Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I suggested we have an angry email campaign at brownfemi's place. Here is the email:
taco at iblamethepatriarchy dot com Her commenters have gotten out of hand with the transhating comments, and I think we should tell her to reign it in- perhaps ban the commenters or tell everyone that it's not right to hate transpeople. Now now, let's not be too rigid about our gender categories here- transwomen are not invading our space as women. There's room for different kinds of women, etc. I'm not an expert on transpolitics, but now let's not hate on them.

Hey! I remembered that I was still co opting the term radical feminist! Therefore, now I declare a unilaterial rule change. Being picky about who is a woman is oppressing all women. We don't want women who are feminine or hetro or white to be declared the only women, so let's not be so picky about people's genitalia. It's near the start of a new year you know.

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