Sunday, August 20, 2006

(sex wars triggers) In this thread about assumptions about prostitution, the idea has been put forth that prostitution furthers harmful stereotypes about women. Now, by this I don't think punkass marc means that all prostitutes are antifeminists. A good case could be made that playing Harvest Moon gives way to stereotypes that women are wooed by a big house and lots of gifts. Some may say that all the other villagers love gifts as well, and that in Harvest Moon for Girls, the boys like gifts too(but the game ends when you get married? Boo!) However, this does not mean that playing Harvest Moon automatically makes you an anti feminist- it just means that sometimes your hobbies aren't in line with your ideology. And yea, sometimes a woman's job may not be in line with their ideology. It's the same as when you work at the huge corporate offices of BigCorp as when you work at the NonUnionized Shakejoint. It's not a big deal, as this is real life, and not everything can be as nice as it is in the world of ideals.

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