Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I love this defense of wackjobbery from the right. There's LIBERAL MOVIES INFLUENCING PEOPLE TO KILL! so prominent right wing figures acting badly don't count.
I am reading Guyland. It has some good insights about how frustrated entitlement contributes to a toxic homosocial culture of male bonding. I especially liked his insights about the desire to delay adulthood[many women also want to delay adulthood but don't have the social space. There's no boys will be boys for women.], to recapture that imaginary space where white men ruled all and they didn't have to do 'politically correct' things like respect women or not bash gays, and also, that some guys are fools, if they think that bangbus is real and that they can really 'score' with those hot girls on campus with their neckbeards and pre middle age paunch.

He does mix a few things up- the state of video games has now far advanced beyond Lara Croft, although GTA is still popular. He also fails to measure the popularity of casual gaming, althoug that sort of gaming is not considered real gaming as it is not gendered masculine. I note that what gaming is considered masculine has changed over the years. RPGs are now unisex or slightly feminine, but they used to be masculine. Family games like Mario and Zelda are now unisex, not just for boys.

Also, while porn does encourage a phalliocentric and predatory sexuality, many men don't have that sexuality as a default. I was also amused that dude had to say I LOVE SPORTS. I think it's like feminists are now all required to say they love makeup and high heels. He also did focus too much on marriage and children as a marker of adulthood. We have too many children already, and anyway, a man who goes around impregnating women without taking care of his kids is more of a boy than anyone who hooks up but is responsible about it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today's complaint about the commercial appeal will be a mockery of a dumb letter to the editor. Stupid letter in bold.

Count on it. Every few weeks some white guy will make a dumb, insensitive remark about a black person. Count on this, also: Every few weeks Otis L. Sanford, your editor for opinion and editorials, will jump on these remarks and hint conspiratorially that whites have hardly moved out of the primeval slime of racism.

For the uninitiated, Otis Sanford is black. This may or may not matter. If something happens every few weeks, I can see why folks would still see a continuing problem with it. If I called the letter writer a dude with a very small penis every few weeks, you probably would not think "Man, Shannon has moved beyond her insulting people problem!" No, it would be, what's with her that she is constantly insulting the size of dude's organ?"

Since Sanford seems to have some general background feeling that he knows that most white people are still in the grips of racism, it would be interesting to ask him to name specific white people, other than politicians, that he knows to be racist. Perhaps as an expert on race, he could name, say, three dozen people right off the top of his head, but I think most of us would be hard-pressed to name even two or three of the opposite race who we know to be racists.

What's with this mess? I think the problem here is that we have different definitions of racists. Maybe this guy means dude with pointy hood, but I mean those people who are always calling people thugs and animals, making fun of how black people speak, and those folks who constantly defend racist idiots.

Of all the black people I have ongoing relationships with, I can't name a single one who seems to have any obvious objection to the fact that my skin is white, and I can't think of a single black person I know personally whose skin color is more than a trivial visual property to me. So I am inclined to wonder if these dumb remarks people make arise out of the vestiges of former mental attitudes rather being actual determinants for ongoing relationships.

LOLZ, he has BLACK FRIENDS!!! But seriously dude, why do you expect your 'black friends'- probably the post man and the dude at the desk across from you, to say? "Hey, dude! You're a whitey! LOLZ!"? And those former mental attitudes still hurt. When teabaggers call folks the n word, when folks hang nooses on campuses and make up outrageous lies about how they somehow are smart enough to go to college, yet so dumb they wouldn't think noose=symbol of hanging=bad idea even if I don't know racial history, it hurts people! A lot.

Sanford likes to drag out his favorite, time-worn, phrase that we -- meaning only whites, of course -- have a long way to go. Sanford might find it productive to spend a little honest effort examining the proofs of his dogma. He might discover that he's not really as expert on racism as he claims to be. If he keeps an open mind, he might even find out that he has almost as far to go as most of the rest of us.

