Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sounds sensible enough. Many white folks might not know how to deal with the discrimination their black children may face, so a head's up sounds good. can refuse to put your little girl in a nasty bitch shirt and don't let her have manicures and makeup until she's in jr high at least. You don't have to go along with every silly fad that comes along. I'm not saying that kids aren't their own people and don't go against their parents, but seriously, if you don't want your 3 year old wearing 'nasty bitch' on their shirt, don't buy it. Go for thrift stores[some of those clothes haven't been used] or online if you can't find age appropriate clothing for your kid.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's time to justify your life! Sadly, many of us were not mature and wonderful when we were 14. When I was 15[I could legally work then] I saved up some money, but it was maybe a thousand bucks. Certainly not enough to go to college! I think that folks need to be more forgiving. While it's always been tough to work and go to school and have your own place, during these tough times, I think people should stick together. If families can pool their resources by living together, that's pretty efficient.

I'm watching the nightly business report- employers are giving new grads lower salaries. These are people who came out of college- I'm not adding in high school grads who have a tougher row to hoe.
hehhee, wait til you get to the part where people on welfare shouldn't be able to drink a Coke! *sips blackcurrant tea, dies from laughing*

You know, stop joking about murdering Obama. Nobody thinks it's funny.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"They aren't prostituting to themselves, they are prostituting to America's husbands and fathers'

what I think a black guy said on today's MSNBC doc block Captured show. Ok, he said that again, replace they with these people and it's husbands and fathers of this country.

Pandagon has wank. I agree with the idea about white folks in heavily black places. Sure, they might still be annoying and say things they shouldn't, but at least they can say well 'he's not like those other blacks. He's like Bob at work. Bob's a good guy, unlike those other blacks' still racist, yes, but it doesn't affect the voting bottom line.
I have no idea what to say about this: people are against transbigots on DSM committees.
Jim Webb is wrong. The Appalachian problem is mostly racism, but also being whiny pussy babies. Of course, he tips us off by using words like 'special interest politics' [i.e. paying attention to those terrible people who aren't white males] and saying that they say if you're poor and white, you're out of sight. But really, you don't have to be. Dude, you guys got more in common with the ghetto blacks you look down on than those rich white guys you guys vote for. Rich white people and poor white people might LOOK the same, but rich white people are going home from complaining about special interest and big government to a nice steak dinner and a big house, and you're still living like crap. Wake up, people!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

In the comments of this article, we learn that if you're a 67 year old lady living in your car, it's because you're a horrible person.

More comedy gold. I just don't get this 'don't buy name brand food' stuff. Now, I'm all for saving money- I'll pop popcorn kernels in a paper bag, get my books from the library and buy my manga used and all that, but I doubt it'd save the amount of money folks need to avoid falling into a bad situation. It'll save some money, and that helps, but I really don't think people are spending even $2000 dollars per year on Starbucks, brand name food, or whatever the new 'well, if they just didn't do X, they wouldn't be living in a car'.

Friday, May 16, 2008

an unnecessary CPS call can cost a life. Please only call CPS when life is on the line.
Hhehehe, NSFW but oh so funny. I might as well declare this week let's obsess about games week, although it is friday. Note: just because lamer girls are women doesn't mean this isn't lame. And note, I hate that the idea of being sexual is not creating a relationship with another human being and finding out how to touch each other's sexy parts and bring each other to paradize, no, it involves a camera and the entire internet critiquing your dye job.

Hhahaa, great nsfw parody!
Ok, gaming press, we all know that skinny white women who look a narrow conception of good in their underwear love video games. They even are all off playing GTA4. Woopty doo! Now, I think there are more interesting stories about female gamers to cover now.

The causalization of gaming- is this a function of the maturation of the gaming market?

what games count as hardcore?

Girls from the NES era- what are your gaming memories?

Gaming mama- do you steal your kids' games?

