Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's nice to see the new opportunities for black men in the world of fake news.
About 1400, which is probably way too short, but I think I'm at a stopping point and should start editing now.
Tekanji continues to write, and I continue to comment. In bold, as usual, is quotes.

Much like being the Traditionally Geeky Female Gamer is a double-edged sword — you get cred as being “one of the boys”, but in a way that entails the rejection of the feminine — so too is the Girly-Girl Gamer. In this case, it hinges on how the feminine is seen to be included into the gaming community.

I'm not seeing the downside to rejecting the feminine, which in esscence is denying yourself to become only the sum of your looks instead of what you do. If I wanted to be a pretty decoration to get some man hot, I'd do that, Not all woman want to be seen as objects. Many want to be seen as subjects. If a woman wants to be seen as an object, fine, but it's not a universal desire of women.

While often praised to their faces, in other areas of the gaming community women who post their pictures get labelled “attention whores” and get told that they are one of the reasons why female gamers don’t get taken seriously.

That is because that sort of thing does make it hard to take anyone seriously. Women are often told that behavior that is in esscence, self defeating, is what they should do- put the priority on looks over smarts, think that a man can/should take care of you, avoid developing one's self as a person because that's not feminine. The work for feminists to do is for us to recognize when the societal message really is bollox.

I don’t want to spend too much time on this subject, as I think it’s better suited for the next part of my series, but suffice it to say, “fakers” are classified as women, usually models, who are faking their interest/knowledge in gaming to get attention/money/whatever. These are the bottom of the barrel and are considered not to have any gamer cred whatsoever. It’s also a classification based solely on these hypothetical women’s looks; it is contingent on the perception that these women entered the gaming community/industry in order to profit off their appearance.

Actually, it's more behavior than looks. If a hot girl says she's a girl gamer and actually shuts up and plays games- no one thinks they are a faker. But if they are constantly talking about how hot they are, and licking PSPs and going on- of course the perception is going to be that they are well, attention whores.

Seriously, what sensible adult person would go and lick an electronic device and then wonder why people don't take them seriously? The problem is that these women have bought into the idea that their looks are the most important thing about them, and that this sort of behavior will make others think well of them, when the obvious reality is that people are a bit more marketing savvy nowadays. So when they see obvious plants like the Frag Dolls or booth babes or women who get columns at IGN not because of any skill they may have but because they are so hot, they are going to raise an eyebrow to women who promote themselves as girl gamers. This of course reflects badly on women who actually do like games, and actually do take more time playing games than posing in our underwear.

I read the LJ community girl gamers. Many of the women posting there could in fact be very hot. Model hot. But the majority know that nobody cares if they wear lipstick to match their DS's(there are pink DS's and I want one) or whether they wear merry widows to game in and confine their posting to actual games and game related talk because it's a gaming community. There are in fact many other communities where if these women want to get attention for their looks, they can be validated in the way they desire.

Just leave my hobby out of it. Just be a model or a sex worker, and stop trying to promote yourself using my hobby,ok?

ETA: I hate this shitty parody commerical.
A crappy day with only 1000 words written. It'll turn cold tonight and adding to the bleakness is that Britney's cooter is now an image macro. Even worse than that, I'm actually going to wear a sweat shirt and sweat pants in public. This is how horrible it is today. Now off to pop vitamins and alieve.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lots of nervous posting today. Wank about Muslims swearing on Korans and Pandagon makes an appearance at otf wank. I may have been hallucinating, but I thought that maybe the regional Planned Parenthood in Memphis is giving out free AIDs tests on Dec 1. And I thought there was something about Orange Mound and community centers and free AIDs tests as well. Yea, so that could be happening. Possibly.
1575 and done, but very unhappy about it. I forgot what I was going to write in this post.

Well, now it's a free post. Tekanji wrote a post about girl gamers. Girly girl gamers confuse me. Saying I game, and I'm hot! seems to me like me saying I'm a community agency psychology student and I eat tortilla chips!. And we care because? It seems like instead of just playing games for the love of it, they are playing into the stereotype that women don't have real hobbies or likes or dislikes, but instead do everything they do as a sort of advertising campaign for a man or to get cash. I'm not saying people who are like that are bad people- but it's really hard to take a woman seriously as a gamer or even as an adult when she devotes more time to talking about how she is totally hot! than actually talking about playing games. If you think I'm too mean, regender. How do you think a man who always posted about how he plays video games, but is hot and has a big cock and had a website promoting himself as a 'guy gamer', with little information about games, but much about how attractive he was would be taken seriously?

