Saturday, June 30, 2007

Barack Obama isn't black. I guess if you were born poor but ended up becoming a doctor, I guess you become white, suddenly. I don't even want to know what they think of the West Indians or the Africans...
"You won't see Creative Life Community Fest on Channel 3"- a community leader doing some MCing for the named event.

"They treat you different if your mom is up at school all the time"- a kid being tutored by my mama.

I feel the hard work that black folks do for our communities is often rendered invisible- overwritten by either the heroic white person or the one black person who 'gets tough' on those unruly kids, ignoring the fact that it's not just one grand gesture, but over and over, creating a home and security for the children.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Today's Link Post

Etsians struggle with health insurance.

Whine, cry,moan, I don't want to drive 45 minutes up and back to see Sicko!

Etisans struggle with their 200$ bills.(for non etsy people, it's 20 cents a listing, 20 cents for relisting(a listing is like for four months so it'll get buried in that time), and 3.5% for a sale, so that's a really ridiculously large bill there)

Oh woe to the skinny, it's a day to day struggle.
Someone called someone else a name. [ETA: ok, someone called a building a name. ] Calling people names isn't nice. But the truth is that many of those prostitutes? Have pimps. who call them worse every day. They have johns that call them worse every day. When they get caught by our corrupt police who punish them for being victims and rape them are calling them names. The religious people who thunder from the pulpit about sexual immortality but still use prostitutes are calling them names. The lawmakers in TN who make needle exchanges hard to fund, thus making it more likely that AIDs will spread are doing worse than calling them names. People who make it harder for them to get life saving screenings are doing worse than calling them names. Women who use threats to coerce young girls into prostitution are doing worse than calling them names. Our system that doesn't pay women enough for their work is doing worse than calling them names. When the families of prostitutes are separated by jail, drug addiction and sometimes foster care,it seems worse than calling names.

I don't think it's nice to call people cum dumpsters, but I'm not exactly sure that the prostitutes on our streets have as their top priority "make people stop calling names on blogs". I think it's more efficient to go and take down the folks who are keeping this system in place rather than always focusing on the individual. Johns, pimps, officers of the law, all of them hold the ball of wax together. The women who are jerks on the internet are at best enablers, although I think it's more enabling to think that prostitution can't be changed than to be randomly insulting on the interwebs.
Lit. Mermaid notes that not all young women are airheads who can't have a political opinion unless it's sexxxy.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Supreme Court is full of fail. But it's not like I was surprised. I'm going to make up a story to make myself feel better. After slavery was outlawed, a bunch of crazy white folks went wild what with rioting and starting restrictive laws. Now that the restrictive laws from that time were overturned, it's like a second reconstruction, what with all this mess going on. But uh..justice will probably prevail, I think?
You,yes, you, can help black lesbians who are in jail for self defense.

Sylvia wants you to sign this petition.

Stupidfree reacts to aborigine porn ban. Half of the replies deal with the racism, the other is OMG, you're required to like porn, but luckily some astute stupidfreers mock those who think that we all gotta be like OMG, I love porn! Also, some feminists fail. Best macro ever.

People argue on etsy. I don't know why.

Are biofuels going to starve the poor?

It's hard for small businesspeople to get up the capital for bricks and mortar, especially with our credit system. And a white woman is having this problem. Black women start businesses way more often than the majority does but we are held back by lack of capital. I have a microbusiness and it's tough for me to buy things in bulk because of my constant brokeness, even though it would be cheaper in the long run. I also can't go to many of the more expensive crafts fairs or advertise much. That really puts you behind business wise.

Man, drugs are dangerous!

Children are suffering because of messed up employment policies.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Memphis Chapter of the NAACP is celebrating its 90th anniversary starting tomorrow. Julian Bonds will be in town. 7:00 pm at Greater Middle Baptist Church 4982 Knight Arnold Road.

The NAACP of Memphis notes that you should change your voting address when you move.
Great race stupid. You gotta work hard to be so so stupid.

A very good example of how government policies, and history combine to create institutional racism and poverty.

Councilwoman in LA may be deported.

I think I agree.
I may be female, but my choice to procrastinate on my assignment was a dumb one.

