Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wooow, this is so amazing, I feel the need to show a hundred people this!

For the price of those beads, a young child's life could have been saved.
And the sad part is that billions are going into our military industrial complex, but apparently our country can't spare less than a string of pretty rocks to save a child. Scalzi has thoughts.
I'm a young exclusive feminist and I really resent the idea that just because I'm young I'm frivolous and have to be coddled or kissed to have political commitments. I'm a feminist because of my own judgement of what is right. I picked up books myself and read them. Really, if young women are supposed to be like "Well, I was going to fight for equal pay and against date rape, but the mean ol' feminists wouldn't let me" what sort of people are we being seen as here? A lot of young women are participating in feminist projects. We don't need anyone's permission, because we don't come for the approval of others. And no, we aren't all vapid little girls who need people to say that high heels are totally super feminist to care about women's rights. That's a woman hating stereotype! Many women are intellectual and logical and able to care about things besides looking cute or being sexy.

Also, my thoughts on whoredom: Unfortunate symptom of male dominance(note that mostly men frequent them, whether they be bornwomen, transwomen, or men) but they shouldn't have to go to jail just for having bad luck, like being born in poverty or something.
There are flowers on trees. Suddenly it is spring.
People continue to be shocked by the amount of Americans in severe poverty. America's Second Harvest wants to help the food insecure.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fundraising for spring break: I need cash. Buy my ebay shit. and my other shit. As a radical feminist, I will not be showing anyone my tits. ETA: Ok, maybe I'm not going anywhere over spring break, but I need to be kept in ho hos.

Also, social edge. Etsy people tell you whether your stones are real or fake. And if you want to actually help actual poor people, why don't you donate to modest needs? What we need is a charity to help disabled people who can't work.
Pippa has strong thoughts on porn. I think folks try so hard to find the one or two porn movies that might not be SO bad, is that porn is seen as a male prerogative. People don't fight that hard to say that some chick lit is feminist or that one issue of Cosmo really had a really redeeming article, so women's mags are OK. I think it's less scary to talk about how sexist women's media are because it's not attacking men, which is seen as scary and taboo. Most porn isn't made for women, and there seems to be a perverse tokenism going on- where any attempt to make porn that is less than horrifically sexist is near immediately co opted in an attempt to make the whole OK. It's like saying Daughters of the Dust makes Norbit OK. And that's actually a pretty good connection there! Because millions will see Norbit or Big Booty Ghetto Hoes, but maybe a few thousand have seen Daughters of the Dust or Nonsexist Lesbian Erotica. Even non watchers get exposed to Norbit(by ads) or Big Booty Ghetto Hoes(the Internet is for porn), but very few people have even heard of Daughters of the Dust or Nonsexist Lesbian erotica, and those who do might be able to name drop it, but haven't even seen it.

Also, Brownfemi rises again.
America is apparently threatened by imperialism. The porn part is longer than the other part, because I have never seen a military base. I feel the threads unraveling, and I see the wreckage of people's lives on tv, and out in the city, when people are talking, but it's the slow movement of a sunken ship out to sea, and I can't find the words.
If you are self distributing a film, you might want to try to contact netflix to make it available. I love Noah's Arc, and you all should watch it- lots of drama and hot men without shirts.

Also, those compact fluorescent light bulbs are now available at Aldis.

Today's college students are narcissists. Is this linked to the rise of OMG! Feminism is all about what makes ME feel good? Damn to any idea of rights or equality?

Black students speak out against racism and sexism, even at personal risk to selves, a very nice counterpoint to the growing selfishness and laziness of many other groups of folks.

Lolita wank explodes! Here is a Lolita dress I recommend.

If you see a woman breast feeding in public, avert your eyes, so you don't see nipples. Then her nipples can not bother you. Also, weird parenting fads.

Guest workers abused.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Nick Kiddle posts to stupidfree.
Boring pornified pic of woman accepted at deviantart. Backstory involves interesting vagina art not being allowed. Found not safe for work article about labia.
Blackamazon's amazing blogging is paid back with white folks in the comments trying to pretend that beating random men in the street and a black person getting a job is the same.
Chubby women learn that even if you're a fourth generation gender queer sex worker, blackface is never OK. Personally I think the neighborhood radical feminist has a point. It's not inevitable that you'll cross over to blackface from burlesque, but there's a whole lot more to breaking down sexism in society than performing burlesque, just as there is a whole lot more to fighting racism than reclaiming blackface. Even if your mindset is full of feminism and breaking down barriers, you have to realize that most folks are like "man, she has a totally sweet bod!" and that yea, actual activism might be needed here. Sexism=structural.

