Thursday, January 31, 2008

I started to play Chocolatier 1, and I have to admit, one thing I like about the Chocolatier games is that you don't fly into say, Trinidad, and see one black person. There are a variety of types of people- I've counted black women as explorers, chocolate shop owners, gamblers, chocolate bean growers, and that's only a few of the roles that people of color play in the game. People say it shouldn't matter, but the truth is that for gamers of color this yields a more immersive experience, because I am not jarred from the game reality to wonder "where did all the nonwhite people go?". And it certainly doesn't hurt white gamers. I think they are shooting ingredients by the thousands now.

People wonder whether it's possible to be a 'hardcore' casual gamer and I think so, because to me, it's the frequency of gaming and whether you follow developments such as new releases that make you a hardcore gamer, not the content of the games you play. I play games on my PC and on my DS every day. I'm no longer the type of gamer who could polish off a 100 hour RPG in a week[ok, maybe I never was], and I never was any good at first person shooters, but the point is why is it more hardcore to play Diablo 2[hehhee, dating myself] maybe one hour a week rather than spending about 4 hours a week on 5 different games?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Argh, I want to talk so bad! Well, being insensitive never stopped me. Blackamazon poured out her heart, but all I can think about is that hard work ain't working. Middle class people are clinging to the remnants of an economic system that dissolved for the poor a long time ago. People talk about how it's taking people more than four years to go through undergrad, or folks moving back home after college as if one's moral fitness depends on starting in the job market as soon as possible, but the truth is that the amount of work required to pay for college and living expenses, not to mention study for classes, track down all the extra things you are supposed to do[class registration, internships[often not paid!], required volunteer work, etc] is going beyond the strength of many people.

Yes, I know that exceptional people can do it. But we need more than just the exceptional people. There are many creative and interesting people who need to sleep 8 hours per night[ok, I admit, I need more than 8 hours, but 8 hours is the baseline for me to live] or who may actually need some space to say, have a hobby to do their best work. Let's let go of the idea that we're in a contest to see how much stress we can handle without breaking- instead let's build institutions that set us all up to succeed- rich and poor, those with identified mental health issues and those without, those with disabilities and the able bodied.
Apparently, etsy and gentrification are serious business. I am amused by the people who are freaked out by someone asking a serious question in public.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mumble, mumble, crumbling tax bases affect even affluent areas.
This afternoon’s heavy rains and winds have caused damage in several locations around campus. Trees are reported to have fallen on the South Campus; between Mitchell Hall and the Administration Building; and on Normal Street between Southern and Spottswood. If you are near these areas, please proceed with caution. High winds are forecast throughout the evening hours. Stay tuned to WUMR and other local television and radio stations for the latest weather information. To report any other damage, call 678-HELP.
Bob Eoff
Vice President of Communications,
Public Relations and Marketing
303 Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152

I saw the tree near the administration building fall. I froze and then ran around. I regreted that I didn't have a camera on me. Class was disrupted with the high winds that had been knocking the trees down, causing leaf tornados,etc, and also there was a siren and the police for reasons unknown to me.

Monday, January 28, 2008


The newspaper says 'single mother births in 2008 to date 1 in 4 won't graduate. Personally, I think the graduation problem may be related more to issues like bad schools, people moving around a lot to find affordable houses, and people being tested for learning disabilities in dark closets using testers who wouldn't know rapport if it did graphic sexual things to them, but heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, I'm not paid the big bucks!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I want to have easy problems too.
I play a lot of candyland nowadays, and I have to admit, frostine isn't the destroyer of dreams, that darn gingerbread man is. It's one thing to have someone randomly win, it's another thing to be winning and then be put to the back. Really, the kids seem way more upset about that than one kid getitng the frostine.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lolz, like I am going to buy anything from that sort of gaming store.


Listening to a PBS report about the Gaza wall breach, I can't help but be amused. I mean, it's not right to not let civilians get food and fuel, despite the terrorists.

Pro Palestinian activists express positive feelings towards this.

Monday, January 21, 2008

MLK Day race wank! Apparently, it's my fault for being mad if someone calls me the n word, as it's just a word. Man, too bad they never say "it's just a fist in your motherfucking face"

That sort of bullshit shapes what games people play. I don't get to be a super hardcore gamer!!! because I'd rather play a game without stupid cockbites in it.

Thank you, PBS, for showing more of the I Have a Dream speech after the news.
Even people who busted their asses getting college degrees are going unemployed nowadays. So much for the 'if only you weren't so lazy' theory.
hey, look! this tribute to MLK doesn't suck!