LULZ, real dolls.

Living in a tent- OK? Yes/No?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Saturday, June 23, 2007

A shameful case of violence.

While being a freegan isn't a revolutionary act, I think it's better to go and reuse some things, buy local things from individuals, and give to your local charities that are picking up items for resale than to always buy everything new. Clothes from the Goodwill often have years of good wear in them!

Feminist LJ stupid. I love not supporting women's choices. If you've been gangraped by ten men, I'm there, if you're underpaid and overworked, I'm there, if some asshole is harrassing me, I'm there. But just being a dick? No.

I blame the patriarchy for shitting pants drug.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today's Link Post:

From the blaming board, my brother was a pimp. It seems that the men don't just get off on the sex, it's more the power imbalance of having someone be submissive judging from the quotes in this article.

From etsy, a video against anti gay/trans hate crimes.

Race stupid is brewing.

Hipsters- should they be killed for the good of all?

I have a new thing to put on my no no list: blowjobs while upside down.
Those men requesting my sexual favors, know that this is not allowed, ever.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nonpaid ad:

Dear Readers, Community Members and Lovers of the Word,

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release later this summer
of our second book The Marrow's Telling: Words in Motion,
by Eli Clare, author of Exile and Pride. A collection of poetry
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--Alison Bechdel, creator of Dykes to Watch Out For and Fun Home

"The Marrow's Telling is tactile, tangible, penetrating; a soft
swirl of muted colors that sneaks in under your guard and leaves
a lingering taste in your mouth, rather like woodsmoke or blood."
--Raven Kaldera, author of Hermaphrodeities

"Eli's work detonates inside of you, right to the edges
where you balance."
--Amber Hollibaugh, author of My Dangerous Desires:
A Queer Girl Dreaming Her Way Home

"The Marrow's Telling trembles with CP and desire,
rendered in language both passionate and precise. It is an
important book, telling a story—in moments—that the world
needs to hear."
--Jim Ferris, author of The Hospital Poems and The Enjambed
Body: A Step toward a Crippled Poetics

Come join Eli in these pages as he chases echoes down to the
marrow, tracing their sources back to a lover's hand,
a bully's taunt, a wild blue sky.

Finally here's a little something to tease you:

"...and in its place we wake, grief
spun to smoke, to mist, to motes of sun,
my hands playing their unsteady beat,
tremor to skin, we wake
the warm hollow center..."
--from "Two Waters"

Yours in the work,
The folks at HfP
Amazing black blogger attacked by white folks.

There is a blog against sex trafficking Here is a link to some local news on that blog.

Thank you thathollygirl on the blamer's board. I was looking for this article(maybe not exactly this article) since Sunday.

Ikkya posted.

Hey, best post ever

Apparently the moment you're born and your parents give you a funny name, you're trash for life.

Thanks to Kelda at the blaming board, we learned that you should never put nair on a 5 week old baby.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In praise of generalizations:

People are down on generalizations but I say it's great. Usually we can't see the forest for the trees- the story of racism is obscured in a million antedotes about how once a black person looked at you funny and how your person of color friend never is angry about your racism. The story of sexism is obscured with my dad cooks! or being yelled at in the middle of the street never bothered me! and the whole system that we need to attack disappears under the weight.

It's nice that my dad changed our diapers and swung us around as babies, but does that destroy the wage gap and the fact that the price of daycare most often falls on the woman? No. I'm glad that you are enjoying the pride month festivities, but gay people still need marriage rights!
Etsians are on team common sense: don't put nail polish on a 1 year old. But femininity training still starts early.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Today's Link Post:

In the transgendered community on LJ, there is stupid. I don't want you guys and gay people to be discriminated against. I just want you to leave Rosa Parks out of it.

Lady pwns guy with her cock.

Man, I need to flix Flag Wars.[read this link please] We only watched part of it in class(in undergrad)

Oh noes, asexuals!
In TN, shitty magazines like this example magazine that has been scanned full of copy advertising the beauty culture are on grocery store shelves and are widely bought by our citizenry.

