Saturday, September 30, 2006

Onii-sama E, the whole series, is on youtube. Start from episode 1(it's not in order) and go to episode 39, until you understand the wonder of old shoujo.
If only I had the money and it was in my size..

OMG! LJ wank! Tubman's law(made by kittiekattie(sp?)) has already been invoked. I'd like to revise the law as follows: in any internet discussion, the probability of white people making ill informed comparisons to the plight of people of color approaches 1, and increases with the stupidity of the comparison.

In the race department: "It's alright to segregate people just as long as you don't hurt their feelings"-King, Southern Ladies and Gentlemen, p. 12, in the middle of a story about how her Grandma called the n***** babies, known as tar babies in public for most whites(it was apparently a type of candy) just babies in front of the blacks who were sitting at the segregated lunch counter
OMG! NOOO!!! Yea, this is one game that won't be released in America.

And keywords used to find this blog:

lesbian strip
pimped girls
u.s. society's attitudes towards men who wear hosiery
gothic lolita baby diaper
mormon girl gives first blowjob
white penis blog
cat=img&cs=utf8&q=man naked&rys=0&itag=crv
fucked by her dog
iĆ¢€™ll say one thing, ginmar,
why do black women date thugs?
stacey dash naked
collective efforts, hip hop
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holocaust whining
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why do whites assume blacks are angry all the time
how do you handle a egotistical man

Also, dad gave me like $170 worth of change. What?

Also, I learned what Hard Gay was. (Some hip gyration in tight costumes, also not a victory for gays)
A story about a transgendered prostitute who was murdered in New York 10 years ago. Ze did outreach, educating people about the importance of condoms. In his memory, a center for queer homeless youth was created. They help them with employment, housing, mental and physical health services.

Friday, September 29, 2006

I can't move from this spot, so here's an idea you should try to implement. Uh..once we gardened and gave the food to the food bank in Atlanta... took me an hour to drink the alka seltzer, and I'm still suffering. Yick, yick. No anime club for me this week. And yes, this is not a blog. It's a livejournal that happens to be hosted on blogger.
I tried to avoid writing the five to ten page conceptualization I have due on Weds by reading blackfolks. But yea, hell naw. Maybe I should sleep to procrastinate instead with this sort of fucked up shit happening. PSA: don't drink no shit to induce an abortion, you dumbasses. Especially not some mess Peaches and nem cooked up in their own heads. K, thx,bai.
Empire by Dar Williams lyrics below. Also, here is a Firefly video with the song used as a background.
Who's afraid of the sun?
Who would question the goodness of the mighty?
We who banish the threat,
When your little ones all go nighty nighty?
Well there's no time for doubt right now,
And less time to explain.
So get back on your horses,
Kiss my ring,
And join our next campaign,

And the Empire grows
with the news that we're winning,
With more fear to conquer,
more gold thread for spinning,
Till it's bright as the sun,
Shining on everyone.

Some would say that we've forced our words,
And we find that ingenuously churlish.
Words are just words.
Don't be so pessimistic, weak and girlish.
We like strong, happy people
Who don't think
there's something wrong with pride,
Work makes them free,
And we spread that freedom far and wide,

And the Empire grows the seeds of its glory,
For every five tanks,
Plant a sentimental story,

Till they worship the sun,
Even Christ loving ones.
And we'll kill the terrorizers
and a million of their races,

But when our people torture you,
that's a few random cases.
Don't question the sun.
It doesn't help anyone.

But the journalists cried out,
When it was too late to stop us.
Everyone had awakened
To the dream they could enter our colossus.
And now I'm right, yeah, you said I'm right,
There's nothing that can harm me,
Cause the sun never sets on my dungeons or my army,

And the Empire fell on its own shattered axis,
And the Emperor wanes as the silver moon waxes,
And the farmers will find old coins
In their strawberry fields,
While somebody somewhere twists his ring
And someone kneels.
Oh, where is the sun Shining for everyone?
Where is the sun Shining for everyone?
In our grief over the torture issue, let us not forget the best in humanity still exists, and for many, they feel the light of their higher power in their hearts, helping them to have hope in the future. Let us understand that the future is not predetermined, nor do the powerful have all power over our hearts and souls. We create the future, and the best in humanity every day with our work and promise. Let us promise to ourselves, and some to their higher beings, that we will not lose hope in dark times, and in happier times, we will not lose the will to work hard to create a better future for our future selves, the children of society, and the descendants of the humans of today. Our resolve should not be dimmed by failure or blunted by victory. A long time ago, someone said before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, and we should think the same.
Yesterday we had like 50 5th graders from the Kipp Diamond Aacademy in our Counseling Theories class in which we explained what a counseler is, what a psychologist does, why you need to go to grad school, and suchlike ideas. The kids asked us questions like "what school do you need to go to to be a vet" "do you all have fo' degrees?" "do you get to use real chemicals?" "do you have writing assessments?" "How many degrees do you[the professor] have" and "do you have to take the TCAP?" We were all overcome by cuteness. *heart*

Thursday, September 28, 2006

MIFA cuts back meals for seniors. Donate to MIFA on their website.
4.9/5. Still terrible feeling. Now, icons:
serendipitylove's icon:

Funny, but please vaccinate your kids. Herd immunity is teh love.

