Friday, March 31, 2006

Woman of Color Blog is back! And there's going to be trouble! White supremacists run away on the double!
Rachel S talks about the racial dimensions of white crime. I agree. The white kids who sold each other drugs in my AP English class weren't 'drug dealers', they were innocent kids. Like making what blacks do a crime, and letting whites off serves the system of white supremacy well.

I'd like to link to this post to urge solidarity with the immigrants, especially for us native born people of color. We need to get fair wages and employment for everyone, and fighting amongst ourselves won't help at all. It's the employers using racial stereotypes that are keeping black men out of a job- the immigrants that are being exploited by these same employers are simply a scapegoat.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

3:45 apple cinnamon muffin 4:15: 2 slices pizza. 1 cupcake. 8 oz lemonade. 5:30 1 cookie 9:01 8 fl oz unsweetened green tea
More from the mailbox:

Youth Summer jobs for 2006.

Submitted by Sauti Baraka:

LA Youth at Work (LAYAW) is an organization under the LA Area Chamber of Commerce. Go to: for more information. LAYAW has access to paid full time, part time and seasonal positions. Only those who complete the workshop will get access to employment assistance.

The jobs range from $8.00 to $14.00 per hour APPROXIMATELY (don't hold that quote to my head). You need to be between the ages of 16-24 to
be eligible for the Job Skills workshop (free workshop). You must complete the job skill workshop to be eligible for a job.

Here is a list of Workshop Participants. Call the number associated
with the location.


1. Hope Community Church
344 Florence Ave
Sat, Feb 25, 2006
10 A.M. - 1:30p.m.

2. El Centro De Ayuda
2130 E. 1st Street, Suit 350
LA, CA 90033
Sat. March 11
10 am to 2 p.m .
323.265.1220 x. 117

3. Para Los Ninos
845 E. 6th Street
LA, CA 90021
Sat March 18
10a.m. to 2pm
213.623.3942 ext 228

4. A Place Called Home
2830 South Central Avenue
LA, Ca 90011
Sat March 25
10a.m to 2 p.m.
323.232.7653 ext . 218

5. Century Community Training Program
5021 Lennox Blvd.
Lennox, CA 90304
Sat. April 1
10 a.m. 2 p.m

6. GNMS Community Development Center
210 W. Florence Blvd.
La, CA 9003
Sat. April 8
10 a.m. to 2 p.m

7. Northridge Branch Library
9051 Darby Avenue
Northridge, CA 91325
Sat April 29
10 a.m. to 2 p.m

8. Exposition Park Reg. Branch
3665 S. Vermont Avenue
LA, Ca 90007
Sat April 29
10 a.m. to 2 p.m

9. El Centro de Ayuda
2130 E. 1st Street, Suite 350
LA, Ca 90033
Sat May 13
10a.m to 2 p.m
323.365.1220 ex. 117

10. Northridge Branch Library
9051 Darby Avenue
Northridge, CA 91325
Sat May 13
10 a.m. to 2 p.m
10:00 Hashbrowns, French toast(2 slices), sugar free syrup(1 oz), 1/8th link of beef/pork sausage. 7.5 Fl oz apple juice This is the last day, thank god. Also, exercise, 1/4 mi to camera store. It's getting fixed!

Monday, March 27, 2006

11:45 10 Large Strawberries.
10:20 4 oz apple sauce. I am also glad that my work for the week seems to be a)reading about gay power! b)reading a novel whose plot is like "white girl! that's a white girl! everybody panic!"
Stuff from the mailbox:

Employment Opportunities

Program Assistant

Stop Prisoner Rape (SPR), a national human rights organization, seeks to
end sexual violence against men, women, and youth in all forms of
detention. Based in Los Angeles, SPR has three goals for its work: to
push for policies that ensure institutional accountability, to change
society’s attitudes toward prisoner rape, and to promote access to
resources for survivors of sexual assault behind bars. SPR seeks a
highly-qualified program assistant to provide administrative and
research support for its work.

Responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

* Providing research and administrative assistance in support of policy
and advocacy activities, communications campaigns, and fundraising
* Responding to correspondence from and engage in outreach to survivors
of sexual assault behind bars and their families.
Recruiting and working with survivors interested in participating in
SPR’s advocacy work.
* Updating and improving SPR’s Resource Guide for Survivors of Rape
Behind Bars.
* Handling administrative and operational duties, including the
management of mass mailings, travel arrangements, office supply orders,
correspondence, and organizational infrastructure such as filing,
computer, and telephone systems.
* Assisting the organization’s two Co-Executive Directors.


* Bachelor’s Degree.
* Previous administrative and research experience in a fast-paced
* Exceptional written and oral communications skills.
* Well-organized, detail oriented, able to multi-task and work under
* Commitment to protecting the human rights of all people and comfort
with discussing sexual violence issues.
* Strong word processing and internet research skills.
* Spanish language skills desirable.

