Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sly said stuff too. Oh yea, and some ladies are banning themselves from IBTP in solidarity with lucky, making them all bad people I say.
I'm too slow to get a treasury on etsy. Stupid fast finger people. So like, shannon is going to make up some stuff because bfp wrote stuff. Like there are several groups of fems. Radfems: There's bad lucky and clueless heart whose talk occasioned shame among us radfems. There's twisty who like, isn't against transpeople but has a hard time understanding how cisgendered people can help defend against transphobia and like, so doesn't understand how letting the hate go on too long is like a knife in their heart or something. She should work harder to defend transpeople from prejudice in the new year. There's the woc radfems who are like me, who hasn't worked hard enough to learn about transgender people, so like, I probably suck and there are other ladies who like transgender people and are kinda redfems too. They are of color like me. Hard working white radfem spotted elephant also helped defend transpeople. There's regular woc feminists: Blackamazon and Brownfemipower, who wandered into this to protect the transpeople. There's also lots of transfolk like piny, nexyjo(sorry if mispelled name) little light I believe and holly who came in to protect selves. Regular white fems like JackGoff and Aunt B have also worked valiantly to help protect transpeople.

And then there's some folks who are like...well..*sweatdrop* well, they were called the propornstitution tag team, but then again, let's be nice here. I have decided to call people's names so that one can know truly whether I am right or wrong. Amber, belledame and veronica. In this instance you have worked well to protect the transpeople from the hateful words of Lucky. However, I charge you to not seem like people who have personal axes to grind and to let go of any angers or grudges you may have for the new year. Start fresh all you.
I declare people who think their souls are really werewolves, other animals, cartoon characters, book characters or mythological creatures not to be oppressed. Oh yea, and I do not support women's choices to pretend they are werewolves.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Apparently you're not allowed to invite sex workers to class or something? I planned to offend everyone today by talking about how I have no use for feminity, but I will offend you all later.

Brownfemi has a new post. She tries to be helpful and think about liberating people. Shannon will now commence with the airing of grievances. I think we should center the liberation of transpeople in our remaining discussions, and not put in the center our own personal grievances about how this one lady did this before I was born and so and so isn't my friend anymore and this lady doesn't like my hobby. Of course this probably isn't possible, but hey, it was just a thought.
AngryBrownButch tries to explain transphobia to the masses. Twisty talks about some stuff or other. Shannon hasn't gotten past the stage of transmen- men with different body parts, transwomen- women with different body parts, so you can't look to me to help you be enlightened. Maybe we should read books. Books solve everything. Sheezlebub(sp?) is angry about the too little too late response on twisty's part. Blackamazon went away! and so did brownfemi! Waaa~
Also, JackGoff offended people. That's why I don't drink. I can offend everyone while sober.
Today I woke up and felt guilty. I think it's because I woke up at 11 o clock, but feel free to blame me for whatever.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Twisty weighs in, says she's not against transpeople.
Heart is saying stuff. Piny asks questions about stuff. Shannon's brain is confused, but if you are awake and not sleep like shannon, maybe you have ideas. Another lady has thoughts about transgender people. Hey, spotted elephant is saying stuff. She's my favorite radical feminist. Cept me. Like stigma against mental illness is bad. People don't get help and so their conditions get worse. This is bad! Also, mental illness doesn't make you say bad things about transpeople. I felt pretty nervous and confused lately, but I don't remember calling transpeople bad names or anything.
Yakitate is Great- We Put Malt Vinegar on Everything!

I was amused by this old post. Warning: Cock. And stupidity.

I'm against this Freedom Writers nonsense. Let's boycott.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Amanda shares with us a fucked up story of anal sex. Shannon decides to tell everyone her ill informed opinions. Now, I think folks have weird ideas about sex nowadays. Instead of the increased acceptance of bondage and anal sex becoming a chance for fun hobbies to be explored by the masses, a lot of people are doing it wrong. Way wrong. Folks think that just because they saw it in a porn video or heard that it was awesome they can just jump off and be raring to go. No no no, folks.

Just because lady wanted to be tied up before doesn't mean she's cool with anal stimulation. Not a package deal here. Even if she had wanted anal stimulation before, she might not want it again. Use good sense here people. Sex isn't some no holds barred playground where dudes can go and do whatever they want.

