Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey, lady! Don't erase yourself from your own story! Sure, the stories in our culture say that a woman who is unpaired is defective somehow- too picky, not submissive enough, not pretty enough, and a man who is unpaired has been burnt by those evil women who are trying to chain him down with marriage, or fuck too much, or only want 'bad boys' or aren't submissive enough, or etc, etc. But you don't have to believe it! You can be the hero of your own story! Or at least I believe that. Or maybe my ramblings are pretty boring, sorry...

Monday, January 25, 2010

White feminists see the glory of Monique's legs! Also, they talk about how even though they DON'T SHAVE, MEN still want to HAVE SEX WITH THEM, since HAVING A RELATIONSHIP is better than USING YOUR HAND and BEING ALONE WITH YOUR FANTASIES OF SEX ROBOTS! But at least, there's not too many HAIR IS SO GROSS, I HAVE TO SHAVE! DUE TO HOW GROSS IT IS! despite men being clean with hair on them.

If my brother doesn't even have to bathe half the time, I sure as hell am not going to be like OMG, MY LEGS HAVE A LITTLE STUBBLE ON THEM! TIME FOR THERAPY!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Let's all point and laugh at these losers who think their kids are too weak and fragile to be on the same team as everyone else. Oh noooo! little jonny might be exposed to people of other cultures! The horror! Can't let little jonny have his childhood fun with different people, you know!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Apparently doing things you know are wrong[having sex with trafficked women] is just because men need sex. More than integrity, decency, etc. Men don't need pesky things like empathy[what if I was in a foreign country, didn't speak the language and some stranger was trying to rape me up the ass?] or thinking before acting [you know, if going to prostitutes makes me feel bad, maybe I shouldn't do it] If women were men, this would be considered proof of inferiority- 'women can't control themselves! They'll do illegal, immoral stuff just because they can't keep their vaginas to themselves!' We'd hear about how women shouldn't be in high office, if they can't even keep themselves from cruising the ads in craigslist, placing a call, and setting aside the time an money to visit prostitutes! They just can't control themselves!

Of course, if men don't want to stoop to abusing women on the street, they can go and buy a creepy robot! or they can hump a pillow with the image of a young girl on it. About the why- I think there are probably many different whys. Some want to dominate, some are so stunted and broken by the patriarchy that they can't truly relate to people- a man can only relate to their 'inferiors' i.e. women by sex. It's like how men are trained to replace emotions like sadness or vulnerability with anger.

The desire to be with people is replaced by sex. And sadly, the sex that is sold to us is joyless. Robots with one word personalities aren't far off from the dull mass produced pornography that is seen as 'sexy' nowadays or contrived 'girlfriend' relationships in which a man pays for a shallow imitation of intimacy.

People long for joy, for true intimacy, but they can't receive it by paying for it. Making oneself vulnerable to real relationships with real people is scary, but I don't think that puerile fantasy can sustain them...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I was reading this post, and sadly, remembered that it is now my duty to remind everyone that they don't need my approval. Despite my clever blog posts, my amazing taste in entertainment, and my sloth like energy levels, sadly, sadly, you don't have to obey my bloggish edicts. I cry crystal tears as I remember that even though I say that giving your 7 year old My Makeup instead of Mario, Zelda or Nintendogs, is totally cruel- fostering Pink Think as well as depriving her of the fun of games that are awesome, you sadly, don't have to obey me.

Even when I tell you that your 7 year old doesn't need lipstick! you don't have to cry, as instead of the grand poobah of feminism, instead I'm more of a random person off the street. DARN REALITY! YOU RUIN MY LIFE!

But seriously, this sort of reminds me of 'reverse racism'. Any sort of pushback against the system is seen as way worse than the actual issue. We can't really critique the system as we're busy going "Oh, I'm not SCARY! Tehehee!" and for some reason, not being a 'scary' feminist means going along with the prevailing appearance standards, which sort of weirds me out. Of all the ass kicking shit we're going to do, what scares folks the most? Not being decorative objects. Well, rock on, then!
You know...from my experience[ok, I try to tutor some children in math. I seem to have the same 20 or so every day], girls are actually better in math. Girls are socialized to sit down and not disrupt the entire class, which means they can actually learn their multiplication tables or how many feet are in a yard, which are the building blocks of mathematical brilliance. It's not considered masculine to sit down, learning about things that will eventually give you the knowledge to blow shit up.

Although of course, this is a small sample, and the girls might all be just children left after school... Soon we'll get all the children who actually failed math, so interesting things will happen soon.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cripchick wants information on liberation schools or community led schools.
Poor woman gets heating help- sadly people are OUTRAGED that people who need it get help instead of freezing in the snow. And the sad bit is that people act like the poor don't put anything in. Labor, payroll tax, sales tax and probably property tax this woman pays. And the three children are future producers and the young woman will probably [and probably has already] produced both labor, taxes and consumption, which people forget fuels the economy.

and all this without considering the moral value of not letting people freeze.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I learn that just because you try to be relatively sane in a post doesn't mean the comments won't be a bowl of crazy.

Bullies are the kids of working moms.

and I don't know what's going on here, but whatever. although I do find it annoying when people act like only sahms are raising their kids. The obsessive single focus model of motherhood is probably relatively new- women were doing a lot of food production and community activity in the home- it wasn't all flash cards, and whatever.
I'm always skeptical about more gym classes helping student physical fitness, because not only do many instructors humiliate students and suck totally and also, what is the quality of things being taught in class? Is it just team sports or something that the kids can actually use throughout life?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Creating awareness my ass. The only thing this creates awareness of is naked supermodels and we are already aware of them.
Man, this is some serious whiteboy butthurt here.
I learned not only that sex addiction is made up by the mean prudes that rule the world to prevent us from having fun, but also that prudes are no fun to date.

Because we really need people who aren't really comfortable having sex just because they ate dinner with someone a few times having sex because of pressure not to be a prude. Yep! That's going to foster healthy sexual relationships right there! Also, it reminds me of some sort of Leisure Suit Larry guy from the 70s. "Hey, baby, you must be a prude if you don't fuck me immediately in the way I like!" *sleazy shame* "Hey, why are you walking off? YOU'LL BE ALONE! YOU MEAN BITCH PRUDE!"

The problem is that while there are many very sexual women and men who aren't shy about casual sex, that's not the only type of person out there. There are asexuals, people who want sex only intermittently, people who think sex is intimate and therefore should be shared only by people who have known each other for a long time or are married, people who think sex is OK, but not really that important. We act like these folks are pathological, but there's more of them than we think.

I'm a sexual myself, but people act like all people make sex the centerpiece of the relationship, while I think that some might find commitment, or mutual hobbies, more important to their relationship, and sex might just be like playing Settlers of Catan together- fun, but not all consuming.