Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Uh...no. If you MUST birth at home, at least have a midwife. Also, vax your kids. This is why I prize facts over what your friends say. You often have these little groups like LJ mamas, mothers on livejournal who compete to say who breastfeeds the longest and who feeds their kid only the best organic food, etc, and they get totally cut off from reality.

Lulz, boob bingo.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Is it me or is the slutty senator's daughter in Greek slightly darker skinned than most of the other characters?

Also, Calvin[the gay black guy] + that white chick's hot black friend[Ashley?], OTP. Why is the black guy's dad an alum of the same mostly white frat? Oooh, the dad's all liberal and supportive. Oooh, that Ashley? or is it Michelle? girl was like Calvin's amazing, it's kinda hot. Total OTP! What's with that white chick's first sex partner making overblown references to ancient European history?

LULZ, breastfeeding wank.

LULZ, normal white family. Because Chinese people=abnormal.

I lol'd. [warning: not feminist]
Underground film

LULZ, vag...tastes like vag.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


by Loren Krywanczyk, July 23, 2007

I have to wonder why social justice activists aren't rioting in the
streets after what has happened to the "New Jersey Seven."

Perhaps you've never heard of the New Jersey Seven because the case
has received shockingly little media attention outside of New York
City. Or maybe you read one of the grossly inadequate representations
of the incident in the New York media and decided, along with many
social justice organizations, that it seems too complicated or risky
for you to get involved.

Regardless of what you have or have not heard: On August 18, 2006,
Dwayne Buckle harassed seven young, Black lesbians (the "New Jersey
Seven") in downtown Manhattan. Buckle made an advance on one of the
women and when rejected began to spew homophobic and misogynistic
slurs at them. He allegedly shoved one of the women and threw his
cigarette at her. A scuffle ensued, which ended with Buckle in the
hospital for five days with bruises and stab wounds. The case was
pushed through courts with unprecedented speed, and four of the women
were recently sentenced to prison terms ranging from 3 1/2 to 11
years. Buckle has not been charged with anything.

A few media sources have spectacularized the incident, catering to an
American public that is generally terrified of female masculinity and
of young people of color. The New York Daily News called the women a
"wolf pack of lesbians" and "a gang of petite but ornery lesbians."
The New York Post's epithets of choice were "rampaging lesbians" and
"seething, Sapphic septet." The New York Times referred to the women
as a "pack of marauding lesbians." In many news articles, Buckle's
thoughts are front and center. The women are marginalized and brushed
off as bloodthirsty and hysterical. Headlines like "Brawl to Bawl,"
found in the Daily News, illustrate the eagerness of the media to
build upon the discomfort far too many Americans feel with
female-bodied individuals, and particularly women of color, who are
not properly "feminine."

Media coverage has not accounted for or analyzed the many pressures
prompting the women to respond violently to Buckle on August 18th.
This is not an incident without historical precedence. What has
happened when a young lesbian of color finds herself in a similar
situation, but alone and unarmed? Sakia Gunn, a New Jersey teenage
lesbian, was the victim of an assault in 2003 that ended with her
being stabbed to death. Each of the New Jersey Seven knew Gunn.

Courts and the mainstream media indicate that the seven women should
have sat back and blindly hoped that Buckle didn't have a more deadly
physical assault in store for them - but they refused to make that
unwarranted leap of faith in a man who felt comfortable violating
them. They challenged Buckle's self-authorization, which is all too
common among heterosexual males, to treat female-bodied people however
he wanted to without seeking their consent.

The American justice system responded harshly and swiftly. The
sentencing was a ringing admonishment from the powers-that-be, warning
female-bodied people, young people, people of color, and queers not to
overstep their bounds â€" not even for the sake of self-defense.
Whatever you do, the American justice system warns us with its
unyielding condemnation of these women, don't fight fire with fire or
you will be made out to be an inhuman monster.

The purpose of critically examining the media representations of this
case is not to suggest that the women handled the situation in the
most effective way possible, but to illuminate that their choices were
limited in a way that has gone utterly unaccounted for. Their actions
have been distorted and deeply misunderstood by the courts and by the
mainstream media, who have failed to factor in racial, sexual, class,
age, and gendered experience in the handling of this case.