Yea, one day I'm going to have a post that makes sense. But uh..bdsm snark poly snark and quantum fetish mechanics. I hope this offering of links will make everyone happy.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On CNN, Tim Wise, Al Sharpton and some other guy tried to say that racism is bad. But Paula Zahn and most white people ever didn't listen! Dad says when we're all rich, we can not give the white people jobs and so there.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I feel horribly irritable. So I looked at pictures of plush tampons. Also, I feel oddly compelled to help with this sending Eid cards to detainees thing. I still think I have like phantom PMS. Does anyone know if Happy Feminist is alright also?

Also, a radical feminist talks about transfolk.
With more stuff, here is Nine Pearls. This is a perfect example of what I mean by we don't agree about what power is. To me, MSM level is like Oprah magazine or the nightly news or even To me, the cultural dictates we imbibe with our mother's milk(so to speak) are way more powerful than a lady shooting her mouth off. Also, what's off limits is different. To me, blowjobs aren't off limits. I'm fully aware that blowjobs are going to be part of the expected sexual reportore(sp?) til I die, much to the chargin of people with jaw problems. What can one woman that maybe 10 thousand people read say to that?

It's not ingrained into our culture that a woman's got the right to say, hey, guess what? blowjobs are gross, and I don't like them. Heck, I think they might be oppressive too! Nope. Women got to toe the line there.
Hey! Twisty emailed me:

to me

Thanks, Shannon. I had no idea it had gotten so insane; I quit reading
that thread days ago, which was clearly a mistake. But I have resumed
monitoring it and will nuke anything further that gets too wack.

I learned an important lesson. If someone on a big blog is scaring the children and horses, email the maintainer.
Aunt B also has interesting thoughts. I did feel sort of uncomfortable about blaming Twisty herself because some of her commenters are ****s. That's why I suggested emailing her and telling her that the transhate was making everyone uncomfortable and angry. Also, there's something about how we view power in there. Hey! This is a good point to pick up what I was going to say earlier.

Now, we mostly have a broad consensus that her commenters have crossed the line with the transhate and all that. But an issue that leads to what I call feminist concern trolling is that nobody can figure out whether the powers are out of balance and what is the source of the out of balance powers is. Are evil feminists, radical or not, ruining the lives of women? Is it the fault of men who benefit from male privilege while we have to go around washing plates all the time? Is it because we don't read the Bible enough?! Yea, we're never going to agree whether we all have equal power or whether some people have more power than others.
I suggested we have an angry email campaign at brownfemi's place. Here is the email:
taco at iblamethepatriarchy dot com Her commenters have gotten out of hand with the transhating comments, and I think we should tell her to reign it in- perhaps ban the commenters or tell everyone that it's not right to hate transpeople. Now now, let's not be too rigid about our gender categories here- transwomen are not invading our space as women. There's room for different kinds of women, etc. I'm not an expert on transpolitics, but now let's not hate on them.

Hey! I remembered that I was still co opting the term radical feminist! Therefore, now I declare a unilaterial rule change. Being picky about who is a woman is oppressing all women. We don't want women who are feminine or hetro or white to be declared the only women, so let's not be so picky about people's genitalia. It's near the start of a new year you know.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Fatten up the white girl is so much fun! We have red velvet cake! I have to go and play another round!
Consumer Goods! I got an ipod speaker thing! and Civilization 4 (with expansion pack! thank you guy I annoy!) and so I am nearly wetting myself with happiness. I also got a Jem and the Holograms shirt(my brother knows I was too young to remember that show!) and 3 books- Mirror Mirror, Ugly Stepsister, and Persuasion. I can't wait til we give the presents to the children too! *super pumped* Heckle and Jeckle may not be getting anything as that would be celebrating Christmas and making God mad, but the other kids are getting tons of stuff!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey- people are being locked up in jail for ever for no good reason at all. Also, Dawn Eden is fucking nuts. Now- why I am not a nicey nice feminist:

1) Personality- It almost physically hurts for me to be nice to anyone. Ever.

2)Theory of Change- Either you want to change or you don't. You can't make somebody want to be a decent human being.

3)Theory of Politics and Life- I think we're influenced by a whole lot more things than we think we are- in fact, the love of pink ponies in girls is not caused by XX chromosomes- but is in fact caused by other factors. I am giving my little girl cousin a purple pony toy. The horrid male twins, Heckle and Jeckle, have a whole lot of trucks and shit. Also, even at the age of 2 or so, they can in fact understand what is said by adults and on TV!

