Saturday, August 26, 2006

A man learns that empowerment is not reading great literature, exploring new places, helping others, gaining strength or anything like that. Instead he learns that taking a pole dancing class at the gym is the key.

In other news, take a black history tour of Memphis. Here is one and also, what I think is the biggest tour company. Also a company that generally has black history tours. A See Memphis Tour

On nubian's blog in the comments of this post, I found a link to people protesting survivor.

Also, in August 26's Barlett and Cordova A section of the Commerical Appeal, for reasons unknown to me, the Heritage Baptist Academy posted a legal notice that they don't discriminate based on race, etc. WTF?

Also, perverts ruin stripping for everyone. Ok, asshats, tip god damn you. No, the strippers won't go out with you, and keep your hands off.

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