This comes across as whining because some white folks might have to change their ways. If folks spent as much time actually changing their ways as they did about people saying 'hey, maybe you should', we'd live in a racial utopia.
I read We've Got Issues, and really liked how Warner portrayed her journey from believing in the secular liberal version of 'those kids just need a spanking and some prayer' to realizing that very few people actually give their children pills just for the fun of it. People think that mental disorders are fun, lovable quirks. No, a quirky child does not fall into deep depressions where the parents live in fear that the child will harm themselves, a quirky child does not set intentional fires, a quirky child does not injure themselves intentionally so badly that they are rushed to the hospital!

We're in denial that children have mental health issues, and with that denial, better care, care that keeps children at home, less restrictive care, is being denied to children that need it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There's a lot of arguing about hipsters on food stamps. You know, I like being one of the middle class with a bad attitude. When folks who made millions off of betting are still living large, what's the point of begrudging someone a rabbit? A lot of people are having difficulty getting work, and a lot of work doesn't actually pay enough for say...crazy things like food. Let's say you can only get 24 hours a week at Target. At 7.50$ an hour, that's $720 a month. So in many areas, you could [possibly] pay the rent, but pretty much anything else would be extra.

If you ate shitty food, you'd probably also be at risk for some illnesses, which would put you back even more. I agree with the folks who say these hipsters will pay a lot more back into the system than we're spending on their organic black bean tacos. I think that not only do people who don't make much have inherent human value, that a lot of value is undercounted.

Maybe we should invest in people on the bottom. Those organic rabbit buying 'kids' give jobs to the cashier, the people in charge of meat processing, the truck driver, etc. What are those fat cats doing with their bonuses? I'm not seeing it circulate.

And I think a lot of people forgot that young folks were encouraged to go to college, and yes, a lot of young people weren't able to be in the most 'useful' majors- not everyone has the ability to be an engineer, and anyway, if everyone has an engineer, there wouldn't be enough jobs for all of them. BTW: please don't throw every single person into retail! That sort of thing is why I needed to explain to a guy at a crafts store that that thing there is a seam ripper, and that I own one.

I also don't think we'd be working any less if we stopped giving these kids their $200 for their bean tacos.
Personally, I think a separate school police force would be too expensive and open a can of legal worms. We also need to be tough on sexual harassment in our schools.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I wonder if we think that women who are feminine, and interested in performing sexuality instead of not performing it are more delicate than the rest of us. We're always concerned about their feelings, but ignore the prude and non feminine woman shaming that is pervasive in our culture. BTW, linking to MS. And it's only some heterosexual men who enjoy the current porn paradigm of 'sex', either.

In response to idiots like this, we shouldn't insist that we're pretty, we shave, we know how to cook! Instead it's not important whether we're pretty, shave or know how to cook, we deserve rights anyway! And if we don't do whatever dumbfuckery the 21st century makes up that women gotta do, we're still valuable people. We're not decorations or wombs or whatever else!

Also, on why blaming celibacy or gayness for child rape is wrong.
I agree- answering strange ads on craigslist about NSA sex would be breaking one's vows, but child rape also breaks the vows, and is harmful to the child as well. Someone who was concerned only about sexual release could masturbate or gain a willing partner- only a total slimeball would rape a kid.
Oddly, my dreamscapes repeat. My undergrad college used to be a castle with a garden outside, but now it has a beach on the far side of campus. Once in my dreams, I was in the town near the beach alone, but someone from college saw me, and sent people after me to take me back. Today's dream involved me going to a job interview on a unit in a mental institution with oddly gothic[like churches, not like people wearing black and stuff] architecture. Everyone from my program was there, even though everyone had jobs but me. The unit was all children and adolescents. They were all black and brown, now that I think about it. The parking lot was enclosed with walls and the inmates were running around in the asylum...

Yes, this post has no point. It's just more about my ordinary uninteresting life. In real life, I tend to obsessively document my boring life. Then again, I like to collect things, and organize them obsessively too. I collect information and sort it. This compulsiveness is probably really odd, but I guess it takes all kinds to make a world.