Record numbers of people are in severe poverty. I have no clue how to fix this. 2/3s of those in severe poverty here are women. This is not a coinkydink.

A friendly neighborhood white person makes fun of women who fall over themselves to make sure everyone thinks they are totally sweet and nice. This is another way the feminine role and the adult role don't go together.

Also, Pollit talks about the rhetoric of abortion. She's not joking about people who can't read the forms. 43% of adults read at a level lower than I read at in 4th grade.

Etsians are fundraising for rape response.

Zuzu mocks the empowerful stripper pole party.
Note how women being strong in themselves is not linked to say, doing something that'll increase one's earnings or quality of life. I would really like to break down the idea that women need to be sexy to remember who they are. It reminds me of something that someone said once- that some small part of who she was was starting to define her whole life in the eyes of others, and she's been alive for 20 some years.

That's how I feel about women and sex. I'm a late bloomer, and so I've probably spent less than 24 hours having sex. But apparently sex is supposed to define me.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Amanda notes that being a wimpy crybaby doesn't change hearts and minds. Seriously, when it comes to rights, nobody cares if you wouldn't personally avail yourself of them. Nobody says "I'm for freedom of speech myself, but I wouldn't use it!".
My stomach hurts and I'm stupid today. I thought it was because I couldn't find anything to eat, but even after that ham, my stomach still hurts. So here are two etsy threads full of arguing: self promo and I'm just going to quit! Also, apparently harry potter is evil but bratz are fine.

Also, it's good that children are able to say, hey, my baby doll shouldn't be wearing a thong.

I can't become president because once my mom and her siblings beat up the kids next door.
In strange emails:

Hi All!

Issue #4 of Not Just Stamping will be released on March 1st. The theme
is It's A Girl Thing and it celebrates all things female -
friendships, fashion, shopping and, of course, chocolate! It's full of
loads of stamping projects plus papercrafts, collage and ATC's from
our readers.

If you haven't already subscribed order your copy now at !

Men have friendships and eat chocolate too. I wonder why women are associated with consumerism nowadays.
I got a 5 on the certified asshole test. In real life I attempt to be nice to people, but I internally have a bad personality.

Also, I like how they have a token white person in the Ambi commercial.

Also, breastfeeding keeps being compared to Rosa Farking Parks. Supplemental mama lulz. I bet my cousin will bottlefeed and use regular diapers. So uh..there.

Child sex slaves in the UK.
Even goons disapprove.

Etsy problems have handcrafters in arms.

Bad ebayer mocked by peers.

BDSM'ers explain social skills and appropriate boundaries.


I am trying to think of a rating system for how far back something puts the feminist movement. The smallest rating would be one Cosmo. The medium rating would be one copy of It's a Breakup Because it's Broken, equal to about ten Cosmos. The biggest rating would be a DVD of Bangbus, equal to about 100 Cosmos. For example, Pussycat Dolls: Search for a New Doll would probably be the equivalent of 2 copies of It's a Breakup Because It's Broken, based on the commercials.
I've missed the last zillion grey's anatomy. How many do I have to watch so I can see the big spoiler and be able to converse with people in my grad program again?

Friday, February 23, 2007

I was like ha ha, the pleasureseeker shouldn't get wind of this auction. Then I realized I was a douche.
Netflix for African Movies. Maybe I'll try the $6 a month plan?

Also, people have no idea about anatomy and how it works for transwomen or bornwomen.

Hey, I have no idea who Keagan is, but apparently I am dead to her.

Hilarious text:

Thinks republicans hate her because she's black. I'm definately not a republican but I hate people who think all white people are racist. SHUT THE FUCK UP! You're the one who has a problem.

LOL, but she is wrong. I also think democrats who repeat that black people vs n words stuff hate black people too. And libertarians who refer to welfare queens, also hate black people. Also, if you're a member of the green party, and are obsessed with how some black person stole your hate black people too!