The next time on Shannon's judgemental hour- we'll be talking about how women are often duped into believing that behavior that no sensible person would consider adult behavior is somehow feminine and attractive.
1,275 words. Is it dick day on salon or something? What the fuck is this for example? I'm not alone in thinking the author is kinda a douche.
There's a campaign against violence against women called Take Back the Tech. There are good ideas there. I like to use graphics software to make stickers. Bloggers around the world use their blogs to document abuses and organize actions in the real world. Women use emails to complain about cyberstalking, harrassment and offensive messages about the real worth of a woman on the internet. Women draw webcomics against sexual abuse, harrassment and gendered violence.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Kind of Reader Are You?
Your Result: Book Snob

You like to think you're one of the literati, but actually you're just a snob who can read. You read mostly for the social credit you can get out of it.

Dedicated Reader
Obsessive-Compulsive Bookworm
Literate Good Citizen
Fad Reader
What Kind of Reader Are You?
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Hahaha, the breast feeding in public makes me just like Rosa Parks lady got a mention on otfwank. White women, we're glad that your baby is getting good nutrition. We just don't think that braving a few dirty looks is heroic.
Hey, if you're in NY, maybe you should go and protest in front of the 6th precicnt(sp?) tomorrow.

Also, 3003 words so far. It's nearly done. I decided to kick back after printing. But then this guy IM'd me and was like look at this! and so I looked. Being old fashioned, I recommend wearing panties in public. It's sad that nowadays seeing a celebrity's vagina has become common place and boring. I may have become Jonathan Frazen, but I'm not joking. I'm really sad!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Only 2,219 words. ;_; Soon I'll write "the difference between oppression and being mean". While I'm here- hahahahahaha, breast feeding like Rosa Parks. Yea, I can't take that seriously.
People are collecting donations for the Six Nations.

I'm wondering why people who barely have an idea of what is going on on the other side of the city, let alone the other side of the nation are telling people on the other side of the globe what help they need to ask for. (see the original post)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

1977 words well short of my goal of 2300 words.

Twisty posts again. For the love of god, could you white women get secure about your choice of fucking shoes? Seriously, if you're comfortable with your choice of footwear, someone else not liking it doesn't matter.

Only 310 words into my counselor profile! I'm supposed to have 1250 or so! Also rubber sidewalks. Some more hilarity: *snerk* a watch from Girls Next Door. In other disturbing items, I am on a yahoo list devoted to selling off your old items, and one lady was selling an old child pageant dress. I was like noooo!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

An abortion ban in Georgia? WTF? Maybe you should all donate to the Georgians for Choice who I am sure will be all over this.

Not related: white science guy PZ Meyers is sick of all this tasering.
An advertisement: During this weekend, you may be buying a lot of stuff you don't need. Let me assist you in doing that. My ebay store has plenty of items you don't need for everyone on your list! And best of all, they aren't too expensive, so you won't have to go into massive credit card debt! I'm saving up for A)a Wii B)books for next semester*

*they require us to read them, really!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

OMG! Cooking Mama for the Wii! In real life, the pecan pie won't gel, but I don't eat it anyway. I slept in (til 7 am) and so I didn't make the sweet potato pie this Thanksgiving.

ETA: I'm drinking chai style tea. Twisty is busy blaming the colonialist white supremacist patriarchy, and I'm glad she mentioned sweet potato pie, the true type of pie to eat, instead of that heathen pumpkin pie. Only white people eat that nasty ass green bean casserole I'd like to say. We are having sweet potato casserole(the kind w/ nuts on top,etc) for the next few weeks, and we had greens(but my grandma can't cook so she put okra in the middle of the greens mom worked so hard to make!), anyway, all much better than some green bean casserole. I really hate pecan pie, even though it is traditonal. I didn't have any turkey today, just ham, because my grandma cooked a turkey mom gave her and I totally don't trust grandma's turkey.

Another Edit: Now in food related coma. Send postcards to political prisoners,please.
Jurimprudence for feminism.

First laws by others:

Auguste’s Law:

[Due to the completely understandable strong feelings involved], As any blog discussion about weight continues, the likelihood that the patriarchy will be forgotten in favor of infighting approaches 1.

Tubman's Law: As a feminist thread goes on, the chances of some white woman comparing something to racism, slavery and the like becomes 1(Not kittiekatie's phrasing, but it is her law)

Tekanji's what about the mens law: In any discussion about women, feminism or the like, the probability of someone saying but what about the mens approaches 1.

The Faux Card Cred Law: Anyone disavowing their various prejudices by using the phrase "I'm not anti-_____, I have _____ friends!" or some variant thereof will summarily lose the argument and be subjected to a vicious fishbeating by members of the group in question. Double fishbeatings will be enforced if the "faux-cred card" is utilized more than once in one argument.

Second, laws I believe I made up or modifications of base laws.

The law of the veil- as the time a white feminist's blog has existed goes on, the likelyhood that someone(or the blogger herself) will use the line "OMG, do you want us to wear a burqa" or use the burqa as a visual sign of oppression approaches 1.

The bandwagon law- Everyone ever wants to be called a feminist, even pro life lifestyle Goreans who think that a woman's place is in the home, and that the downfall of civilization has been brought about by feminists who have hairy legs and fuck around too much.