Also, a common favorite, which links important developments in astronomy to the popular culture of the masses:

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

OMG!! Babies dying! Please shut up about the god damned fetuses and the racism inherent in the fact that white men are not fellated in the streets, and help the babies! Let's all think of the little bits where we can help from suggesting that mothers put their kids back to sleep(not on their stomachs or sides!) to suggesting that programs be put in place for universal healthcare and poverty reduction.

From kactus.
Apple butter and crumpets is the best breakfast ever. I've wanted to try apple butter since I first read the Felicity books, and yes, it's wonderful. Oh, the mouth orgasms!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

People manage to discuss ideological disagreements without insinuating that other people are cognitively disabled.

Heroic Afghan woman killed by militants.

Click on the Pat Buchanan videos for a nice helping of batshit.

I'm reading Beyond the Down Low. Using facts and logic, black gay activist Keith Boykin explains to us that the down low is a manufactured media trend, gives us facts about the real AIDs epidemic, and in the chapter I am reading now Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman, gives suggestions for us all to protect ourselves from AIDS. In summary the suggestions are get tested regularly, use condoms, refuse to stay in a relationship with a man who is cheating on you, gain self esteem from who you are, not what man you are with. Read the book, yes, but I hope this little summary is helpful.
Twisty talks about the evils of arresting teen prostitutes. Shannon passes out for no reason in particular.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Local Muslim Leaders Say Burning Churches Wrong: Will Memphis Islamophobes Shut Up Now?

Also, massive wank. And my dad actually used the word househusband in a conversation.
Kactus is sick and I'm having one of those days. They come on without warning- but the symptoms are always the same- fuzzy head, hard to concentrate, bad writing, inability to do math,etc. Today's extra symptoms are vague headache, pain in throat, feeling hot for no reason whatsoever.
Ginmar helps me with traffic because she is a typical priviledged* white person who thinks she can insult people of color without consequences. I hope the new visitors check out my links and racism FAQ. Just because ginmar is racist** doesn't mean you have to be. Also, check out the Essential Reading. Reading books is one of the leading ways to learn not to be racist. I should link to Tim Wise's essays as well, so that budding antiracists can learn some things.

*Oh no! I spelled a word wrong! That makes reality invalid.

**she is a good example of what this woman is talking about though.
Math Counts One solution that is often overlooked for school problems is not just moving around or homeschooling, which are options usually restricted to the class privileged, but outside enrichment. Local colleges often have free or low cost museums, and also they often have cultural events on campus. Libraries are free, and often have groups for children to learn literacy skills. Co-opt with neighbors or friends or relatives for reading or math groups for your children. Go in together for a set of Childcraft books.(I remember them from my childhood but didn't know they cost that much!) If your school doesn't have art or music, a set of crayons and paper or a cheap recorder can give them at least some enrichment in that area. Keep your eyes open and always look for community based ways to enrich children.

Also, for older students, try Upward Bound. TN's Governor's Schools are still free, and there are some in many other states so google it if you aren't sure. When I was a teen, I went to the governor's school for the sciences.

Also, African women's blog.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Man, that's a fucked up story.
I am reading the book Self Organizing Men. I feel vaguely embarrassed that I thought that I would receive a zine, and was surprised that I got a nice book with paperback cover and nice type. I really love the type. Anyway, I am nearly done with it, and maybe I should review it, since Jay sent me a free copy based merely on random emails. I'd like to note that I am not an expert on trans issues, and my involvement is mostly just to avoid popping out of hat boxes, yelling that nobody ever expects the body parts inquisition.

I thought it was a nice mix of academic work, personal essays, what I think is a poem, artwork, a dialogue, and probably other bits I have forgotten. Being self centric, I really was interested in parts that I had personally experienced. By which I mean once I saw Scott Turner Scofield do a performance(and once he taught our gay history class) and so I thought smuggly that Emory let him by with only a few warnings around the area about how the show might contain nudity, and also, I saw a picture of Nick's cute baby on the interweb, so followed his story about transmotherhood with interest.

But don't get me wrong. The voices I hadn't heard before interested me too. I'm reading an essay called Trans Incoherence now and think it should be photocopied and handed out in women's studies classrooms. I mean, the teacher should buy a copy of course! Then again, maybe the students should all buy their own copies? Yea, that's the ticket.