In TN, ads like this run in higher end magazines.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

In Frontier House, I'm totally Team Glenn! I like their TN grit, and the fact that they aren't a bunch of whiny titty babies. One important life skill is admitting that you're not made of stronger stuff. As you who read my blog know, I'm not made of stern stuff. I'm easily irritated and tired. Thus, I would not go on a wilderness adventure. The sort of person who feels the need to smuggle in an eyelash curler should never be doing hard work for three months on end. I wonder if they didn't know that there are perfectly fine packages with spa visits and shit?
Some good race stupid on boardgame geek. The old 'acting white' canard is thrown out as well, and the very very obvious is ignored. It's time and money that's the factor. It takes 3,4 sometimes even 6 whole hours to play some of these games. Many black people have to work less flexible jobs and can't have as time consuming of hobbies. Not to mention, To get maybe two or three games, you can sometimes end up with over $100 in costs. But I think the appeal of the whole acting white thing is that it doesn't question the structure of our society. I mean really, if you were like "why do white people tend to have more money and leisure than black people?" you'd have to come up against some hard questions about what you've been taught about America. Such scary ideas as work and human decency would occur.

but hey, acting white is a cureall explanation for anything! Why is there a high black dropout rate? Acting white! Why don't many blacks play board games? Acting white! Why don't black people like my haggis pie? Acting white! No need for any examination of self or society. Just say the magic words- acting white.
Yay, icon!

I don't think Twisty wants you to hire a house cleaner?

Baby ripped from woman's breast as coercive legal system continues to oppress women.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another reason I don't have the temperament to be sex pos or a fun feminist. I was watching Frontier House, and some of the women hadn't been on the frontier two minutes and were whining about makeup. You know what I thought? You know what? If you want to be pretty and cute, the frontier isn't the place to do it. You know, that frontier women worked hard? Did they really have time to worry about farking mascara?
Although I had to admit I was annoyed at the guy whining about how OMG, I didn't get to have the gun I wanted, OMG, we don't get to randomly shoot game. I'm sorry dude, but maybe obeying the law is an important thing to do on a TV show being run by a big corporation? If you want to do it your way, why don't you?
Today's link post:

Small boys are attacking each other with beauty.

You,yes, you, can help the sex workers in Washington DC

Memphis Christians are helping sex workers get out of the life. The lack of good jobs for women is pushing women into sex work.

In the land of tra la la, people using WIC are not allowed to drink, smoke or formula feed because that's just evil!!

In other news, I'm glad white people have not yet discovered the existence of TVone.
There's a lot of rape wank in this thread. I shake my head at those who think pestering a woman for sex is cool or OK. I mean really, that sounds like it's bad for the relationship. I mean, I wouldn't want someone to only have sex with me because I bullied, nagged, pestered, threatened, etc. I think that our society blows with the idea that sex is the most important thing ever. You're tearing down your relationship, quite possibly ruining your partner's emotional health, and possibly crossing the line into being an emotional abuser,but hey, get that sex no matter what the consequences! Really, sex is not that big a deal as we make it out to be. There's no need to fuck over another person just for sex.

Friday, June 15, 2007

There is thick and rich stupid on this thread. This is another reason that I don't have the temperment to be sex pos. I really don't think I can say that because I talked to five prostitutes and they loved it, that makes all prostitution world wide OK. I don't like the idea that if a woman talks to a hundred women and they say no sir, I don't like it, they don't count, but all the sudden, someone talks to two or three women and they love it, so they must be the real voice of every sex worker in the world. Like wtf? Also, I think economic coercion is violence against people! Just because you have a commie choice- sell your ass or starve doesn't mean that prostitution automatically becomes good. I'm not saying you should go to jail for selling your ass, I'm just not thinking that defending prostitution is really all that good from my feminist stand point. If we stand up against prostitution and porn(which is like a big ad for female sexual subservience) we give people a wider field of ideas, a wider pool of possibilities. If we make it acceptable for example men to say "Hey, I'm not looking at that exploitative porn", then things can change. If we enable them by going there, there, they really love it! will anything change? I wouldn't put the cost of an etsy listing on that!(20 cents)

I'm also suspicious about these women brought in from other countries to service men for sex. I'm not sure that's all sunshine or light.
I am one itchy slacker today too.I got some soap in the mail with funny instructions. Use daily to cleanse skin.