Also, oreo/coon bingo by acidcookiegirl with help from witchsistah. Reproduced with permission.

Also how to explain things to libertarians.
A solider was rightly sentenced to 100 years for raping a 14 year old and killing her family.

Lemonye owen needs money. You can donate here.

Even Ren Ev hates the suicide girls.(header may be not safe for work. her naughty bits are blanked out with censor bars, but you might not want to risk it)

I'm too lazy to figure out what my wordpress thing is, but my view on porn is "maybe there was rape before porn, but the porn sure ain't helping". It encourages bad sex, gives a bad example to the young, and exploits the young as well. (No showing your naughty bits for only a pair of draws!) I think the problem is that porn gives douchebags the idea that their douchebaggery is normal, or even desirable. You google up whatever disgusting idea you have, and there are tons of videos, pictures, and stories devoted to whatever gross shit you're thinking of. Thus giving women even more bullshit to deal with.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A post that caught my eye, but that I am not sure I agree with.

A science guy finds stupid shit.

Use the comeshopnow code on SBS teas and take 40% off an order of $60 or more until feb 25th.
Ok, does it take a whole childhood to learn how to put on glitter nail polish? Washington Post article for background. I went to the central library yesterday, and I noted the teen section(many younger girls read teen magazines- I remember a sixth grade classmate talking about how she got fashion ideas from magazines.) I point out the washington post article because it had this quote from a mother:

"Looking good just shows that you care about yourself, care about how you present yourself to the world. People are judged by their appearance. People get better service and are treated better when they look better. That's just the way it is," she says. "I think discouraging children from paying attention to their appearance does them a disservice."

I think this is a trojan horse for some nasty patriachical dogma. The idea that one's apperence is a measure of how one feels about themself is poison. If children are subjected to the idea that at age 8, they should be worried about how they present themselves- do you think the girl is going to be encouraged to go frog catching, to play football with the boys, to test water in that muddy stream, to just be a kid and not worry about whether they have the hippest new style or about whether they are the prettiest girl in class?

That's not a strong foundation to build one's eventual selfhood on. Children's brains are the most plastic at the early years. A love of science, a love of reading, a love of learning in general, a sense of self worth are the things that need to take root during this time. You can always go back and teach somebody the latest trend in whatever. In fact, there are many helpful magazines that can teach them that their whole worth is wrapped up in whether they are wearing the latest trends! Heck, learning to be stupid and shallow is free in our society.

What we've lost track of is that looks are just the icing on the cake. If your cake tastes like shit or even worse, you have no cake. You're screwed.

Also, bonus sexism:

Our 3 year old son LOVES this game! It has 10 plastic super-hero characters that come apart at the waist. You put the tops on one side, and the bottoms on the other side. Cover them with the provided cups, and uncover to see if you can remember which top and bottom match. Of course, he already knows which pieces go together, I still have to consult the "map"(which incidentally is kind of small). Wish they had a "princess" equivalent game for our 3 year old daughter.

Boys get super strong chracters that can defeat any enemy. Girls get beauties who wear slightly different dresses.
A Garage sale posting. Email address removed:

Looking for a Part Time Job. Will work Monday to Friday, Hours
Available for work 4:30 AM to 3 PM, Saturdays 1 AM to 5:30 AM. MUST
have 27 to 35 hours a week for work. If OVERTIME is available, I am
willing to do it. Pay MUST be $8.00 an or MORE starting out. The
ONLY benefits I am looking for is Regular off days schedule,
Break/Lunch times, Holidays off, Pay raises.
Looking for "General Labor" Employment in the Memphis, Bartlett,
Millington area. I will pay $50.00 (Cash) to the person who provides
Job Information that will lead to employment of myself for 6 months or
more. Temporary Job positions need NOT to Apply. Upon COMPLETION of
181 days of Job employment & hiring you will be paid $50.00 (Cash) in
What causes giant flocks of birds to descend on one's neighborhood? I wondered about all the birds on the way to school, but apparently they flooded the fields. There are at lot of geese at the pond(I did the pond and the block today) but I saw a man feeding them.

No laser on pussy please. Tmi-->Overly tight vaginas are very very bad. I'm hoping I've recovered, but I can't be sure!