But I also think we have a lot more power to change things than other people think we do. I don't think just begging the folks in power to please let us have rights, look, we did almost everything you wanted us to is the only path to change. We can also work hard within ourselves to encourage having self esteem, defining power in terms of what you can do for yourself and have traits you have rather than currying the favor of a powerful person, and work really hard to fill needs in our community and around the world.

4)My theory of reality: No large group of people will ever agree on what is ok to make fun of and what isn't. Now, there may be broad consensuses- like it's not cool to say c*nt or the n word, but those are nuclear bombs. I mean the smaller artillery in the war of words. Now, I may think calling a lady a stupid moo for walking down the street is horrible, and how can you say that, but don't really care if you call Rosie O'Donnell a bitch.

I don't think we can all agree on which groups are off limits to snark? Other feminists? Women as a whole?(pretty hard for me, because Dawn Eden exists and she's a woman)? And how would we define woman anyway? Anyone who has ever been one? Anyone with XX chromosomes? Anyone who presents in a feminine manner? Yea, I can see that getting real messy real soon.

So I can't really scold anyone to be snark free, or talk about how snark is ruining the movement, as my sacred cows aren't other people's sacred cows.

After Christmas, part 2- why being a feminist concern troll sucks will be out.
Needed: Good Kitchen Helper- Knows How To Cook. Perky and Upbeat to Help Middle Aged Woman Who Has Scalded Her Hand in Cooking Christmas Eve Dinner. Please Contact Daughter With References at 901-555-5555.
Merry Christmas Eve to all Christians and people who celebrate secular Christmas. I don't like people being happy. Therefore I'd like to pass along some suffering. In the Daily Mail, this guy decides to say that the murder of prostitutes is no big deal, as it's not like they are winning the Nobel Peace Prize. This has very bad implications for the rest of us, as I never even help mom cook for the holidays, let alone curing cancer. But this guy is a bastard in my eyes. Who wants someone's sister, mother, daughter or friend to die just because they had an odd choice of profession? So the existence of douchebags like this are my anti Christmas gift to all of you.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Because snarky blog titles are the enemy of feminism- not say- patriarchy or gendered oppression or anything! Also bothering me is the idea in the comments that it's bad to react to being raped with anger, snark, and political activism but it's perfectly ok and reasonable for men to be like OMG, A BLOG TITLE I DON'T LIKE! I MUST BE AGAINST EQUALITY FOR WOMEN NOW!!!

That's a double standard I often see. Men and anti feminists are entitled to any action or reaction they see fit, but feminists must tiptoe around scared to have any ideas or actions because what if the menz don't like it? I don't see conservatives afraid to let the fact that they think soy makes you gay or that Muslims all want to kill us in our sleep make them afraid to tell everyone their crazy ass mess. Heck, on national TV programs, they are unafraid to ask Muslims about whether they really are friends of America.

But on blogs that like two people read, we're supposed to be tiptoeing around, because you know, women getting fed up and deciding to change things doesn't work. Only begging people who could care less about our freedom has a chance of working. Balderdash, I say.

Ovaries out, women!* And kick some tail!

*Men are also allowed to kick ass for feminism, but it's rarely men being told that they are too scary for having an opinion.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Stupid Free is filled with stupidity- mostly because this girl insists on talking about how other women have loose, droopy vaginas. Now, being tight fucking blows. I used to be ultra tight up in there and it was terrible! If you're loose and floppy, at least you can tighten things up with a few kegals!
Predictions For the Future:

1)Our internal organs will be declared ugly and unacceptable until we 'groom' them.

2)The children of the parents I saw standing in the line for a Wii today will have life long friendships.

3)My family will explode with drama

4)The Wii will dominate over the PS3.

5)The crafts explosion will continue to mature.

6)White people will bring old forms of racism back into fashion.

7)There will be a backlash against enforced femininity by feminists

8)Manga will continue to be a huge huge market

9)Global warming will fuck up our economy.

10)Webcomics Nation Free will be a force to be reckoned with.
Aunt B talks about empowerful women in the comments to her post. I think the Pussycat Dolls are a tool of the patriarchy. Instead of simply doing burlesque, where only adults go and ogle the bodies of women, they spread their terrible lyrics where children can hear them. For example Don't Cha is a horrible song- the shitty hook is as follows:

Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Dont cha, dont cha
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me
Dont cha, dont cha

Instead of sexual pleasure being centered as something that a woman does for herself, it's being used as a way to compete with another woman. Also, sexual kinkiness here is seen as a method of competiting with other women. That's empowerfulness being sold to our kids here. Because seriously, what adult would listen to this fucking pap?