If the women had not been young and Black, would they have been
charged with gang-related activity? I highly doubt it.

The severe sentencing of the women and the absence of any charges
against Buckle are manifestations of a prevailing idea of what
constitutes self-defense. This abstract image of "appropriate"
self-defense behavior hinges on perceptions of the women's genders,
races, class statuses, and ages. "Justice" in this nation rarely
appears for the countless minoritized, disempowered individuals who
are harassed on a daily basis. The justice system and law enforcement
rarely defend anybody who does not have the resources, finances,
education, or savvy to access it. Anyone who simply condemns the New
Jersey Seven needs to reassess the naïve notion that the justice
system and law enforcement in our nation protect all individuals equally.

These women defended themselves. Judging from the way the justice
system and the mainstream media have treated them, that seems like a
wise decision.
Assholes rip off poor. Christian upset.

Throwing Korans in toilets- right or wrong? Personally, I'd avoid throwing Korans in toilets if at all possible.

Information on shitty comics.

Apparently you can sell your film on a website.
Just saying film making women

Friday, July 27, 2007

People really oversensationalize things. Even I know what the 'secret website' is. If I know what a 'secret website' is, it's not very secret. I'm not bound by rules 1 and 2, but it's totally obvious what it is. I'm not a member of the website not to be named, because there are only so many pasty white nerds one can stand in a day.
We all have different ways of knowing, which often clash. I tend to focus on generalities rather than specifics, facts rather than feelings, and I don't make political decisions based on affliation. Why? Because facts, generalities and logic over friendilness tend to be more reliable. People feel with equal intensity that child support is an injustice and that children going hungry is an injustice. If we just chose based on who is the loudest about how they have been hurt so bad, well, first, people who are suffering but are more stoic are ignored, second, people who have fewer means to complain about things get less heard than people who have more time, energy and money. This also serves to weed out fakers. In the years in which I came of age, fakers have become more prevalent- Christians who claim that Christians are persacuted in America, white men who are being oppressed by the perscence of black people on campus, etc. Using facts such as the percentage of people who are Christians, white people's wealth levels, etc, helps reduce the amount of false equivalence between the time this lady glared at you for breast feeding and the entire Civil Rights movement.

I also tend to focus on generalities rather than specifics because in my experience, one exception does not disprove a rule. Oprah doesn't mean that black people aren't economically disadvantaged, the fact that planes fly doesn't disprove gravity, and the fact that your Nigel is the best person ever doesn't disprove the general system of male dominance. I note that people have a tendency to believe that one vivid story means that that story is the norm. That's very nice if you're talking about very basic things, like "should I run out into the street" but on the societal level, just because a team of five or six people shoot chickens out of cannons, it does not follow that all people in that society shoot chickens out of cannons.

Not to mention, there is also the issue of self selection. In real life, your circle of friends often depends on proximity and common interests. Online, the group of people frequenting say, LJ AP_Racism and LJ Domestic Snark, tend to be different, although there is some overlap. Even in large common areas such as the etsy forums, the users tend to be female and to like to create objects. People with common interests may have other things in common, and certain people may talk more than other people. Even the type of person who is interested in my blog and the type of person who would be interested in Feministing are quite different, although they are both under the umbrella of feminist blogs.

One dynamic that I see on online spaces are that there are some dramatic people who are really loud, and people may believe that the views of those people are more representative than they are. Of course, I'm suspicious of thinking that affiliation is the path to truth. One example of this is my misogynist friend. He is in fact quite nice to me. But that doesn't make women illogical no matter how much he says it. One's personal qualities and whether one's arguments are true are in fact two seperate things.

So in summary- your brain is fucked, your friends are fucked, and truth is not a matter of opinion. K, thx,bai.
LULZ, no, Just no.

Essays using thoughts.

R Mil is sad because she has to live on the street.

I felt slightly moved and informed by this.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You should give kactus money, especially if you were just going to waste that money on porn.

Lulz, everyone busts on mr waaah, poor white me! Hey, it's stupid white person bingo!

I saw Sicko, because I saw an article in the newspaper about Dominicans and their hair, which was right next to the movie listings. The white folks behind me felt that people wouldn't listen to their protests ;_;

Harry Potter Macro without Spoilers.