Trans stupid.
Beautiful. This stupid is high quality

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Can't blog, must sleep. Tommorow- stupidfree! A glance shows it was tasty today. And young girls- does it really take an entire childhood to learn how to apply glitter fingernail polish? I'll ask this important question in the next issue of egotistical whining!
Look at how great these beads are! I can't afford them.

Ha ha, PMS soap.

Brownfemi has depression, so send her healing energy or something.

Piny came back.
My real grand dad was an alcoholic, but I still only enjoy things that are actually fun. Perhaps the brain systems involved here are different? If I go without food for a mere 6 hours, I'm about to kill somebody.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I'm reading It's Called a Breakup because It's Broken. These advice books are like porn: bad for you, and mostly less than a victory for women everywhere.

Fat wank is addictive.

Also, etsy arguments about stuff I haven't even heard of before.
Small children are being exploited in maid service, childcare and prostitution in India.

In America, being an attention whore is becoming an increasingly popular thing. Because of this, we need another word for attention whore so it's less gendered.
I'm going to have to actually do some work for once, but before I actually do, I don't support women's choices to put breastmilk in the mashed potatoes.
Amanda points out the obvious:
Here’s an interesting double standard to think about—if a radical feminist says that blow jobs are displays of subservience, then all hell breaks loose. But if you praise blow jobs as a female duty paid to male superiority, then that raises nary a peep of protests about “man-hating”

Because the first disturbs the status quo by pointing out stuff that is supposed to be hidden. It's nice that there are exceptions to the rule, but how likely is it that this is being conveyed to people when their basic conceptions of sex and how the world has to be is being formed? The idea that men are owed blowjobs for existing is pretty pervasive in this society, and you can't break that down by putting your head in the sand and saying "but my Milton gives head!"

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Feminist Wank. Rundown of the rundown: Some foolass white lady starts writing at a salon. Wank ensues. Apparently she is a feminist under the 'everybody and their mother thinks they are a feminist' rule.

Also, on salon, Amanda vs the douchebags. I personally don't believe in giving into the pearl clutchers, the con cern trolls and the sort of folk who just know that every utterance that wouldn't pass the muster of the senior whiny titty baby club is ruining the cause because you can never satisfy them
I have two theories today. Twisty reminds us all that marriage manuals are full of crap. My theory is that if a woman who didn't previously hate blowjobs stops giving them after the baby, communication is the key. Men, talk to your wives/partners/etc, maybe they are feeling overworked, maybe they wish you'd take the baby at night so they could sleep, maybe they wish you'd wash the clothes. Encouraging women to not discuss their needs with their husbands is not a good idea. That's my theory.

My other theory is that teenage girls that want to be special need to be steered towards postive ways to make them feel special. Playing an awesome fucking guitar or drawing comics or some shit. Mental Health Professionals: They Don't Go Through Extensive Training for Kicks, You Know!
Newborn bones discovered in India. The value of female life needs to be raised, but how?

Related: Indian government is setting up places to deposit unwanted girls.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It seems strange to have to state the obvious all over again: Both males and females should work hard to gain another's affection and trust. And one's sexuality is not a commodity that, given away too readily and too often, will exhaust or devalue itself. Tell girls that it is such a commodity (as they were told for a number of decades), and they will rebel. The author is conflating what the girls refuse to conflate: love and sexuality. Sometimes they coexist, sometimes not. Loving, faithful marriages in which the sex life has cooled are as much a testament to that fact as a lustful tryst that leads nowhere.

Just copying and pasting, while procrastinating.
A stay at home moms thread on etsy. There is some feminist lesson in this, but darn if I know what it is.

Friday, February 16, 2007

*sigh* shannon is so depressed that she hasn't checked her comic slurper in a week or two and had to resubscribe to all her comics. Also, she has no jewelry inspiration, it seems. I did make a new design, but then, I realized that my sterling silver clasps...well..I can't find any of them, therefore I can't exactly post it...
3 men believed to be gay were saved from an angry crowd in Jamaica
from a random pamphlet I found at the library:

The fatherhood program from Le Bonheur Center for children and parents. Intensive 12-16 week program for men at least 18 years of age, involved with or attempting to be involved with their children- this can be biological fathers, stepfathers, adoptive fathers, grandfathers, uncles, older brothers or mother's significant other. This program aims for fathers to gain parenting skills and to increase father involvement with children. Individual and group counseling included. Services provided at no charge. There is also teen father outreach.

