Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On channel 3 news, a black woman was shown talking about how she is looking for new members of her lesbian sorority at the University of Memphis. Apparently this is a national organization. News story here.
I swear by resistance tubes now. We got a set of them for $6 at Marshalls and I can do a variety of toning exercises. One could even watch TV while exercising. I also use my old sports jumprope, which I got a long time ago, price unknown. It's black, plastic, with padded handles.
Punkass Marc notes that if someone critques something, it doesn't mean they want all examples of it gone from the earth. For god's sake, I'm glad someone noticed that. I really don't like movies like Soul Plane. I think they help entrench racist stereotypes. This does not mean I want bad black movies banned, or will call you names if I note that you've been watching Little Man, or god forbid, Crossover. I just want people to understand that the idea that all black people are crazy buffoons is not exactly the most positive image, and isn't true. This certainly doesn't mean I hate black actors or wish they were all starving in the street.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lesbian strip club changes strip dynamics.
In other news, Jay Sennett explains why comparing woman born woman space to women of color space is racist.

Also, a black transman talks about his experiences.

Also, there's a blog against classism day.
Amanda talks about the empowerful woman, with the help of one of the punkass guys(?) and of course the blaming of Twisty.

I have to admit I like snideness and rudeness and all sorts of other nastiness. I've been making fun of the empowerful woman since I got a period. And I was direct about it. From noting that some 10 year olds were wearing more makeup than the rest of the free world to asking if the jr cheerleaders were uncomfortable with guys looking at their butts, I wasn't exactly the soul of kindness and sweetness. Of course, by high school, I was reading the Beauty Myth and Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady(interestingly enough, the word of the day for today is sui generis, which I learned from that book). The latter had enough snark for 50s Femininity to last for years. And of course by the beginning of college, Bitch magazine was my big to do, with of course, the attendant snark about everything under the sun.

I've grown up with snark, and so I've developed a taste for it. It's a lot more direct and biting than oh sweetie, puking all over men's cocks is a perfectly normal and healthy form of sexuality. But why don't you tell your sweetie that maybe you would like to not puke on his cock today? And seriously, I don't have time for your finer sensibilities.

It's just either you're ready or you're not. When you're not ready, even honey, tell your sweetie that vomiting on his cock doesn't make you happy sounds like OMG, you dumb bitch. You are a tool of the patriarchy and will never amount to anything. I wish you'd die. But when you're ready, you can see the humor in the idea that maybe puking on cocks is ridiculous. You're ready to laugh at the very idea.

I'm not miss perfect or whatever. But I'm able to find the humor in the idea that the crotch length miniskirt I wore the day before yesterday is expressing my sexuality, my essential me-ness and Femininity, but somehow my sexuality isn't expressed in a baggy t shirt and shorts as if the starting point for getting off couldn't be either of the two outfits. I am able to laugh at the fact that I hobble around in shoes I can barely walk in, and that cause my relatives to burst into laughter whenever they see me walking because of the obsession of women's shoe makers with heels of all types.

Basically,I think there's a new type of feminism in town- one that requires a sense of humor and a bit of flex. The world is absurd, the patriarchy is absurd, let's laugh at it, and tell the truth at the same time.

*An aside, I was rude before I started making fun of empowerful girls. I called my brother a doo doo head at 18 months, and got my pacifier taken away.

Monday, August 28, 2006 recruited gang members really get folders of information? Also, if your child gets calls at all hours of the night, their grades drop and they have new friends, they are in a gang. Or they are teenagers. It's hard to tell. Oh yea, and if your kid has Jonny the Homocidal Maniac drawings on his/her backpack, they are in a gang.

I wish the Daily Show wasn't a rerun, because the news sucks.
Today I got into an accident and was scolded by my dad about obeying traffic laws.

Also, this lady was like near Seattle on Mt Hood, there are all these vines on trees, they are like nature's dreadlocks. I didn't know whether to be offended or not.

Also, I don't see why church ministers don't have a bee in their bonnet about pimps instead of gay people. Now, just from the information that someone is gay, you don't know much about their lifestyle. They could be saints in living form or the worst people you've ever met. But pimps, yea, it's really likely they've done something wrong.
A person I know got blog of the day. People from the real Idlewild are mad about the film. You know, some of Pearl Clege's novels are set in the real Idlewild. I have heard that the real Idlewild was a causality of intergration. That when blacks were allowed into many different places, they stopped supporting the black resorts and businesses that had created many of the elite. But that's just what I have heard.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Under the guise of Christianity, children are being taught that Africa is full of witchcraft and corn liquor drinking people, and Europe is full of false Christians who distort the Bible. Just say no to crazy ass shit.

Also, a class question. I'm always confused by people who say "well, simply by not having cable TV and buying thrift store clothes I was able to home school, and we're really not class privileged" I don't get it. When I think of a non class privileged person, I imagine that one has to eat burnt dinner, because there's not enough cash to buy extra food when your mom burnt the food, or that your lights might go out because you didn't pay the bill or that you never retain a lot of cash from your summer job because you had to give it to your parents. I wonder what other people think qualifies?
Idlewild is the best movie ever. I swear the revival of the movie musicial is the best thing since sliced bread. Great songs, and oh, the costuming was great(I want to recreate some of Angel's earrings!) and oh the cinematography- oh, in the big shoot out scene, the light coming through the bullet holes.. that shot was to die for. And yes, it's the best use of special effects in a musical ever. And the best sex scene ever- yay, black love! Run, don't walk to the movie theater. Support black film without buffoonery in it!

*In history notes, I wondered if machine guns were avaliable to the general gangstery at that time. Also, I heard that those sort of ornate photographs of the dead really were a tradition.

*In a sex wars note, I like good brassy whores instead of the whore with a heart of gold type. Glad none of the latter showed their faces in this movie.
Ne Yo is rumored to have come out as gay.
A depressing story about child abuse in the system. It's sad when grown ass men take advantage of girls who don't have anything.

Skinhead beats black girls with metal baton, avoids jail time. Worth of black life, white freedom compared, black life comes out loser.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A man learns that empowerment is not reading great literature, exploring new places, helping others, gaining strength or anything like that. Instead he learns that taking a pole dancing class at the gym is the key.

In other news, take a black history tour of Memphis. Here is one and also, what I think is the biggest tour company. Also a company that generally has black history tours. A See Memphis Tour

On nubian's blog in the comments of this post, I found a link to people protesting survivor.

Also, in August 26's Barlett and Cordova A section of the Commerical Appeal, for reasons unknown to me, the Heritage Baptist Academy posted a legal notice that they don't discriminate based on race, etc. WTF?