Monday, March 15, 2010

As a terrible person, who hates decency, I really don't care that a few folks are eating SALMON with food stamps. You know why? People always say WE'RE BUSTING OUR ASSES AND THESE PEOPLE ARE EATING DELICIOUS SALMON! But are there really any jobs for these folks to bust their asses at? According to the rules, they have convinced someone to actually give them 20 hours a week of work, and they probably are doing the hell that is job hunting[so, this job wants an enthusiastic, energetic person with 10 years of experience and it pays....9 BUCKS PER HOUR?! Oh, this job looks good! You only need three years of experience...THEY WANT YOU TO PAY THEM TO WORK THERE?!] so I'm sure they are suffering enough, even though I'm not sure why we need people to suffer so we can feel better about our pathetic and petty lives, but hey, whatever.
Shhh! Before folks get wind and we're all expected to have shiny crystals in our labia! I agree with the being masculine is about not doing stuff. As a slacker, I'm totally jealous! Playing video games, being sloppy, wearing shoes with room for your toes, not shaving 3/4s of your body area... *siiigh* Even though I'm not a man, I have totally embraced that lifestyle... Even wearing a dress feels like drag to me. A cheaper lifestyle with less work... *daydreams for the rest of the day*

BTW: I just bought an Xbox 360 for 165$. Compare that to weird vag things.

And awesome,eh? eh?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"If wealth was based on hard work, African-Americans would be the wealthiest people in our nation," she said. "It's not about behavior. It's about government policies. Who does the government help and who is it not helping?

"Our government knows how to build wealth for people. They've done it for others and they can do it for all of us. They need to focus some attention on women of color. Look at the situation and see what we need."

From this article.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Epic bra wearing!

The inconvenience of shaving is noted, and the fact that a man won't die if he gets one tiny pube caught in his throat.
Does porn make young men into 2d fetishists? Ok, this post is out of the addtheater ghetto, I'll have to explain what a 2d fetish is. A 2d fetish is when a person is drawn only to girls from anime, manga, or video games. I was reading this article on the difference between a 3d sister and a 2d sister[warning: big eyed girls and panties in the link], and I think that sums it up.

A real girl and a real relationship requires work and vunerbility. A real girl wears period panties sometimes, enjoys hobbies you might not like, and has raw onion and garlic breath. A 2d girl doesn't require you to work on yourself, will always wear cute panties, and never has bad breath. You can never touch her, but that's the beauty of it- your fantasy will never be tarnished by reality.

But I think that when the fantasy falls away, and reality sets in, that's when true happiness becomes possible...
Mentally ill in terrible, soul crushing situations in group homes

Monday, March 08, 2010

I agree that going to therapists has helped many kids and adults. Now, kids are resilient, and can often solve problems on their own, but I wouldn't think that kids should endure major psychological distress for months on end just for the heck of it. Now, I love me some therapy, but I think that we should also move mental health promotion activities, such as art, groups where people can bond and socialize, and other things into the wider community.

Therapists can help people recover, but it's the everyday mental health promotion that keeps you well.

In other news, women in Chile are going without food and shelter!
Stop violence against women!

"Buy one less thing, invest in one more woman"

Salmonella found in every food item ever.

That rapist should be ashamed of himself, and so do the folks who didn't expel him from school.
I'm name calling someone who thinks that it should be unsafe for women to walk the streets, just cuz it's legal to leer, harass, and film doesn't mean it should pass without comment. Oh yea, and I can't be against a billion dollar industry because of personal freedom. Oh hell naw! Yes, it's allowed to mock, degrade and hurt women in 'art'*, but I'm also personally allowed to pick it apart. And dude is a million years behind the curve. Two or three generations behind the curve. I was in the first generation with truly widespread internet porno, but there's the kids coming up now too. I might not look at internet porn, but I am the one who had to explain that, yes, women have pubes, no, women tend to have gag reflexes, and no, really, ass to mouth is a bad idea. Internet porn is shaping our sexualities in ways that are pretty much like us all getting driving instruction from Too Fast Too Furious.