This reminds me of once I was super pissed because zuzu called me a reverse classist.
wah, everyone is so mean! I'm upper class! upper class! You can be thrifty and upper class. Not everyone has to flash cash around and drop 100s on expensive ass clothing, you know! Cheap people are fucking awesome!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The thread is too long for me to put my word in, but really, I think that we should pay more attention to the women who are suffering than those who are having fun. I mean seriously, we don't treat anything else this way. We don't go "chicken processing plants are perfectly safe! Why don't we focus on the people who didn't have their fingers cut off?!" If our children play with perfectly fun toys that have lead paint on them, we go OMG!! wtf?! So I don't see why I should dismiss the chances of rape, violence, and even disease for young women and women of color, you know? "yea, you got ass raped by a client, but hey! this white woman you've never met is having a great time!" think that'd be a bit insensitive. It's nice to hear marginalized people, but we gotta face facts. Some of these folks are the Black Republicans of the sex work world, sorry to say. Yea, they are black, but really, you gotta check their facts. Every black person but them is lazy? I don't believe it. Sex work may not be a monolith, but when I talk about sex work, what is the need to focus on people who are doing just fine?

Not to mention, our shitty schools, and discrimination in the US are pushing women towards these sort of jobs! I really think people who love having sex with strangers is a small subset of those actually doing it. But with our drop out factories, folks can't get decent jobs.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

How Martin Luther King is like Fun Feminism-

Well, it's nearly Martin Luther King day, and the use of Martin Luther King as an imaginary black friend, who never makes you have to actually go out and learn anything, will reach its peak. The current image of Martin Luther King is apolitical and sanitized. This image shows him as a kindly old grandfather mostly interested in making sure that everyone is crushed together into a bland mass of white bread. This, similar to Fun Feminism, is rightwing backlash disguised as progressivism. It allows the apperence of being liberal "see! I'm not racist! I approve of a black guy" while turning the clock back. Quote MLK out of context, and put paid to all those uppity blacks with their MC contests, Kwanzaa celebrations, and other indications that black folks don't want to take their 'places' as aspiring whites, happy to be relegated to the worst schools,jobs, etc. They try to use Martin Luther King to fight resistance to racism. By complaining about 'self segregation', they try to make it harder for minorities to gather together, gaining both political and nonpolitical means of power. Of course, the main difference between this use of MLK and fun feminism is that most people of color see the use of MLK for what it is- a political tool to keep people from upsetting the apple cart. Oddly, many women seem to believe that the apple cart is totally being upset by cute cute boots.

We continue to have our black groups, celebrations and cultures, and to fight for access to better jobs and healthcare. I think the reason why is that only a few black people can trade off 'not being like those other whiny black people' as our culture and history brings us together.* Women? we're all over the place, so it's easier to divide and conquer. Every woman for her self! If I just act feminine enough, everything will be OK! Black folks? There's a saying. What do you call a black person who has left the room?

the n word.

*I mean us black americans.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I was reading stupidfree hoping to get my mind off of serious issues, but then I became worried about the bus service in Chicago as their weather blows chunks.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apparently, acting like a total sleazebag is expressing your sexuality. Can I 'express my sexuality' by kicking his ass? Oh, I'm a woman. I can only express my sexuality by batting my eyes and going tee hee hee in uncomfortable and impractical clothing. I forgot.

Holy lack of ethics, thank you.

Weirdest myspace profile ever.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thank you MPB for realizing that not everyone has money for an expensive radio so they can hear things that aren't mere air filler.
I think this post is amazing, but I have nothing useful to say. Uh..reclaim the movement. Uh..don't let them steal it?
Discrimination Lolz. Man, this whole controlling things with my mind hasn't worked out for me. My skin is still dark, I still got a vag, no nachos have appeared, I haven't gotten into the class I wanted..

Also, trans wank. Really, I don't get the big deal about transfolk. Hear me out here. A small group of people are going and doing something [or more accurately, being something] that doesn't even concern you, and that doesn't affect you in any way. Why not use the time you spend worrying about transpeople, and spend it finding ways to deliver nachos to me for free?

Monday, January 14, 2008

The human stories hidden behind the hysteria of OMG! they are breaking teh law!There's some bile in the comments. Reading through the comments, I have to say hard work doesn't build character. You work at a fast food joint, you end up not wanting anyone else to have anything. Instead of wanting immigrants to improve our country, you end up wanting them to languish, and probably turn to crime.

Friday, January 11, 2008

This is why I hate stupid hippies. This lady is all torn up and blames herself for her child's autism because of a bunch of idiots. I'm still holding her responsible for murdering her child, but really, I wish people would stop believing false things and making the parents of disabled children feel bad because they haven't read anything heavier than The Secret for...well..OK, they watched the DVD because they couldn't read well enough.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My mind is blown now. For fuck's sake- ten year olds need to be paying attention to learning how to do some long division not worry about the fact that they grew a pube and now they 'need' to remove it.

..this site is empowering talking about brazilians. As an evil old sex hating prude, I think girls would better be empowered by having better schools for all children, and being encouraged to learn more about math and science.

even gawker is mocking this.
"Girls can do anything boys can do, but in high heels and better"- a small child.

But women shouldn't be required to do things in high heels and better!