Some stuff confused me, but it'll probably really set a light off in someone else's head. I also liked the essay with the woodcuts. I really don't have anything else to say about it,though.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Biting Beaver in EC Wank. I did not post obsessively today because I was sitting around at the crafts fair. I made $23. Then I went to a wedding. But look at senor pinata's icon:

Friday, September 22, 2006

To help drown my sorrows, here's an example of the horrible tackiness that is on the internets.

coffee cups

coffee cups
Originally uploaded by Shannon W..
I thought these coffee cups were small bowls which oddly had handles on them, but according to my mother, you were supposed to drink coffee out of them.
Search terms used to get to this site:

list every continent,every contry, and bodies of water that make up the world atlas in p
how to deal with egotistical women
massage and cordova and sex and tn
pictures of african women
janice dickerson
how racism affects different people
phrase for egotistical people
naked man
using women's pussy to do push ups
egotistical and real world examples
memphis infant mortality
dickless men
lesbian strip
miami ink
racism is important
stacy dash panties
White snarkist R Mildred mocks racists in the affair of the blizzard of whiteness 06.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Race in porn. You may want to help dottieneurotic in setting up her own porn website. Yes. sorry about all the porn, but it's one of the inherent problems about blogging, as far as I am concerned. I tend to blog about things that are more common in my real life or in my internet life, as opposed to more important issues. So no matter how many Ivorians that died in horrible horrible chemical dumping, yea, I'm more likely to post on porn. As we all know, the internet is for porn. I have actually seen porn, but I've never seen a person from the Ivory Coast or experienced terrible chemical dumping, although I am slightly and vaguely annoyed at the chemical levels on the other end of the city. Also, I feel more control over porn than I do over horrible chemical spills in Africa. I can make the porn go away by not looking at it, and if I feel bad about porn, I can feel better by yelling about it and others may decide that porn is not the way. But yea, if your kid died in the horrid chemical spill, me yelling about it on the internet isn't going to help you, not to mention, I can't really have any effect on the large corporations which dumped the chemicals.
Porn that is not a victory for all womankind but doesn't do any harm. Warning: porn! Maybe I'll actually buy Small Favors.

I may do icon roundups everyday
If you live in TN, please don't vote for Bob Corker. His website has weird stuff like this on it:

To preserve the traditions of faith and family and uphold our traditional values, we must:

1. Ensure the judicial branch respects its proper role in a constitutional democracy.

2. Fight for our 2nd amendment rights.

3. Preserve traditional marriage.

4. Protect the unborn.

and this:

By reducing the burden of taxation, litigation, and regulation, American entrepreneurs will be better able to create exciting new businesses and good-paying jobs.

Don't take my word for it! The first bit is from faith and families and the second bit is from jobs. So don't vote for him- we already have tons of guys exactly like him in the Senate and no real issues ever get attended to.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Everyone is horrible
CVS and hair products This is interesting, but I'm still sleepy.
Lolita wank! Also, I have to admit that one of the reasons I love lolita wank so much is that I imagine a bunch of women dressed adorably, sipping tea, and ending up throwing cakes and hitting people with parasols. more bint on the blizzard of whiteness 2006.

Harvest Moon tips:

In Back to Nature, if Karen gets a high enough heart level in the spring, she'll give you moondrop flower seeds. After that, you can buy them from Won in the inn.

Give chicks gifts to increase their heart levels, which is not how dating works in real life.

You can make your horse happy by brushing him, building a little pen for him outside(but if it's made of wood it'll break down and I don't know how to remove it, and if it's made of stone it won't keep out wild dogs) and growing grass.

You can't get married til you have the last house extension in Back to Nature.

If you go to graduate school, it'll take you forever to go through one game of this.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In other news, don't watch the ECW or you'll see some white asshole dressed up like an "Arab' wrestling. There's a gay/lesbian community center in Memphis. In other news, watch the Tangled Up in Bleu videos and see that batshit Paul Cameron and also, hilarity.
Radical feminist Spotted Elephant weighs in on the blizzard of whiteness 2006. In my mind, I'm debating about whether I should give up making book notes and just highlight. On the other hand, easier, on the other, inconsistent. Maybe I'll just note the end of book notes to myself. The combination of rational emotive therapy and cognitive behavioral just drove me nuts. My brain melted into a pool of hate. Terrible, terrible hate.
Ok, first I was in your Targets, appropiating your culture(i.e. buying cheap pseudo Asian plates made by slave labor or something for my crafts fair booth) and then I decided to turn on npr like the limousine liberal I am, and this guy was saying all this stuff about the green zone, and how disconnected they were from the Iraqi people. It made me want to watch Rose of Versailles again or to see that new Marie Antoinette movie, but then I decided that other people need to learn about this, just in case they are less frivolous than me. At 3 pm ET, there should be the audio of the interview with that guy at this link.
The National Advocates for Pregnant Women had a conference call. I'd like to note that they somehow managed to get a lot of women of color on the line(like, I just got off, and they had brownfemi, fabolousa(sp? and apologies), me, jamilia(I may be assuming because of her comforting blaccent. Yes, it's weird but I always like that sort of accent),etc. And they also managed to mention women of color organizations and managed to get them to cosponsor(although I don't know the race of the organizers). I'm just saying it's not super difficult to include people of color in your political movement.