Did you know that you, yes you, could volunteer to help day laborers?
It's the Haim on Fire yarn. I'm going to break a rule and take a fucking nap.
I still can't sleep. But you can help the immigrants in Portland!

On a lighter note, this lady posting her is kinda a bitch. I want to invite the woman mocked here to our zumba class where nobody cares if you are not wearing proper gym clothing or are uncoordinated. We also don't care if you've been giving blowjobs to the entire university of Memphis. Seriously, what a twatwaffle that post writer is!

Facebook funnies: someone is selling a Quiznos store.

On one level, I'm amused, on another level I'm yelling don't ask the ugly girls for sex either!

Why does this lady like pepper so much?
Shannon still can't sleep. I am learning important lessons. Such as the fact that liking porn* is compulsory to be a sane person, that having sex with a drunk woman is perfectly OK, that sex is always OK if the other person doesn't *say* no, that rape is just rough sex, also, saying what is rape makes you hate men!, your vagina is sort of like that leftover slice of pizza you left in the dorm fridge.

Yeaaaa, I'm going to have some interesting dreams when I get back to sleep.

*I remember something my brother said- I don't have time to chop white folks up into little pieces[as far as he doesn't care if you're half Scottish or 1/4th German on your father's side] and I think all this "But one thing of porn is OK!!!" stuff is sort of fiddling on the Titanic. I could see if porn had the regular 80/20 rule in which 20 percent was horrid misogynist crap and 80 percent was OK, but it's more like the 90/10 rule in which 90 percent is all like those barely legal whores love taking it up the ass! and 10 percent is marginally OK if you don't think about it too much, which of course you are going to.
Dear internet people, I can not sleep. Etsy may be fixed.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I was reading this bit on the South and I'd like to correct anyone who doesn't think we have pointy headed leftists elites in the South. I personally am a pointy headed elite. I watch foreign movies and documentaries, read books without being asked, go to grad school, I don't really have a trust fund, but sometimes my mom gives me $50, so I guess that's the southern equivalent... Anyway, you can see little pockets of elitism in the cities. We had bona fide hippies at Emory, we even made cider using old bike parts and wood. Memphis has a decent movie theater and midtown. And all of you, think of your own cities. Even if they are in the South, is everyone a lost cause who goes mudding and pees off levees? Probably not. I have to admit I don't have much use for folks who pee off levees and wear the Confederate flag. The South's a big place though. The idea that we're[us southern liberal elites who are not saints] all supposed to vote based on what people say about the same people we make fun of is craziness.
Yay, it's passive aggressive sign time!

Great macros

MOAR My favorite is the one with the black women saying shut the fuck up whiteboy

Etsy is broke again.

People are really upset about it. I think the admins in charge of search and the server should get assistants. The games work so well because just one admin can do them, but they need more of the admins on the search.

There's stupid about that poor woman who died in a LA hospital. First dumping the homeless, now this. Also, here is a link with more detail about the story.

In etsy news, etsians debate whether casting rings from your balls is a good idea.
Raid separates families and devastates a community. Local activists are outraged.

Local officials in Connecticut want raids to stop.

National anti immigration raids movement, anyone?

Women(of color I think) dies in ER, as nurses ignore her coughing blood.
Police try to arrest her.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lit says we should tell our radical feminist story, and I will sometime, but the truth is that I really don't have the temperament to be a liberal feminist. You need a more, well..feminine personality to be a liberal feminist. My temperament isn't sweet at all. I like to be right, rather than happy. I want what I want. I tend to like the freedom to say "pull the other one, it's got bells on". I don't pick politics based on what other people like either. I just wouldn't be a good liberal feminist.
When in hole, stop digging.

Ha,ha, awesome via random white guy Nate.

People are stupid and examining their poop.

