Thursday, July 12, 2007

Our country fails at disaster recovery

Don't you, your church/community group, etc want to help the folks in New Orleans?

Different generations of the queer movement[yes, I'm lumping everyone together] are having turf wars. Nowadays, I think our dykespace can afford to be more inclusive. Thanks to the hard work of queer folks everywhere, new identities are forming and blossoming. It's tough to change your views after your identity has been formed, and a tradition has grown, but I think that we can have enough space for everyone. Anyway, I think most transpeople are working hard to survive. I have to admit that I don't mind much about a concert being cancelled as I think most transactivists are working hard to help other transpeople survive, and only a few go around cancelling concerts and stuff. People all want to define their own spaces and all, and the rapid explosion of new identities can be tough for those who were really into the old identities.

Also, huh?

I don't support women's choices to run a prostitution ring comprised of high school students.

Man, what a sad story!

How do people go through life not knowing how to change up their netflix queue? Of course I have an easier time of it since the netflix center here is in the big city of Memphis i.e. it takes about a day to get to my house.

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