We heard about disturbing stories of women giving birth in shackles, of women arrested because they had unintentional miscarriages, of women dying because of court ordered caesarian sections. We also talked about environmental racism, the grey lines between pro choice and pro life,etc.(for my sake, I think the death of a fetus is sad, but I understand that sometimes it's either unavoidable, or would cause lots of problems for the woman's health(mental counts) or her existing children. I don't believe in bothering women about the reasons because every woman is different and how can I choose for her not knowing how her life is like?)

They want people to blog their summit: Atlanta from January 18-21, 2007. Also, the fact that brownfemipower says like and uses the words nation state in regular conversation totally gives me a girl boner. Sorry about that, femi. Maybe I should have said totally makes me want to engage in a romantic friendship, but that's even worse, isn't it?

Monday, September 18, 2006

You know, if you pick basil, the oils really get on your hands. Then again I did chop it up too.

Also, religious nutters who think God punished all of New Orleans because some people were going to have a gay pride parade(why don't they say that they were punished because of a high murder rate or something?) and thinks weird things about 'Islamics' and talks about Jews that believe in Jesus Christ(aren't those called Christians?) exist. It's the 3rd link.

Also, anticlassist blogger kactus tells a story about police officers acting badly. I have to admit that I think now that I was right about some people not trusting the police to help them with their school refusing kids(a discussion got into with a random chick at school). Now this 15 year old witness, do you think he's going to say, hey, the police, when I'm in trouble or I see someone doing something wrong I'm going to call them? No. Now this kid is going to be scared. And so, a lot of stuff is going to go down and the police can't stop it. Multiply that by a million and you got fucked up.
Good old Colbert/Stewart wank.

Also, the biscuits that my booty is baking are on fire! Now, on the internet, some liberals don't know what both/and means. Let me explain! Now we all know that Ann Althouse is batshit and fantasizes about virgin brides because she bathes in their blood. But, now here's the tricky part! We can also wonder why there's only white folks in this room, and how in the future we can let lots of different people meet the Clenis! We can do both at the same time! And we don't have to resort to tired ass crap like maybe bloggers of color aren't good enough to meet with the Clenis because some of us make typos in our posts.

Plenty of white people make typos, or just make links and say heh or do that annoying thing where all the sentences are connected with ellispes, but does that mean that we should ignore their voices? I mean, for fuck's sake, if I decided that I was going to have a women of color only blog meetup, I'd never hear the end of it. But if some guys have an all white blog meetup(even if their hearts were pure and they really intended to invite people of color. I mean would that excuse fly for my gathering?) it's all cool! Just bleh.

Also, I really hate this whole thing with the stupid pope. It seems the rest of us are forever being told that if we only said things nicer that people would recognize our basic humanity. But apparently well, the Pope can say whatever he wants and no one is supposed to get mad. I'm sorry, but what the fuck? How are these Muslim leaders supposed to control every single Muslim in the world? If 99% of Muslims behaved the way we'd like, there'd still be 10 million(check my math though. 1% of a billion is 10 million right?) crazy motherfuckers to fuck shit up for the rest of them. So the truth of the matter is, dudes, just stop saying stupid stuff. You're the fucking Pope. The awesome Pope before you didn't go around saying all that shit about Islam!

You know why I hold you to a greater standard than a bunch of random European guys drinking beer in their pub or where ever Europeans get drunk at? You're the fucking Pope. Think carefully. Just say violence in the service of religious extremism is bad. We all get that and it covers everyone without insulting people. Now was that so hard?
You know, today when I went to Snucks I noticed they had no spring mix either so I tossed ours out. I wonder if that's weird.
Possible wank on the Memphis Livejournal. I don't get why people think folks can't speak English and Spanish. They aren't mutually exclusive. Heck, they are probably even linguistically related or something! It's like people who think that if you ever use ebonics you'll never get a job, because you can't possibly ever use more than one way of speaking! No siree! And don't go around using your less than perfect English! You don't really speak English if you have an accent. You may say, what about the fact that you guys drawl? Hahaha, shut up. It's ok if you're white. And no, you white Hispanics don't count, so stop asking.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