And porn genres like anal asians isn't about women and men going with the moment, connecting with each other- it's "yea, I'm in a scene doing anal today." It has no connection with Nashville Asian women doing anal with their boyfriend, unless their boyfriend pestered them into anal because of too much porno consumption. If they decided they need anal simulation- it's not media for others, it's enjoyment for themselves. But when we mix up media and reality, when we think that 'starlets' on twitter don't have a financial interest in flattering our egos, when we think that our own sex tape is the same as a film made by some company. I like how we often think that Lesbian Feminists Love Their Vaginas somehow absolves the million tons of woman hating sludge out there. Think about it- are our high schoolers and college students watching Lesbian Feminist Vagina Love or are they watching mainstream porno? Hint: It's like the difference between teens watching Avatar and teens watching Daughters of the Dust. Mainstream Hollywood doesn't get off the hook with a few prestige features, so why so eager to let the porn industry off the hook?

And yes, I didn't read his whole dumbass misogynist apologist twitter stream. I also don't follow MRAs on twitter either. I just read his dumbassery on his blog and responded. If he wants me to be nice to him, he can stop being a dumbfuck. Some women are nice, nurturing, now see here... I'm not! You want kid gloves, don't make excuses for oppressing me and mine.

Excuses hurt women. When they say, "I was just looking! I was just filming!", it's the woman who is scared or slut shamed. That's why dude is getting slammed by me. The excuses and justifications for male domination hurt real women, and I don't think I can forgive that.

And the sort of dude who thinks that being a man or a woman is that important to the family is just silly. Everyone has within them attributes that might be considered feminine or masculine. I'm aggressive, rude, and forthright, but I also like emotions and crafts, and people say I'm 'good with children'. Some men are gentle, kind and nurturing. I don't really mind the configuration of their genitalia, just as long as they create warm and loving homes. Two manly men can create a home for a child, and two manly women can too.

This dude is from outer space if he doesn't think media including porno can shape expectations. Porno IS media. It isn't sex. It's media.

If I can go "dude, Edward from Twilight is a stalker!" or "What's with romance novels being thinly veiled rape fantasies?" I can also go "why is 'mature' considered a fetish item? Are women over 35 considered nonsexual even though obviously their sexuality is still thriving?" "How did shaved pussy go from a fetish to the norm?" "What's the effect of gonzo porn on the mainstream? Does it add pressure to go nastier?"

Sunday, March 07, 2010

What's so 'careless' about explaining to your son what's going on? Saying Mommy's sick with a fetus[not mentioned here, but they then looked at pictures of fetuses in books] is a sensible way of explaining what's going on to a SIX YEAR OLD. And the idea that no one can go forward and try to say "Hey, I had an abortion. I'm not ashamed" unless they are perfect is bunk. I think not being perfect makes it better. We have this vision that unless a woman's a perfect plaster saint, we can't feel any sympathy for her. It's always black and white. Either you are a good woman, or you're an evil whore slut who kills babies for fun! Let's break that dichotomy down with a fucking hammer.

George Will complains about men making economic choices. Now, masculinity demands you not listen to those wimminz who say you have to sit down and learn something[although nowadays we say that boys and men shouldn't be expected to sit down and learn things, before, many of the men we admire from olden days, learned Latin and Greek, using memorization. There's nothing about being male that makes you incapable of self discipline and control, and working towards a goal with hard work!]

In the past, if you had that attitude, you were protected from competition from women, and of course, we had strong unions, so you could move up and support a family, even if you thought you didn't need to do sissy things like read a book. Now, not so much.

Another problem is that yes, many men live at home, but I can imagine why. Maybe they have jobs but the jobs pay so little that if they moved out, they'd be short on rent every single month. They know that on the job, there's no security. Even if they work themselves to the bone, they might get fifty cents extra or maybe be laid off for their trouble.

