Saturday, August 30, 2008

Outrageous rumors about Sarah Palin are being spread over the internet. Will experts on babies and pregnancy confirm or deny whether this is weird or not?
Oh no you didn't, sadly no!

uh...what? I don't like that Palin at all! Hillary was actually pretty good. I would have voted for her, since she's for health care, pro choice, and could be talked into saying that we don't need to go to war every single place ever, but Palin? no. She's even for creationism!

Really, I'm only for women candidates because I think sometimes women have awesome ideas that need to be included more in the discourse of this country. If your ideas aren't awesome, and you're just like I have a vag, I'm like, so what? so does half the country.

I also learned today that you shouldn't let your kids hump other kids in public.
Really, there's a time and a place for the bump and grind, and that time and place is not at a kid's birthday party.

also, the stupidfree thread.

Friday, August 29, 2008

LOLZ too epic for add theater. I love the wank in this post, as if some chick writing that a cartoon character is gay when maybe they might not have been in the show is the end of the world. Dude, it's just as craaaazy as chicks writing about them eating food that they haven't been shown eating or shopping for their ten outfits that are all the same. No need to get into anti-gay bigotry about it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ha, I love this.

I also loved Barack Obama's speech because I love tingly feelings all up my pants.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fanfic rants has an intelligent discussion of pain and sex. Note that no one goes OMG, WOMEN AND GAY MEN CAN ONLY EXPRESS THEIR SEXUALITY BY HAVING AWFUL PAINFUL SEX.

You know, I get the strange feeling that something strange and large is going on in Denver. Well, maybe I should go to sleep. I may be dreaming.
I was resting comfortably, thinking about manga, when I noticed that there were immigration raids in Mississippi.

My blog has become increasingly personal, in contrast to this guy. This is because today I managed to exhaust myself by photoediting and typing two sentences.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

According to 20/20-BabyLand- Memphis is the 2nd most segregated city. Watch this documentary! Note: my mother's half sister's baby died at 5 months.

Another note: 6000 kids applied for 1000 jobs. People don't want to work, hooey! OMG, THEY SHOWED THE EXCHANGE CLUB!!!
Any other elemental logic lovers here?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Verdict, they are talking about how you could fly to the moon twice and back with all the time women spend primping. They didn't add in the time spent complaining about one's thighs, moaning about the super mean feminists, and doing tons of other boring things in the time that could be spent playing video games or making cider using only apples stolen from the school cafeteria and bicycle parts.
Hehehhe, someone mocks Twilight

oh, icon!

From sadly no, I obtain a link telling me that right wingers think Obama is a commie..because he's biracial.
Women learn that we're selfish for not wanting to go through 9 months of shitty pregnancy. Ugh, I think I'm becoming child free right now.
I'm happily reading email, and open an innocent seeming mailing list message. I learn that people 20 to 24 are 'spoiled' with this as evidence:

We were all pretty complacent, thinking we could handle the Millennials
when the time came, but we were wrong. Their elder statesmen are out of
college now and they are wreaking havoc in the workplace. Our phones
have been ringing off the hook the past few months as businesses of all
kinds call to book our Millennial-Think programs.

See, the Millennials believe that the rest of us should change to
accommodate them, not the other way around. And they are not budging.
You want them to work on a weekend when they have other plans? Good
luck. Friends and family come first. Think a training session,
classroom style, is a good idea? Not anymore. Video games and
interactive Web sites are a huge part of a Millennial's world; they
tend to learn better when things are interactive. Millennials prefer
instant messaging and text-messaging over e-mail. But don't get excited
about the prospect of advertising via text-messaging: texting is for
friends and family only. And forget about voice-mail. That's way too
old school for them.

The horror! Not wanting to work on weekends! Having a life outside of work! Not wanting some idiot spamming us by text!

Also, the idiots who wrote this shit are outrageously out of touch:

"We like to shop to music, but don't play boring music." We got into a
discussion about this comment - what did she mean? Well, they all
despise instrumental music; the direct quote was: "Play music with
words!" which made us all laugh. Then the panel called out names of
bands we might play in our stores; bands that most of the audience had
never heard of. If the Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day ring a
bell, you're ahead of the game. Bottom line, pick uplifting music with
a good beat. Millennials like Disco too, and you know what we always
say: Disco is the sound of money.

If you haven't heard of Green Day, where have you been, the under a rock convention? I was happy that Spoon was playing in a movie theater, and I'm not exactly miss hip and up to date. Tip: get your heads out of your ass, stop insulting young people, and listen to some music made after 1969, for god's sake.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Uh...random religious guy on PBS- a woman's ability to choose life is fine, it's a woman's ability to be able to feed the actual children that is at issue.
Horrible vampire fiction is serious business.

apparently you can survive without insurance.

school cutbacks hit parents on both sides. Less cash for school supplies, but growing lists.

hahahaa, this is hilarious! This is the funniest thing I've seen since I injured myself laughing at The Office yesterday!

Apparently these ladies have an interesting culture, that must be...KILLED WITH FIRE!!!...I mean...respected.

Ok, this is the most epic shit I have ever witnessed.

BTW: I saw 20 geese today.