Hey, it's a story about sex work!

Practical help for people doing survival sex work.

Hey, judges are fighting the stupid. So I am yelling slogans! Nobody is illegal!
White people, avoid using websites hosted by Stormfront for your information on Civil Rights. Think back to when you displayed a talent or competence at something. You don't need to join a club about how white people are better than other people if you've ever not failed at something. Maybe you didn't fail 1st grade math. Whatever it is, just think of it, and avoid these nutsos.

Like OMG, more about Potter!
OMGZ! The careers of the Potter folk.

LULZ, it's a video with bad words in it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I feel slightly angry about this, and was thinking thoughts about we need to get justice or something. There will be a followup story tomorrow. Why don't they have a lot of police officers in this area?

WTF? Don't reprint Gor! The whole all women=slaves is totally fucked up. Personally, I wouldn't be down for the whole "all women are drooling to be slaves" crap even if it was BDSM porn. Also, someone is talking about how shitty Gor is. Salon profiles these nutters.

Hey, manga on Salon!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Quality batshit.[spoilers]

Crazy Potter fans have funny community.[spoilers]

Oh yea, not to mention, black residents of New Orleans- you're screwed.

Copper thieves are dying. I feel sorry for the man with the 9 kids.
Sailorman says something stupid because he is a troll. But here's a story I made up because of it. Sometimes people aren't on your team. I tend to want to be way surer about who I let on my team than others. The way I've been treated by white folks, the way I've seen other people of color treated by white folks, doesn't inspire trust in me. So if they get their widdle fee fees hurt because I didn't give them a medal and a blowjob for being born white, well they can just go fuck themselves. White people who understand that people of other colors have more important things to do than coddle them are my true team mates. The truth is that people of color will not always act perfectly. They'll get angry, they'll make mistakes, they'll be jerks. If you're only my team mate, if you're only my friend, because I flatter you, or make you feel better about whatever you do, no matter how bad, I don't want to be on your team.

White people can choose to be good people, no matter if some of us are sometimes angry at them. No matter what, you can choose to be a person who does what is right even if it's not popular or fun. If you don't choose to be that way, well, you suck. But it's your choice.
I finished it! I finished it! I've read 199 books. But my thoughts on Shelia Jefferys will have to be on hold, as the trans section is all thick and I have to go around and study up transgendered people before arguing about it. Yay, funny harry potter reviews with spoilers! Yay, more spoiler humor! Look at this great analysis with spoilers!

Totes Harry Potter Spoilers:

Like what, is Harry the male Sailor Moon or something? All coming back to life because of the power of love, hearts and butterflies? I really wish that some of the other characters could be revived by the power of fluffy bunnies, cute kitties and rainbows.
A lady doesn't wear makeup. Erica feels judged. But she can go bite it, since nobody said that wearing makeup was bad.

I'm really disturbed by this blog. I'm just like let's all boycott Hustler and shit.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

God, look at that! That's so gross!

Shannon doesn't support women's choices to call tattooing cum slutt on themselves feminism.
Divorced from any context, this sort of 'it's my choice, so it can't be bad for me or women' stuff is pretty politically ineffective. Do what makes you feel good, but know that without any actual effect on the system, you're just masturbating.

Bleh, male dominance.

Black transfolks, rise up.

Uh no..

More pinkerton craziness.

Thin white girls posing naked is sooo outside normal beauty norms! A woman? has a critque.
Links against the Suicide Girls.
Harry Potter 7 Spoilers beyond this point:

Man, JK Rowlings knows what we really fear: bureaucrats with pictures of fluffy kitties everywhere. My blood is chilled. I also like the glimpses into the Wizard political and cultural system- good world building.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Etsy has become the mental illness liberation front. Also, the liberation from people with mental illnesses front. Something is bothering me here. Apparently it's fine to abandon your family member, who may end up dead on the street, but if you don't have enough money for a pet, you're the devil. What a mystery.

Rokali, rumored to be the etsy owner, starts a rare thread.