Today the free movie at the library was Familia, in which a white lady's life was perfectly fine, until her gambling addicted sister in law moves in, and then it's all downhill until people end up slapping each other and speaking English and scaring innocent women out of houses by showing them evidence of their husband's double life. The daughter of the gambling addict gets preggers, and I was surprised that the doctor was like, you can have an abortion, but maybe you should talk to your mom. I'm not saying that doesn't happen in real life, just in movies.Also I think the girl really does get an abortion, although you could argue she doesn't.
People are quite upset about the etsy search problems.

People are actually really mad! Some may ask why do they complain so much, but on the other hand, some of these people are one person businesses, which is why they are mad.

Etsians will argue over anything. If someone is mad because they were nearly attacked by a mob, hey, it's time to argue about how you are totally perfect and amazing!

Domestic violence orphans children.
Puppy Mills. *passes out*

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Being an old attention whore- how ineffective is it?

Kactus posts on the internet. Kactus posts a pdf to help us learn about domestic violence. Note: it's not ethical to disclose personal information from group.
Oddly enough, there's a fuck shaving community on LJ. I know this because a stupid scene girl tried to troll. Even though it's a trivial subject, on the other hand, I'm glad that young women who tend to be insecure can learn that they don't have to shave. This can be liberating as they learn that there's not one way everything has to be. With this, we have room to maneuver. If women don't have to be feminine, what else do we think we have to do that is wrong?

Do we have to fight terrorism through bombing women and kids or is there a better way? Can crime only be fought by jail and harsh police tactics? Can all kids be educated well? The limits may not be as close as we believe.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I have to admit hearing folks go I'm ugly, and if you don't like it, hide and go fuck yourself speaks to me more than I looove makeup and femininity!! I think it's because it just comes off to me as more truthful because that's not the message you hear every fucking where. It seems against the hegemonic ruling culture here, instead of trying to collude with it. I like that because it stretches the boundaries. Instead of "Ok, being against rape is OK just as long as you say you like makeup and blowjobs" you let people know that women who don't toe the feminine line exist. People think all women are some sort of hivevagina who all like shopping, being pretty and giggling need to get on the next think train coming.
Labiaplasty is mocked.

Transwoman murdered, local activists call for justice.

Invisible disabilities.

Etsians struggle with shaving their legs.
The author of this post and I laugh at the idea that women need to defend themselves from being called fat or ugly. I mean seriously, is that the worst people who like really bad comic art can throw out? Let's not give the straw men strength by responding that we too are hot. Let's blow up the straw men by denying them any validity at all. In this world, we have people who pimp out twelve year old girls, people who start wars, people who abuse children, etc, and the worst insult these people can think of is that someone isn't hot or that men don't like them? That just shows how shallow and dumb people like that are on the very surface. Saying but OMG, I'm hoooot!! sends a message that being ugly or fat is really actually bad, when it's just not as big a deal as our culture makes it out to be.

Let's not buy into that crap at all. If someone calls us fat ugly dykes, tell them that there's nothing wrong with that and to hide and go fuck themselves. People act if a woman doesn't go along with the ideals of femininity, which include going tee hee hee, I'm totally harmless, it's the worst thing a woman can do. Now, let's put this back into fucking reality. A woman could *gasp* have a hobby that has nothing to do with sexual attractiveness or display or she could throw babies into rivers, call for war on Iran, cut food to children, weaponize tuberculous, and all sorts of other things. Yet we're still fixated on a woman not being hot as the worst thing ever.

It's a shame, and it's not going to get any better if we go on about how totally hot we are instead of attacking the sexism in the idea that women aren't allowed to dislike shitty ass art.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The other junior rad fem has a blog. Welcome her to the hivevagina, datchu!

Best macro ever!

Now even the white folks are making macros.

Outcrazyophelia wins the internet
I went to When Fangirls Attack, and saw this post. I think being a geek is a major reason I'm not a choice feminist. Now, many female geeks hang around male geeks, who often defend pornified ideals of womanhood, and combined with the contempt that many have for women, it's much easier to put two and two together. Because the sexism is so blatant, it's much easier to cut through the bullshit. Of course, my personality helps. I don't like to win the battle just to lose the war. By depending on society's tropes (a woman is OK if she is sexxxy) to put forward a little bit of feminism, you tend to dilute the feminism so much it's not worth much. Better to just say "we're here, we're women, and we're not required to be sexbots!"