Also, perverts ruin stripping for everyone. Ok, asshats, tip god damn you. No, the strippers won't go out with you, and keep your hands off.
Twisty is back:

I allude to the confident, photogenic, entirely fictitious female who inhabits TV ads, “Sex in the City,” Oprah, and the popular imagination. Today’s woman isn’t a feminist. She doesn’t need to be, because she’s empowered.

She may only earn 3/4 of what a man earns, but she damn well has the empower to look sexy doing it in her cheapcrap push-up bra from Victoria’s Secret. She has the empower to demand pink products from manufacturers. She has the empower to cry out ‘I did it for me!’ when she gets her boob job; maybe she even has the empower to believe it. The empowerful woman is saucy, yet feminine. Clever, yet feminine. In her early thirties, yet feminine. Heterosexual, yet feminine. Stays in shape eating Lean Cuisine and sweating blue Gatorade while kickboxing in slow motion, yet feminine. Yes, the empowerful woman is many things. Too bad powerful isn’t one of them. That’s because feminine is all of them.

This is why I always crook a suspicious eyebrow at stuff that looks exactly like the old construct of feminity(and yes, the whore is part of that. You can't have the Madonna without the whore) but mysteriously is supposed to be different because of some reason or the other. The truth is that a lot of ideas that were revolutionary in the past have been coopted in the media. (feeling a new freedom from women's lib? try new freedom maxi pads.)

The idea of women's choices seems to only apply to a woman's choice to be sexual in the quest for the almighty dollar or to make the choice to wear exactly what everyone else wears(the world shudders with the blow for feminism I struck by getting a pair of kitten heel shoes for $5 at Payless) . Now, if a woman wants to choose not to have a baby, to love women in a real way, not staged for some man's titilation, to stand up for themselves, to have ones own sexuality, to wear shoes that aren't patently ridiculous the folks who are for your choice to be the Walmart version of a Playboy playmate are all nark, you sexually repressed feminazi.

This reminds me of an article about the Tip Drill protest:

I also do not wish to demonize the women who participate in the videos and who feel the tug of the capitalist puppet strings and see this as an easy way to make money. Our criticism was directed toward Nelly, not the women in his videos, but I do hope to help them see that while they may feel autonomous in the choices they make, the implication of their decisions are global, impacting how African-American women are viewed world wide.

People can criticize the results of people's choices without attacking them. It is not true that feminism is everything a woman does. It's a large ideology comprising many sometimes contradictory elements, but the truth of the matter is that some stuff is just for fun or what you do in your personal life. When I make jewelry, that's not a feminist act. It's just me making pretty sparkles. And I can be fine with that.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Black people on the internet show excitment about Idlewild. I will go tommorow. Please support black movies that look like they aren't a bunch of coonery. Showtimes everyone, showtimes.
Rumors: I hear in TN it's illegal for a realtor to say they won't show in a certain area, or that someone doesn't need to live in X neighborhood.

A 13 year old student at mom's school got knocked up. Please draw your own implications.

Boring Stuff: A girl one year older than me who already has a baby is getting married. The South is a strange place.
Super heart! In other news, Brother Bear 2 looks like it'll have a woman of color in it, apparently an Alaskan native. Also, I'm selling a bunch of shit on ebay. Big corporation Showtime is on youtube.

Also, in racism, asshats make black kids sit in the back of the bus and Mississippi church members embarrass everyone in the South by voting to not let black people in their church.
Tsk, tsk, shame on the Michigan Women's Music Festival. Also, sex and race is closed til October.

a note: *pout* I wanna go. PLEASE let the trans people in so I can go? Ok, yea, it's not as good a reason as not discriminating against people, but when did I ever give a good reason for anything?

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sexwars footnote: High class call girls pimped. from the NSFW ethnoerotica. I think about the issues of exploitation in prostitution when you don't have time to.
Nothing annoys me more than how women are encouraged to think about doing something for themselves or caring for themselves it's always some crap like getting a pedicure or a new outfit. You know, nothing that could actually make you a better person- just some dumb fashion crap. Full of hate!
Also, on youtube search for either Ebichu or Momoiro Sisters and hilarity will ensue. Both are not safe for work and both are less than a victory for women everywhere. Momoiro Sisters has suggestive jokes but tends not to have nudity, but Ebichu has more nudity in the service of its suggestive jokes. Ebichu's episodes are nearly ten minutes long, but Momoiro's are shorter at 5 minutes.
Today's PSAs:

I am trying to get together a group for the chalk art festival on September 9th.

I encourage people to consider a career in rehabilitation counseling, which helps people with disabilities live better lives. There is apparently a shortage of counselors. The University of Memphis offers a summer research fellowship to ethnic minority undergrads.

I also encourage everyone to donate to their local women's clinic. Birth control prices have gone up, causing a budget squeeze for many centers. The morning after pill has been approved for over the counter sale to women over age 18. I would suggest that maybe one could keep a few extra on hand for say, a teen that confides in you that she has had unprotected sex, or a friend who was raped(although I would encourage her to go to the police) Do note that this pill does not cause abortions and works best within 72 hours of the unprotected intercourse.
Astronomers hate Pluto. Will John Scalzi's kid have them eaten in effigy?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My third blog was updated today. Yes, I have three blogs.
LOL, otakin! Because the internet wasn't crazy enough before. Also, I laughed so hard at this wank, my bladder nearly exploded. Ha ha ha, Inu Yasha the anti christ.
I was reading sex and race which has in fact not reopened and is now on friends only posting, and there was a post about the Michigan's Women's Music Festival. Many viewpoints were expressed, but I'd like to complain. I don't see why they can't let some transwomen in. They've given up maleness to become women. It's not like they can just wake up tommorow and go back to being men, anyway. I don't get it.
(sexwarstriggers) My eyebrows were raised by Iamcuriousblue:

To clarify – everybody has “issues” around sex, but some people have more issues that others, sometimes a great deal more – and sometimes a great deal less. People who choose to do sex work are generally people who have fewer issues about sex than most people – they’re less likely to get skeeved out about having sex with someone they’ve never met, about strangers seeing them with their clothes off, etc. One thing I really don’t think anti-porn folks get is that its entirely possible to be that uninhibited sexually without being damaged in some way.

So, yes, being sexually uninhibited does not mean one would necessarily choose to do sex work, but being sexually inhibited would certainly prevent one from choosing to do so. And if you have major issues around sex (and some of the threads I’ve read concerning BDSM, oral sex, etc, suggest to me that radfems have a tad more issues than most people), you might not even be able to imagine how someone could choose sex work voluntarily.

I feel somehow insulted here. Or maybe a lot of people are being insulted somehow.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Breaking Up with Shannon Doherty(sp?)- players- that's how you get AIDs. I'm glad that douchebag got dumped.