Also, I hate cleanliness. The house smelled fine, but I hate cloying strong scents. It stinks more than a house that stinks in ways that are undetectable to normal people.
Pottergasm! The themed packaging was oh so cute. Muggles, don't deliver til June 21st. I was a bit embarrassed that I came up right after I saw the mailman deliver mine. The mailman knows we have no children.. *I'm the 'child' here*
Our attention solicitors used to be way better back in the day. At least they arranged their clothing so that internet males could imagine they saw some vag or some nip. All we got here is an average woman in panties. If her panties were a bit longer, she could go out in public like that. [ok, barely].

Also, women who are able to menstruate because they have enough body fat are in fact the norm. We're not having a famine in the States here.
A white person cuts and cries over the fact that I lump white folks together. Being totally disconnected from reality, this moron doesn't notice the fact that black people are lumped together- all the time- on TV, on the radio, in the newspaper. Yes, I don't act like I've never interacted with white people before. I grew up with them, I see them every freaking day, I have a whole lot more understanding of their culture than white people who don't even know what Jim Crow was, or about the sanitation strike in Memphis and think they are experts on black people. I have to admit that white folks make me uncomfortable. I mean, it's a bad reflection on the nature of humans to see grown adults throwing temper tantrums every five seconds.

Friday, July 20, 2007

"Indeed, it is likely that the idea that the west has a 'culture' that produces 'practices' at all may seem foreign....Culture may be seen as something reactionary that exists in the nonwest. The west has science and the market instead". Beauty and Misogyny Shelia Jefferys p. 28

I agree. Our culture messes around with the genitalia of intersex children, but where's the outcry? It's all OMG, those barbaric brown people! Let's scrutinize their genitalia!

I also have a prelim trans thought. I think Jeffrys has mixed up being a transvestite[in which one does get a sexual pleasure from wearing women's clothing, although I don't know if it is sadomasochistic] and being transgendered[in which one believes they are 'truly' the 'other' sex]. While I don't think surgery should be necessary to be considered the 'other' sex, there are still many things I don't understand.
This thread could stay less stupid than usual or it could get really stupid.

People have a lot of opinions on Israel.
I'm cool with a Jewish state, but they should stop being all extra to the Palestinians all the time. I'm not saying that either side is a saint, but really, let's chill down a bit.

'Christian' man is stalking biologists.

Generation Y: Entitlement Bitches or Really Suffering?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I think Shelia Jefferys was railing against the idea of the sex difference, that everyone gets put into two slots at birth or whatever, but maybe I am dreaming. I am so hot, and I can't follow the plot of an episode of Dirty Jobs...

I was reminded of this because a lady hates women's tools. I do too. Just make tools for small hands and big hands, leave off the pink crap, because a woman is a full fledged adult human,k? I don't like the idea that every single woman is feminine. And irony my foot. Jefferys has a little bone to pick with the idea that if you say it's ironic or whatever, it's automatically OK, and I do too. You can say anything is ironic. But does the whole 'pink is for women' crap really break down just because we say our tongue is in our cheek? Maybe it's a whole difference in ways of knowing or whatever. I don't think just saying something is different will change things. Otherwise, with all the trees and electrons expended, the world would look much different.
Major grocery stores FAIL.

Sharp snark.

Biting Beaver is like reclaiming her space or something.

I hate skin lightening creams. Stupid like colonialism and some shit.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Racism literally kills you.
I'm going to complain about things very lightly connected to this link. A huge pet peeve of mine is subculture as get out of the patriarchy free card. If we all haven't noticed yet, this is near the beginning of the 21st century! Everyone is in a subculture! When I was in college, I was in five different subcultures before breakfast! The whole point of the personal being political is for us to understand that we're not alone in being oppressed, not for us all to talk about how ~*special*~ we are and how it's really different for us, and our Nigels. But really, think about it rationally, if subcultures were that effective in demolishing the patriarchy, my high school would have been a patriarchy free zone- we were so large there were tons of subcultures. It totally didn't happen that way. Not to mention, colleges would also be free of the patriarchy- is that happening at all? No.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"The eschewing of rational interrogation of the mystery of such "choices" are made and pleasures to which most men seem immune. and what they might mean for women's live, renders beauty practices into an aspect of the natural world beyond political concern"-Beauty and Misogyny Shelia Jefferys p. 12