The out damned spot! law- Someone will always say "OMG! someone called me not a feminist" even if noone was talking about that at all. That person will be beaten with a nice large feminist of color anthology like Making Face, Making Soul.

The OMG Oppreshun!!! law- As the percentage of the female population doing a certain beauty ritual goes up, so does the likelyhood that some lady will break her arm patting herself on the back because she stood up to the oppressive feminists who won't let her do whatever beauty ritual 99% of women in her country(OK, it's usually america) do.

Nubian's Law(named after her for no good reason): No matter how racist something that a woman of color blogger has blogged about is, there will be white people commenting that that wasn't racist at all.

The pleasure law: Pleasure will always be defined as a bunch of girly crap.

The Cosmo Girl law: If any jokes, snark or witty turns of phrase are used to attack sexism, someone will complain lest the lack of complete and total seriousness scares off some girl who is in fact perfectly fine with her own lack of political consciousness.

Twisty's rule(also named after a blogger): Billion dollar industries, years of cultural indoctrination, and the way society is structured has nothing on what one blogger says on the internet.

The real women have curves law: Whenever a discussion about eating disorders, dieting or weight occurs, the probability that someone will mention that obesity is a KILLER!!! approaches 1

Faux Cred Card, Feminism Corrallary: If anyone claims to have a get out of the patriarchy free card (i.e. My decisions have nothing to do with the majority culture because I do BDSM/my Milton is a perfect saint/I live in a sealed bubble) will have to wear a sports corset, a hobble skirt, and stiletto heels while running a mile and jumping over railroad tracks.

The first sex law: If some sexual act is mentioned, the possibility of someone talking about their experience of it in graphic detail approaches 1.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Amazingness occurs.
Houston janitors get a new contract Also, Amp makes links about the Oaxaca protests, and shannon wonders how the creation of a parallel leftist goverment in Mexico will affect this if it does at all, since shannon has no idea about Mexico's system or the support of this guy, although I heard something about protests in Mexico City in favor? Oh so confused.
Brownfemi shows pictures of brave Mexican women resisting rape, murder and oppression. These women don't need to be 'saved' by us imperialists up north or held by the hand and told that bloggers approve of their choice of footwear. They are doing for themselves.

And on the other side, anorexia kills a model. Anorexia is a culture bound disorder. This does not make it any better for the victims.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The goons at somethingawful spend all their time looking at terrible,terrible websites. People who put their kids in child pageants are declared tools of the patriarchy. Why? Ok, look at this creepy ass photo:

Now, that's just creepy. (here's a whole website devoted to creepiness, and here's a film about creepy crazy child pageants on youtube.) This sort of thing is why I don't hold off on declaring things to be tools of the patriarchy. I mean seriously, I don't expect pageant mothers to read this blog and because I didn't call them tools of the patriarchy, lead a feminist revolution.

Even though women are oppressed, that doesn't stop a great many of them from looking around and saying "hey, I'm pretty happy with stuff the way things are". They aren't being forced to live shallow lives of dressing their kids in dumb outfits that cost too much just to spite the evil strawfeminist * who threatens to outlaw lipstick and blowjobs if they don't sacrifice their daughters to the pageant gods. No, their priority simply isn't the liberation of women. Their priorities are elsewhere. So why try to make a movement for liberation a movement for fun to accommodate these types?

*Maybe my foundations teacher is the strawfeminist. She wears sensible shoes, and by facial expression, I don't think she thinks shopping, but for fun stuff, not boring stuff! is a job.
1221 words. Very pleased.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I found my paper! The combined word count is now 747(you see, I pasted the good bits of the old one together with my new one).

Protesters are sexually harrassed in Houston. This story really shows the seedy underbelly of our society. Should we all look for a fund that gives out cellphones w/ cameras and little camcorders to protestors?

Our fun feminist friends may want to call off that google search! The Wii has brought peace and harmony to the world.
I'm going to wank. There may be triggers for the pro ana and the eating disordered. For god's sake, being anorexic isn't something you aspire to to be cool! It's a deadly mental illness! People of normal weight aren't all jealous of folks who have deadly illnesses! Many of us want you to get help so you can fucking live. And yea, and if you ask a question in a fucking public community, people will answer it, dumbass. If you don't have enough fat, your periods will be screwy. You can save yourself a lot of wank by using fucking google if you don't want others to fucking comment on your fucking public posts on the internet.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I hope my paper wasn't eaten, but I only got up to like 750 and was full of lose and fail. Here's a depressing link about Africa.
669 words in. Uh..see my amazon wishlist and tremble. And if you spot the real reason I have lists up at thisnext, you get a prize.
WTF? Is it me or is this really fucked up? Like, what's going on? Dang, those strikers are really putting themselves in danger. That's daring to put yourself on the line for the lives of your community and kids.