I'm very confused by folks who say that marriage is terrible for men because they can't just stick a woman with kids and have them live in poverty. Maybe some men should be solely responsible for childcare for a week, and they'll stop whining,eh?
What the fuck?. A bunch of weirdos decide to stalk and harrass some people who have merely been swinging. Their world view is pretty scary. I see some harmless old people with a strange hobby, and they see the devil on earth.
Glad I'm not a teacher. You do your best and work your hardest, but of course, getting kids to improve is like herding cats, so you'll get laid off anyway. I'm reading this, and I have to admit...maybe I'm a terrible person, but what does some lady having been a prostitute have to do with her ability as a teacher? I'm not saying she should CURRENTLY be a prostitute, but if she has renounced it and wants to change her lifestyle, she should be able to move forward in life.

Everyone always slams the teacher's unions and I wonder if it's just union busting or not.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

How sports take out more than they put into our institutions of learning.
Let's mock this dumbass! He blows a lot of hot air about porn, completely ignoring that porn is ACTING. A PERFORMANCE. A HUGE ASS INDUSTRY. THAT WHEN THE REST OF US GET BUSY, WE GOTTA GO AND GET FOLKS TO UNLEARN THIS BS. Yes, some women are in this industry making bank. He says Oh, nobody made them perform in porn. Yay for them! That's a side step, though. I'm not talking about how happy and great folks might feel in real life[although folks overstate this.] I'm talking about what the porn industry is putting out there for us to consume. Nobody made anyone perform in blackface, either, but I'm not going to accept that it's all cool and non problematic. I understand that some people think anything with sex in it is saved from comment. Me? No fucking way. Public 'art' is there for public comment. Just because porn depicts people performing sex acts doesn't mean that we can't be like "dude, she's faking it. And I bet she doesn't actually do that in the bedroom. She gets her check, she keeps on rolling, paying her rent, saving for school." It's like actors. I don't think that every single black actor who has been a slap stick soul brother in a film goes around at every party yelling their catch phrase. No, no, no. And when guys that Sonjata or whatever say that they really think this is about two people in the bedroom, that they just woke up one day and decided to make a sex tape, that creeps me out. The actress is separate from her role. Yes, she's being cast as a one dimensional caricature of race and sex, but that's not who she is.

[BTW: I thought of a better analogy later and decided to add it. Porn is like a reality tv show. Now, reality tv uses 'real people' but they cast them, they edit things out, there's a general story line. Even if we're going less The Bachelor and more Intervention, you can't use all of the footage, so people make choices on what would be the most exciting. People's behavior also tends to change when cameras go on, and the type of person who wants to be filmed is not representative of the entire population- so even 'amateur' porn has many differences from the bedrooms of the majority of people]

You can't say don't judge people's bedrooms when the windows are wide open. If porn actors, directors and producers wanted us not to talk about their work, they'd not post it on the net, nor would they try to induce people to spend money on it.

You see, when folks say they can't tell the difference between a fantasy, even a misogynistic white centric fantasy, and reality, that scares me. No no no! Real sex doesn't come in neat boxes of anal asians, black man on white girl, or 'mature'. Real sex isn't a performance, market tested, hoping for the biggest audience, or the one with the most cash. Porn? It's like pro wrestling. STAGED. Not to mention, women can make misogynist trash too. Check out Twilight.

And his experience of feminists claming that looking at a woman is sexual harrassment is as phoney balony as the white folks who swear up and down, up and down, that black people stole their spot in college, or MRAs who swear up and down that women are poking holes in condoms and using turkey basters in their exhaustive drive to have screaming babies wake them up every single day for months on end. I just don't believe it. I think it's because I hear so much minimization of male violence or at least male jerkassery.

I bet once we get to the end of that story of 'just looking', we'll have guys leering on the street, folks looking at folks undressing, and video tapes of people's panties all in 'just looking'. I mean, if actual rape can be called 'having sex' by news outlets, what can we expect from dude?

BTW: If a black person with a penis identifies as a woman, I go with it. The idea that if only fathers would come back and head the family, all would be fine does trivialize women's work, and makes it invisible. "Oh yea...I guess you work, and do tons of childcare and housework. But man! If only more men were fathers..." is the attitude. I don't think being a man or being a woman is essential to the family. It's the person who does the work, who takes care of the kids when they are sick, who teaches, who guides, who mentors who is important to the family, even if they are both women, both men, men and women in nontraditonal roles. Not to mention, maybe some of us don't want to be in traditional families, and actually, the idea that only the nuclear family model is good for the black community is played out.