I'm starting a new series, my thoughts on Shelia Jefferys. I've had a hard time expressing this feeling, but I think the whole OMG!!! But I loves teh makeup!!! stuff makes invisible women who are really bad at femininity, or even men who really love the girly crap. When we speak of manicures as a special part of being a girl or act like women, and only women, need to 'restore our sensuality' by pole dancing, the fact that men have sensuality or might want manicures is totally obscured, as well as the fact that women aren't shot out of the womb with a love of frills and makeup. European men hundreds of years ago were wearing frills all over, as a counterexample to the idea that somehow women have a gene that makes them want to be pretty- like we women are all born with eye lash curler in hand.

I think the whole choices thing doesn't really give us more space for everyone. Yea, it makes girly girls feel better about themselves, but there was already space for the concept of a girly girl. We need space for androgynous folks of both sexes, hairy legged ladies and smooth legged dudes, we need guys who aren't scared to Zumba and women who love power tools, girls who cry at shoujo manga, but can hold their own on mini comics, football playing girls and dance team guys. We're not going to get that by the choices route. We need to break down the bonds of social coercion that push everyone to different sides of the room and tear some people apart.
Lulz, macro. Snowflake as referring to white people has a nice double meaning. The idea of a person who thinks they are special and the rules don't apply to them especially resonates with the behavior of the sort of white person who is always telling us all how hard it is to be white.

An article on American Apparel. Etisans make fun.[bad words are used and folks are super sarcastic] I agree with muchachak and if one person has the money and the other has the ass, the power's unequal. Man, what a tacky fucking ad.
[bare ass sells socks]

The whole pole dancing is oh so feminist was mocked on the Colbert Report last night with an interview with a difference maker.
The professional pole dancer should have had more lines though.

I learn that L'Oreal is racist and that I am not classy.
Today I realized that I have really hairy armpits.

Also, on the Discovery Channel, they say fire in the hole a lot.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Man, what's with white people and their dogs? I mean, just because some lady doesn't feel comfortable driving for 2 hours and spending hundreds of bucks for a fucking dog, she's not the devil the fuck incarnate. White folks don't care this much about humans of different colors. Folks were swept away by floods, locked up, brutalized, etc, and what do they care about? A fucking dog.

Oh yea, and I'm not letting a dog sleep in my fucking bed either.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I know my limits better than you. No really. I'm glad that you worked 24 hours a day with a baby in tow or go to ten crafts fairs 300 miles away two times a week. I'm not trying to take anything away from you. I am applauding you. From the sidelines. Because I know better me better than you. The truth of the matter is this- unless you personally are going to make up my work when I can't do any thinking for a fucking week, you can STFU, ok?
I like this blog. I am also amused by this blog. You can also go without makeup, but yuck, chemicals!

Etisians struggle with the army.

PLEASE vaccinate your children!!

I have slight psychological damage now.

Ok, now this has given me even more psychological damage.

Lulz, what a bunch of soft headed BS.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Lulz, our scandalous pictures are of low quality lately. You could show this on day time TV! My mom says she is supposed to be a 'vestal virgin'[she was sarcastic] and that apparently Vanessa Williams was doing scandalous things with gals in pictures. I must look at that a lot to protect the honor of black america.

Some good stupid is brewing on etsy. I mock it.

So this lady is enjoying her glass making, and tries to get birth control...but some asshole OB GYN doesn't even prescribe it. FAIL! OB GYNs- Birth Control or GTFO!

I complain and am possibly classist.

Best troll ever.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Let me tell you internet, I am not being fond of my throat hurting. I bet I will have an underarm lump by tomorrow. Also, one of the few appropriate uses of the first they came for poem on the net.
Huh? I thought Congress was over the war rather than just funding. <---I am watching Bush talk on TV.

Watching this crazy white lady on the PBS news--> You know, the war in Iraq has shit to do with our way of life if we want to have a decent way of life. Why waste lives for an ideal? I'm idealistic and all that, but there's a difference between giving up ignorance for an ideal and giving up other people's lives for that ideal.
Our country fails at disaster recovery

Don't you, your church/community group, etc want to help the folks in New Orleans?