People who live in Houston should collect food for the food drive for the janitors.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Life lessons for men: just because women are guilty of crimes against fashion doesn't mean you should sexually assault them. Here's a dumb dumb story about prostitution. Instead of targeting the men who are buying the services of prostitutes, they are mad because streetwalkers are near the children. Great strategy,folks, just great. Because none of the streetwalkers are anybody's mama, of course.
World have your say today is about the taser incident and burkas.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More about sex,sex,sex. You know what? Stop touching the god damn strippers. How would you like it if someone came up to you at your workplace and grabbed your crotch? We wouldn't even have to be having this discussion if some assholes didn't decide to ruin stripping for everyone by touching the damn strippers. And if you try to jam a finger in a stripper's vagina, you should go to jail. Straight to jail. Don't pass go, don't complain about PC hairy legged feminists.

Also: Don't give your nasty ass crap to the poor. They don't want it. If you give half eaten food to the food pantry, you need to have your ass kicked.
"Most work is exploitation, but most work is not prostitution. Prostitution is prostitution, a very specific type of exploitation wholly unlike my other miserable jobs scooping hummus at the cafe, ringing up beef jerky at the corner store, scheduling perms at the hair salon, mindlessly xeroxing business papers at the copy shop"- Michelle Tea in her illustrated novel Rent Girl.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Roseanne on Larry King Live: We should talk about the workng class. Also, don't they know that lifting up one's shirt for free is just wrong(roseanne on GGW) I'd like to say that you all should give dolls of all colors to toys for tots. Give black dolls, asian dolls, hispanic dolls(get a cheap dora off ebay or something).
I was walking around sex and race, and this yeloson person found this awesome post about political correctness. I decided to link it to help in clueification.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Because little girls would never be interested in Harvest Moon or Lego Star Wars~! Even when I was a little girl, I never played god damn Barbie games. It was Zelda, Ninja Turtles and Final Fantasy all the way! But now I really want a DS. Cooking Mama looks so good!

Tip for this holiday season: don't get carried away with the frenzy over 'hot' toys. Use common sense. If an ebay seller has 100 toys that it is really hard to get, what are the odds of you actually getting that toy? Common sense will save you a lot of grief this Christmas. Not to mention, no kid has to have a certain toy. No one was ever damaged for life because they had to play with a regular old Elmo doll you got off ebay for ten bucks.
I decided not to do stuff for the third day in a row. Heart writes this long post and all I get out of it is that it's nice to plant trees. You all shouldn't wear leather jackets to plant trees as once I fell down a hill while trying to plant trees and oh the cleaning bill was horrid.
Bwa ha ha!




She's so very dedicated to this man that she's making herself miserable for him and bitching about it online? What a pillar of devotion and strength.




Perhaps this is just me being closed-minded and stereotype-driven, but don't people who join communities dedicated to extreme sexual lifestyles get over the whole high-school "ew, icky, slut!" thing?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Brownfemi has an interesting comment.

Frowner–I just wanted to clarify, I didn’t mean to be coy–that is, I didn’t mean to do a “you guess why we’re angry, cuz I’m not gonna tell you!” I think I might’ve came off that way–

but yeah, I know it’s hard to work on shit–especially placing yourself within the context of a movement–negotiating where you stand is really difficult some times–I mean, for example, many times, native peoples get really really angry at Mexican/chican@s because we try to claim our indigenous roots–but we don’t do it in a way that is helpful and many times is quite harmful to what native peoples are doing. but yet, do we not have the right to claim our past? is your movement more important than ours? Is your right to exist and have a history your important than our right to exist and have a history?

I think in the case of lipsitck/blow job thing–it’s a very similiar thing. that is what is important to lots of white women, but they don’t have any clue that 1. they have power on this internet thing and 2. there are women of color reading and paying attention (at least temporarily) to what they are doing and saying. so do these women have any obligation at all to cover anything outside of their own interests? Especailly when whenever some blogger of color (especially a woman of color) points something out to them, they immediatly go on the attack mode and start in with “When we fight, the patriarchy WINS, why can’t we just get along, your my sister!!!!” Everybody wants to be our sister when we’re angry, but when we don’t say anything, lipstick and blow jobs are good enough for everybody. you know?

It’s the same thing with the porn situation–porn is the one place where it’s systematically “ok” for white women to be abused–whether it’s symbollically through the action or the workers conditions or whatever. Systemactially, it’s culturally and socially and legally “ok” for white women to be treated as they are in porn. is there any wonder, then, that feminism has centered it’s entire debate around structural violence against women on porn? Is it any wonder, then, that even as women of color scream from the roof tops that violence of the nation/state and economic structures and environmental degredation are reeking havoc on our communities and all white women can talk about is porn porn porn and sucking dick and the patriarchy? It’s one of those closeted underlying quite forms of racism to insist that all evil must stem from porn–especially when you look at how women of color, fat women, disabled women, mother’s etc are generally fetishized within the porn world–such that any type of abuse or violence that may stem from porn against us is yet again, hidden and silenced because most people don’t consider that fat women or women of color or disabled women would be 1. sexualized in the way porn requires or 2. that the way we are sexualized is different and often times much more harmful than the way white thin pretty women are sexualized through traditional porn. you know?

porn, lipstick, blow jobs–all of those thing center white able-bodied, straight women in the context of feminism, and so it’s not so much that I don’t think a discussion on porn is important or necessary, but rather that the way it is discussed is on terms where it’s very often, you’re either with us or against us–and I refuse both positions. I think life is more complicated than that, and any good movement will allow for that complication.