OMG, Lolita love! If only we had some meetups in Memphis! If you want to blog as prolifically as me, try to write booknotes on rational emotive therapy. And think about how you're going to have to do notes on cognitive behavioral, which probably has tons of little picky parts when you're done with rational emotive.
Coffee cups that look like this should be avaliable in stores today. I use my parent's coffee cups(which have handles that aren't attached all the way) as my ice cream bowls now, but what will I do when I move out? And god forbid I steam crab legs and need to melt butter in something!
NOOOOO! black.white is coming out on DVD and we can't even get Girlfriends or the rest of Soul Food on dvd! Race riot! Also, how come people of color don't get to be in the good films? I need people of color in good films please! Centered around them,ok? None of this put a random white person in Africa shit. Full of hate for that!
There was an ad for these games in Oprah magazine, touting how in boring doctor's offices you can play them and not be bored. I hope this starts videogame creep into older folk, so we don't have to hear a billion stories about how playing Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town or Zelda will cause your kid to shoot up the school.

in other news, TARAKO!!! I wonder what other countries think of our I'm a Mac, I'm a PC ads or the steady bounce in a jeep on the new york streets commercials.

White feminist zuzu talks about racism in the affair d' jessica's tits. Also, white feminist kactus makes fun of racism in the affair d' blizzard of whiteness 2006.

Brownfemipower called me a kitten thus making me think of Oniisama E and it's lesbian overtones.

Host clubs in Japan.

Also, in rational emotive therapy, you can cuss at your patient. Take that hugglybears.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

On the white feminist blogosphere, black feminist Pam Spaulding talks about race and blogging.

On the regular blogosphere, bint drops science. To add more african architecture, here is the Great Zimbabwe and Lalibela rock churches.
Random quote mom remembers from civil rights era. Some dude said we don't serve n*ggers here, and the guy was like fine! we don't eat n*ggers.

In other news, is the focus on Jessica's tits racist?
OMG! Not only did I find the video I've been looking for since 2005 on this site, I found even more awesomeness than I was expecting! (I came for the eternal sunshine vid, and stayed for the napolean dynamite).

Also, I hate ginmar so I will link to a whole thread of people making fun of her. Take that for offending my faction, punk ass bitch.
(Also, here are some links to help you avoid being racist. First Tim Wise. Read his articles to prime yourself for not being racist. If you're comfortable with the idea, try the tough love of the racism FAQ and finally, if the not being racist idea appeals to you, maybe you'd like to read a book. Also, check out my blog roll. I find women of color feminism to be helpful, as one does not have to pretend that the lives of women of color are less important than the emotions of white people. )

Also, even more feminist wank, as Ann Althouse's comments annoy us all. I have no idea what she was on about personally, because it's not like Jessica can exactly change the size of her breasts whenever she has a photo op.

Also, feminist is a pool of evil! pure evil!

Friday, September 15, 2006

You know, I can't be a femme because my real craving is to be in the circle of power. I don't want to be batting my eyelashes at some guy to get him to fix my tire. I don't know whether that guy is a friend or a foe. I want to be able to fix my own tires. I don't want to be typing up ads about how I'm a hot ghetto honey ready and willing. Ask me about age play! No, I want to be owning the place, having assets that aren't well, my ass. I don't want to be walking around at 65, trying to vamp instead of having a successful career in my own right. With lifetimes getting longer and longer, the advantages of getting an education and power in one's own right are only increasing.

In other news, how can anyone wear a sports corset? This dress I am wearing today has slight boning, and I am uncomfortable although I have not done heavy sports.

Related: You know, getting behind being sexy as resistance totally doesn't go with me because my class level is too high. It's like I can see people using violence as a tactic when they are really and truly cornered, but if you have another option, non violence is preferred. I can't act like I have no choices because that's just untrue.
I should get netflix. $2 to rent at library, 9.99 for unlimited a month..hmm.. In other news, someone got to this blog by searching for harvest moon hentai. I'm not a choice feminist so I feel free to say- you're a terrible, terrible person, whoever you are.
Edits and Retractions: The Brazil Boys thing was found by sex and race commentator myblackass (I should have asked about the new rules). Also, the link to the rape story on blackfolks is now behind a subscriber wall, but this other link is still good.

OMG, internet fame into the mainstream!!! I hadn't heard about it before now because my youtubing is mostly for music videos or short anime shows like Ebichu, which is not safe for work and shouldn't be viewed by anyone.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

OMG! The wii will be backwards compatiable! People, this is a big selling point for me. I don't want to go out and not be able to play the games I paid good money for. Also, I don't have a gamecube and would like to have not so many consoles.

Also, Wii wank.

I got a new highlighter which was like this one, but in 'berry'(purple) and cheaper because it didn't have a lanyard.
In other news, I don't get how paying some black lady for sex overseas frees a guy from gold digging black women? Also, for some reason, when I read the title, I thought it was going to be about gay men going down to Brazil to have gay sex with impoverished males.