Different generations of the queer movement[yes, I'm lumping everyone together] are having turf wars. Nowadays, I think our dykespace can afford to be more inclusive. Thanks to the hard work of queer folks everywhere, new identities are forming and blossoming. It's tough to change your views after your identity has been formed, and a tradition has grown, but I think that we can have enough space for everyone. Anyway, I think most transpeople are working hard to survive. I have to admit that I don't mind much about a concert being cancelled as I think most transactivists are working hard to help other transpeople survive, and only a few go around cancelling concerts and stuff. People all want to define their own spaces and all, and the rapid explosion of new identities can be tough for those who were really into the old identities.

Also, huh?

I don't support women's choices to run a prostitution ring comprised of high school students.

Man, what a sad story!

How do people go through life not knowing how to change up their netflix queue? Of course I have an easier time of it since the netflix center here is in the big city of Memphis i.e. it takes about a day to get to my house.

OMG, refinery!![NYTimes on Katrina article]

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm glad to see that the Mythbusters have women on staff. *thumbs up*
Our pornified culture is full of fail. Way to take sex and make it not fun! The whole contest to prove male dominance through sex totally fucks with sex. I mean really, I would think that men who like having sex with women would want to maximize the number of times they get to have sex with women, and I don't think the pornified culture does that. Insisting on dominance rather than mutual fun, saying you can't get off unless a whole set of factors is in, who would want to deal with that?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In Memphis, you can sometimes get some Mississppi NPR on 90.3. I really like the classy news(BBC world and the Newshour) from 5 to 7 on channel 10(the PBS channel). I'd rather hear about the economy of Zimbwawe or some guy writing poetry than some white woman gone missing across the country(How likely is it that me in TN can help in a case in say, California?)

Yay, mental illness stupid. I don't get into the whole community thing, but if you don't know jack about mental illness, try to fuck off.

Yea, I don't get this, so I'm going to say that while old white people with their black grandkids warms the cockles of my heart, that's not going to destroy racism.

Lady totally ruins the name of jewelry designers everywhere.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lulz, aspies don't exist.

Why does this ad have a picture of a kitty on it? I like kitties, but you're not allowed to sell them on etsy.

I wouldn't buy a used mooncup. I know people buy used cloth diapers, but I wouldn't buy a used menstrual pad. I might buy an extra one though(new of course).

Ebony magazine talks about the culture of disrespect. The better articles are in the magazine itself.

Naked black woman causes wank.[NSFW] I do reserve the right to judge your choices, though. I judge these nudes hot, but not a victory for all women everywhere, especially with Playboys support of the patriarchal dude culture, and inflicting the Girls Next Door on all of us.

Fuck the wedding industrial complex!!

Some lady freaks out on etsy.

Etsians struggle with Katrina.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Spotted Elephant is not feeling well. You should go to her blog and say positive things to her.

A job found in today's classifieds in the Commercial Appeal: Deck Hand. No experience required- they train on ship. But must be willing to relocate.

I don't get other religions being against masturbation, but let's note that girls masturbate too.

Crazy anti Catholic Chick Tract.

People argue on etsy.

White people go to school...with the blacks!!

This thread is making me vaguely uneasy, especially one of the posts on the last page.

I love Dirty Jobs! I could see a kid who loves poo, bugs, and machines loving this stuff. Ok, I love watching people hack fish up with machetes on tv. OMG, the diving beetles are so awesome!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hey, that guy from Pink Floyd has kids doing the chior sway behind him. I love me some concerts! oooh, I love the song Message in a Bottle! Yay, da Police! Oooh, I love that extra rap bit. Yea, they are the only police that are good in the hood.
Oreoism was mentioned in Assimilation Blues, and so I am coming out strongly against it as a black person raised in a predom white area. I don't think being an oreo shows much respect to yourself, your race or to white people either. It's not respectful to yourself or to white people to accept casual racism or to become the token good black person just to fit in. Why do I say it's disrespectful to white people? White people can choose to be good people if they want to. Let's not lower standards for them. As for your race, it's not respectful to always be like I'm different from other blacks. (note: this will be added to later)
I'm having a pledge drive. Did you know that for a donation of a mere fiver you could help me buy books that my godforsaken city doesn't have in its library? Also I could buy a cool stapler, allowing me to distribute my stupid rantings in physical form.
EW, pedos.