It's too tied to economics. When things get tough, without the ability to be 'the provider', we see folks giving up. But, I think there are other models that can protect all children, even if dad gets ill and dies, even if the mom becomes addicted. And not all women and not all men want to be breadwinner and home drudge.

Also, yes, I did call out the general male privilege of "I deserve this sort of woman". Because it annoys me. Men seem to believe they deserve the proverbial ten, when they are batting more at a one, or maybe a two. I'm not attacking all black men, just the sort of black man who says I'm not dating black women for X reason, and you look at him, and say "and you're so great, why?"

Friday, March 05, 2010

Man, who is this dude, and why is he such a dick? I sat quietly through the whole 'it might be circumstance' and of course, the ridic porn apology shit[I think an issue is that people equate porn with sex, and the issue is that good sex involves two people interacting in a way that both people enjoy, and porn is all about one sided performance- no personality- a black woman isn't a human being with her own preferences, likes and dislikes! she's a ghetto ho! , a race to the bottom in terms of sexual acts[I can't even imagine what could be worse than the modern state of porn and what bodily features on women will be considered gross and wrong next]]

But what the shit is with this mess?

I'm leery of this one because I have come across a number of proclaimed feminist who feel that if a man so much as looks at her, it is sexual harassment. Seriously. I have actually had this discussion. Simple attempts to engage in conversation in public was deemed sexual harassment. I'm serious about that one too. What bothers me is the usual loud silence by other feminists when these things are said and posted on certain feminist websites. They call it "creating a safe place for women". I call it tolerating and allowing the promotion of BS. Fact is that among normal human males and females, the fact that we as a species are poly-estrous means that "mating season" is every day of the week. Human males and females try to get each others attention every day of the week. It is normal. There are a lot of men who go way overboard on their attention seeking. This is where culture and proper parental upbringing (particularly fathers and father figures) come into play.

I enjoy the idea that men will magically come in and save everyone. This is a common fantasy in the black community, that if only a STRONG BLACK MAN would HEAD THE FAMILY, everything would be alright. Of course, there's not really anything we can do to make individual men do this, and if they do, there's still the real issues of poverty and racism to tackle. It also makes it seem that black women doing tons of work don't count just because we don't have penises[yes, a few black women have penises, but they aren't accepted by this crowd]. And the whole I WAS JUST GETTING HER ATTENTION mess. Really, dude, don't apologize for those assholes.

Assholes ruin it for everybody. You can't have it both ways. Either men can go and 'get a woman's attention' by following her down the street, making crude remarks, and touching a woman in an unwanted manner[really, would you want some dude who smelled like he took a bath in shit water doing that to you? then why is it OK for women to be attacked?] or you can nut up and say, hey, that's not cool.

And talking smack about black women seems to be a special black male privilege. It's a shit sandwich! You work hard, get educated, and dude who ain't graduated from high school complain about how you're too fat! While you're looking at his ass, and it's not exactly super fit! I think the fact that it's so annoying is that when you say I don't date black women because of insert bullshit here, I'm thinking, what? all black women? everywhere? European black women? Canadian black women? Black women working as bus mechanics and black women going to Yale? Black women into the arts and black women into the club? Black women who are sexual exhibitionists and black women who are very religious? Lesbian black women and trans black women and everyone else who I have forgotten? It's like don't ignore all of us! This ain't porn. Once you seen one black woman, you haven't seen them all.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