Yesterday's episode of Colonial House was 'WTF? The Wamponongs* appear!!!'. I was amazed that they allowed people(and even women!) of color to be annoyed about colonialism on camera! There was some bitching by the colonists because some of the Indians gave them a history lesson and were annoyed because people are apparently stealing their land today, but I agree with the second governor's wife- stfu since being fucked over for a hundred years sucks worse than having a history lesson in the middle of a tv show. Looking at the reviews on amazon, I just don't get the amount of bitching about 'liberalism'. They can't pull all the participants from bumfuck. At least half of the first colonists were Texans from BFE, so I think it's OK to allow gays, atheists,etc to be in the experiment too. And not to mention- you can't go and punish some dude for being gay on TV, even if it would be historically accurate!

Also, I have to admit that you also can't have Indian/Colonist warfare on tv.... although, they did steal the colonists' chicken.

*my spelling sucks, but they are a Native American tribe

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

what? what? what?! they are doing what?! to the Tennessee constitution?
I'm so jealous of men! Really, every time a woman acts like a stupid attention whore, it's the fault of every woman ever. I love my DS and PS2 and PC games, but for god's sake, don't lump me together with stupid teenagers with low self esteem. I just want to be left alone to play my video games like everyone else. I'm too old to try to prove how uber geeky I am. I'll continue to play the games I like instead of 'hardcore' games to prove that I'm OMGONEOFTHEGUYS. And really, your titays aren't relevant to gaming. So all, stop focusing on the twits, and focus on the 99% of female gamers who game to game. We don't say that all men don't bathe because of that nasty congoer with ballstank do we? Give us the same courtesy. I'm a chick, and I can't control the behavior of some 15 year old across the country, so give me a fucking break.

Monday, January 07, 2008

what this one guy learned from harvest moon:

Seriously. Everyone knows that butter is made by throwing a bottle of milk into a magic machine and waiting a half a second.

Also, grapes, turnips, tomatoes and cabbages require equal amounts of watering and can grow big, tall and healthy right next to each other.

*note: in the PS1 version, cheese is made by throwing a bottle of milk in a magic machine, and I think butter is made by using a whisk and a bottle of milk- it involves a pot too... I need to replay.

I think this is a funny picture

Sunday, January 06, 2008

"you see,to the very poor black kids that I doesn't matter much what bridge you might have stood on 30 years ago. They want to know what bridge you stand on now"- a teacher quoted in Jonathon Kozol's Amazing Grace
Efforts to reduce infant mortality noted.

Uh..I'm not sure what's going on here, but I am sure that when you're a young teenager who hasn't been given information on why only losers don't use condoms, some random newspaper page probably isn't going to change your behavior any..
You know, only 13 year olds think that prostitution is about getting money for fucking hot guys. That's not nice! Many prostitutes are hot and have many other good personality traits. Personally, I don't like fucking people I just met- and don't think as many people like fucking people they just met who probably haven't washed as people on the internet say

Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Somebody has power. Pretending they don't so they don't need to use it to help people- that is my idea of evil"- David Washington, quoted on page 23 of Jonathon Kozol's Amazing Grace.

I have more thoughts on the Glass Castle. In the last chapter, the author's brother says something about food not being hard to put on the table, and I admit that I feel a bit skeptical about that. I can't put my finger in why that gives me a funny feeling. It seems just like if everything was so easy, then we'd be living in the land of sugar and pie...
This is a very good essay, and it is useful, even for me, who has no impulse to do useful work.
Note about the glass castle: I don't think all homeless folks choose their lives either. Not every homeless person has an inheritance that due to mental illness, they don't take, you know.
I love this comment. sleep: it's what keeps me from becoming a homicidal maniac.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Ok, I'm watching the BBC, and thinking oh, I want to help the people in Kenya, but one sentence in the 'crisis in kenya' report confused me. "In a matter of days, they've become dependent on food handouts". wtf? Californians used to be able to feed themselves too, but when the fires came, they needed to be fed. An outbreak of violence can't be good for the food infrastructure.
"Jesus was soft on crime"-Ann Lamott

People act like reparations are the worst thing ever, but I have some good ideas. First, I never want to hear again about how your great grand daddy never had any slaves. Yes, I understand, your ancestors were dirt farmers with only white skin to take pride in, or immigrants whose first word off the boat was the n word. But nobody cares that your great grand pappy never had any slaves if you're acting like a dick now. I also never want to hear Martin Luther King Jr's name taken in vain again. You mad because some black folks are talking together/in a group/existing too much? Don't take MLK Jr's words out of context for your own self serving bullshit.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The ability to make mistakes is golden. As I get older, the expectations get larger and larger, while my ability to keep up stays the same or declines. Not to mention, the bar keeps getting higher and higher. And people wonder about the high rates of depression nowadays. It's a wonder that we haven't all offed ourselves.

Could we get some slack? I'm not saying we need a prize for not snapping and killing everybody, but if we are good and mediocre, get off our backs. Because I've only been up for 4 hours today and already I want to take a fucking nap.