I think that my next post will be predictions about the future!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Black tech discussion on blackfolk.

Hey, a male attention whore picture.(NSFW: male nudity from the back) Attention whores are most often female, as men are socialized to get attention by being giant assholes, and women are socialized to get attention by showing their body parts to people.
Look! It's that banker for the poor foundation site! Also the dress a day lady recommends this changing the present website.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

You might want to submit programming suggestions for wiscon, the feminist sci fi and fantasy convention?

Oh yea, and aunt B doesn't realize the futility of talking to white people about race. She also breaks the taboo against feeling bad I think. Yesterday I felt bad about speeding. I vowed never to speed again. Nothing bad happened as a result.

Societal influence: I saw that picture and instantly I was singing I'd like to buy the world a Coke... That ad aired before I was born.

Also, patriarchy is starving children.
Random internet people: interview tips?! Also, blackamazon needs money Nubian went away and shannon is sad. I wanna be hot and good at blogging too!
LJ is dramalicious, with dot race snark being suspended. We all blame white ass bitches. My primary journal is this blog, so I am posting evidence of a white ass bitch sucking here:

White people, this sort of behavior is not to be supported. Don't do it, and tell your friends not to do it as well. I don't care what folks say- calling folks the n word and refering to lynchings continues to be not ok behavior.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

On metaquotes, a perfectly good thread has turned into a white person embarrassing humanity. Yes, a white person so embarrassing that the shame isn't just confined to white people- this is so bad that humanity is like OH SNAP! I'm not like this person! Once I made a white man promise not to pull me into any mess he did. White people, now while I try to say hi to you, and act friendly, I have nothing to do with the fact that you burned a cross in somebody's lawn, think it's ok to say the n word or think that racism doesn't exist. So if you knew me slightly when I was 5 or said hello to me at my job/school/where ever once, this does not give me responsibility for your actions forever and ever,amen,ok?

Also: great icon:


Originally uploaded by Shannon W..
Today I noticed a bud on a tree outside my house. It's December. Geese are wintering at the pond near our house instead of flying all the way South. Dad says they may stay all year
Brokenbeautiful has updated with good work. I'm rather fallow this time of year myself. Some of these resources are still up, and you could always link them around. This video is very education in teaching your kids powers of ten.
Hey, you should give Brownfemi money! She's not going to use it for a Wii like I'm going to use your money! Ok, I also use your money to support local resturants by eating at them, support small business people by buying expensive clothing and occasionally I do 'tithe'. You can piss off white people by giving money to the United Negro College Fund as well. If any white people are on your naughty list, give money to the UNCF in their name.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Inspired by Pandagon: The College Woman's Heteronormative Guide to Fucking, Sucking, and Dating:

1)Have some self esteem. Never let some guy try to sweet talk you into having sex without a condom. Condomless sex can make a mere healthy sowing of the oats into medical bills and craziness. Don't do it! Also, you don't have to go for the first guy who comes along- if he's a jerk, dump him.

2)Signs of being a jerk: These aren't all of them, but these are some good signs. 1)He tries to shame you into doing stuff. If all the other girls do it, he can get one of them to. 2)He complains about your body. If he thinks you're too fat, too thin, or too hairy, he can go wank off to pictures of the perfect woman. Don't give him any. 3)He thinks that smacking you around is a good pastime. 4)He's always sleeping with dead drunk women. 5)Every single person he's been in a relationship with in the past is a crazy b*tch or a liar.

2)Know what you want. Do you just want meaningless sex or do you want a real relationship? Trying to get a guy who just wants a few thrills into a real relationship or trying to get the sort of guy who wants a real relationship just to give you the sausage is a recipe for disaster.

3)Good sense is imperative: Always know where you can get emergency contraception, always carry a condom, and it's best to use two forms of birth control, with one being a condom to prevent disease. Also, don't get super drunk. Never funnel alcohol, ladies. You could die. Also on that health tip, maybe you want to look into the cervical cancer vaccine?

4)Never date a rapist: If he's accused of date rape, stay clear! You may hear the girl is a slut, blah blah, but it's a red flag- either he is a rapist or else well..let's just say that it's likely he's a rapist, ok?

