Wednesday, August 23, 2006

(sexwarstriggers) My eyebrows were raised by Iamcuriousblue:

To clarify – everybody has “issues” around sex, but some people have more issues that others, sometimes a great deal more – and sometimes a great deal less. People who choose to do sex work are generally people who have fewer issues about sex than most people – they’re less likely to get skeeved out about having sex with someone they’ve never met, about strangers seeing them with their clothes off, etc. One thing I really don’t think anti-porn folks get is that its entirely possible to be that uninhibited sexually without being damaged in some way.

So, yes, being sexually uninhibited does not mean one would necessarily choose to do sex work, but being sexually inhibited would certainly prevent one from choosing to do so. And if you have major issues around sex (and some of the threads I’ve read concerning BDSM, oral sex, etc, suggest to me that radfems have a tad more issues than most people), you might not even be able to imagine how someone could choose sex work voluntarily.

I feel somehow insulted here. Or maybe a lot of people are being insulted somehow.

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