Lesbian rape and domestic violence.

This is probably not a link to exactly what I heard but I was confused about why they cared about parking tickets and him saying he wanted reparations in college. If every white person who had an Ayn Rand stage in college couldn't be elected, then what would they say? I mean the ideas of Ayn Rand are a lot crazier than let's have reparations

Poor people, it sucks to be you. You're more likely to have an older car without awesome safety features.

Also, I'm going to hell for laughing about the Canada killer being a goth. I'm like, that's so over!
Nooo! Oh so tacky! from feministing. Is it me or do they have a bit of an underwire look? At age 22, I have no need for underwire.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

More on the Milwaukee rape case. How her daddy going to think that at age 6, she's just making up some sexual assaullt? Fucked up!
Feminist wank powers, unite! Turn into form of...vagina! If only I could get this master's degree with the amazing power of my vagina instead of actually using my brain! I'd totally love to deal with a sadist with AIDs in exchange for food and shelter instead of typing in my parent's den! It's super empowering!
Collective Efforts *heart* Hip hop is global just like manga. 3.5/4 Due Weds.
It's fall. I had my first cup of tea of the season today. I needed caffeine, but without the large amounts in coffee. Cotton is growing white in the fields, I signed up for a crafts fair(a traditional TN fall thing), leaves are falling off the trees,etc. In other news, I really wish I could have gotten a picture of this car- it had a confederate flag and one of the older American flags(the one with the stars in the circle) flying, and on the bumper, states rights bumper stickers. I've seen this car twice at the library( and was frightened by the inhabitat- scary old white man! scary!) I call it the racistmobile.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Breaking Up With Shannen Dorherty: (gay triggers) Like, if you want to dump your b/f and go out with a girl, it's not because your sexual orientation is different, it's because you don't want to go out with your boyfriend. Your sexual orientation can be bi, and you can be all fine and happy with going out with a man. But yea, sometimes a particular woman is more attractive than the man you're with. That's what I think the motivation is here.

Also, why I hate tube tops, strapless dresses,etc.
2.6/4 Due Weds. I wish they had a ticker for papers like they have them for pregnancy.

EEE! Harvest Moon on the Wii! I bet the Wii is totally going to win, total price advantage!
Oh sqwick, sqwick, sqwick(or fap fap fap for you guys). Come for the hot hot chick that used to be Rudy on the Cosby show pics, stay for the great black folk commentary.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Rosencratz + Guildenstern

Rosencratz + Guildenstern
Originally uploaded by Shannon W..
We were reading this play when my English teacher left the room. She returned and said there is something serious I need to talk about. I thought she would talk about a student at our school dying. But no, we all walked over to another classroom to watch the towers. We all saw the second plane crash. For weeks afterward, this play had lost its humor. All I could feel was the everpresent scent of death. But now, 5 years later, I believe I can read this play, and I believe that I can laugh.

But what makes me cry is hearing about how everyone was crying for us on that day. We have betrayed them and their hopes. It is very depressing.

Here is an image from blackfolk. Vivianstcloud posted it this time, but I'm not sure if she made the image.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Now I pass the wank to you. Included: subculture infights, defense of dog abuse, and more wanky wank than you can shake a stick at. It has served me well.
ARGH! You know what? I'm full of hate. Apparently some asshats think an 11 year old is somehow grown enough to decide hey, I want to suck off twenty guys! Nothing drives me battier than the idea that a pair of breasts is consent. At that age, even if you aren't playing with Barbies like I was, heck, even if you're buying your Twinkies by dancing at the club, you are pretty easily coerced. Heck, even adult women have been coerced into doing things they didn't want to by fear that guys won't like them or that if they don't do that, they are a bad defective person. And we're expecting an 11 year old to speak up against 20 older guys, including a 40 year old?

That's why I don't believe in the old 'oh, she did it, so that means that she loved it and it was ok" system of consent, because they could have been telling that kid anything. Not to mention our whole society encourages women to judge their worth on who wants to fuck them or how much approval they get from others. So we have a kid here fighting that tide, probably not enough parental support, with god knows what going around in her brain, and what do we get? Oh, she's old enough to consent!

Another thing that drives me nuts is how when a white 20 year old does something dumb, he's a boy, but if a black girl gets in trouble, she's a grown ass woman. You know, my cousin is 10 and just got breasts. She doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground. Her parents don't trust her enough to give her a real cell phone. But if you listen to the assholes on the internet, apparently, she's growner than I am. Fuck that.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I raised an eyebrow at the idea of padded bras for six year olds, thus stifling everyone's sexuality for life. I don't think padded bras for six year olds should be avoided because of pedos. They should be avoided because they are a horrible fashion faux pas.
I visited my aunt at the hospital. She had a GI bleed and they had to give her blood, but nothing else has been done lately. She wishes she could get a doctor to tell her something or at least be able to go home and eat some food

In other news, the fact that the Devil Wears Prada's movie version's moral was the seduction of success and the book version's moral was work too much and your relationships will be ruined interests me.
Segregation in Milwaukee New zpizza in Memphis: super woot. I love ultra thin crust pizza. Did you know that reheating in the stove takes 5 minutes, and makes everything taste oh so much yummier?
PSAs: Your local university may allow people from the local area to borrow books. The University of Memphis says that local residents can get a special card to take out books from their library.