In other news, my cousin's baby got into preschool, even though she was able to identify a triangle(which she hadn't been coached on- the ABCs and her address she has been coached on, but not shapes)
Janice Dickerson's Modeling Agency: in the casting call, they had a woman who worked in a gentleman's club, who has bruises on her knees from crawling around on the floor.

In personal news: My cousin's baby is taking her test for preschool today. She took it before, but she scored too high(I don't understand why they have to score low to get into preschool for) The poor who teach their kids ABCs need thier kids in preschool as well!

Also, feministe has links to a good discussion of Girls Gone Wild. At Alas, pink games.

I'm not so sure about this guy's solution to the problem of child perverts looking at semi clothed pictures of children that abusive adults put online, but think about it. (nsfw, depictions of adult nudity, sexuality)

Hahaha, NADS!
(sex wars triggers) I have to admit that I have a poor personality. I've been bottling it up and trying to be kinder, gentler, and cuss less. But now I think I will make a rude generalization for no reason. The more you tie your politics to what you do with your pussy the less of a sense of humor you have. For example, Amanda was accused of 'pube prudery' because she found something fucked up about an ad with cats displaying hairstyles that in fact are so tacky you will never find them on my vagina(at least they didn't try the bullseye or the arrow pointing down, otherwise, I'd be like I've had it with this motherfucking pubic topography on this motherfucking vagina!)

I'm going to make up an absurd and unusual explanation for this. I think it's like tying your politics to rights for snakes or something. Using this thread from fandom wank, we note that one idiot thinks that Snakes on a Plane is going to be the end for snakes. It is also true that some idiots protest possible lifesaving cures because it'll kill the apes or the embryos or some dumb shit like that. So my theory is that if you focus on some narrow ass shit, you lose your perspective.

If your ego is invested in arguing that there's not any harm in the way the sexual culture today is, you miss many points of information, such as the fact that people really do search for bestality porn on the internet or that I'm still scarred for life from seeing *that* pic as a 13 year old(of course, having a classmate who thought it was apporpiate to send me pics of a girl fucking herself with a banana in 9th grade.)

* *that* pic is a legendary piece of hentai art in the agff newsgroup by the perverted artist Darksilver. It depicts the FF6 character Relm(who luckily has been aged to early teenagehood instead of her actual age in the game) being fucked by her dog Interceptor. Personally, I'm still disturbed by the time he put into that.

Monday, August 21, 2006

The University of Memphis has a bird flu blog. I was surprised with that there was a new prostitution thread. I got so lost trying to find my car that I didn't have to do any lower body work with the bands today.

I was amused
. (NSFW, depiction of an orgy)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I saw an ad for all new episodes of Girlfriends on the CW, so it's official.
(sex wars triggers) In this thread about assumptions about prostitution, the idea has been put forth that prostitution furthers harmful stereotypes about women. Now, by this I don't think punkass marc means that all prostitutes are antifeminists. A good case could be made that playing Harvest Moon gives way to stereotypes that women are wooed by a big house and lots of gifts. Some may say that all the other villagers love gifts as well, and that in Harvest Moon for Girls, the boys like gifts too(but the game ends when you get married? Boo!) However, this does not mean that playing Harvest Moon automatically makes you an anti feminist- it just means that sometimes your hobbies aren't in line with your ideology. And yea, sometimes a woman's job may not be in line with their ideology. It's the same as when you work at the huge corporate offices of BigCorp as when you work at the NonUnionized Shakejoint. It's not a big deal, as this is real life, and not everything can be as nice as it is in the world of ideals.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I watched Snakes on a Plane. Spoilers may come after this. I was thrilled, although I understood why they were carding at the theater. I spent half the movie with my eyes closed. I have to admit I hate the scary movie cliche that the person who is having sex dies first(and of course with the girl in the (sex wars trigger) slut uniform) and I have to admit that I would have prefer the sexy flight attendant to be as useful as the serious one. And did that guy really have to make a thai hooker joke? And I would have preferred that the guy from Keenan and Kell actually be able to fly a plane.
Sex wars trigger warning.

I am glad that the pro prostitution camp in this fight has noted that prostitutes aren't having a big orgasm party. (an aside: I'm not pro prostitution- prostitutes shouldn't be arrested, but the whole thing has a lot of potential for abuse, and is often abused.) I mean, even if you enjoy being a prostitute, and are proud of your work, and even if you can screen your clients and make them take baths beforehand, it's not like you can only take hot guys who are good at fucking and want tons of foreplay if you want your pussy to pay the rent. And sometimes, yea, I can imagine that you might not feel like having sex that day. It's like being a comics artist. It's fun to draw, and all that, but sometimes, you don't feel like drawing.

Vaguely related and probably not sense making: I have a hard time putting together a thought map of sex positive feminism. I never know what I'm supposed to be up in arms about. I'm not a fan of outing people, but otherwise, while I don't mind if you start up a Woman of Color All Anal Porn Emporium, you know, some other people may not like it. Some may not think your all anal, all the time photo shoots really add to the goal of empowering women. The truth of the matter is that we all are coming from different places.

I feel a sympathy for people who talk about the patriarchy. An early reader of bell hooks(who speaks of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, in fact, this is one of her signature phrases) my experience resonated with that analysis. From 12 year old white girls who were convinced that they were fat(and who I rolled my eyes at, til at age 21, I gained 10 pounds mysteriously, and started to worry about why I was larger than partically everyone at college) to the fact that the video vixens which formed a great part of the overly sexualized image of black women don't even get paid, yet still show up in great numbers to shake their bootys in hopes of being discovered, well, to me, there's a great deal of expectations of how women are supposed to present themselves sexually, and how women are defined by using their bodies, not their brains.

I don't think anyone can truly be free from their culture. What others want from us, the expectations for our life roles that we got when we were young, what is considered possible for us, what others respond to, that all weaves into the decisions we make. And some voices are louder than others.

The image of the do me feminist was mostly a media creation. "Women are doing for you- male readers!" had cultural currency because it softened the idea of feminism- instead of threatening women who may take charge of their own pleasure, may say "no", may think you are inadequate, may not try to be visually pleasant for you, may not in fact even desire men, they substituted the idea of women who of course would love to be exactly like the archetype of the porn star, but with a little extra spice thrown in.

So a large part of the original cultural sexism seemed enshrined in a form of feminism to many. I have to admit that real sex positive feminism turns me off because of the old style idea that a woman is defined by what she does with her genitalia.

If someone criticizes a sex act that we do, we have to be upset, because that sex act is who we are. We're blow job givers, we are sex workers, we are subs. I don't identify like that. If I give a blow job, it doesn't become part of my identity. If I let a guy spank my bottom, I don't have to get offended if someone thinks that it harkens back to the old days when a man could spank his wife and still be approved of.

