Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm going to complain about things very lightly connected to this link. A huge pet peeve of mine is subculture as get out of the patriarchy free card. If we all haven't noticed yet, this is near the beginning of the 21st century! Everyone is in a subculture! When I was in college, I was in five different subcultures before breakfast! The whole point of the personal being political is for us to understand that we're not alone in being oppressed, not for us all to talk about how ~*special*~ we are and how it's really different for us, and our Nigels. But really, think about it rationally, if subcultures were that effective in demolishing the patriarchy, my high school would have been a patriarchy free zone- we were so large there were tons of subcultures. It totally didn't happen that way. Not to mention, colleges would also be free of the patriarchy- is that happening at all? No.

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