Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Argh, I want to talk so bad! Well, being insensitive never stopped me. Blackamazon poured out her heart, but all I can think about is that hard work ain't working. Middle class people are clinging to the remnants of an economic system that dissolved for the poor a long time ago. People talk about how it's taking people more than four years to go through undergrad, or folks moving back home after college as if one's moral fitness depends on starting in the job market as soon as possible, but the truth is that the amount of work required to pay for college and living expenses, not to mention study for classes, track down all the extra things you are supposed to do[class registration, internships[often not paid!], required volunteer work, etc] is going beyond the strength of many people.

Yes, I know that exceptional people can do it. But we need more than just the exceptional people. There are many creative and interesting people who need to sleep 8 hours per night[ok, I admit, I need more than 8 hours, but 8 hours is the baseline for me to live] or who may actually need some space to say, have a hobby to do their best work. Let's let go of the idea that we're in a contest to see how much stress we can handle without breaking- instead let's build institutions that set us all up to succeed- rich and poor, those with identified mental health issues and those without, those with disabilities and the able bodied.

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