about some chick doing something, preferably, something fucking awesome.

Dude, all they did was write that some dude that is MADE UP kissed some other MADE UP dude. They aren't trying to not let hetros get married.

also, it's that guy again!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I need that clip from tonight's daily show where some asshole says I can't believe we can't tell the truth about Barack Obama because some people are being rained on.
Best twitter ever. Here's some MEMA numbers. If you live in MS, TN, or LA[possibly other places as well], call your local red cross, and ask if they need things like blankets, cots or personal items. They may need them!