Brownfemi has some good ideas, but I'd like to go off in a completely unrelated direction. The problem I have with white women and lipstick and blowjobs is how they center their feminism around it. It's not just "Well, I have a hobby, and my hobby is wearing lipstick while giving blowjobs, and so now let's all collect cell phones for the women's shelter". It's "Oh noes! Somebody I don't know from three states away doesn't like my fashion choices! How can I ever survive? Isn't feminism about supporting women!?".

The thing is that women are a huge fucking group. We're more than half of the world's population. Not everything a woman does can be supported by every woman. For example, I really hate women who spend their whole public careers complaining about how women who have jobs are bad mothers. Also, women who talk about how girls who have been peed on by grown ass men are just fast are just wrong in my eyes.

Not to mention, there's a huge ass difference between supporting women in important ways, such as noting that no, it's not your fault that that asshole raped you, yes, I'll take care of your kid for you so that you can get an education, and yea, I'll demonstrate so you can get some health care, and supporting women in dumb ways like of course, I think your choice of footwear is great!, I love your pubic hair style!, and whatever you're doing now is perfectly feminist!

The idea that feminism is about your freedom to do exactly what you were going to do anyway is pretty limited. I'll use an ancedote to explain why I think this way. This girl in my class decided to talk about the high cost of manicures nowadays. The truth of the matter is this woman doesn't need a social movement to get a manicure. Her manicure needs will be provided for under the current system.

This is in sharp contrast to janitors who don't have health insurance, which puts their lives and the lives of their families in danger. Under the current system, they aren't getting their needs met. So why are we focusing on people who have their needs met?

Not to mention, the way some folks think people get into feminism is all skewed. They think women are all like "I did want childcare and health insurance for my kids but then I noticed that some feminists don't shave their legs, so I'm ok with my crappy lot in life now!" But heck, most of the women in my family don't even shave their legs!

Heck, if all they had to worry about in life was that some lady across the country didn't like their lack of leg hair, they'd be singing for joy. Heck, if all they had to worry about is that some lady across the country thinks blowjobs are gross, they'd be wondering if they were in heaven.

People in my family have to deal with folks fighting in the schoolhouse, pregnant teens who haven't eaten, molested infants at the daycare, children acting sexually inappropiate in class, and on and on.

If we could help them deal with that, they'd be all for feminism. They don't care about how empowerful we are in our sports corsets.
Brownfemi covers a janitors' strike. Unrelated, maybe you'd like to volunteer to teach undereducated adults and immigrants to read? I did project shine when I was in college and it was a good program. In Memphis, you can help with the Literacy Council. I'd like to suggest that donating books to local libraries would be a good use of energy.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Brown Girl Rab Fish(ok, that's not the title of her blog) has good poems on it. At least someone else is tired. I was able to function today, but as I did yesterday I ended up taking a nap.
I heard my grandma had to call the police because of suspicions that a small baby was molested. Anyone who molests a baby is a tool of the patriarchy and also might need to be tortured by supernatural beings.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Women of Color Beyonce and Eva Longoria are going to play lesbians. Writer of write up focuses on male fantasies that have nothing to do with lesbians at all.
Laziness is pasted on, yay. And then spotted elephant explains why fighting through the pain is good. But today I think I will dedicate to goofing off.
Arguments about porn occur. In the case of erotica, i.e. written porn, if you have self lubing assholes in your story(or even worse blood as lube) or you think that rape to marriage is ok because it's got two guys, well, that's just wrong.

Also, hentai games are pure evil.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm not an expert on transgendered people, but is it me or maybe tonight's Grey's Anatomy is maybe a little bit sensational or less than favorable?
Littledrummrboy makes an icon:

About blogging, it seems that bloggers broke the story about the sexual assaults on the Eid. Women are now rallying against sexual assault.
But first, just to be clear--it never ceases to amaze me that I have to say this, but evidently I do--if you find the concept of food addiction useful, or you want to go to OA, I am not here to tell you you can't. Seriously, where would I get that kind of power, to prevent you from believing or doing something? It's not as if I'm going to lead the radical feminist army over to your house to cleanse your mind of antifeminist thoughts, confiscate your empowerful high heels and thong panties, and hold you down until your armpit hair grows in. I'd love it if everyone could give up the mythology of radical feminists as some kind of irresistible force for censorship and mind control. All I'm doing is stating my opinion, just like any other blogger (or any other human being). If someone stating an opinion contrary to yours is so threatening to you, I suggest you take a long hard look at exactly where and when you abandoned your capacity for independent thought and why you think I'm responsible for that.

