Wednesday, July 29, 2009

While I'm waiting for the world to change, I'd like to bitch about those damn kids. Those damn kids may or may not congregate around the building where my class is held. They perpetrate crimes against fashion, Memphis style. I can't remember exactly what they are, but they are there. They use bad language. I dropped a water bottle near them and one swore, saying bitch please! Due to the stimulus money, there's a lot more of them than usual, swelling the coveted ranks of the jobs program. They talk to women who are much older than them, even calling my prof a drink of water, she reports. Some boys in semi preppy vests tried to talk to me. I think they used ma'am. When their paychecks are late, they are antsy. Some may be trying to pay rent or funnel money to little brothers or sisters, and some may want the latest shirt to deal with the all consuming rites of adolescence.

I can't help but thinking there would be a big difference in reaction if the crimes against fashion committed were hunting camo, confederate flags or redneck tattoos. I say this, but the sea of class is between us. Something else divides us, but I can't name it. A former honor student; all my effort has gone to dust. I half want the kids to blaze their own paths, but the other half of me says THOSE DAMN KIDS!
I was reading Pandagon[yes, I know!] and I thought that the fact that I am a slacker is greatly determined by my gender. I work 30 hours a week in my nonpaid job. Now, for a dude, that would be great! But as a woman, I'm expected to do girly crap[with what money? and you can spend all day in the beauty shop, just sitting there], clean stuff, etc. I'm an old maid at 25, so I don't have to do a bunch of wedding planning or fool with kids[today I had a hard time thinking of a solution for a woman who wanted a changing table our bathroom didn't have]

Possibly related, is bfp's story about health. The health care debate pains me because we talk about cost,cost, cost, and nothing about the cost of keeping everyone sick! Or the cost of being a woman doing a complicated calculus about how many cups of rice are in your pepper and how many points that is. Or the cost of being a little kid asking for an adult's chips and getting a lecture about working for what you want.

I think about this guy at work. He's biked from 18 miles to get his classes and drug tests so he doesn't have to spend a weekend, a week in jail. So he doesn't have to miss work and lose money for his wife, his nine grandkids. There's so much going on, that even I, a middle classer apparently closer to the ground than those on their lofty perches talking about how if health care was free, we'd use more of it.

What about the cost of our babies born too little, too soon, too sick? What about that?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Apparently Harlan Ellison, a sci fi writer, is a racist. Kay Tempest Bradford? Vaguely I feel she's a good writer, maybe. I should probably write. Sometimes I can use grammatically correct sentences.
I learn that if only we ate organic and ran 500 miles a day, we'd all be healthy and wouldn't need that pesky 'health care' Wow! I bet we never thought of that before! Hold the phones, smart folk! Don't spend years and years thinking about class, social structure, and even...ACTUAL BIOLOGY?! Heh, the germ theory of disease, the fact that cancer is a multifaceted illness that can't always be warded off by eating organic tomatoes, and the simple fact that shit happens and you might want to use medical science to take care of that fucking sucking chest wound you have there doesn't matter. Man, folks who don't know shit are the experts of our time.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I discovered that yesterday a blogger nicknamed shemale[megan julca, I believe. She used to hang around stupidfree a lot and people would make possibly transexist jokes about how they'd hit it] blogged about the whole piny voz thing. I have no important insight about this matter. I was just about to go to bed, and then I noticed that I had opened that post 11 hours or so ago. Well, enjoy!
I promised to bitch about my pain, and it's 5:30 in the morning and my shoulder is all sore and my head hurts, so I will write about it. I don't hurt a lot , but I hurt often. I swear, at least 5 or 6 days a week, *SOMETHING* hurts. Most often it is my shoulders, upper back or head, but sometimes I'll randomly get pain in my wrists, fingers, ankles, and knees too. Sometimes my arms hurt now that I think of it. You know, in typing all this, I forgot where I was going with this. Maybe I was going to talk about chronic pain that isn't bad enough to use narcotics on? Or was I just bitching? Also, why am I still awake? and why aren't I sleepy? Well...I'll figure it out later.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Neuroatypicals write funny bingo cards. card 1 card 2. There are many things I may not be able to do normally, but my different abilities have become part of me. I understand that many want to be cured, but I don't know. They say that cure is not healing or recovery, or was it that healing or recovery is not cure?
These guys deserve a good punch in the face.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey voz has deleted her lj.
I'm an outlier as well. I always have to say, 'shut up, mcjudgeypants'. It takes me forever to drag my body with its aching, hollow feeling bones around the block. You, with your ability to run ten miles on one leg, are also an outlier, but I'm always being beaten with your example. I can always recite your accomplishments. You work 70 hours a week, and then come home to your perfectly organized house. It only took you an hour to organize it, and it takes you ten minutes a day to clean it. Every day you wake up at 5, run 10 miles, etc. I can't remember all of them, but I'm sure someone will fill me in on them whenever I discuss my real life.