Some lady realizes that not having cable will not buy her a comfortable retirement. Also, while part time jobs in college are all well and good, if you work an actual part time schedule, it may not go as far as people think. 15 hours a week at $8 an hour is about $480 a month gross[this is without taxes or anything] For this semester, I'm being charged $4000, at a state school[but I'm in grad school though] Let's assume that this person has netted 3840 for the summer[40 hours a week at $8 an hour, gross, not net]. This person is barely paying rent and probably needs a car[this is based on Memphis, a shitty place where they may be splitting a $500 apartment, but where the bus service sucks so hard that well,it sucks a lot] So they'll probably end up in a morass of loans, credit card debt, and probably taking a long ass time to get through school. So yea, they only get bragging rights. I think I'm going to continue being lazy.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I read this story. I thought of this article I read a week ago. About how hard it is for the poor men who have to pay upkeep for their own kids. I don't think those poor men are eating at soup kitchens with their kids, somehow.
...what!? oh, etsy!
This is an amazing post. And I thought my mom was weird about lysol- once she sprayed my bed with it[I'm never letting her in my room again!], and she's all like spraying a little lysol on the children's hands never hurt[yes it does, mom. you're an idiot]. My only hang up about my vagina is that there's no cock going in there without a condom. That shit isn't called baby batter for nothing!

Also, joan kelly tells us all about vaginas.

a salon article about pole dancing.

High heels damage your feet.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The amazing lessons teen girls are getting about life from Twilight.

We're not the police, we're feminists!

Apparently some people are fighting about something. It's not my fault. I was writing fanfiction and mapping out the attacks my characters will use. We already have a 'Every woman wants to be a mom,right?' and a slut shame, but what other attacks would be good? Maybe a 'you're a liar!' 'you go against tradition!' and maybe the good ol 'he may be sleeping with you, but he's thinking about me'. Oh yea, and how could you do that? you must be out of your mind.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hey, I made a funny about the election:

this is how it went down. nikki tinker: steve cohen is WHITE. he's probably in the KKK! steve cohen: Uh..I'm Jewish! and I like black people! *apologizes for slavery*
Obama: I denounce Tinker!
Cohen wins! Yay!
Hey, it's the best livejournal comment ever!

Oh, LJ mamas!

Some people are having a fight for some reason.
The author of the post should become a comic artist, because comics by women=awesome. Of course, I need to save money so I can buy more comics. Oh yeah, and about the fight? You can be a sparklepony if you don't wear makeup. Just believe that pretty pretty feminine women are oh so oppressed by those mean hairy legged feminists. Woe is them and shit.
Firefox 2 has eaten my bookmarks, despite me trying to import bookmarks from an earlier file and renaming an earlier file bookmarks html, so I am sad. A sad sad panda.

Also, you know what? Women writing smut=/ feminist. Especially not with the whole hey, let's stalk, abuse, and rape a girl but it totally leads to true love,right? crap running around. Urgh, at least label it a rape fantasy if you're going to write that gross crap. Yes, I said a woman can write something that sucks so much balls that it's like Gor on steroids. Cry in your pillows if you want. Just keep it away from me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

a good notation about prostitution.

and I'm linking this post, so that I can remember it.

hey, it's the best Obama post ever~!

Hey, it's an autism fund raising drive!

How come this weird Russian guy is calling the Russian soldiers 'peacekeepers' on PBS?

Hey, best column on race in a national magazine ever!

Woah, the right wing is crazy. Apparently just having 6 kids is a reason to be shot by the cops. And it doesn't matter if your baby's fingers get amputated either! Really, stupid white people, cops are supposed to be part of the rule of law,ok? And saying 'hey, you, stop having so many children!' while a popular subject, doesn't quite make people stop having so many children, and at a certain point, we have to accept that some people like having large numbers of children. All we can do is educate, and the rest is up to the person.

BTW: transgendered people shouldn't be associated with that weird lady.

Friday, August 08, 2008

There's a fun argument about coming off as an idiot as an author on fanficrants. Context: The whole falling in love with your rapist thing. Kosher?*

*I hate that plot! Who falls in true love with the first person whose penis they see, let alone someone who has totally disrespected them and their rights?

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Old rant is old, but so word. It's taken me at least 4 days to write 2500 words. It can take me a month to write a 20 page paper. This problem is why all my blog posts are one sentence. , but I write a lot of them per day.
Well, I never need to read urban fantasy

God,do I hate these dumb ads. OMG!!!SINGLEMOTHERS! YOUR KIDS WILL GO TO JAIL! AND NOT GRADUATE!~!! For some reason, I'm suspicious that slapping a wedding ring on will magically cause graduation rates to increase. Also, I hate the idea that these social issues are all about single momhood.

What a huge race wank.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

eh, I feel a bit odd about the whole omg, a 12 year old is showing cleavage thing. Personally, I think most 'slutty' public behavior of young girls is just like 13 year olds swearing all the time. It's shiny and new. It's up to adults to be like 'hey, she's 12.' And if you don't want the girls dancing to sexy songs, don't play them. If you don't want your own daughter dressing skanky, don't buy her clothes you don't like.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

From watching the newshour: PLEASE USE A CONDOM, EVERY SINGLE TIME. GET TESTED. AIDs: It's not a happy fun time infection!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

from ljer yhanthlei[sp?]
"It represents shouting "UNION!" and joining together; kicking reason to the curb and doing the impossible; fighting the power, and piercing the heavens," he said

And what impact does he think the new flag would have on foreigners like himself?

"That the UK is awesome. I just hope they don't think it's a pirate flag.

"Actually, if this design is rejected as a common flag perhaps the Crown might file it for future use as a privateer ensign on the high seas or in outer space."

Oh 4chan!

an explanation.
The worst statute ever. NSFW.

Friday, August 01, 2008

yay woo mockery.
Dude, the pill is not a fucking abortion. You know what? Nobody fucking cares that you're too much of a special snowflake to give out the pill. Deal with it on your own time. Really, I wish all this crap about how special a snowflake everyone is would stop. If you're so concerned about the baaaaaybies, don't work in the medical field.

also, here's a random link about the economy.