This lady is full of win.

I know perfectly well that desires and cravings for food can feel really strong, can feel like they are overwhelming and controlling us, but to grab a little piece of wisdom straight from "the program," feelings aren't facts. Just because we feel like we can't resist eating a particular food doesn't mean we really can't (and certainly doesn't give us any information about why we shouldn't). As Julia Penelope says, "...appealing to feelings is one way of resisting change." "I just feel that way" is an argument for nothing except doing what you want (or in this case, NOT doing what you want) without examining the way patriarchy shapes all our beliefs and desires.

I'm not sure about whether compulsive eaters can resist or not, but what she said reminded me of a connection I made while I was reading Making Face, Making Soul. I tend to resist the idea that feminism is about making people feel good because the whole emphasis on feelings sort of echoes white resistance to anti racism. The focus is always on how if we say anything, a white person's feeling will be hurt, and apparently the world will fall apart if a white person ever feels bad.

I mean, when brownfemi talks about women walking with machetes and their kids on their hips, I somehow don't get the impression that they are walking that way to have fun. I may be a privileged first worlder, but I get the impression that women in the third world are working hard against sexual assault, against women being lashed for being raped, against dirty water, against a lack of education for girls, against a whole lot of stuff that isn't about just having a big party all the time.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Afternoon slump! I'm totally dying over here. Yes, this is a LJ in blog form, thank you for noticing.

At least someone else didn't like that drapes crack.
Whiter blogging? Blogs help me procrastinate. That's why I blog.

WTF? Rumsfield resigned? Also, the press corps seem to be getting tough on the Prez.
Stupid TN! Well, the Repubs did give us crazed flyers every day in the mail about how the Demos were going to defund our troops while raising our taxes and aborting our white babies and also gay marrying the whole soccer team while giving them abortion pills, while the Demos only gave us mild mannered "Harold Ford- he likes education" or "Harold Ford: Here's a random picture of MLK Jr".

Maybe you should donate to microfinance the developing world. At least you'll feel better.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Politics is bad for my nerves so I am eating salt and pepper shrimp(which is causing my nose to run) and hey, look! it's fat wonder woman! I got a sticker maker- can't wait to use that baby again.
It's time for you all to vote. I heard on the radio that us awesome black people had been really turning out the vote in TN. Continue! Drive all your pals to vote. In TN, you have to show your license, but if you don't have any of that, you can take a photo id, utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, government document with name and address in addition to a document with your name and signature(like your social security card or credit card) or sign an affidavit of identity form. (info from here) This polling place locator will tell you where to vote. It works in all states.

Let's all work hard to win! Personally I think it'd be best if you voted for Harold Ford Jr, and no on amendment one.
Aunt B objects to beauty culture on the pain and suffering level. I've also wondered if shaving is about not liking hair, how come men don't shave their legs or sometimes even their chests, stomachs and backs, since men seem to have tons of hair in my opinion. Also, how come you don't see a lot of Limecrime style makeup? Now that's art!

I also object on the idea that tossing money in the trash is a very bad thing to do. A tip for feminine women- if you want to waste some cash on yourself, do something that is durable and you actually might enjoy for yourself, not just because someone else likes it. I know that's a shockingly radical statement as women are supposed to not have hobbies or lives outside being cute decorations, but come on. Try having a hobby. It improves your life.

Monday, November 06, 2006

The worst haiku in the world:

Huge bags hold the world
women on frontlines
Stupid has eaten the MMF's student's brains.


You scored 63 masculinity and 53 femininity!

You scored high on both masculinity and femininity. You have a strong personality exhibiting characteristics of both traditional sex roles.

My test tracked 2 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 62% on masculinity
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Link: The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test written by weirdscience on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Injured Lebanese journalist gets an award.
I feel better, so I will show you this post by the pleasureseeker. I have about as much college debt as she spent on beauty in 2005.

Also, a conversation.

Mom:I found a place that does massages and pampering reasonable so we can go!
Me: Why do I have to be pampered?
Mom: To remind you you're a girl and should be pampered
Me: I already know I'm a girl! I don't wanna be pampered.
I feel so weak I can hardly budge from the computer. It's like I can feel the energy draining. My head hurts. My mouth is dry. It seems that I'm going to have to retreat. Read Blackamazon's post on privilege.
Here are two LJ postings about girl gamers and the role of beauty: Miss Girl Gamer and What IGM thinks girl gamers are like.

I will use them to explore the gap between effective(i.e. looking for effects) and affective(trying for a certain feeling) feminism. Affective feminist would wonder why we are talking about fake girl gamers as being attention seekers, when we should be supporting women, even if they go around licking PSPs in a blatantly unsanitary manner. Effective feminists would wonder why anyone would think that beauty contests or licking PSPs helps the cause of women in gaming, as we already have plenty of ways that women are celebrated for being 'hot'.