Note- comics anti feminist bingo here.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mean atheists just wanna have fun
I LOL'd and more and ROFL'd
Man, this is the best stupid I've seen in a long time! There is an educational pictorial on how to tuck your penis, and this lady goes batshit insane yelling about deceiving sexual partners, even though nobody said anything about that! She acts like roving bands of transgendered folk or drag queens go around trying to trick people into sexing them and then crackle evilly when they get a mark. According to this lady, it seems like everytime a transperson has sex, their partner's head explodes. Really, it's not that big a deal.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Dear internet people, our hot water will come back on in an hour. Apparently the heater gave out because it was 19 years old.

WASHINGTON – (June 6, 2007) – Socially-conscience people between the ages of 12 and 20-years-old are encouraged to apply for micro-grants of up to $1,000 from the YSA Youth Venture Program to create sustainable social ventures. An AmeriCorps VISTA program, the YSA Youth Venture Program's mission is to provide funding and resources to young people to lead socially-conscience campaigns that are a lasting asset to their communities. YSA Youth Venture teams are required to plan a Global Youth Service Day project on April 25-27, 2008, and will receive resources from Youth Service America and Youth Venture, the leading organizations in the youth service movement. The application deadline is August 13, 2007.

For more information about the YSA Youth Venture Program micro-grants, please go to:

Youth Service America is national resource center that partners with thousands of organizations committed to increasing the quality and quantity of volunteer opportunities for young people, ages 5-25, to serve locally, nationally, and globally. Founded in 1986, YSA's mission is to expand the impact of the youth service movement with communities, schools, corporations, and governments. In addition to Global Youth Service Day, which takes place every April in more than 115 countries, YSA also hosts servenet (, providing the largest database of volunteer opportunities in America. For more information, visit:

About Youth Venture: By inspiring and investing in teams of young people to start their own social ventures, Youth Venture is working to build a powerful network of young changemakers around the world. Youth Venture provides coaching, resources, and seed funding for young people ages 12-20 to create, launch, and lead sustainable community-benefitin g ventures. We believe this will catalyze a cultural sea change, transforming a generation of young people into capable leaders of social change - leading to a world of Everyone a Changemaker. Youth Venture was founded in 1996 by Ashoka. For more information:

# # #

Christina Wessell Batcheler
Youth Service America
202-296-2992 x 128

Join Us:
*The 20th annual Global Youth Service Day events in the United States take place April 25-27, 2008 -

*Internationally, Global Youth Service Day events take place in more than 115 countries April 25-27, 2008 -
No blackface should be allowed at prom.

I learn the answer to why are these kids are school?

Ok, I was just reading Twisty's blog, and then stayed along for the comments. Jezebella decided to grace us all with this link. *shakes head* Memphis!

More on the food stamp challenge
Dear internet people, I hate everybody. I have insomnia and can not go back to sleep. Our hot water tank busted. Everyone sucks.

I do like being differently motivated, but it's a day to day struggle having an unemployed lifestyle.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

At Zumba class, some little girls were dancefighting. It was so cute! It is said that by knowing whether a child can sit for three minutes alone without eating a marshmallow that you can tell whether they'll be successful in the future. I would be one of the children who ate the marshmallow in the first few seconds.
Link Post for the Day:
Blog Fights:

People are fighting on the internet. I will have an opinion later. Ilyka already has an opinion. and another one. Now Mag's got a lot of opinions.


LOL, who would wear that? I feel sorry for the models.

Selling the same supplies as me is copying.

For Profit Dialysis Center Shut Down.

Thanks To Lobbying, Title Loan Companies will be able to rip off TN folks for now.
Not a victory for all women everywhere.
WTF? Labial Liposuction.


A very good post. I'm a late bloomer so for me, my feminism couldn't start at sexuality in the first place.

The first post here is messed up.
Sexual harassment being ignored in the workplace.