Contacts for information and referrals:

fatherhood counselor at

lebonheur center for children and parents
2400 poplar avenue suite 318
Memphis tn 38112

(901) 287-4700
Donate to the exchange club family center. Help fund anti domestic violence, anti child abuse and anger managment programs.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

On NPR, this woman is a self described feminist. I didn't hear the whole show, so I don't know if she is or not. Our date auctions didn't have any of that nudity crap. Also, I don't support your 8th grader's choice to give head. Keep your tongues off each other's genitalia until high school!
Black people are totally punk rock! I linked to netflix because the reviews are funnier. On amazon, the one bad review was like why aren't there more interviews with awesome punk bands? i.e. a sensible and fair question. The bad interviews on netflix are like waaaah, a movie called afro punk had the actual opinions of black people in it! Because I guess the only purpose to make a movie about black people is to make white people feel better about themselves.
Tim Wise is linked to on blackfolks as he exposes the fact that being a lying sack of shit about scholarships is wrong, using statistics.
The old folks say that when the sun is shining and it's raining, the devil is beating his wife. But what do they say when the sun is shining and it is snowing?

Now, for a judgemental rant! Please don't shake your fucking baby. If the baby doesn't die, it could be severely injured. And women- don't let no man be over your children(my ebonics grammar is wrong, sorry). Any man who would use your baby to test the bath water instead of his own hand doesn't care about you, doesn't care about the baby and is probably a sociopath. Just say no!

On a lighter note, hunting camo is just plain tacky. Just say no.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm a dick! Email to father on 7/7:

A bus exploded while I was walking by! I just got on the ground til someone from my group (she actually saw it too, I didn't get to see it because I was so frightened that I was like face down) noticed that I was on the ground like a dork. Then we went into the university building so we could get on the Internet and watch TV. The university is sending vans around on friday and saturday to gatwick and heathrow. I should return at the scheduled time. Stupid terrorists! I am sure it's all their fault that I don't get to see the Frida Khalo exhibit.
I don't know if I've linked this story before or not.

Also, a cute loli. The purse she is holding I now own.

East TN'ers take note.

From tiny cat pants, this is too bad for me even to say, MS, ha ha!

Witchy woo starts a discussion. I always put warnings on non work safe links just for politeness sakes.
Also, slacktivist points out that William Donahue believes Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews. Does this mean that if secular Jews don't watch Eddie Murphy movies everything will be fine?

I had a good idea for a line: it shouldn't be your main goal in life to impress someone who doesn't even know where the clitoris is or even that it exists.
Twisty writes on porn. I felt conflicted about dr b's decision, because on one hand, it could feed adorable children, and children are really cute! but on the other hand, could you just say you did it for the cash? Another point- how come alt porn sites never have as many naked women of color? There are plenty of women of color with tattoos, piercings and the like, but only a very few of them are ever seen naked. What? Are we not good enough to exploit with your patriarchical bullshit? No fair.

And of course, when I talk about porn, I'm talking about most porn. Not the best of gay and lesbian porn, not your slash fic, and maaaaaybe not nofauxxx but mainstream porn, fake 'alt' porn, really horrible h games in which you rape your ten year old sister, all that crap about dickgirls and shemales and shit,etc. Basically, all your good porn is like 1% and all the bad porn floods it out so in general, porn is a tool of the well, you know!

The kinder, gentler spotted elephant has thoughts. Shannon has no idea how stonewall gets put into this. Sometimes I wish I could make some people live in a sorority house for a semester. Just one,ok? Some background for sly. It's been common knowledge for years that the suicide girls at first claimed to be feminist and transgressive. I hope that nobody thinks being a fake bisexual for attention is transgressive, because it's just not. Same old woman is an attention seeking missle dynamic.

The lunchbox is tasty today.
Blackamazon has sex with the amazon. head Very poetic(I really hate blowjobs) Lasers on your fucking vulva? *shudders* That's way way too far. That's why I was against beauty standards in the first place. Your hair starts off too nappy, your nose too wide, and then by the end of it- you can't orgasm because you had lasers on your damn pussy. I have to admit that fool ass white college students have put me off the 'sexual revolution' forever. When you hear folks talk about how they did this and that for the attention or because they thought they could begin a relationship that way or because they thought they were supposed to, it totally makes you suspicious of this idea that all women's choices are liberatory.

