Tuesday, August 22, 2006

(sex wars triggers) I have to admit that I have a poor personality. I've been bottling it up and trying to be kinder, gentler, and cuss less. But now I think I will make a rude generalization for no reason. The more you tie your politics to what you do with your pussy the less of a sense of humor you have. For example, Amanda was accused of 'pube prudery' because she found something fucked up about an ad with cats displaying hairstyles that in fact are so tacky you will never find them on my vagina(at least they didn't try the bullseye or the arrow pointing down, otherwise, I'd be like I've had it with this motherfucking pubic topography on this motherfucking vagina!)

I'm going to make up an absurd and unusual explanation for this. I think it's like tying your politics to rights for snakes or something. Using this thread from fandom wank, we note that one idiot thinks that Snakes on a Plane is going to be the end for snakes. It is also true that some idiots protest possible lifesaving cures because it'll kill the apes or the embryos or some dumb shit like that. So my theory is that if you focus on some narrow ass shit, you lose your perspective.

If your ego is invested in arguing that there's not any harm in the way the sexual culture today is, you miss many points of information, such as the fact that people really do search for bestality porn on the internet or that I'm still scarred for life from seeing *that* pic as a 13 year old(of course, having a classmate who thought it was apporpiate to send me pics of a girl fucking herself with a banana in 9th grade.)

* *that* pic is a legendary piece of hentai art in the agff newsgroup by the perverted artist Darksilver. It depicts the FF6 character Relm(who luckily has been aged to early teenagehood instead of her actual age in the game) being fucked by her dog Interceptor. Personally, I'm still disturbed by the time he put into that.

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