Affective feminists would say that the effective feminists are ruining the movement because they might hurt the feelings of women who lick PSPs and post faux lesbian pictures on their myspaces and of course, they'd never become feminists as the goal of feminism is for women to feel good. But effective feminists would think affective feminists are ruining the movement because feeling good doesn't advance any goals.

Of course I'm an effective feminist. Those women know full well that they'll get rewards like attention for licking PSPs and joining beauty pageants. Heck, the winner of the beauty pageant might even get prizes. If they'd rather get those rewards than be feminists, it's their own choice. We all have our own sense of what is important in life.

We as women aren't responsible for whether other women want to work for their own liberation or not. I think that sometimes I sort of respect non feminists more than affective feminists. Nonfeminists know what they want, and how to get it. You want to be interviewed at IGN and maybe given free games? Lick a PSP, conform to beauty standards, maybe play dumb a bit.

But if you want all people everywhere to always approve of you, and to always feel good about yourself, well, that's a tricky pickle and I'm not sure a political movement could do that for you.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shannon delights as Twisty aptly mocks an article about how this woman thinks that we fucking care about how she learned to forget feminism and love the weight watchers. I associate this sort of shit with white women because they think we fucking care. Hint: Nobody fucking cares about your dark night of the soul about nail polish or whatever.

Note: when I blame the patriarchy I'm blaming the 'really annoying system of sexism that oppresses women, although women can uphold it and be complicit with it".

Brownfemi is working hard to make us aware of the system of nation/state violence.
I like this sort of stuff, because it's not a bunch of women whining about how the mean mean feminists didn't give them feminist cookies for doing the same thing they'd do anyway, but are shouting on behalf of their sisters and brothers in other countries or in their community.

That's outrage I can understand. I can get why brownfemi is upset that people are being raped and killed in Mexico. That's power I get. I don't get why I'm supposed to be mad that a feminist writer said that some other lady put parka filling in her face(which goretex is), but I can understand why you wouldn't want people to get shot.
20/20 - The Color of Privlege
Is John Stossil on 20/20 saying, seriously, that there is no such thing as white privlege? Or is he playing devil's advocate? Please, someone, help me sleep tonight...

ETA: OHMIGOD!!! Shelby STeele, author of White Guilt, says there is MINORITY PRIVLEGE!!!! White privlege is a myth apparently. Why didn't some of y'all kneegrows tell me?!

*snork* Stupidity, it's what is for dinner.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Lolita Wear.

Laredo Wear.
I was reading Brownfemi as I usally do, and a person named Labyrus(sp?) said something about Food Not Bombs, and so here's a little message from the site:

Oaxaca Rebellion
Food Not Bombs has been invited to start kitchens in Oaxaca, Mexico to support the rebellion. We need as many volunteers willing to travel to Oaxaca as soon as possible.
Conditions continue to deteriorate here as the state resorts to terrorist tactics in an effort to crush the now quite broad movement to remove the governor, Ulises Ruêz Ortêz, from office. There is far more than I can report in this note. George Salzman thinks the number of certified deaths was up to 5 by yesterday, and many have been injured, kidnapped and imprisioned. One of the people seized by the state and now incarcerated is the biologist Ramêro Aragon PZ¯rez. His illegal arrest and jailing is not more deserving of denunciation than those of any of the other political prisoners seized by the state in an effort to destroy the movement, but there's a strong effort being made to force his release by bringing international pressure to bear, and of course to publicize nationally and internationally the traagic events happening here.

One of the Oaxaca Study-Action Group members, Lois M. Meyer of the University of New Mexico , wrote on 22 Aug, "I emailed Ramiro Aragãn's wife the denunciation translated into English. She responded with the following brief and sobering message. Last Friday Ramiro was sentenced to 45 to 90 days in prison. She is hoping the letters of support will cause/force the judge to free him. "

Maybe you'd like to go down or perhaps give a donation?
It seems that children of illegal immigrants may not get the care they need. Stupid Laws: Because Feeling Good is More Important than the Health of Babies.
A good post about how hard it is to lose weight, and some discuss the suckiness of beauty standards.

Ok, I was reading along and saw this:

With a metabolism fucked up from being put on diets as a young child, there's no telling how my body will respond to anything! Which means endless rounds with a doctor, first telling you that you just need to eat less (never mind that not eating is what landed me in this place in the first place) and then telling you that nothing is wrong except your will power (because you can lose weight through will alone, did you know?) and then finally ordering tests that are inconclusive.

