Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Blackamazon has sex with the amazon. head Very poetic(I really hate blowjobs) Lasers on your fucking vulva? *shudders* That's way way too far. That's why I was against beauty standards in the first place. Your hair starts off too nappy, your nose too wide, and then by the end of it- you can't orgasm because you had lasers on your damn pussy. I have to admit that fool ass white college students have put me off the 'sexual revolution' forever. When you hear folks talk about how they did this and that for the attention or because they thought they could begin a relationship that way or because they thought they were supposed to, it totally makes you suspicious of this idea that all women's choices are liberatory.

I feel uncomfortable that we're encouraging girls to go on this path where there's nothing for them. They don't even get orgasms as these frat boy assholes are really selfish lovers. I just can't deal with the idea of sex without pleasure. What's the point? If you didn't have it before sex, you're not going to have it after!

An aside: this lady on black amazon's comments was like ZOMG!!! racism! and black amazon was like dude, like two hundred folks read this blog on a good day. That's a compelling argument for me because I think about oppression we need to keep our focus on the big picture, which includes the fact that you're not a special snowflake and yes, you are a toolbag.

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