Sunday, March 07, 2010

What's so 'careless' about explaining to your son what's going on? Saying Mommy's sick with a fetus[not mentioned here, but they then looked at pictures of fetuses in books] is a sensible way of explaining what's going on to a SIX YEAR OLD. And the idea that no one can go forward and try to say "Hey, I had an abortion. I'm not ashamed" unless they are perfect is bunk. I think not being perfect makes it better. We have this vision that unless a woman's a perfect plaster saint, we can't feel any sympathy for her. It's always black and white. Either you are a good woman, or you're an evil whore slut who kills babies for fun! Let's break that dichotomy down with a fucking hammer.

George Will complains about men making economic choices. Now, masculinity demands you not listen to those wimminz who say you have to sit down and learn something[although nowadays we say that boys and men shouldn't be expected to sit down and learn things, before, many of the men we admire from olden days, learned Latin and Greek, using memorization. There's nothing about being male that makes you incapable of self discipline and control, and working towards a goal with hard work!]

In the past, if you had that attitude, you were protected from competition from women, and of course, we had strong unions, so you could move up and support a family, even if you thought you didn't need to do sissy things like read a book. Now, not so much.

Another problem is that yes, many men live at home, but I can imagine why. Maybe they have jobs but the jobs pay so little that if they moved out, they'd be short on rent every single month. They know that on the job, there's no security. Even if they work themselves to the bone, they might get fifty cents extra or maybe be laid off for their trouble.

I'm very confused by folks who say that marriage is terrible for men because they can't just stick a woman with kids and have them live in poverty. Maybe some men should be solely responsible for childcare for a week, and they'll stop whining,eh?

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