Monday, March 30, 2009

Womanistmusings is working hard for us. But instead of being thankful, I'm going to bitch about my own problems. Man, I'm not even chronically ill, and I spend all my time going to the doctor. Really, I do! I went to the Walgreens clinic thing[Real doctors! With medical equipment!] because I lost my voice, I have to go to the dentist every two weeks[but at least my headaches are better], I have to go to the gyno this week[and probably complain about my aching side]. Man, if I was really sick, I'd be pissed.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

We all learn an important lesson on transpeople, cispeople and intersections of violence and privilege. Eh, I'm cool with being called cisgendered. I am who I am, and glad the police aren't throwing me in a prison full of men and fucking up my shit.

What is this bullshit? BTW: having a child is a huge consequence. what with the bed wetting and all.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Women get infections from poorly run salon's Brazilians. We get the usual-women gotta wax to get oral sex, which is sort of crappy- to get sexual pleasure, you gotta look a certain way. But really, half the guys out there don't even wash their balls good. *shakes head*

Friday, March 20, 2009

I was going to write a post about feminism and how I suck at it, but for some reason, this was open on my computer. So, uh..Ren hates that Kyle Payne person. will write later.
ETA: IT WAS EXPLAINED TO ME VERY SLOWLY THAT THE ISSUE WAS NOT INCLUDING THE EDIT THAT THE WOMAN IN QUESTION REQUESTED Hey, caps lock friday. But I don't really delete unless it's going to kill somebody, and my rantings may amuse you.

Sigh, we need to have two different feminisms. Sadly, I'm of the feminism saying, dude dude dude, good blowjobs are well and good, but forced sexual acts? Not good mojo. Yes, I'm a bad feminist, scaring all the 'good' women away from feminism. But I like being a bad woman. I want to be able to say 'Hey, the fact that your boyfriend is a douche doesn't mean you can't have enjoyable sex one day!', even if it scares women away from feminism. Anything you say can scare someone away. If I say, hey, rich white women with nannies should stop telling us all to quit our jobs and become housewives, I might offend rich white women with nannies.

I'm not seeing why a certain type of woman is more desirable as a feminist than other types of women. If a woman is happy with her life having some dude force his cock down her throat, I'm not making her leave him. I'm not saying you have to leave your rapist woman beating partner. Although, I may be a meanie oppressor and make some noises about a domestic violence shelter or getting a new boyfriend. I'm not saying you have to not spend your whole life basing your self worth on how your thighs look. I'm not saying you have to have a high paying job if you don't want to.
I'm not crazy- people are having babies like it is going out of style. Yes, that was back 2 years ago, but the having babies thing continues apace here.

And dang commenters. Stop with the bashing of Hispanics. People cry 'we're paying for them to bang out their anchor baybies' but come on- if you're been in the us for ten years, have a husband, etc, well...I'm going to expect at least a few of those women to have kids, and not for 'evil' reasons. Maybe they like kids or maybe their birth control failed. Whatever the reason, these US citizens are here now.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is the best post ever. This lady telling the truth makes it easier for some other woman to tell the world the truth.
My tumblr has a picture post on Resident Evil 5 and stupid special costumes. Personally, I don't find this sort of thing flattering or empowering. Look, she's black! Let's put her in stereotypical 'jungle' paint instead of say, researching an outfit that might fit with the character and the story.

I'm amused with the response that one guy had to this letter. "I'd never talk to my fundie idiot 13 year old again!" Really, dude, that's just too drastic of a solution to the issue.

The perspective of a birth mother on adoption.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The worst erotica I've ever seen outside of fanfiction.
I read Sham and I thought it was quite marred by whining about political correctness. Come on, dude, the Americans with Disabilities Act is a pretty good advance. He complains about addicted people being covered, but if we have to have a few addicts being covered by the ADA to get people with illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis or disorders like Cerebral Palsy in the workplace and producing instead of our losing their abilities, I'm all for it.

And conservatives need to take personal responsibility for some things. If there's not enough pretending to shoot people and dangerous and violent sports in school, why don't they arrange for their children to have those experiences outside of school? And really folks, we have enough guilt, shame, being a busybody, etc for everyone in the country here in the South.

Another pet peeve, alternative family is not the same as a broken home. Two dudes adopt a kid. It's not traditional, but it's not broken. Some woman divorces her cheating and beating husband. Not traditional, but not broken.

And for god's sake, can we stop moaning about political correctness? If I had a dollar for every single moan about it, I could bail out the entire economy, and have a cool billion left for me. And the femininization of society can be a good thing. Some masculine traits don't work well in this modern world, such as being violent. You get in a fight over nothing nowadays, and someone will end up shot. Not something we want to encourage.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Joan Kelly muses about sex not being all servicing men's boners. I am personally annoyed when people say that prostitution is just people having sex. There's a whole lot more going on there, you know!

Research fraud has Bint seeing red.

A post on whether pole dancing should be an Olympic sport causes an older woman/younger woman debate.
I'm 24, and I'm taking back the word prude, btw. I'm a prude, because I have sexual boundaries. I only want to do sexual things I enjoy. Capische?