The truth is that the spanking gets it spice from part of that echo. The idea of a man dominating a woman has been abused in many different ways. The truth is that sometimes we do things that aren't feminist, as no one is ever pure in any sort of movement. But if we do do stuff that isn't, it's not a big deal. If someone says, hey, that's not feminist, we will survive.

Our lives are not in danger, our friends will not forsake us, our world will not cave in. The ties of feminism are stronger than disagreement. Our shared passion for the strength of women won't dim because some don't approve of some things we do. Everyday, we go out to the wider world, and the wider culture. Everyday, we deal with our own negiotiations. Everyday, we deal with people outside of feminism. Everyday, we deal with many different people with different feelings. We still survive.
In other news, I was reading Rachel's blog, and I noted this link to a study that shows that black students are being steered towards community colleges.

Friday, August 18, 2006

I didn't feel like going to snakes on a plane tonight, and so decided to stay in and watch Secretary.* I feel somehow that it's too soon for 9/11 coins, even if the twin towers rise up into a striking statue that shows hope or whatever.

Also, as of 8:11, Akeelah and the Bee is #68 in DVD top sellers on amazon. Go Akeelah!

OMG, American Girl Wank!
*sex wars triggers: I still think you should ask permission before hitting your coworkers on the ass.
A short interesting video on hijiras in India.

A heart breaking video.

Male prostitution in Japan.

Pt 1. PT 2 PT 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 Pt 6 Pt 7 Pt 8 Pt 9 of a short documentary on youth prostitution from Japan, to the US.

I didn't think I needed sex wars triggers on this post because I didn't give my own opinion, what do others think?

Another video from the same author.
Another good mac spoof. I put this one on my blog because it has a theme of economic exploitation. I yoinked it from afrogeeks.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

King Magazine has misogyny in it:

KerkorianÂ’s baby-mama still wasnÂ’t satisfied. She wanted their child to be legitimate and complained about not being married. Daddy Warbucks agreed to marry her and increase her child support to $50,000 per month, as long as she divorced him within a month.

She filed for divorce 30 days later and then asked him for $20 million to go away forever. But Kerkorian, finally catching on to BonderÂ’s gold-digger tendencies, ordered a blood test. And surprise, surprise, it wasnÂ’t his baby.

I like how the baby daddy handbook instead of telling guys how to be real fathers, such as say not thinking you need a cookie for looking after your own damn kids instead propogates the boogey woman of the terrible gold digger who fucks around on you. Because that's what men really need! Not say, a dose of responsibiliy, a reminder to know somebody before you stick your dick into them, not the shocking idea that it's your baby too, but you know, a story about what happened to some guy who makes more money than these guys will ever see in their lives to scare them about their little 7 dollar an hour check. Yea, because that totally makes sense.
Chicken Noodle Soup! My mom actually saw a student of hers(she teaches 8th grade) doing this.

In other news, rightstuf wants your whole paycheck! The obsessively addictive Twelve Kingdoms' second boxset is on sale. I got to episodes I haven't seen before, and I'm just dying I'm so happy.

From some lady I don't know, it's Pho Hoa Bihn

Do black people have a culture? A discussion to watch.Today's Without a Trace is good. I was shocked because a white man said institutionalized racism on TV. Good show of the workings of racism- instead of having a bunch of hooded klansmen burning down a black person's house, they simply show the white girl getting all the coverage, all the resources(the white man who said that is reducing the number of detectives on that case because he wants so badly to be promoted and the higher ups think that their agents are spread too thin),etc.
Spoilers for Spindle's End coming:

You know, I'm still confused about why Rosie and Peony switched places after Rosie woke Peony from her enchanted sleep. I wonder why even her mother doesn't remember Rosie. I guess that maybe it was a magical exchange. By this I mean, maybe Rosie gave up her crown in exchange for her friend's life? I think earlier in the book, Kat(oh I can't spell the rest of her name) had to offer something in exchange for the amulet. So maybe there was a sacrifice there? I probably got mixed up, which is a shame because magical exchange and sacrifice is always a theme I enjoy.

Spoilers for Twelve Kingdoms:

I find that watching a lot of a show in a row is a good way to do it for complicated shows like this. The first time I saw episode 13, I was like why is Sugimoto talking to this guy, but now I'm like OOOOOH! He's Taiki! Because I was able to remember what Enki said like a few episodes back I think in episode 8 or 9?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I like the last dying rays of summer. I'm happily watching the Man Whose Arms Exploded and cheating at Harvest Moon by looking up the recipes. Instead of doing anything today, I watched Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley True Hollywood Stories. Personally I think that when the folks involved don't have a career the story is always better. I don't care about how great they were, or how happy they were when Big Blockbuster X got them the Oscar, I want to hear about their downward spiral for crap's sake.

In other news, I bet a lot of white folks think the title of this post is the biggest racial problem in America.
Yay! ! .Me First and the Gimme Gimmes I finally remembered what they were called. Music LOVE!

In other news, please read the blackfolk 101 rules. I got no love for oreos either. If you've been reading my blog, you know I'm a renaissance negro, but for fuck's sake, so are millions of other people. I'm not the first black person to ever have fangasms over Spindle's End or love KT Tunstall, for fuck's sake. And plenty of black people are smart.

NSFW: What a terrible hair style. Just yuck.

Also, the baby crepe myrtle in my backyard finally bloomed. We thought it'd be red like the neighbor's (or white like ours), but it's more of a liliac color. WTF?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I want one.
Ok, in a friends only post in blackfolk, Bill Cosby's tired ass was discussed again, but I had a new idea, and I'd like to complain. Nothing annoys me more than the idea that the traditionally black person(who may in fact, omg, listen to rap! or wear baggy pants! or even shock and horrors, speak ebonics!) can't be successful or doesn't want to be as successful as us black people who speak 'standard' English, wear polo shirts, and like sappy white women singing about how their boyfriend is addicted to drugs, they went crazy and their dog ran away. I'd like to submit that that is bullshit.

There's no reason why a black person who 'acts black' can't study and stay in school. I mean, there's no stupidity potion that accrues to saggy pants that automatically makes you say "hey! I totally don't want to be a successful guy with a big house. I'd rather be shot at by a bunch of crazy dudes and end up in jail!" I mean, personally, what I found most helpful for my educational development wasn't not saying 'ain't' or 'I be going' but more class based niceties, as a mother that was able to teach me to read early, or the fact that I was able to have textbooks that weren't from 1986.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of the people talking about how people without the proper class markers are immoral or lazy or whatever are one generation off welfare themselves or one paycheck from being on the street. Not to mention, the fact is that even if you speak ebonics with your friends, you can still speak 'standard' if someone is going to be picky about it, and heck, my mom thinks my Emory booty shorts shock all decency, but when I'm going on a job interview, I keep them at home.