5)Dump that MF-er already- You don't have to put up with being yelled at, being stood up, having a guy flirt with tons of other chicks, guys who rate your blowjobs, or whatever. Dump him.

6)You don't have to do anything but stay (insert your skin color here) and die: If you're feeling kinda ehhh about something but think you have to do it because of other people, say fuck that! I don't have to do shit!

7)Your most important task is to work on you. Don't be babysitting some man or chasing after some player. Work on yourself instead.

Extra tips: Don't move to a strange city with a guy you've only met once or twice or have known for less than 2 years. Just don't do it!
It seems that somebody doesn't understand the concept of male privilege. Also, a nice lady delux vivens I think posted a link to this educational essay on the other thread.
Parakiss was licensed?! I'm oh so far behind. I don't see how anyone keeps up. I'm always so far behind.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

WAAAH! The Bible hates Christmas!
Gay porn drawings. Full of the hate for white folks now- I would like all of you to suffer as much as I did. Please read the thread of pain. Oh yea, and I donated to the United Negro College Fund. Take that, whiners! Also, a post from I dreamed it was, who was either elected blackfolks' token whitey or was runner up about the kerfuffle:

It's all so insulting to one's intelligence.

Clearly you haven't considered, since you're not as smart as me (pick one):

A) Race is a social construct, therefore racism does not exist! DUR!!!

B) Racism might work differently in different countries, therefore white people are not TEH RACIST ONES!!!11

C) Everybody's a little bit racist, and human beings love to hate each other, therefore if you eliminate racism, BIG TOED PEOPLE WILL BE SENT TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS!!!1

D) The aim of anti-racism is clearly to make white people feel bad!!!!! Because you think will eliminate racism somehow!!!11 So you're stupid!!! No, YOU!11


F) It's just an academic definition, therefore it's probably inapplicable to daily life. Because I say so. ALL HAIL!!11!

G) All of the above.

I'm taking a nap.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

My parents never beat my ass like other folk's parents beat they ass. According to my brother, mama could throw a shoe around a corner, but I never got that.

Debunking White: Huge Trainwreck. I'm not sure what to think. I'm not seeing why it's so bad to call Rosie O'Donnell a bitch..

*eyebrow twitch* More about your pubic hair. ...Laser hair removal? Yea...that sounds like a sensible thing to do to your fucking delicate area.
The post office is insane lately. Ok, I went on an unprecidented Saturday post office trip, and the line was out the door and I couldn't get parking. Thank goodness for buying postage online, or I'd still be there.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Guy tries to offend people on amazon boards.
I need to ask people on the internet something. There was a song about I don't what do you do when you're all used up and all that, it had a folk sound to it, and I think it was about unions or something. Sounded really old. Any ideas?

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dave Chapelle(sp?) made humor of a fundemental truth- black people are afraid of the police. It's very hard for me to understand that white people aren't afraid of the police. Like the white lady of doom from school- she suggested that parents call in the police if their kid wouldn't go to school. I gave her a funny look, since I feel that many of the parents are kinda scared of the police. I'm sort of scared of the police too. Like I'd call them in if I was sure someone was committing a crime against me, but for cases on the edge there, I'd be sort of reluctant. But I have an unruly child? Dang, I wouldn't want the child to be dead, just a bit nervous. I think I'm going to beat the kid's ass myself, if that's OK.

Why is the n word bleeped out but not the s word?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Now white people are lying about what anti racist means. Oh no! 7%! That certainly is too high! Gotta use some racist Christmas carols to make sure those blacks don't dare get an education and make something of themselves! Of course, if we're poor and uneducated, we're bad people too. Man, it's time for me to buy some alcoholic egg nog! Give to the United Negro College Fund or the National Society of Black Engineers - it pisses off white people.
I am cocooning, and may go to bed. The pleasureseeker writes a long post about debt and women. I don't have credit cards, although I'm down to my last $600 due to overspending.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Moore Tech teaches men to keep America running? No no no, Moore Tech! Women can also fix air conditioning units and computers! There's nothing that makes women incapable of going after a technical education.
Poll shows that 25% of whites are liars. Also, Mama fights back against pro ana and pro mia bullshit. Back in Skinny Jeans also speaks out.
Today both me and my dad got seperate expensive gifts. I got a pair of mohop low heels but I forgot what I was supposed to do in exchange? Was I supposed to blog about them? Show a picture with my feet in them? Anyway I'm too embarrassed to ask what I was supposed to do. Also, my dad got an ipod nano. You should study hard at math and science kiddies, so that the Fed Ex of your day can give you an Ipod Nano of your day.
More about the hoo ha. How come men's bodies are like considered automatically clean and how come men like their bodies hairy? Also, someone points out that feminism is about equality not choice. Thank goodness somebody finally figured out feminism 101.