I feel uncomfortable that we're encouraging girls to go on this path where there's nothing for them. They don't even get orgasms as these frat boy assholes are really selfish lovers. I just can't deal with the idea of sex without pleasure. What's the point? If you didn't have it before sex, you're not going to have it after!

An aside: this lady on black amazon's comments was like ZOMG!!! racism! and black amazon was like dude, like two hundred folks read this blog on a good day. That's a compelling argument for me because I think about oppression we need to keep our focus on the big picture, which includes the fact that you're not a special snowflake and yes, you are a toolbag.

Monday, February 12, 2007

I was clicking around exhausted unable to make the decision to go to farking bed, and then I clicked on tiny cat pants and heard that amanda was going to resign from the edwards campaign.I've very shocked, although this may change as I find out the details. Must sleep. Sleep allows you to study.
Bitch PHD writes for suicide girls.

Shannon links to LJ comm from former suicide girls. Also, more information about the suicide girls.

Also, a local columnist isn't happy about the temporary shutdown of Memphis strip clubs.
Please fortify your diet with folate.
I disagree with Jack Goff. Sometimes your choices are wrong. For example, Condi Rice is for blowing up Iraq. Her choices are wrong. And sometimes you don't mean to have the wrong choice, you just blunder into it- being a dumbfuck isn't just for women, it's for humans of all stripes. Sometimes I see myself as a bit of a keeper of memory. The person who is aware of how people have messed up in the past, and how when we do things, we are not infallible. As the person who remembers that the mind is not straight forward and that memory often forgets what we need to know, I'd like to say- I reserve the right not to support your choices and to be judgemental. We need a nuturing space sometimes, but othertimes, we need the sword of truth and not taking bullshit. I do better on that part than the other one.

Also, disturbing shit from dot snark bdsm.

Friday, February 09, 2007

From Girls Read Comics and They're Pissed, a great takedown of the bullshit we're feeding our girls about the need to be pretty. I mean seriously, when you tell a little girl that beauty is what matters a billion different ways, I don't get why anyone is surprised when they get the message. We need to give more girls the message that they can do awesome fucking shit with atoms more often than they get the message that the only important thing about them is how straight their hair is and how big their eventual breasts will be.

Also, shocking rumors are circulating that poor people's homes are being taken away from them in San Fransico. If true, very troubling.

But, entitlement asstubas do exist. You're not owed being called a feminist any more than I'm owed being called a progressive.

Getting away from the topic of entitlement asstubas(you see- to make a gender neutral insult when none existed before you combine ass and an inherently funny sounding word), women atheletes continue to be amazing at any size.
Amanda takes on disturbing photoshopping I note that I have seen looking to purchase and sale posts for infant pagent dresses on my shelby county garage sale list.

Also, a transwoman speaks on npr. Also, a new diet pill leads to disgusting stories about people's bathroom habits and worries about teens. I'm warning you girls- anal leakage isn't cool.

Use compact flourescent bulbs please. We use them and they give good light.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Full of anger! Wargles!!

*my head exploded as some white guy compared his bitching about ladies night to rosa parks AND jesus on the daily show*
I hear a lot of ads on the radio for this sort of thing. Don't fall for it. Instant refunds are a scam- they are as bad as those payday loan places which prey on the poor here.
Etsy designers debate politeness on forums. I was going to participate, but I noticed that someone on etsy has a brand name of youstinksoap so I decided to go and cry about how this person thinks I stink instead.

While I'm on the topic, can you guys buy on my etsy so I can buy new beads? I'm internet poor.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Everyone is upset about the Edwards blogger thing it seems. Post on pandagon(by pam) Brownfemi has chimed in. Also, white feminist Jill has an opinion on this as well. Punkass Marc has more. (shannon probably has him mixed up, but is under the belief that he is amanda's b/f)
Gangs- they just aren't killing people of color anymore. Film at 11!
Tekanji replies! Her direct reply to me(although reading whole posts is important,etc)

What Shannon is addressing here is women as the sex class, but I don’t see it as something that defines, or even springs from, femininity but rather that it’s one of the influences that shapes modern femininity. It’s important to note, however, that I think that the “women as the sex class” paradigm influences much more than femininity, and indeed is a trope that women cannot get away from no matter how unfeminine we try to make ourselves.

