Monday, August 14, 2006

Secret of the Stars is the worst RPG ever.

Books from Birth is a worthy program you should donate to. If you live in the TN area(this link is for Shelby county), do sign up any kids under 5 that you know their parents would appreciate free books.

Kactus comes back.

On blackfolk, we learn that Harry Potter fandom has a lot of annoying plagiarists. I have this to say to them: DON'T DO FANFIC IF YOU'RE NOT GOING TO WRITE YOUR OWN CRAP. If you need to copy and paste from someone else, you don't need to have your story on the internet. Borrow a copy of Writing Down the Bones from the library so you can learn how to write your own stuff(learning to write ideas from your own head into your computer helps, people!). Try the famous Strunk and White and the dictionary as well because everyone likes correctly spelled and grammatically correct stories better than stories typed like this: sAILOR cUTEY WAS like OMG, WTF!!3!1

(sex war triggers) This link is just an excuse to say say no to pimping, especially of underage girls. Also, say no to pimping out your own kid.

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