Be a friend of your local library. In Memphis, the friends of the library started the popular african american popular library that you can see at the central library, which is on union street, I believe. The Cordova library wants gently used books, but not textbooks, and also they really want books for children. They will sell them to raise funds for programs.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I feel guilty. My crazy white friend is back, and I'm on one hand glad she didn't get in trouble for shoplifting, but on the other hand, I worry that many black people are just as crazy and getting in trouble for shoplifting instead of the help they need.

In other news, I think that five years after the fact, I think I can read Rosencratz anf Guildenstern are Dead. Maybe it's been enough time now. The anniversary is Monday, after all.
I think it's not a big deal whether to have your kid go to public school or not, because it's the enrichment outside the classroom that really makes or breaks your kid. Take your kid to a musuem, get them a math mentor(a person you know who is awesome at math), get them to the library- the school doesn't have to have everything for your kid to have a great education. I'm not saying we shouldn't improve schools, but this is often overlooked.
It may be one of those days again. I barely got through 5 pages of educational research and then tried to fold towels, and then nearly passed out from the heat, so I sat my ass down(but not my hot tamale, which you should never say to puerto ricans from the bronx). In other news, did you know that ordinary shampoo and cold water could make blood stains vanish in front of your eyes?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

WTF? Although I am secretly tempted to read some of those books, as I am just one nosy motherfucker, and we never got to hear anything about those folks in history.
Other people are very intelligent. I note that I wanted to become a social worker because I was too thick to do clinical psych(although I hear it's harder to get into a phd psych program than into med school and I believe it) but I decided to do counseling psych instead. I think it's good for me because it's a more practical, more nuturing, less competitive program. I'm not very good at not being the best when others are competing with me. When people are always like omg, I got an 80, I want to kill myself with a fork, I'm always worried that I'll get an 80 and have to kill myself with a fork, you know? If god forbid, I get a 79, I feel like killing myself, and quite possibly someone else.
A white man discovers that racism at work is accepted by some. He is shocked.

Also, there's a recent outbreak of insanity in Milwaukee. An 11 year old girl was sexually assaulted by multiple men with the complicity of a 16 year old girl. Notes: an 11 year old doesn't have the good sense to know whether she wants to give blowjobs to 20 men or not. Just say no!
Shannon missed the counseling association meeting because she had to go home and pass out. In other news, according to a thin and attractive white woman at the chi sigma iota brown bag, 1/4 of children ages 10-17 are at very high risk. Also, according to a cheery and friendly lady I interviewed with, 100k kids in the shelby county area have autism, but there aren't autism experts in the schools, and they can only work with rich folks who pay out of pocket, so if you're poor and your kid has autism, you're fucked.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Everything is packed and shipped! Yay, finally. Armed with my $1 pants it didn't seem so bad, but it's another day of crappiness, I'm glad nearly all my work was done by last Sunday. I also realized the idea of binging had been stretched too far when I was like binge day, because I had one square of my Cadbury's caramel bar, and plan to have a really soft cookie with my stuffed pepper(which I stuffed with corn I cut right off the cob). In other news, my continuing series, poor people it sucks to be you continues.

In today's poor people, it sucks to be you, I'd like to note that poor families probably wouldn't feel safe letting their kids go door to door to shake down people, nor do some of them have jobs that allow you to sell some candy to everyone in the office, therefore school fundraisers may be more difficult.

Yea, that's a stupid segment. For intelligent commentary on poverty, you might want to try Lauren or kactus instead.
Even extermely thin girls have celluite. OMG! Baby! I have three packages packed, and one to complete and then pack. Lady must be invoiced for the last one. Yes, I use my blog as a thinkpad. While I'm typing, do not forget journal for class today, last night you did and it sucked. To my imaginary audience, you see, my journal is my security object, and I don't feel right when I forget it.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Icon love! Miami Ink had a Mexican lady hoping for citizenship tattooed. She said she hoped to be able to go and see her family after she gets citizenship, and the tattoo artist was really thoughtful about what colors would work on her darker skin.