There's a lot of discussion about student movements, white people, and also anarchists. As a person who is not any help at all, I agree with the person who said that no group is essentially revolutionary. Personally, I've retired as a revolutionary, and what I am struggling with is mostly the mystery of why I have had two epic bouts of throwing up in a week.
Article about campus rape on NPR. I'd like to note that not all college students drink the whole week and never actually work. I personally had to study really hard in college. Now, some people will be like BUT THE HOOK UP CULTURE IS GREAT! SEXUAL EMPOWERMENT! RAH! But the truth is that a lot of predators use it as an excuse for their actions. They'll say "Oh, we were BOTH DRUNK, and anyway she just REGRETTED IT in the morning". And of course, that sort of scene provides them perfect cover. The heavy drinking means they can not only attack victims more easily, but also make an excuse for their actions. The expectation of sexual activity means that not only can the experienced predator manipulate the victim into things she might not be comfortable with[as a big meanie who hates men and sex, just because she's ok with making out doesn't mean she wants to go anal!], but they can also try to shame the woman for thinking she could have some fun without some asshole ruining everything by raping her.

And no, commenters, more prostitution would NOT help. In a place where we got cops raping prostitutes, I really don't believe that prostitution helps reduce rape at all. If the men need sexual release so much, they can use their hands.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

And here's a chinese cultural concept that does not seem translatable. I just like linking.

Also, some insano says that if we don't beat the children with the rod, they'll be terrible people. A Christian lady is shocked.
I'm still going bwuh about the assumption that everyone is in the same model of WE MUST HAVE SEX EVERY THREE MINUTES OR WE'LL DIE! Now, when I don't have sex, maybe I'm vaguely horny. I'll masturbate. But it's not as deep as everyone represents it like. And I'm glad to be child free. I was innocently looking at facebook, and this lady was like "My baby is finally sleeping through the night." Aw,right? Then I realized that this lady's kid is NEARLY A YEAR OLD! And I hear that babies screaming through the night for that long isn't that unusual either. So when people ask when I'm going to get married and use my baby maker, I say hahaha, no.

BTW! If you don't sleep, you get real physical issues- you physically can't go without sleep for more than maybe a week without having serious issues.
You can go a lifetime without sex with no real ill effects. Sleep is a physical need! Sex is nice to have, but you're not going to actually die if you don't have it. Oddly, I find that this has to be actually said.

And also, I think Monique's hairy legs aren't to be lumped in with the open marriage thing. Once I asked to shave my legs after being policed at school about OMG, I FORGOT TO SHAVE, and my mom freaked out so I also emphasize with the black snob's opinion, but just showing your legs isn't TMI. Now, the open marriage thing isn't that bad. Stay with me here! I think it's good for some people, and she shouldn't be shamed to say that it works for her. Now, if she wants to tell us all that she likes to be submissive in bed, that's TMI. But this? not so much

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They are wanking over at Pandagon. Before I go into it, here's an amusing comment:

Honestly, that’s what I’m getting from her too. “I’ve dated so many men you wouldn’t believe! And now I’m in a happy, long-term relationship with a guy I adore and we never have to work at it! All you people who are lonely/shy/unattractive/looking for a relationship/not as fuck-happy as I am need to STFU cry moar ‘cause I got mine. Also, asexuals are probably emotionally manipulative; if you expect someone to put up with you you’d better put out or you’re obviously trying to guilt them into stuff.*”

Hehehe! Anyway, there's a big mess about asexuality. Lindsay Bernstein tells us all about how asexuals are being jerks, since everyone expects folks to put out!

So Lurker says, dude, you got boundary issues!

And then she's like, you got a probs with logic!

Cerebus explains asexuality and the issues therein.

A new word appears- 'sexplain'

And also, this is a great post.

Personally, I'm not an asexual, but as a sexual, the model of LET'S HAVE SEX WITH PEOPLE WHO WE BARELY KNOW doesn't work for me, and there's shaming even for people who would eventually like to have sex, if they know the person, and the shaming for people who actually are asexual must be terrible.

Monday, March 01, 2010

I think people are really short sighted. Consolidating would streamline the government. The problem is that people believe that someone who is in the city and someone who is down the street and live in the county, somehow the problems are divided with the government. It doesn't work that way! If you're a criminal, you know how to cross the street. Really! And if you think that not educating millions of children in the city is going to be a good idea, you're an idiot.