Sunday, July 22, 2007

God, look at that! That's so gross!

Shannon doesn't support women's choices to call tattooing cum slutt on themselves feminism.
Divorced from any context, this sort of 'it's my choice, so it can't be bad for me or women' stuff is pretty politically ineffective. Do what makes you feel good, but know that without any actual effect on the system, you're just masturbating.

Bleh, male dominance.

Black transfolks, rise up.

Uh no..

More pinkerton craziness.

Thin white girls posing naked is sooo outside normal beauty norms! A woman? has a critque.
Links against the Suicide Girls.
Harry Potter 7 Spoilers beyond this point:

Man, JK Rowlings knows what we really fear: bureaucrats with pictures of fluffy kitties everywhere. My blood is chilled. I also like the glimpses into the Wizard political and cultural system- good world building.

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