Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm still going bwuh about the assumption that everyone is in the same model of WE MUST HAVE SEX EVERY THREE MINUTES OR WE'LL DIE! Now, when I don't have sex, maybe I'm vaguely horny. I'll masturbate. But it's not as deep as everyone represents it like. And I'm glad to be child free. I was innocently looking at facebook, and this lady was like "My baby is finally sleeping through the night." Aw,right? Then I realized that this lady's kid is NEARLY A YEAR OLD! And I hear that babies screaming through the night for that long isn't that unusual either. So when people ask when I'm going to get married and use my baby maker, I say hahaha, no.

BTW! If you don't sleep, you get real physical issues- you physically can't go without sleep for more than maybe a week without having serious issues.
You can go a lifetime without sex with no real ill effects. Sleep is a physical need! Sex is nice to have, but you're not going to actually die if you don't have it. Oddly, I find that this has to be actually said.

And also, I think Monique's hairy legs aren't to be lumped in with the open marriage thing. Once I asked to shave my legs after being policed at school about OMG, I FORGOT TO SHAVE, and my mom freaked out so I also emphasize with the black snob's opinion, but just showing your legs isn't TMI. Now, the open marriage thing isn't that bad. Stay with me here! I think it's good for some people, and she shouldn't be shamed to say that it works for her. Now, if she wants to tell us all that she likes to be submissive in bed, that's TMI. But this? not so much

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