I like to think that you're some sort of Mary Sue that people create for themselves. Your home might be organized, but it really took you twenty hours to get it that way. Maybe you do really run at 5 am, but only 2 miles. Of course, I sometimes see your actual embodiment, running faster than I can ever imagine. I'm in your wake, in your shadow. The words of my track coach from middle school come back to me 'she can't compete.'

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Woah, even I'll work an 8 hour shift, dudes. Although, doing one standing up might be a problem for me, as standing makes my legs hurt. Although sitting makes my arms hurt. OK, everything makes my arms hurt. One day I'll write a nice long blog post complaining about my pain, and it'll hurt you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Man, we have good ol' single mom wank here. Some women just like having large numbers of children, and sometimes it's better to walk away from a relationship than stay.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Apparently voz said she wanted to discuss this stuff on her blog.
As you all know, I'm an asshole. Piny talks about another one. I am not an expert on trans issues, but I think it's cool if piny wants to change her gender back to female from male. Her body, her business. Anyway, I'm cool with people working this out where others can see. I'm an asshole, but with the power of assholery, comes the ability of others to tell you to STFU.

When I was an evil greater asshole than I am now, I used to throw my pain at others without caring about the effects. But sadly, I'm still an asshole.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

OH my god. If these BLANKITY BLANKS don't shut up about why don't you protest against the thugs, I'm going to go out and manage my anger in an inappropriate manner! If those types had their fucking brains on, which they don't, they'd use logic. I'm against shooting people myself, but the truth is that me marching in the street would be pretty ineffective, and that's why we don't march against the thugs.

Antiviolence programs are often done in churches, in schools, and inside homes. People doing anger management groups are often helping curb the violence more than carping about those blacks and their terrible community,etc. They act as if we aren't the same. As if they need to just hole up someplace and tell us all how to live and then everything will be perfect.

NO DUDES! GET OUT AND PUSH OR ADMIT YOU DON'T REALLY CARE! Stop bagging on us! It's like you're using this as a stick to beat us with in annalouise's words.[although I'm a cheap bastard and say I can realize my capacity to heal myself for free]
I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed that I was rolling around the pond near my home in a wheelchair. I was in it because my legs hurt when I walked and I wanted some exercise. I fell off of it, was bitten by a snake, and ended up having to stay home from work.

The pain of the average child. Personally, I think that most children aren't getting teachers and tutors to deal with their averageness, but I may be off. It sucks being an average adult too. I'm certainly below average in energy for example, so I always feel guilty for my lack of doing stuff.

I don't like hippies so I laughed at this comment. Also, a child with rare childhood onset schizophrenia is misunderstood in this stupid.

I should look into the prevalence of childhood onset bipolar. I hear it is rare but being diagnosed more often.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Friday, July 03, 2009

Thanks to the net, I learned that homebirth will be BANNED!!!!!1111 because Australia doesn't want to spend money on homebirthing. I'm not saying that Australia shouldn't spend money on homebirthing, but that's different from banning it. Saying it will become too expensive to become a midwife would be more accurate and would annoy me less. If they made it so that only people with 20 years of experience could be counselors, that would be a big problem for many people, but going THEY ARE BANNING THERAPY!!!111! is inaccurate and obscures issues.

Actually in the US, counselors carry insurance. Also some discussion on the issue in the comments.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

One of the most important woman obligations is to feel bad about your motherly performance. To help you with this, I release ten reasons why YOU,yes,YOU are a bad mom.

1)You're too fat. ONE SLICE OF CHEESE A DAY IS TEN POUNDS! YOU'RE GIVING YOUR KIDS OBESITY WITH YOUR EATING HABITS! Because as we know, even if your children are all sick, you work full time, and your husband is off playing Fallout 3 23 hours a day while ignoring the screams of the children, you must worry about the calorie content of cheese.

2)You're single. How dare you dump some guy who treats you like crap or that you're just not happy with? Don't you know that you must hold on to a sperm donor no matter how much he degrades your quality of life?

3)You have too much sex. The horror! I must go to my fainting couch and get my clutching pearls right now.

4)You feed your kindergartner nuts. Don't give nuts to children under 6, you idiot.

5)You watch R rated movies. Corrupting your children with your very thoughts!


7)You formula feed. YOU'RE KILLING YOUR BABY!

8)You're poor. You shouldn't be off providing crazy things like food and shelter for your child, or worse, using taxpayer money to provide luxuries such as that. You should be stuck at home reading wholesome books and blending organic apples into baby food, which is the only thing children under the age of ten should eat. EVER.

9)You let your mom watch your child. Your mom thinks cookies and milk are an appropriate snack instead of a 4 oz cup of soy yogurt.

10)You allowed your child to watch tv. Might as well toss them in the river if you're going to let them do that.