Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I read Sham and I thought it was quite marred by whining about political correctness. Come on, dude, the Americans with Disabilities Act is a pretty good advance. He complains about addicted people being covered, but if we have to have a few addicts being covered by the ADA to get people with illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis or disorders like Cerebral Palsy in the workplace and producing instead of our losing their abilities, I'm all for it.

And conservatives need to take personal responsibility for some things. If there's not enough pretending to shoot people and dangerous and violent sports in school, why don't they arrange for their children to have those experiences outside of school? And really folks, we have enough guilt, shame, being a busybody, etc for everyone in the country here in the South.

Another pet peeve, alternative family is not the same as a broken home. Two dudes adopt a kid. It's not traditional, but it's not broken. Some woman divorces her cheating and beating husband. Not traditional, but not broken.

And for god's sake, can we stop moaning about political correctness? If I had a dollar for every single moan about it, I could bail out the entire economy, and have a cool billion left for me. And the femininization of society can be a good thing. Some masculine traits don't work well in this modern world, such as being violent. You get in a fight over nothing nowadays, and someone will end up shot. Not something we want to encourage.

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