Sunday, December 31, 2006

I'm too slow to get a treasury on etsy. Stupid fast finger people. So like, shannon is going to make up some stuff because bfp wrote stuff. Like there are several groups of fems. Radfems: There's bad lucky and clueless heart whose talk occasioned shame among us radfems. There's twisty who like, isn't against transpeople but has a hard time understanding how cisgendered people can help defend against transphobia and like, so doesn't understand how letting the hate go on too long is like a knife in their heart or something. She should work harder to defend transpeople from prejudice in the new year. There's the woc radfems who are like me, who hasn't worked hard enough to learn about transgender people, so like, I probably suck and there are other ladies who like transgender people and are kinda redfems too. They are of color like me. Hard working white radfem spotted elephant also helped defend transpeople. There's regular woc feminists: Blackamazon and Brownfemipower, who wandered into this to protect the transpeople. There's also lots of transfolk like piny, nexyjo(sorry if mispelled name) little light I believe and holly who came in to protect selves. Regular white fems like JackGoff and Aunt B have also worked valiantly to help protect transpeople.

And then there's some folks who are like...well..*sweatdrop* well, they were called the propornstitution tag team, but then again, let's be nice here. I have decided to call people's names so that one can know truly whether I am right or wrong. Amber, belledame and veronica. In this instance you have worked well to protect the transpeople from the hateful words of Lucky. However, I charge you to not seem like people who have personal axes to grind and to let go of any angers or grudges you may have for the new year. Start fresh all you.

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