Never watch porn on a public flight. The naked truth is that not appropriate.

Some women don't dig digg.
I admit to using sk*rt despite it being kinda sexist with the girly crap. They also need a business bit there, because a lot of women are in business.


Shoes for the poor.

Girl Scouts in Jail.

I'm watching There are No Children Here with Oprah and Maya Angelou. It's fairly good, although overlooked. Is it because of the theme of black people working together or something?

Two vaginas.

Super dangerous breast cancer!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Oh, shannon can't resist a response! This is why I'll never be a success- poor impulse control! Due to my poor impulse control, I note that telling tales of woe often comes across as trolling for attention, even though you don't mean it that way. Being a negative person, I can understand bitching, moaning, and complaining. This can be good, and fun. But I don't know. It's a tough pattern because the person gets both the attention,positive and negative, that they want, and so the pattern sort of feeds on itself. People using political arguments for personal validation gives me a feeling that isn't comfortable. I mean, we all do it- I don't like making up convoluted reasons for things so I tend to avoid political philosophies that include convoluted reasoning. But on the other hand, I don't feel comfortable with this dynamic.

It's hard to stop a dynamic even when you're aware of it, even as I note my meanness and lack of impulse control, I am having difficulty. But on the other hand, don't humans tend to judge others more harshly than themselves? Can we change dynamics? Well, intrapersonally, one part of me is yelling "make everyone be friends" the other part is yelling "hehehe, let's make up mean things about people!" The latter is stronger since the former is like engineering an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Well, here's a bonus game thing for those following along at home:

In the first stage of this game, the victim goes among the persecutors. The predictable happens. Then the victim reports her tale of woe to the audience. The audience gives her positive strokes. This cycle goes on and on until strokeless ladies are annoyed, saying things like enjoy your strokes or else! Did you know that starving children in Africa are being ignored when they tell their tales of woe?

I enjoy making up mean psychological theories about people so don't mind me. At least this is better than the livejournal version in which people live in a world in which they are continuously pwning the fools who shove their babies/fatness/hatred of gothic lolitas in their faces with witty speeches reported in play format for all to enjoy.
I'm amused by this sign

I do not support women's choices to bleach their arm hair with household bleach.

Damn you etsy! I was just happily clicking along, expecting to see a well mannered whine about how someone stole someone's hubcaps, and I saw this instead.

Found on the blaming board, widows in India fight back.

11 year olds shouldn't drink.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy EMC is scary. But Rokali, a mysterious person, who had disappeared from the forums for weeks, shows up. Rob is believed to be the owner of etsy, by uh..me, I guess. I don't know. But my guess was independently confirmed by the etsy about page.

Now people are freaking out.

On the bottom of this page, an admin debadges and announces a pregnancy.
Hahaha, being trans as a fad? Slap bracelets.....oppression....yep! All the same!

Here is a NSFW(bad words, f*g h*gs, etc) video:

Dickgirl lovers in trans stupid.

Oh noes, baby swat!!
Shannon is annoyed! So I thought I was going to read a book today, but Survival of the Sickest is being full of fail here! How can you totally omit the issue of the prevalence of diabetes in folks like Native Americans and blacks in your chapter on diabetes?! Not to mention, not all of us have European ancestors! Our European ancestors?! Whose European ancestors!? Geh, geh, if you're only going to focus on Europe, put a disclaimer of some sort!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

HIV causes AIDs deniers shock science lady.
More Games I've Made Up: These are just patterns that I am noticed. Don't take this for psychological advice.

Gas Lighting: The players in this game are manipulator, target, and the audience. Target: I think it's insulting that you asked me if I was off my meds. Manipulator: I was just concerned! Audience: How could you possibly be insulted by that? She was just worried for you.

The manipulator lies a trap for the target by using insults that have some plausible deniability, so that the manipulator can aggress without being taken to account.
Mothers and the childfree fight in comments. I am slightly on the mother side, despite being child free. I think that young boys should be out of women's locker rooms by age 11, though. There's a difference between a four year old thinking "boobies" and an eleven year old dealing with his new funny feelings and impending puberty. At that time, it's time to dress separately from your mama, I think, to prepare for teenagehood.