The idea that there are two types of black people- the 'good' type who have the proper class markers, and those bad n words, with their baggy jeans and rap does us all a disservice. It breeds the idea in people that merely having the right class markers is an achievement or makes one special. When the truth is that person who speaks 'correctly' but does not help others or work to make the world better is less special than one who speaks ebonics but helps better others every day.

Also, it breeds a divide between us who are secure in our black identities and those who are not. If you're secure, you can embrace a lot of different things, and still not give away what is most important, your roots and where you have come from. But if you're not, it's hard to embrace your roots, or understand why some see value in blackness.
There's a new Octavia Butler lj community. Also, my electricity went off again. Why? Just why?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Secret of the Stars is the worst RPG ever.

Books from Birth is a worthy program you should donate to. If you live in the TN area(this link is for Shelby county), do sign up any kids under 5 that you know their parents would appreciate free books.

Kactus comes back.

On blackfolk, we learn that Harry Potter fandom has a lot of annoying plagiarists. I have this to say to them: DON'T DO FANFIC IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WRITE YOUR OWN CRAP. If you need to copy and paste from someone else, you don't need to have your story on the internet. Borrow a copy of Writing Down the Bones from the library so you can learn how to write your own stuff(learning to write ideas from your own head into your computer helps, people!). Try the famous Strunk and White and the dictionary as well because everyone likes correctly spelled and grammatically correct stories better than stories typed like this: sAILOR cUTEY WAS like OMG, WTF!!3!1

(sex war triggers) This link is just an excuse to say say no to pimping, especially of underage girls. Also, say no to pimping out your own kid.
WTC movie whitewashed. It's nearly guarenteed that some white person will think that's not racist.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

WTF! Detained for five years without charge? What's going on here?
That whole book thing reminds me I need to get a new copy of Sula. It used to be one of my favorites, but I traded my copy of it to my brother for a copy of Beloved. Since he ran off to New York, the odds of me getting that back(and of Catch 22, another book he borrowed from me) are not very high.

Also, AOL search special in the weekend web. In honor of this, I declare a new meme. What do you think is the top search term that has led people to your blog? I think mine is fruits scans. People wanting scans from the Japanese street fashion magazine fruits seem to alight here often.
I actually will answer the book questions:

1) One book that changed your life

Black Boy. It's the book that singlehandedly saved me from oreo hood. I identified with Wright a lot, and thus, never developed the oh woe is me. I am so special attitude. Now that shit drives me nuts.

2) One book you have read more than once?

I read nearly every single book I have more than once. Are there people who don't reread books? Although I got a ton of great Terry Prachett novels from a guy who supposedly doesn't. Anyway, I used to read Invisible Man or Black Boy at least once a year. It's only in my senior year of college that I didn't read either.

3) One book you would want on a desert island?

I have no fucking idea. Why do people ask stuff like that? I'll go with Lilith's Brood, just because.

4) One book that made you laugh?

Uh..I don't know. I'll put the Ivy Chronicles or anything by Terry Prachett

(5) One book that made you cry?

Beloved comes to mind?

(6) One book you wish you had written?

Jane Eyre? It's so great I had like writergasms over every page. But I Wish I Had a Red Dress too, in the more modern era.

(7) One book you wish had never been written?

The Bell Curve. I hate big meanies. *has reverted again* Sorry about that.

(8) One book you are currently reading?

Spindle's End. I swear, I am having fantasygasms over every page of this one too. It's so good. I started it this morning and am only 22 pages in, so time will tell.

9) One book you've been meaning to read?

I've been meaning to read Reading Lolita in Tehran for forever.

10) And tag five bloggers to do this, too.

Ain't! Whoever wants to do this and is dying to be tagged, consider yourself tagged. Create a new meme about movies while you are at it
From sex and race, a community that is closed, goddamnit, so stop asking the mods to make an exception and let you join:


Please feel free to pass this on to others.

1-800-SUICIDE Hotline Set to Shut Down on Saturday August 12

The nation's largest suicide hotline, 1-800-SUICIDE, is scheduled to go out of service this Saturday, August 12, 2006. There are currently negotiations in progress that may prevent this. However, in the event that these negotiations are not successful, NAMI is issuing this alert to raise public awareness of the alternative for those in need of help.

The alternative number for those in crisis is 1-800-273-TALK. This number will put callers in touch with the federally-funded National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a service that has been in operation since January, 2005. It functions as a central switchboard to immediately connect callers to virtually the same network of certified, local crisis centers accessed by 1-800-SUICIDE. So callers can receive counseling or emergency services, if needed, close to home.

All calls to the 1-800-273-TALK Lifeline are private and confidential. Confidentiality of personal information and of personal disclosures during calls is a high priority for the parties involved in operating the Lifeline.

The federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is working with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and the entire suicide prevention community to ensure that every call for help during a suicide crisis is answered. Some of the measures being put in place include:

Ensuring that the entire suicide-prevention community is working the phones and Internet to make sure that all referring agencies know that 1-800-273-TALK is the number to call for suicide intervention.
Notifying service providers, including directory 411 and 211 operators, that 1-800-SUICIDE is scheduled to go out of service beginning August 12, 2006 and to direct callers to 1-800-273-TALK for help.
Redirecting callers who call 1-800-SUICIDE to call 1-800-273-TALK through a recording.
As a part of this effort, NAMI will participate in a meeting with SAMHSA and its other partner groups on Friday afternoon, August 11, and we will issue an update afterwards if there is additional information to share.

NAMI urges you to help distribute this alert in your community. Together, we can ensure that every call for help is answered.

Thank you,

Michael J. Fitzpatrick, MSW
Executive Director

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Warning: sex war triggers.

I don't believe the sex industry is all fun and games. I'm sure there are many fun witty migrant workers and I'm sure some of their bosses gave them birthday presents or whatever, but that doesn't make it ok to work people to death for 10 cents an hour in the hot sun, now does it? In fact, there are many sex workers who do not like their work. While I don't think they should arrest the prostitutes, I can't in good conscience look on the bright side about it either. Sex workers who speak out about the abuses in their profession should be listened to as much as our model happy hookers:

During eight years as a sex worker in Olongapo and the capital Manila, Pascual says she was raped, beaten, forced into drug addiction and driven to the brink of suicide by abusive clients, pimps and bar owners.

I always get beaten and addicted to drugs when I work service jobs! Of course!

TANYA [translation]: Prostitution is hard on the body and soul. You wake up in the morning, think what the day has in store for you and shudder. And with my children growing up I was more and more worried that they'd find out what I did for a living

And this is with state health insurance.

