Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lulz, macro. Snowflake as referring to white people has a nice double meaning. The idea of a person who thinks they are special and the rules don't apply to them especially resonates with the behavior of the sort of white person who is always telling us all how hard it is to be white.

An article on American Apparel. Etisans make fun.[bad words are used and folks are super sarcastic] I agree with muchachak and if one person has the money and the other has the ass, the power's unequal. Man, what a tacky fucking ad.
[bare ass sells socks]

The whole pole dancing is oh so feminist was mocked on the Colbert Report last night with an interview with a difference maker.
The professional pole dancer should have had more lines though.

I learn that L'Oreal is racist and that I am not classy.
Today I realized that I have really hairy armpits.

Also, on the Discovery Channel, they say fire in the hole a lot.

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