Why am I slightly on the mother side? While children are often annoying, I don't want anyone to be put out of someplace because they didn't have money for a babysitter. It's free for me to go places, but it costs money to pay someone to watch your kid.

The White Bear is good at writing, but I have some beefs. First, I can see why the women are focused on success. One of my life goals is to have health insurance. If being able to eat healthy food, go to the gym, and have health insurance were going to be fucked up by dealing with some guy who doesn't even know where the clit is, I wouldn't deal with him either. I like sex, it's fun and good, but I don't think it's that big a deal.

Folks harp on sex like it's supposed to be the center of your life, but seriously, how much time do we spend fucking in ratio to everything else we do in life? Another bit on the success thing- once you've seen people get into screaming fights over who needs $15, that sort of scares you straight. Not to mention, in TN here, we're having a baby boom and a marriage boom, but there's a huge amount of debt and worry going on that path, and plus, you have to find a suitable guy, too, and it's just a mess.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I have a new fun thing I want to do.I like the idea of games and I want to make some up myself. Note: do NOT think this has any validity for reality ever. I just like making up fun names for things people do that I don't like.

Many of these games have been 'discovered' before- another name for scandal is let you and them fight. I use the name "Scandal" for the game which goes as follows: Say your 'enemy'(it doesn't have to be anyone in particular) has been saying something horrible. Everyone feels better by bashing the enemy, and feels closer to each other having vanquished the shared enemy. This game can be played by a huge number of people at the same time.

The Etsy Threat- Named for a great handmade site, but I don't think I've ever heard this sort of phrase more often than there "I wouldn't buy from anyone who disagrees with me/isn't in the sort of mood I want/makes jokes on forums/is against racism" Intended to frighten people into the desired behavior, this ploy may frighten a few of the newbs, giving the threatener a sense of power, and another way this ploy can satisfy the threatener is that the oldbies will release snark, letting the threatener feel OH so persecuted.
I don't believe in civility as an political thing. Why? Because I don't like politics being reduced to who likes who or whatever. One of the worst parts of femininity is the idea that there are no facts, no reality, just who is popular right now or who likes who right now. If you're superficially nice, you're right, even if your facts are wrong, AMIRITE? The reason I'm for being precise about who said what about what is to head off feminine acting individuals from playing scandal, a game in which you whisper about what bad things your enemy possibly did without any facts to support them (in high school, a popular 'scandal' was that the scapegoat used a marker as a dildo in the restroom) . You'll note that I avoid playing scandal here- I don't run to my blog yelling A SEX POS PERSON SAID THAT RAPING 12 YEAR OLD THAI GIRLS WAS OK AND TOTALLY EMPOWERING without any links or attribution because my goal is not to elicit "OH, it's a hard life being rad fem" responses. We all know that saying raping thai girls is OK is bad, so claiming that my 'enemy' said something bad just to say it is too feminine* for me. Of course, I prefer to focus on one's pattern of behaving rather than particular words. Like if someone is like, hey, shan, you b*tch! but is otherwise respectful, I'm more likely to trust that person than a person who shows a pattern of playing scandal, queen beeing, and the like. That sort of crap doesn't build trust for me. I can't work with you if I can't trust you.

I am not saying it's totally helpful and great to say rude words, I'm just warning that by putting the focus on who was nice to who and who was mean to who that our real goals are obscured. If we want to work for the sex workers in our communities, we have to remember that 99.9% haven't heard of whatever we are fighting about today. Let's listen to their needs if we want to organize in their name.

*When I use the words feminine and femininity, I mean the stupid bullcrap women are expected to do, which tend to be the exact opposite of an adult role.
Operational goals can be useful in organizing people. By that, I mean how much/many of what to who. I feel a bit better about my lack of organizing- just helping kids get through a divorce or helping a mother get better hold of her anger can be organizing too. I can't do much traditional work like marching in the street or going to a conference, because I am not very good at speaking. I think we should recognize tutors and people who lead youth programs as organizers too, because they are doing the ground work to help everybody.