Every time I turned a trick, I sold a piece of my soul. Although my heart wept, I didnÂ’t shed a tear, as they paid me to fulfill their fantasies.

They never looked in my eyes to see the pain or sorrow. I didnÂ’t know that I was priceless.

With Sex Industry Survivors, I hope to find others like me and, together, we can learn how to move beyond the pain of our past and learn how to laugh and live. Sex Industry Survivors and Anne Bissell are here to educate the public and police on the truths of sexual exploitation.

I believe that once people understand the truth, they will then have the compassion to effectively help others. Imagine, for a moment, what the world could be if we looked past the labels we all possess and embraced the humanism in each other. Imagine what the world could be if each of us cared just a little bit more.

Wendy Barnes
Former Prostitute

There is an interesting video attached to this. I don't agree with every single thing she says, but let people talk, you know?

"I lost my parents, I had no one to support me," said Judith, 21, who could be a student and once was. "I met another girl who told me: 'You are pretty, I will show you where you can get money easily.' That's when I began what I do here. Unfortunately I am not happy but it's my life."

In a story about how the use of condoms among sex workers is beinthwarteded by poverty.

MELINDA: If you haven't turned a trick you will eventually. I did not turn tricks while I stripped. After I hit 27 I did. I started working for massage parlors then I went on to escort services. It just leads to that. You get older, what else are you . . .you think that that was the only thing that you can do.

Hey, Memphis. This area is more than half black.

The worst part really is twofold. One, the threat of arrest and any other social repercussions, such as, you could get evicted from your apartment, if you rent. ... It's amazing how few civil rights and human rights prostitutes have. You cross that line into bad girl kingdom and basically serial killers and serial rapists have a welcome mat in comparison. The life of a sex worker is worth nothing. And her word is worth nothing if she goes into a court of law, because she's automatically considered a liar. She can have her children taken away. You could basically strip her of everything.

from a woman who had a good experience.

'NIKKI', FORMER PROSTITUTE: The worst story I heard was of a woman who was 19.

She was told she was coming here to do Thai massage.

But when she arrived here and realised what she had to do, she refused and so was locked in a room and she was ganged rape for several days by six men.

During that time she became infected, as in urinary infection.

She was bleeding and very upset and she still refused to work, so they basically left her alone in a room and they starved her and she had nothing to eat or drink for 10 days and she finally succumbed and did as she was told.

A discussion about Australian prostitution.
One of the problems I had as a prostitute working the streets is I couldn't work at home. Talking about abandoned and leaving your kids. I have two children and I raised five. I could never be at home because if I was at home I would got to jail, so I would have to move around. That's why I worked in so many different places. And then also when I was working the streets, I had to work by myself, because if I worked with other women, it was a conspiracy. A conspiracy is two to three years in jail, whereas a misdemeanor, 647b is a misdemeanor. When you see the police you want to be by yourself because if you get arrested you don't want to be arrested with other people because you might got to jail for 2 or 3 years

from testimony on prostitution. a black woman was harrassed by the police.

I didn't mind that much. It was kind of like the guys at school and everything, so it wasn't that big of a deal. And I did get raped and it felt like it was the same thing that all the other girls on the street were talking about. I had one friend, and he reacted the same as I expected if I had gone to an authority figure. He said I'm hustling and I should expect that. And it made me feel...well, I didn't feel like I could talk to anyone about it.

a lesbian teen discusses some of her experiences.
I went down to the police station I think the very next day after .. and he wanted me to do a taped conversation with the guy who raped me. We tried to call him several times and nobody answered. He wanted me to ... and say you never did pay me and I had to pick up the bill and I had to pay the agency and all that and try to get him to admit that he had done it because his statement said that I was just angry because he didn't pay me enough, but he didn't pay me anything.

A sex worker describes her rape.
Other sex work stories:

Also, this story on legalizing prostitution should be here because it is interesting.

Racism in the industry causes women of color to make less.

Indonesian sex workers suffer from AIDs

Links to all of the San Fransico sex work testimony.
I was going to go to the movies tonight, but since unbeknownst to me, they were giving out free tickets or having a premiere or god knows what in there(the line was miles long and they had a cop for crowd control) I decided to go back home and make up stories about how my brother's girlfriend's dad was in the mob.
A bad video of Empire and of As Cool as I Am

Fast weirdness: The deep bandaids were in the small ethnic hair section. I found fruit leather in that same Krogers, but then lost it after buying it. Damn me.
Latin@s are pissed off on LJ. Also, I like Dirty Girls Social Club. I like how she put in the issues of black Latin@s, domestic violence, political Latin@s, Latin@s who have lived in New Mexico before some of those punk ass white folk stepped off the boat, lesbians, and minority representation in the media into the chick lit genre. I mean, there's no reason a chicklit book needs to be devoid of politics or serious issues, in fact, I think the genre allows women to talk about serious issues on the sly- as Bridget Jones had the epinany that she doesn't think she needs calories to live, as in the Ivy Chronicles, Ivy Ames discovers that one can put their kids in public school and all hell will not break lose(also there's a small bit about how private schools don't want kids that are too diverse- the black admissions director(whose mother was a maid) says that Colin Powell's kid would be ok, but not the son of a maid(although he is a genius) or in the arguably chicklit novel I Wish I had a Red Dress, there is a lot of discourse about woman of color feminism, and also, the problems of negoiating space.

Now, if they had published these books as serious novels, these issues wouldn't be in front of such a large audience. They wouldn't want to be 'class warriors', or 'reverse racist' or 'femininazis who want to destroy the black family'. But put a few cartoons on the cover, put some blurbs about how it's a sassy beach read or whatever on the back, and any seriousness can be waved away with a calm hand.

Friday, August 11, 2006

In Ghost World(movie version), they didn't make up Coon's Chicken. It was a real place.
New airport regulations could fuck over the disabled.

In other news, Zimbwawean drag queen is awesome.
I was amused by this post. I wonder if I should put sex wars trigger warnings on some of my posts because I tend to post so much that even if I am talking about the sex wars on one post, the next post will be about Harvest Moon. While I'm typing, NSFW means not safe for work. It is a warning that if you click on that link, you may see things that could get you fired, make you give explanations to your kid that are like 'that's a game that only adults can play. So when you start paying some rent and move out, you can bother mommy on the computer, but until then, do your damn homework' or scandalize your mother and make her wish she could take away your computer.
Also, a new community blackfolkcooks has opened. You also should join people of color comics. Also, now babies are too fat. Now, I know it can be murder on your back to carry a child- I gave my cousin's baby a piggy back ride and nearly died, but come the fuck on

Thursday, August 10, 2006

This transatlantic terror plot as the evening news dubs it is retriggering me. Also, there is a critical shortage of mental health professionals in New Orleans. I don't have enough training to help, but hey, somebody reading this could.