We’ve already established that femininity does engage with looks, and on this level it engages directly with the beauty myth especially in areas such as makeup and clothing. But what else is it, and why is it so damn important not to ridicule it?

One aspect relevant to the realm of geekery is the association between femininity and emotions. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard women being derided for being emotional, while the geeky men compare themselves to emotionless machines. The impression that I’ve been given over the years is that hardcore geeks aspire to perfection in the form of machinery: cold, rational beings who can crunch numbers like nobody’s business but turn their nose up at common social graces and shared warmth.

I think differently. I think the core of femininity is that some people(women) have to do a lot of unpaid work(motherwork,beauty work, emotional work,etc) and then get slagged off for not being good enough at it. Basically, femininity is basically spinning your wheels- you spend a lot of your mind space on whether your eyelashes are curled or how many calories are in each piece of candy, while other folks(some even women) get on with their lives. Yea, people expect femininity of women, but I'm not a fan.

Also, I also hate it when guys don't recognize that anger, competitiveness, glee on winning or outsmarting someone are also emotions. Drives me nuts.

In essence, when you blame femininity (or feminine women) for your problems as a geeky woman, you’re doing your part to ensure that the geeks who come after you will have those same problems, if not worse.

A problem is that the attributes needed to be a feminine woman, and the attributes needed to be a competent adult are different. It's hard to be patient about that. In fact, one of the most frustrating things about feminism is dealing with feminine women(or men in some cases), because they need a lot of handholding, a lot of "oh poor baby, I didn't call you not a feminist" and generally a whole lot more emotional work than women who are willing to buck up and do work without whining or complaining. I think emotions are all well and good, but temperance has a lot of things going for it.

I would rather prefer feminists who can go out and get information on their own, and then put plans into action without me having to tell them that they are a good feminist or not.
Witchy woo likes to post. She has good points, but the comments get a bit off topic, so I get off topic too. Shannon is against porn and prostitution, but I'm sure proporn women have a different mental idea of it. To me, porn is mainstream internet porn, full of all of that hoes and sluts and ethnic sterotyping and gratious degradation of women, and people not using condoms. I don't care if a teenager writes slashfic, except for to remind them that anuses are not in fact self lubricating. If you want to make a porn movie that isn't so bad, go at it, I'm just going to be aware that your one porn movie is competing with a flood of woman(and trans) hating crap.

Also about prostitution, I don't mind if one older woman is well matched with her profession, but I really can't ignore gang rapes, human trafficking and the exploitation of minors just because one lady is having a good time. It'd be like me ignoring the plight of migrant workers because an organic farmer likes to farm.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I've learned that porn and feminism are the same thing. Contractual stipulation: Semen is one of the top 5 grossest bodily fluids, but vaginal fluids are perceived as less unclean.
Shannon takes jack goff at face value. Well I think that you'd know by how they talked. Like whenever you tried to do something feminist, they'd block you. If you talked about how horrible it is that a man could rape a woman on video tape and get off, they'd talk about how all women are liars and how she really did want to be a porn star. If you talked about the epidemic of domestic violence, they'd talk about how women are just faking those broken bones for sympathy. If you're upset about the gang raping of under 18 prostitutes , you'll be told that that doesn't matter because in Lake Woebegon, a 35 year old loves being a high class hooker.

Every single time you tried to talk about a larger societial problem, they'd try to distract you with ancedotes, crap from MRA sites,complaints about how they were butthurt 10 years ago,etc. Basically, it'd be fairly obvious, especially when they tried to convince you that it's better for women to be forced to give birth than to have to deal with the horrors of birth control and abortion.
Do people in places other than TN live in half a trailer?
A Turkish authors talks about state feminism. Personally I see defeminizing one's self as freedom, as doing a bunch of work for free and then people bitch about how you didn't do it right, yea, not my idea of a good time. "Yea, I was going to go and watch a movie, but instead I'm going to spend 2 hours at the salon, being bored out of my skull"

