Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The hardworking Redneck Mother talks about how she misread beauty culture and became a 'slut'. Oh and more about the assholes that thought it was oh so cool to be like OMG! you're a slut! because that's totally original! No woman has ever been told that she has to look sexy to be a worthwhile person and then gets ridiculed because looking sexy makes assholes that couldn't get any if they worked overtime for a year think about sex!

More sensual pleasures for the OMG! if you don't adhere to feminine roles, you're a puritan crowd:

31)cinnamon hard candy
32)crunchy tortilla chips
33)the smell of the first fire of the year
34)a nice cup of tea
35)hot cocoa
38)eating the Halloween candy
39)warm soup
40)Everybody Hates Chris*

*I asked for a sewing machine! What is this? A loom! LOL

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