A-frickin-men. My Mom put me on my first diet when I was SEVEN. I just want to grab doctors by the shirt and drag them over to within hissing range and tell them through clenched teeth "Do you know what happens to a person's metabolism when they've been on a diet for thirty years?"
Not to mention that when I was first put on a diet...nobody knew jack shit about what makes a person fat. I remember when I was on the "all white is all right" diet that a DOCTOR put me on. White bread, white potatoes, white rice...gosh, why don't you just hook me up to a Crisco machine and inject me outright? Oh and then there was the cabbage soup diet which made my potassium drop so low that I had to go to the ER. And then Susan Powter's "fat's make you fat, eat lots of carbohydrates!" Richard Simmons "Deal a Meal" bullshit and the original run of Weight Watchers all things boiled and nasty tasting program.
Oy. It's enough to make a person stabby.

I feel stabby thinking about a young child being put on a diet. It was bad enough hearing the 12 year olds talk about how fat they were when I was 12, but for fuck's sake, please don't put your child on a fad diet!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today I had the worst day ever. I had to wait an hour and a half to vote because there were not enough poll workers for the last day of early voting. I voted for Harold Ford Jr and No on 1(I also voted yes on 2, because old people getting tax breaks sounded good at the time). Then I rushed to class but the prof canceled without telling us. I had left my wallet at home so I didn't go to the Brooks Muesuem with other people.
Sounds like game developers took games for girls seriously as long as they were about fashion, shopping, and makeup. “Girl games” are treated like a genre–a genre that teaches us how to make ourselves beautiful. No wonder I didn’t have any interest. Girls and women aren’t a genre, a niche.

From New Game Plus.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No, TD, my point is that by turning this into a discussion about whether or not there *really are* people who are unjustifiably bitchy, and repeatedly asserting that bitching just turns people off and that to get people to listen you need to be nice, you're working really hard to derail the thread and to put all the onus for communication on the speaker. Which is bullshit. If you dismiss a speaker because you don't like their tone, but they are saying something that's worth listening to, then you lose out. If you're a passive student who won't seek out education unless it's spoon-fed you, you remain ignorant of a lot of things. It isn't the job of people who know their shit to pander.
bitchphd | Homepage | 11.01.06 - 6:30 pm | #

Bitch Phd makes an interesting comment. I feel really suspicious of anyone making the argument that if you're not nice, well, what if someone doesn't like it? Maybe they aren't ready yet. Maybe they need to go and get their act together before they are ready to really listen. But why should I wait for them when there are people who are ready?
Kuczynski goes as far as to call the ultimately self-serving act of cosmetic surgery a political statement. "Looks are the new feminism" is a point she's so fond of she makes it twice over the course of the book. "Where once demanding equal rights and pay was a way for us to ask for an equal share of the power, the new way we show we have power is to be styled -- from top to bottom, from shoe sole to eye tuck -- to prove hat we have our act together. This is how we demonstrate to the world we have it all, both the yin and the yang, the masculine and the feminine."

I personally don't think you need a political movement to have plastic surgery. Now I can see a movement to stop sexual assault like what happened in Egypt on the Eid, but merely to conform to old sexist beauty standards? Bleh.

Also I found an interesting letter in the letters section:

The new feminism? Give me a break!

If top-to-toe (ouch!) cosmetic surgery is the new feminism, I quit! Maybe I'll become a Christian -- at least they have the idea that life is about more than narcissism and consumption. Seriously, anyone who thinks feminism is about producing the illusion of perfect self-control through masochistic woundings of the body hasn't been paying attention. Feminism is a social justice movement, not a beauty regime. What does plumping up your imaginary wrinkles with parka filling have to do with equality between the sexes?

Nothing. Not one thing.

-- Katha Pollitt
The hardworking Redneck Mother talks about how she misread beauty culture and became a 'slut'. Oh and more about the assholes that thought it was oh so cool to be like OMG! you're a slut! because that's totally original! No woman has ever been told that she has to look sexy to be a worthwhile person and then gets ridiculed because looking sexy makes assholes that couldn't get any if they worked overtime for a year think about sex!

More sensual pleasures for the OMG! if you don't adhere to feminine roles, you're a puritan crowd:

31)cinnamon hard candy
32)crunchy tortilla chips
33)the smell of the first fire of the year
34)a nice cup of tea
35)hot cocoa
38)eating the Halloween candy
39)warm soup
40)Everybody Hates Chris*

*I asked for a sewing machine! What is this? A loom! LOL
Brownfemi tries to help the indigienous people of Mexico and also a lot of poor Mexican women by publicizing the plight of the people protesting in Oaxaca(sp?). Shannon is cocooning herself although her wild mood has passed. Two days ago I woke up and was angry. Then the next day I woke up and was angry. Today I am not so angry but still am mad. You probably should try to email the folks in charge. I tried to email the Mexican consultate in New York, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I feel vaguely jealous of the people who get to protest in the street about it. Now, more ways to have fun without beauty rituals

21)Take up knitting
23)Look! babies dressed as pumpkins!
24)Get yourself a new manga volume
28)Movie night!
29)heckle anime!
30)Board game night!