In other news, why raunch culture is sex negative. I think the whole kit and kaboodle stinks,from how women are encouraged to shave their crotches to the idea that women only get off sexually from serving someone else.
Cultural Appropiation: Because dressing a white girl up as a stereotypical African is the only thing that can get white people to care about their fellow human beings.

The I'm a white liberal photoshops in the thread are great. Maybe I'll do one. Also, I was surprised that AOL Radio has a Final Fantasy station. In other news, the The Devil Wears Prada soundtrack doesn't have the song that plays during the first few minutes of the movie. This CD has it. It's Suddenly I See.
I saw Medea Goes to Jail. I counted:

4 1/2 songs about Jesus
2 conversions
3 guns shot
1 girl saved from prostitution
1 mention of Madea's past as a stripper
3 guys that the wife who didn't do housework fucked
1 baby near drowned
1 haha, white guy! joke
1 dance number about Jesus
3 or 4 breaks in the fourth wall
Prostitution is considered again. Another way that it is distingushed from just a everyday terrible lifesapping job is the risk of disease. Also, the second story here in this old newsletter is about strippers coerced into prostitution, something that does not normally happen in a straight job, and if it did, no one would say "well, once I had to put a cover sheet on my TPS report. That's totally the same!"

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An explanation of why Girls Gone Wild got popular. (site is NSFW)
I had a horrible headache, so I made a new LJ iconb, which is my second. Thank you,cuteoverload. You may use it, but do try to be like, animeg3282 cropped the image or some shit. In more drama news, blackfolk are warning the white women. In fact, the white folk are warning the white women as well.
Read this feministe post, and keep on being warned, all women! I know it's hard to have self esteem when you're halfway through that "Why You Don't Have a Man, You Total Loser(Tip: It's because You're Not Good Enough)" quiz, but click off that website! Don't listen to your stupid friends that say you're overreacting because he's so nice in public! When he treats you like shit in private, that's his true nature. RUN! Before it's too late and you end up in the hospital. And if all his black exes are supposedly hating on you because you're breaking up the black family, run, run, run, white women. They probably dumped his ass because he was an abusive dickhead. In fact, in general, if all his exes are crazy hellbeasts in his estimation, run. That's what he'll think of you once you get sick of his abuse.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

From comments on Zuzu's post on WIC:

Daphine Says:
August 8th, 2006 at 5:49 pm
Hopefully, some will take the time to send their comments?

Comments can be sent, before November 6, 2006, to:

1. Mail: Send comments to Patricia N. Daniels, Director, Supplemental Food Programs Division, Food and Nutrition Service, USDA, 3101 Park Center Drive, Room 528, Alexandria, Virginia 22302.
2. E-mail: Send comments to Include “Docket ID Number 0584-AD77, WIC Food Packages Rule,” in the subject line of the message. It would be helpful to also include in your message your organization and your city/state.
3. Federal eRulemaking Portal: Go to Follow the online instructions for submitting comments.
I saw My Sassy Girl today. I was a bit nervous about buying a Korean DVD, but luckily, the promised English subtitles were there, although it was slightly strange that the subtitles had explanations of the sound effects, and sometimes, the translation was not grammatically correct. I found the movie itself entertaining. A everyman type character gets dragged into helping a drunk girl on the subway. Hilarity ensues, as the girl ends up slapping him, telling him that she's going to kill him, and ordering him around generally. The couple goes though a lot of wacky hijinks from being threatened by a deserter to the guy sneaking into the girl's class to deliver a rose to her. I laughed a lot. Near the end, I felt really drawn in by the mushy romance part. Recommended.
Lately I've spoken to two people who haven't heard of Jane Eyre. *shakes head*

In other news, the LJ drama of the day is that some trifling black man is getting put on blast by a white woman. Note the funny icon. The post and icon are slightly NSFW. Oh yea, I guess it's been baleted, but hey, screen caps! This is why I say I have a bad personality, BTW.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My tips for the day:

Never pay your landlord in cash. It's really inconvenient for them, and plus, what if your landlords were douchebags and decide to say they didn't get it?

Never claim you're not black if you don't take care of your nappy edges. Everyone is laughing at you.

Never claim that Harvest Moon makes a serious claim for video games as art. Everyone is laughing at you. Especially if you talk about how it causes the player to ask what is love and what is success.

The statute of limitations for "the other black kids didn't understand me. I was so different from the others because I listened to X/spoke 'proper'/had no fashion sense" is around age 22. Actually, doing that while you're in college puts you on notice, but you get a grace period, you know?
LOL, white woman syndrome in the black folk awards.

Fat people prove that white priv trumps any other.
A comment on a blog:

A few years ago a couple of my students appeared in one of the videos, a consequence (per them) of too much alcohol and pressure from some Supposedly Liberal Dudes to show how “liberated” they were. They were pretty horrified about the whole thing afterwards, and worried (and still worry) that this will harm their legal careers. I helped them do some research about GGW and the company has a pretty scorched earth approach toward women who have second thoughts. I hope this story gets enough publicity that sensible people start giving GGW a wide berth.

Tip to all: if some guy tries to get you to do sexual stuff because otherwise you're not 'liberated' or because all the other girls he's met give it up like within the first night of meeting him, don't do it. He's a jerk.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Geh, with all the discussion about Girls Gone Wild, I'm going to have to put my two cents in. I may offend some. Ok, here it is:

Oh my fucking god, getting girls loaded and then encouraging them to act out sexually is a cruel and exploitive form of sexuality. Having them sign away the rights to the cash from their labor while they can't make a decent decision about it is just wrong. It's not freedom to fake pleasure so some creepy asshole can get off. It's not freedom to have some asshole make billions of dollars off your sexuality, and you get a t shirt and 2 seconds of fame? As someone who I don't remember said, you don't have anal sex with a stranger for the cause, and you shouldn't have naked pictures of you shown to horny idiots without you getting some decent compensation.

Not to mention, nothing annoys me more than the idea that women are only sexually fulfilled by servicing the sexuality of men. When folks are talking about women's sexual freedom, a lot of discourse is about women's 'choices' to perform in porn, to be strippers, to kiss other women not because they long for a woman's touch, but because some guy behind the camera thinks it'll be oh so hot. What about women who get off from say, actual touching of our erogenous zones,eh? Who don't get off on being desired, but actually desire? Who don't need to be paid to fuck? Our sexuality does not look like the fake sexuality shown in porn or these Girl Gone Wild films. And trying to link the sexuality of every woman to these commercialized forms does everyone's real sex lives a huge disservice.
A post about black burlesque performers. Please check out this history linked in the above post.It may be informative.