In other news, white people are racist.
Steve Irwin was eulogized in a commerical on TLC, and on the internet(warning: many of the people on that thread are mourning using humor)
Memphis has the highest infant mortality rate of America's 60 largest cities. Some areas are worse than others. Near Cypress Creek in North Memphis, babies are dying at rates higher than those of many Third World countries.[14 per 1000 live births is very bad]

Babies continue to die, and community activists are upset as they believe it is due to chemical runoff in the water. There is some concern about a chemical fire at a plant. There is also a refinery in the South Memphis area, which my mother says emits 'onion gas' that she believes is poisonous. I'm not sure about that, but it could affect the air quality negatively. Racism: it's not just some dude getting fired, it's poisoned water in your neighborhood, it's you burying your baby, it's your kid having asthma.
A small respite in the order from hell to laugh at this icon. Yes, Yes, I should have done the buttons earlier.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Beautiful pictures of African women. NSFW, nonsexual breast exposure.
Violet and Ginmar despite the heroism of R. Mildred decided to be stupid, so I added to the racism FAQ:

Q)But sexism is the root oppression/racism is unacceptable but sexism isn't/if classism was destoryed, racism would be too!

A)There's no hierarchy of oppression. They all operate at the same time. Also, structual oppression is way more pervasive than whatever suburban legend you are using to bolster your position. For example, one guy got fired for saying niggardly, maybe, but that happened at least 5 years ago, and this year hundreds of thousands of black men and women are in jail away from their families and messing up their job prospects. This affects us all. Also, although the oppressions are interlocking in some ways they differ. Even though I'm not class oppressed, people still treat me like crap because of my race, and try to outlaw birth control,etc. Note: if you call yourself a feminist, and you say something like that, I'm throwing you out of the feminist movement, and beating you with chicken wire, and damn what the hugglybears say about it!
At punkass, the idea that sex trumphs race, the most annoying idea on the internet since lolicon and fursecution, is killed with fire. Of course, the idea of race trumphing sex, or it's all the fault of the captialist system is also killed with fire. I'd like to add this is also why I'm against oreoism. The truth is that we're all oppressed by race, and we can't get away from it by bragging about class markers, like how we use 'correct' English or have hobbies that cost a lot of money. If you're a woman, you can't get away from sexism by simply declaring you're not so weak as to be influenced by the culture. All these traps burn my biscuits.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Random rumors from Memphis. I went to a baby shower, and nearly died from all the pinkness. The grandma's very butch daughter(not a mother) agreed. Then we went to South Memphis. According to random relatives, our dope dealing tenant was helping form a block party for the neighborhood children, after not paying his rent despite taking everyone's money! Also, at Kirby and Craigmont, massive fighting is rumored. My mother believes it's because of gangs. Also, children can't read. My brother submits it is because of laziness. My aunt says they are all babysitting their younger siblings and don't go to school. My mom says it's a tragedy that people are having babies too young and ending up being out in the street instead of taking care of their babies.
I may post some feminism wank posts occasionally. These posts may hurt the feelings of the sensitive. In fact, let me warn everyone. My posts will hurt your feelings. They are mean, aggressive and hateful. They are not about support or group hugs or helping heal the wounded heart. I don't know how much clearer I can say this. Not every blog you encounter will be about giving you a hug and soothing your wounds. Some are like that. Some aren't. Life's hard. Helmet.
Scalzi comments favorably on a list of rules on classrooms. Amusing, but I have a quibble with the but I have a job one. Like, how do people who are lower class and need to do their 40 hour a week job or like, their kids will go hungry or something deal with that? I guess they go part time or try not to suck. (sorry, but I'm a person who sucks. Like today is one of those days. My head feels fuzzy, when I read, I can't concentrate, and none of my work goes well on those days. I also am unable to function unless I eat like every 3 hours and get 8 hours of sleep). Full time work and full time school would kill me. OMG!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Is it me or does Budwieser have the most racist commericals ever? What's with the brown native guy being weird and 'uncivilized' and shooting arrows everywhere? Like, what the fuck? Do they think there are no South American Indians in the US? God, I hate beer commericals.
Thanks to Redneck Mother, I read this post and nearly peed myself.

Also, Lauren talks about how fancy schools have a class bias, and explains why she can't just drop everything at her job to go on a field trip.

Women of lower classes are having trouble pumping breast milk at work.

A shocking and haunting poem about Iraq. (rape triggers)

Mental Health in People of Color. Helps me a lot, but what books/articles do others reccomend? I don't want to be the counseler who totally sucks at life. Just being a person of color doesn't mean I have a handle of all people of color issues in counseling.
My brother came back from Atlanta. He says that people are kicking Katrina victims out of stores and also, many of them may stay because the housing might end up too expensive back home, and at least in Atlanta they have a place to sleep, and awful sandwiches possibly made by Emory students. My brother knows they are awful because he saw a bunch of people in a line, so decided to get in line, and at the end, he got an awful sandwich. Yuck!