Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oddly, my dreamscapes repeat. My undergrad college used to be a castle with a garden outside, but now it has a beach on the far side of campus. Once in my dreams, I was in the town near the beach alone, but someone from college saw me, and sent people after me to take me back. Today's dream involved me going to a job interview on a unit in a mental institution with oddly gothic[like churches, not like people wearing black and stuff] architecture. Everyone from my program was there, even though everyone had jobs but me. The unit was all children and adolescents. They were all black and brown, now that I think about it. The parking lot was enclosed with walls and the inmates were running around in the asylum...

Yes, this post has no point. It's just more about my ordinary uninteresting life. In real life, I tend to obsessively document my boring life. Then again, I like to collect things, and organize them obsessively too. I collect information and sort it. This compulsiveness is probably really odd, but I guess it takes all kinds to make a world.

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