Oh yea, and us female gamers need to be beautiful thanks to Pandagon commentor shelly:

Shelley Dec 12th, 2006 at 10:33 am

Yeah, I have to echo PonyGirl. I’ve been a lifelong gamer (beginning with the D&D boardgame in 3rd grade), and it’s an amazing release to use your computer to kill stuff in various ways. There’s a great online community so that one is not isolated, and there’s the spurts of blood when I’m using my World of Warcraft (or, previously Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Eve, and Earth and Beyond) character to slice and dice. That’s not to say I haven’t been sucked in by the various card & PC games that aren’t necessarily multiplayer. Civ Rawks. (And you can play with others if you choose.)
When girls game, we don’t think about anything but the GAME. We don’t need for G4 or anyone else to pound us with images of stereotypical bimbos just because they don’t realize their market includes beautiful YET ALSO highly inventive and intelligent women versus testosterone-laden frat boys (who SUCK at gaming, by the way.)
Screw G4 and the anti-women-as-people sentiment. I’ll keep on doing what I’ve always done, which is to game with a style that a man could never achieve, and I won’t support anyone who isn’t smart enough to cater to me as well as the unwashed, gaming, mountain-dew drinking, male demographic G4 seems to prefer.

Because girl gamers- we're all hot! No, we're not. We're all women, and many of us don't live up to beauty standards. Also, many female gamers are kids as well. Seriously, what does beauty have to do with the price of tea in China?

Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh yea, and naturally skinny people, shut the fuck up. I'm naturally on the thin side, although a bit hippy, and I don't attention whore on the internet about how horrible it is that they are banning models that look like they are going to drop dead at any minute. Naturally thin people don't look sick! Our bones aren't poking out and there's not a sort of sickly wan cast to our features. Oh hell naw, the models actually are dropping dead. OK folks, regulations are in order!!!

Also, this reminded me of how I was reading Decades of Fashion and saw Jane Mansfield flashing her bra and was like hey! it's the equvalent of the Britney crotch shot for the 50s! But yea, so not classy. Also my mom says floozy- she said my socks(pictured here) are for fast floozies.
Ebay Drama: Apparently $15 dollars for shipping is rape!!!! not to mention fat housewives don't have feelings. *shakes head*

Also, sex worker stabs john in condom fight. I say the john is at fault here. You don't slap a woman.
The best icon ever:

Also, I don't support women's choices to eat only 1000 calories a day and exercise for an hour. Because seriously, how will you get the energy to exercise while eating that little? Just switch out less healthy foods for more healthy foods and get some exercise. You might not end up OMG thin! but you'll be healthier, and hopefully get enough self esteem to dump that asshole boyfriend.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Freezer's Harvest Moon Icon:

I think I should have a recurring feature: I don't support women's choices. This time it's shut up, nobody cares about your moon time. When you save menstural blood in a jar, bacteria will grow in it and yes, it'll start to smell. Duh.

LJ Abuse is full of crap.
Hey, there's booju snark. Increased poverty rates are occuring. This is why this holiday season you need to give to charity.

There's this huge discussion about Jews and Israel at Brownfemi's. I remembered that I didn't post this Outlook I stumbled on. It had Israeli and Palestian teenagers arguing. Well, here it is.
Oh yeah in Cairo people are declaring FGM as unIslamic. Note that the thread doesn't have any bullshit about respecting women's choices to have their genitals sewn up. Oh and ho ho ho, now B has commenters being like OMG, did you say people who get labiaplasties can't call themselves feminists? LOL, because the sort of woman who would have surgery on their vagina to please a man totally has as their only other issue whether Aunt B thinks they are feminists! Call the law- I think bleaching your god damn anus is dumb too.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

An amusing Youtube video (not safe for work) Watch your small kids! My little 9 year old cousin can watch MTV2 on the net- youtube can't be far behind!

Also, a public dot race snark post for your edification.