Ok, anything, even watching paint dry would be more interesting than girl who looks narrow conception of good in underwear plays video games.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

More sexist crap about how some playboy model plays OMG games. You know, we don't get articles about hot straight men who enjoy shoe shopping as top stories on shoe shopping sites. Burgles
How stupid urban legends get spread. I have an alternative way an urban legend can get spread. People with preexisting biases see a phenomena and then make up an explanation- this explanation is then spread to whole population. For example, a racist white person sees a black person at college. There are many possible explanations for this- the black person had adequate grades, good SAT scores, good extracurriculars... but the white person instead cobbles together a story involving shadowy racial preferences, suffering white men, and general evil. He tells anyone who will listen, and of course, people believe him, because everyone knows that black people can't get into college!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I watched crazy guy Grover Norquist on Colbert, and I'm really confused by this. I think we're yelling across a huge divide here. I don't think lower taxes are inherently good. Hear me out here- let's say we all got taxed only $50 a year, sounds good,eh? But people get laid off, the roads get spotty, our policemen take bribes as they aren't being paid, and that's just the first things I can think of that would happen. Why do I have such a negative view? Haven't I just been brainwashed by the government? Won't private charity raise the millions needed for bridge repair? 80% of food pantries can't meet the needs. And this is with food stamps reducing demand somewhat and government help. I don't think any food pantries, who provide a very basic need, would be able to help at all.

I've never heard a good explanation of why this is supposed to be a good thing.

Fran from FF12 and plus size lingerie model- separated at birth?
Heard on Keith Olbermann. In MS, negative ads about OMG, MISSISSIPPI VALUES!!! OMG OBAMA!!! failed! Yay! After having to see those stupid ads on TV and on the radio, I'm glad to see they failed. [we have a shared media market, so we get hilarity every time!]

yay macros!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oooh, from stupid free, we've got good girl gamer stupid Really guys, what girl gamers want is...TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES. We're big girls. We can get laid if we want. We're not spending hours cursing because we got hit by that damn blue shell or trying to kill zombie after fucking zombie to try to get the dick of some substandard guy who doesn't wash his balls and whose idea of a pickup line is tits or gtfo,ok?

Oh yea, and remember, fun feminists, no one likes an enabler. Hehhe, some women are kicking back. Lady Not Helping. I mean, if you can use your brain and understand how being marginalized and objectified is must be homely! and you gotta do anything to avoid being homely, so go teehehehe!
4000th post! It's to bring you this stupidfree link- doctors are doctors for a reason.
Found on etsy: news article about racism against Obama. I'm not surprised by the racism, but I'm glad to see everyone working so hard to rise above the shameful attitudes of others. Let's change this country! Yes, we can!

Monday, May 12, 2008

LOLZ, OMG, MUSLOOOMS, AND ATHETISTS! humor from the farking article
Another omg girl gamers article on digg. the usual suspects are all out- the I PLAY GTA4 AND I'M A GIRL, I'M SO AWESOME gamer, the well, they must be fat guy[because it really matters!], the my g/f beats me at Halo! guy and the my g/f won't play any games guy, etc. Those character types are annoying. Of course I'd like to note my thoughts that games are games. We don't need to keep defining games in narrower and narower circles, unless we want to end up with Mario Kart not being a game because women and kids like it. Man, when Zelda and Final Fantasy get defined out as not hardcore enough, I am so done! I'm loving FF12, but I'll never give up my Diner Dash!

collected from lj, probably a post secret. I think it's fun to blog, because I blog in the original sense- a log of where I've been on the web.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

On Sunday, I was on Beale Street and I was being protested. A parade of hilarity came by- signs like Hilliary should be at home washing the dishes and a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the devil. The signs urged us to repent our sins[maybe something about drinking alcohol on a Sunday] and urged the return of Prohibition. They had a small child get on a loud speaker and urge us to repent. They also handed out funny Chick tracts about how we're all going to die horrible deaths and go to hell or something. I guess a good time was had by all.