Newspaper story:moms breastfeed. Film at 11.

Woah(pictures of dead people in linked post)

Saturday, August 05, 2006

OMG! The rightstuf weekly update has come out, and I swear, I nearly orgasmed from pure consumer lust. 12 kingdoms, GALS!, Azumanga Daioh! Oh, my god! I want them all! Oh, how can I choose? Oh what should I do? Oh, and I want tons of movies, and books(especially the books I need for school too) Oh, what should I do? Oh, it's so terrible, but so wonderful at the same time!
An interesting conversation about lolita and feminism ensued. Personally, I'm suspicious of the whole dressing like a 'slut' being empowering thing because of how the supposed erotic power of all women has been put up as an excuse for us not having real lasting power. Don't worry your pretty little head about how many women are on the Supreme Court, you have the power of the pussy! Don't worry about pay gaps between men and women, female sex workers get paid more than their male counterparts! Totally ignoring the fact that most women aren't thin, white, conventionally attractive, etc, and thus have a much harder time drawing on this supposed power, this none the less is used to inure women to their second class status.

In other news, if you wear red shoes, everyone you know will die and your feet will be cut off. I love fairy tales. Anne Sexton's reimaginings are great too.

Snerk, I be a PHD
It's not a joke!

An interesting autism blog. I'm interested in autism now, as I am so horrible socially that some folks think I have aspergers. Don't ask me! Read this post, or you'll die a horrible death.

LOL, more loli toilet.

Disabled people think Jerry Lewis sucks.

Friday, August 04, 2006

This post led to a discussion of the good ol' days and how they sucked for everyone but rich white males. I have some anecdotes about that. By interviewing my parents, I was able to tell that their summers really sucked. Dad went and picked cotton in Arkansas(mom wasn't allowed to go, and her friend now says she wouldn't have made a good water girl, although her cousins were allowed to go), and Mom had to go to Mississippi and feed chickens and pick okra. This was in the 60s, as they were both born in 1954. I mean, it's not as bad as lynchings and all that(although mom remembers when she was first allowed into certain department stores) but basic everyday suckiness is a main component of why oppression is bad. Uh..yea, my brain has melted, so that's why this is poorly written.
LOL, porn fairies.

LOL, furries(nsfw, this is making fun of fetishes, so if you don't like fetishes being mocked, I take no responsibility for you being offended)

LOL. angelic pretty toilet (a good drawing on the thread
Pictures of a cute baby and puppy create debate on whether it is OK to joke about Asians eating dogs. I tend to avoid saying stuff like that because it's not really funny, and plus, I really don't need to put across the idea of Asians eating dogs enough to offend Asians that are offended by that. It's not that big a deal, so why offend people for no reason? It's like pick your offensiveness level. I'm quite eager to offend by saying Israel shouldn't drop bombs on Lebanese kids, because it's important that children aren't killed, but I don't go ha,ha, I went to a Jewish school, full o' Jews, they are so rich, etc, because who the fuck cares?
I saw The Devil Wears Prada. I am vaguely thinking this is the only movie in which I've seen a makeover and a demakeover. Also, what is the song that plays in the very first scene, and is it me or is Andy's b/f Nate, a vaguely Arab looking hottie? Also, thanks to this fun movie, I have some fashion inspiration. I felt a bit sad that I have nowhere to wear my sweet lolita wear, but what about a nice dandy look? Nice and masculine!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Your Top Needs:

1. Need to be respected. 6
2. Need to be approved of. 5
3. Need to be liked. 5
4. Need to be right. 5

I got this quiz from Brutal Women.
A blog against a group I've never heard of, which I found looking at the stats for my comics blog.

In other news, I LOL'd

Also, Because saying you wouldn't want to rent to some people and putting a picture of a Jewish person on the ad to illustrate makes you seem totally not bigoted and also, why everyone hates college republicans and thinks they are douches.
Today we voted. There were supporters of candidates outside my old high school waving their signs. Supporters of AC Wharton had gotten the best spot under a small building with dubious use(I think some sort of sports stuff is stored in there? It's been a long time). A Key supporter walked near the gate in a frankly dangerous position and some random guy was like do you want a copy of the democratic ticket. We declined it as we already had one. We got new Diebold machines, and I still don't get why we have appointed state supreme court judges, but we can vote if they should be retained or not. huh?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Now this is a good ad. I'm a bit restless yet not wanting to do any sustained work today. This sort of day always maddens me because nothing will get done, but by the time I realize that the day is already over. In Harvest Moon, I've married my imaginary girlfriend , sold 100 of my imaginary pineapples, and tried to organize the labor of the imaginary elves that work on my farm for only a pineapple or a omelet while I profit enourmously in an attempt to get myself ready to actually clean up my room in real life, but then I went online, and futzed around.

I did so much housework yesterday compared to what I usually do(I dried two loads of laundry, washed one, cooked spaghetti, put away two loads of towels, and put up the dishes), but today I'm lagging. The only work I've done is to take the groceries in and put them away.
Jen talks about how (insert color here)-face is offensive and wrong. I personally don't like Chapelle's (insert color here) face, and boycotted Nacho Libre and White Chicks as dumb looking movies.

Today's blackfolk standouts are Alicia Keyes on a cover that says Black Girls Rule and Idlewild. Please see black movies that don't look stupid like that dumb ass Little Man.

An anti sweatshop community has formed on livejournal.

A collection of erotica.

Dumbass feels he is oppressed because slash fic exists.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I was watching news channel 5*, and I was shocked and appalled. Basically, they want to create a new apartment building in the area near where I live where 20% of the apartments will be for low income folks. But some idiots are like omg, I moved to this nice neighborhood, oh, I wanted it to be crime free. And I'm like your neighborhood won't automatically be full of crime or bad because there's a few poor people around. It's a long commute to this area for many of the poorer residents who have jobs here, and it's better for the environment and their pocket books to live closer to work. Really, it's sad that some black folk gotta be so classist that they are against mixed class neighborhoods, which I think are better for everyone. Concentrated poverty I think is bad because richer neighborhoods have better schools, better city services, neighbors with money who can give you a hand up on some things. Not to mention, it's bad for us rich people to be too segregated, because we can get self righteous and snooty about our place in life, you know? If you've never met a poor person, it's easy to believe that they just don't work hard enough, or imagine they are all some sort of noble savage who is the salt of the earth, you know?

*read the newstory here.
I wanna be nominated for the black blogger awards too.
I want to see Idlewild. Yay, musicals.
MSNBC has informed me that Mel Gibson is a lying cracka ass cracka. Not an antisemite, not a bigot, my ass. You know, when I drink, I don't go off on how Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world, you know why? Because when I'm not drunk, I don't think that. So fuck Mel Gibson