The vaccine debate: why is there even one?
Today's post is about an imaginary land in which there is no femininity or masculinity. Let's imagine the mall in this place. The clothing is arranged by size (for example, skirts with waist, hip and inseam). People pick the clothing that suits them best. Men(including those born as women) carry around infants and play equally with children, and women(including those born as men) are acknowledged as enjoying a wide range of interests which have nothing to do with pleasing others. Women have a lot less work to do in this utopia. The girls and boys sections of toy stores do not exist- toys are arranged by interest- cooking here, building there, and children get toys not based on what gender they are, but based on the interests of the child. Little girls have a lot more leeway to develop interests not based on looking pretty. Even the remaining beauty and fashion toys are not solely of women- you can brush and braid a man's hair too. There is no un and underpaid labor force made up almost entirely of women- men equally volunteer, clean,cook, raise babies, do the emotional labor of comforting others, etc. Of course, the emotional and physical labor of the beauty standard has disappeared. No more endless talk about how you lost 10 pounds, if you have curly or nappy hair, there's none of that spending hours in the salon attempting to straighten it or battling with a flat iron, no learning bizarre tools and techniques to fit in, etc. Invisible labor is still labor, after all.

The magazine section also looks different. There are no women's magazines as being interested in losing ten pounds and also in recipes for chocolate cake don't really go together. Oh, and there's also a lack of porn, even on the internet. People have lost interest in the extruded sex product, and spend their time having mindblowing life affirming sex instead. Being interested in seeing violence against people would be viewed sort of as we view necrophiles now- you're interested in what? Humiliating people and dominating them would be viewed as the anti sex. There also wouldn't be prostitution, as the idea that one is entitled to sex because they have money would be a foreign concept. Women and men feminized by society such as gay men and transgendered people would not have the burden of sex labor.

Schools would also be different. There would not be as much emphasis on sports as there is now. There would be exercise, but none of this "If you can't play football well at age 6, you're a total worthless loser" crap. A lot more would happen, but I can't think of it. Men and women will be free to experience a wide range of emotions, as the idea that men aren't supposed to feel sad or women are not supposed to feel angry will seem absurd. Makeup will be a lot more varied- instead of following trends, people will just paint on whatever.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My heart was touched by this story about Israel.
Women's Ecdysis roundup:

What do we need? water and literacy! When do we want it? now!

Black teen women are being forced into prostitution, and what are we doing? Jack and shit! Women are being raped, beaten and paid $20 a blowjob(which is not a lot of money for their labor, and I bet the pimp keeps some. Now, a long time ago on feministe, I think someone said $100 is not a lot of money. But we've got folks so poor out there that they are working under the table for these wages) and what do we hear about? Not the woman dying of AIDs, not the exploited drug addict, but about how OMG empowered we all are.

Is Sex Fun?

A Bug With Feminism.
I got an email on the interwebs:

Thanks to everyone who joined National Advocates for Pregnant Women on
and/or inquired about our May 4th call with five fantastic Oklahoma
reproductive justice activists who had recently succeeded in
preventing SB 714 from being passed into law. SB 714 would have made
abortions illegal in state hospitals.

As many of you already learned late last month through Feministing, anti-choice activists
ultimately prevailed. Just weeks after our call, and less than 7 days
before the close of the OK state legislative session, OK Governor
Henry, a Democrat, allowed a similar bill--only with provisions for
rape and incest--to become law by taking no action on the legislation.

We here at NAPW are deeply concerned about this emerging trend (i.e.,
banning abortion is okay if you provide exceptions for rape and
incest), and will continue to actively support local grassroots
activists who are fighting these measures. Our organizational mission
remains the same: to ensure the rights of all pregnant women, whether
they are continuing their pregnancies to term or seek abortion.
I love this facebook group, so I joined. Of course, if it said "or full of adorable babiliciousness" then the list would be even smaller.

LULZ, racism. I love this macro. Seriously folks, a few kids wearing 'ethnic costumes' will not convert them to Wahabbism or whatever! You know what the problem is? The imperialist capitalist white supremacist patriarchy! DUN DUN DUUUN!!! I don't like the idea of coed bathrooms everywhere. I can see a few women with possibly different anatomies than the rest of us going in and peeing, I can see a special theirs bathroom along with the his and hers, but to combine all the bathrooms and have the bathrooms filled with strange men? Yuck!