Oh yea, and if you work outside the home, you're like walmart, you baby abandoner, you.
Whenever I hear someone being like I'm not a real feminist because of x(insert really trival crap that nobody fucking cares about) I'm tempted to be like hahaha, you're not a real feminist, so how about them apples? So yea, if you say something dumb, I'm laughing at you on the insides

Monday, February 05, 2007

*is tired* *spotted is a good writer*
I'm exhausted and I'm only a masters student with 9 hours. *tired*
One of the things I most treasure is my ability to say pull the other one, it's got bells on. It's nice to be able to protect one's boundaries. I don't have to be like "Yea, my vagina IS ugly in its natural state, thanks for informing me of this!" or "Women do have to always be the bottom! Wow, that gives me such a feeling of freedom!" or "Man, doing a bunch of work and not getting paid is so much fun!". Being suspicious of society's mandates for women is totally awesome!

Also, like apparently the whole mandatory hpv vaccine thing is causing controversy. I probably should stop procrastinating and get a vaccine as I don't want to get cervical cancer(apparently I can still get it, even though I had teh sex). Maia the bee is mad
A lady with a pretty name(Jamila) is mad too because of parents rights I guess
Brownfemi is concerned about health risks.

This has nothing to do with cancer, but there's a long post about cultural imperalism or something.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm not sure I have recovered enough to write a coherent post, but I think I can string together a couple of sentences. I think transpeople can be our friends in demolishing gender although I have no clear idea of how this could happen, but if men can become women and women can become men, I feel a sense of possibility there.

I'm all for defending boundaries and having good common horse sense as I live in TN where hamburgers don't eat people and we don't wear shoes on our hands, but really, there's no good reason to police the gender boundary anyway. We should all pick behaviors that make good sense, and discard behaviors that are dumb and don't worry about what is feminine or masculine.
Encyclopedia Dramatica has the scoop on the Boston lulz.
This is a whole lot more fun than arguing about whether gender is socially constructed and whether the transwomen are in our rape centers, manning up our rape survivors(yea, I couldn't think of a good ___noun__ [is] in our __noun___, __verbing__ our ___noun__ and I'm sorry for using real grammar instead of internet grammar, I've got allergies.
Bint says stuff, but I am too hungry to move, so will talk about this later.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I love this icon- by(?) pandelerium
Trangendered vs the cisgendered- now people are even arguing on LJ. My brain is too weak to articulate any thoughts I the only person who has gotten pva(craft glue) higher than their heads?
Do babies need clothes?

Yes, they do, dumbass. Babies have a hard time regulating their own temperature. It's good to at least have them wear a hat and a coat when it's cold out. Books from birth in TN.

Oh yea, and vaccinate your child. If your kid gets whooping cough, the measles or polio, it'll be all your fault if you don't.
Street kids are fucking awesome.

I agree with kactus, serves them right. Hahaha.
Scary pervert lady is going to do bad stuff to kids.
I have really bad luck. I knew that the day that I didn't have the extra long meeting from hell and I didn't have to hear about my classmates falling down wells it would snow and the university would be closed.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Young black women on the radio. I heard the short piece on prostitution on npr.
....even a first year grad student like myself knows that making women wear dog collars and cracking whips at them is unethical.

Tip- BDSM- Keep It At Home.

More stupid along those lines but less bad
Ok, I have to admit I was like LOL, trolled! you all are totally pwned! That is why I'm not a LGF person.

Oh yea! And thanks to my psychologically traumatizing training for my 'job' I have a special public announcement. Apparently some people are dumbfucks and think they can shake a baby. Don't do it! This dumbfuck shook a baby. She died. Also, never dip your baby in hot or boiling water. Apparently some dumbfucks don't know that this will totally give your baby burns. Your baby doesn't pee him/herself to annoy you. Many babies are not physiologically ready to toilet train for a long fucking time. Hell, my 4 year old cousin's baby still pees herself from time to time.
Steve Gillard tries to explain why Joe Biden is a fuckbonnet. Will white people get it? Well, as even in college, they seem to be unable to understand basic social rules like "what's OK in a rap video may not be OK in real life" there may be a bad prognosis for them getting clues. We can only wait...and hope.
I'm so disappointed that it didn't snow enough to close stuff that I can't sleep.