Aunt B is like "Yea, labiaplasty...this is where I draw the line". Oh yea, and according to some commenters there, she's the real oppressor for not believing in women's choices. Because merely having a va jay jay(ok, some women don't, but my mind is weak) makes your choices always good and above criticism. The strange thing is that I never see this sort of reasoning applied to women of color. B talks about FGM and wonders what's the difference between the two practices.

I think the difference is that these folks haven't grown up where FGM was the accepted practice. If they had, they'd be talking about how FGM makes a woman cleaner, and how they just like the look of their vaginas without a clit and how come you can't respect their choices,etc. But when it's someone else's culture, it's easy to say "that's messed up" because you're looking from the outside in. There's also a bit in the mix about the cultural idea we have in the US that we must go and save the African women from their oppressive men, but that American women are totally free and liberated.
Black folks harvest:

The one strike policy is announced.

White people think the n word isn't hate speech. Oh yea, the post is locked, but magentathompson apparently was banned for photoshopping some picture of this trashy ass bitch. That's why any real person of color knows that anyone can be racist shit is bullshit. White people can call us racial slurs for six months without stop, and nobody cares. But make some dumbass white bitch cry and it's all OMG. OK, I'm implementing a new rule here. Any white ass bitch who starts crying about how someone told her she wasn't a special snowflake? Well, all be advised that I don't fucking care. Shut your mouth and stop whining. If you're a chronological adult, you will be treated that way, white women.

Blacks have pride in their strength and survival.

Gay white men let down the cause by performing in blackface.

Disabled child is being denied blankets.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

papertigers- don't steal her icons :D

cumaesybil(sp?) ditto
Bizarre cultural misunderstandings- I have no idea why feeling guilty or feeling shame is taboo in white culture. Chris Clarke makes a OK post sort of marred by the O guilt and geekery stuff that you often hear. A common cant among white people is that if a white person starts to show empathy for people of color they are suffering from 'white guilt'. I don't get what's so bad about guilt? If you feel guilty, you can do better and improve. How is assuming that whatever you are doing now is the right thing going to improve anything? One thing I've never liked about the right is that you're either born with worth(rich, white, a man) or you're born without worth. There's nothing you can really do to improve. If you hew only to the dictates of those with power and give up any chance of having self respect, you may get some shadow of conditional respect although they are calling you the n word and the c word behind your back.

But with liberalism, anyone can improve if they do the right thing. If I stop making excuses for why I am special and the rules of reality don't apply to me, I can make a real change in my life and the lives of others. Also, I'm confused about what's so bad about shame? I feel ashamed if I don't 'tithe'(give 10% to charity), but that means that I have something that spurs me to do better and be a better person. To me, guilt is what you feel if you do not do your responsibility to yourself, and shame is what you feel when you don't do your responsibility to others. If someone can shame you, the truth is maybe you in yourself feel that you have not done what you need to do.

Then again, why am I even talking? These are the same people who think bigotry is a black single mom getting a scholarship.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I am on your blogs destorying your minds! First, here's the worst wank ever. Second, I had a Southernania sighting today! I saw a truck with hunting camo on the bottom edge, like a border. It was amazing, like the time I found out that the racistmobile- I mean the guy actually had a confederate flag on one of those things you put football flags on, and confederate flag bumperstickers, that is why it is called that, had a 'in case of rapture, this will be unmanned' tag on the rear view mirror. I had another sighting of oddness, but I'm not sure if it's Southerania. In the sort of paint you use to write things like "Happy Birthday!" or "Seniors Rule!" on your car windshield, this guy had instead that abstinence only educaiton was built on fear or something.

The method of communication was totally Southernania, but I don't know about the message. Hmm...

Also, I missed this wank on girl gamer.
Ok, I was flipping through the carnival of feminists and I saw a post by Nine Pearls and I just had to respond! Sorry for the porn post.

Yes, I think middle aged women are really out of touch as far as sexual expectations are. They think that we actually suffer from sexual repression! Ha ha ha. Back in my college days(I graduated in May), we had fuck buddies(yea, many girls are relegated to fuck buddies) rating girl's blowjobs, guys complaining about women with hairy crotches, frat boys video taping girls, guys complaining if you had sense enough to not want to fuck within the first week of meeting, disrespectful guys who think that a girl's got a death wish and wants to fuck condomless, and tons of hookup culture. When I tivo Soul Food, at 1 am, the end is cut off by dumbass Girls Gone Wild commercials. If this is sexual 'liberation', I want out! But the problem is that you can't opt out. There's no get out of patriarchy free card, no magical boundary you can go into where you don't have to deal with the culture.
Yea, I think these are the most racist books I've seen in a long ass time. Because calling Native Americans 'savages' is totally hawt! When there's a Snowflake/Cracka series of romance novels, then we'll talk white people...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Two questions: I thought I got an email about hosting costs and bandwidth and bitch lab and bitch lab's blog is down- a coincidence? Also, my email to her bounced.