In Canada, their food banks are full of hungry children and in a sad state.

A white woman wants you, yes you, to stay out of the fricking sun.

LULZ, childbirth.

Thanks to meth, honest craftswomen can't get lye.

There is now a carnival of feminists.

Oh and apparently a carnival of radical feminists.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Mean shannon is chortling with glee! I am so glad that I don't have to be nice! Now I can say that Jessica V giving Stephen Colbert a feminist chicks dig me shirt, while funny, did not help the movement, and that she should have corrected him on saying shemales. Also, now are we counting folks as feminists because they are for women getting the vote? Movements move on folks. Now of course people aren't going to go straight out and say they are for rape, but making a bunch of excuses for the rapists is almost like being for rape, since it lets them get away with it, which doesn't deter rapists from doing it again.
Parents pay too much for overpriced birthday parties some ending with runway walks for 6 year olds. From Dilbert I learned that 'empowered' means you are the monarch of unimportant decisions. White folks and their allowing 6 year olds to wear makeup! Tsk Tsk!

But best macro ever.

Joking about raping women is not funny. Rape culture is fucked up.

Note: There should also be a rule about comparing things to Stalinism, bad entertainment criticism has not in fact killed 20 million people.

It's easy to get to links fast on a link blog! Some folks' comments are longer than my posts.

We're the junior rad fems, datchu!

Double etsy stupid.

Now this is quality stupid. 7 year olds don't need waxes even if they do have hairy backs. They're 7! Tell them to go read a book.
My snack today was pecans and dried cherries and blueberries, sliced strawberries, slices of tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and an 100 cal pack of Doritos. Many people are eating on less than that snack costs a day. Give to food banks, and let's lobby to say that not everyone is the junior libertarian squad!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

More hilarity for today:

I love this post.

They'll never take our slash!

Serious posts:

Right wing terrorists attack abortion providers.

Porn- selling ideology.

Not sure where to put it:

etsy sellers struggle with housework.
LOL, more Nazi Germany references. Dudes, dudes, let me explain the internet to you! Now, sometimes you'll hear about laws such as Tubman's, Snacky's and Godwin's. The point of Tubman's and Godwin's are to prevent you from comparing whatever minor crap is annoying you at this second to the Holocaust or Slavery(Tubman's also prevents you from comparing typing out songs from Pirates of the Carribean to the Civil Rights movement, a movement in which thousands of people, black and white, risked and sometimes gave their lives to fight real racial injustice). Why is livejournal deleting journals/the mod giving you the banhammer/someone disagreeing with you not as bad as the Holocaust or Slavery? You see, during the Holocaust, millions were uprooted from their homes, had their civil rights abused, had horrible medical experiments done on them, and were murdered in cold blood. Slavery was less efficient, but over hundreds of years, people were beaten, raped, robbed of basic human rights and killed. No matter what it was, it probably has no comparison to either.

Snacky's Law is against comparing people to the mean girls in high school. The truth is that nobody cares. Suck it up.

Friday, June 01, 2007

(text only, but really disturbing) Dear creepy assholes, when a woman says she doesn't want to serve you anymore, let her go. Do not threaten her, rape her or verbally abuse her. Just because the woman has odd hobbies in the bedroom is no excuse for an abusive relationship. There's no right of blanket consent to sexuality just because she consented once, twice, a thousand times before. Each time, you need to have her consent.
Yay! Destroy white privilege!

Subprime lenders target blacks, help destroy community.

In other news, are women who enjoy slash pathetic losers?

In the land of Tra La La, your husband will never be hit by a truck, you'll never lose your good job and end up working at MiccyDs and unicorns roam the land.

Now that's just a shame, but at least the woman survived.

Disabled boy locked in a closet.
I wish common sense would tell people that you shouldn't do that sort of thing. They should compensate the parents for the child's bills for his treatment for his distress.

Workers' health damaged by chemicals.

Stupid white lady thinks justice for civil rights murder is a waste of money.

In funny news, middle schoolers and Gor don't mix.

I was on slacktivist and noted this link to a charity. You should give money to charities.

LOL, white women