Second, why do they put the Victoria's Secret fashion show on TV?

In other news, white feminist Echinde is worried about school desegregation. I'm pretty depressed about the whole thing actually.

.......on the news, I think I saw Snoop Dogg captioned as 'concerned rapper'. The world is coming to an end?
Rachel uses the fun "What comments are from white supremacist sites and what comments are from normal white folks" game, which was also used in White Reign I believe. Yea, this sort of mess is why I think that I will wait til the schools in the United States are fully integrated to worry about 'racism' against whites.
A email I got:

I am responding to your message of concern regarding the arrest of a
UCLA student at Powell Library and the use of a taser by the University
of California Police Department. Rest assured this matter has the close
attention of Acting Chancellor Norman Abrams and UCPD Chief Karl Ross.
They have decided to move forward with an independent review. The
following link provides further information including statements by
Chancellor Abrams and Chief Ross:

The safety and treatment of students are of the utmost importance to
UCLA. As updated information becomes available, we will post it at, in the "News & Notices" section of the Web site.


Lawrence Lokman
Assistant Vice Chancellor, University Communications
I'm full of hate for pro ana sites.

On a happier note- from 10 am to 7 pm on December 6th, get free emergency contraception from the Planned Parenthood on 1407 Union Avenue(Memphis area).

Also, I'm full of hate for 'child model' sites and glad the assholes got busted. Also, a sicko who thinks it's ok to coerce 13 year olds into explict photos was nabbed.

Monday, December 04, 2006

In the Soul Food on today, there is a Muslim woman owning a factory employing many other Muslim women. Also Maxiane(sp?) got promoted at the domestic violence shelter. Man, I wish there were DVDs for more than one season of Soul Food. Here's a message from a BET board:

hello soulfood fans: we need to take action if we want paramount to release the remaining seasons of soulfood. it's been over 6 years since season one released on dvd. we the fans want seasons 2, 3, 4, & 5 on dvd. so, here is what i need you all to do, email and call paramount studio and demand that they release all the seasons of soulfood. paramount studio phone: 323-956-4488 and 323-956-5000 email: if you don't get an answer, leave a detailed message. after, they receive enough messages, they will know that we are serious. much do you bet me that someone on this thread starts whining that Amanda called her not a feminist? I think someone should have to pay me a hundred bucks if the original author of that bizarre screed comes in and starts whining.

Remember to support black TV series and black movies that aren't all about shucking and jiving.
Benny Hinn seeks to rip people off by asking them to buy him an airplane. If you want to help others, why not give to a worthy charity? Modest Needs, Planned Parenthood(they also do prenatal care), Kiva, Heifer International, Doctors Without Borders, America's Second Harvest* and more help other people.

Hey, yesterday at a funeral, Pastor Brooks said that people should feed the poor and put clothes on the backs of the needy. So a religious guy said you should give your money to the poor. So don't give money to rip off artists who are only enjoying earthly things- give it to those who need it.

*charities like these and more at the network for good! Heck, give to more than one at one time.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

White feminist Amanda writes a long post to explain that you shouldn't use c*nt, because apparently some people are so dumb they will make any excuse to say c*nt.
There is some great wank on the ebay boards today. Summary: In one thread a guy asked why he is not making sales. Other sellers say "maybe it's your poor feedback" or allude to factors such as an oversaturated marketplace. This guy starts another thread complaining about how we're OMG not Christians! thus providing the lulz for today.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

People are shocked that a small brown girl is reciting a speech on video tape. I hope they aren't shocked when small children pretend to be 'sinners' and then get redeemed by other children pretending to be 'angels' or 'preachers'.

Friday, December 01, 2006

I seem to have a slight fever. Hey, here's one dress I'm not getting. Also, the laws are updated.
My brain is filled with fog, my head hurts and I feel like I'm going to puke. Also I feel dizzy. Yes, I can't even pull it together to find the worst example of counseling in the entire world, and write my impressions.