Competitive salary commensurate with experience. SPR offers excellent
benefits and generous paid vacation. Position will be filled as soon as
possible. People of color, men, and LGBT candidates are encouraged to
apply. Please fax or e-mail cover letter and resume to 213-384-1411or No phone calls please. To learn more about the
organization, visit
11:45 green beans, carrots + roast pork each taking up 1/3 of a plate. 10 fl oz pink lemonade 5:00 PBJ Bagel. 10 fl oz pink lemonade exercise 2 1/2 blocks.
10:00 3 medium strawberries.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Big Cash In Fucking Shit Up For Black People.
1/5th 9 inch feta,portabella, olive oil pie, 8 oz of dodgy OJ 9:28
4 oz apple sauce. 7:44 1:50 3 large strawberries. 8 blocks walked.
The last letter here should be forwarded in emails for years to come.
In which I am classist-

I have a hard time feeling sympathy for poor whites. Hear me out. I'm sad about the poverty, but I remember how white people vote overwhelmingly for things that they think will hurt people of color, like welfare reform, which always ends up backfiring on them when they are in need. Ignoring the system that has you poor while voting for the people who keep you poor? Doesn't work. I also think using blacks as scapegoats is not a good strategy. Fight the rich white guys- not us. They look like you- but they don't give a fuck about you or your family. The at least I'm not a n******* mindset has been hurting poor whites for centuries. It's time to have solidarity with your class, not your race.
Women of Color Film Festival Atlanta- Last Day Today.
I'll blog my food diary for the 3 days. Right now- exercise- half mile to store round trip. 11:13 10 whole wheat mini pitas,like 3 tablespoons of hummus. possibly 8 ounces of watered down orange juice.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

You might want to call your representative in support of immigrants. Also Mr Limpy
My PPF homework is being a problem. I wanted to record today for my food diary because I went to city hall for a Beltline meeting, and so I got a lot of exercise because I didn't know where city hall was. (Nice meeting. Also, the coordinating lady for the COPC area was there, which was good) But I am hungry and am going to order out.

I have to make an announcement though. Are you in the ATL? Take the survey. Do you know a neighborhood group, such as a church or a school group or anything that might be interested in giving input for the Beltline, which includes economic development, transit and greenspace, do get in touch with the people in charge, and have them all take the survey too.
Quiz Results:

Summary of Counsellors
Search for meaning in their life and develop powerful insights
Are dedicated to helping others reach their potential
Think of themselves as gentle, peaceable and cautious
Others may find it difficult to get to know them
More about Counsellors
Counsellors have a natural understanding of human relationships and the complexities of life, which they use to help others. They search for meaning in everything and develop complex insights.

Counsellors are least likely to describe themselves as atheists, according to a UK survey.
Counsellors feel most relaxed and creative when their surroundings are organised. They are deeply private people who only share their insights with trusted friends; however, they will defend their values if challenged.

In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Counsellors may withdraw from the people around them or become resentful. Under extreme stress, Counsellors may feel overwhelmed and be driven to organise small parts of their lives such as their kitchen cabinets or their record collection.

Counsellors typically prefer a few close relationships to a wide circle of friends.

Counsellor Careers
Counsellors are often drawn to jobs where they can help people develop emotionally, intellectually or spiritually and where they can use their imagination.

It's important to remember that no survey can predict personality type with 100 percent accuracy. Experts say that we should use personality type to better understand ourselves and others, but shouldn't feel restricted by our results.
The walls of our bathroom are very thin. Thus, if you have a problem, you should either take it to me or relax and let it slide. I do have a right to use the restroom without hearing racial comments. Please own your words. You said it, I heard it, and you have to take responsibility for the results of the actions you chose.

I said this, but I wonder if I should write in how hurtful those were? Of course, it's pretty obvious. I added the part about responsibility, to exclude any high school bs or white woman syndrome* that could be about to occur.

*Ok, both men and women do this, but men are all angry and are like WHAT THE FUCK!! POOR LITTLE ME!!! I DON'T NEED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY OWN ACTIONS!! and the women are like waaah, poor little me, I have to take responsibility for my own actions!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Alternet restores my faith in alternative media. Here's a provacative portion of an interview which makes an interesting point about how lower class whites are fucking themselves over. Beth Roy did interviews with white graduates of Central High 30 years later [for her book "Bitters in the Honey"] and determined that many of them still blame blacks for the failure of themselves and their children to gain a secure toehold in a middle-class lifestyle. They think that the American Dream owed them individual opportunity through its promise that if you work hard and play by the rules you will succeed.

The problem with the American Dream is that it offers no explanation for failure other than that you deserve your lot in life, and that if you fail there must be something wrong with you. Many people are perfectly willing to believe that success is individual but don't want to think about failure as individual, and no one wants to believe that they deserve to fail. So they find a scapegoat, and blacks were an easy scapegoat in this case.

Even 30 years later, the white graduates of Central High claimed that blacks stole the American Dream. While the integration of Central was hypervisible, the building of Hall High was kept under wraps -- most people still don't know about it. Wealthier whites were able to get away with building Hall High because blacks were used as a scapegoat.
Any moment, preparing this meal,
we could be gas thirty thousand
feet in the air soon
to fall out poisonous on leaf,
frond and fur. Everything
in sight would cease.

And still we cook,
putting a thousand cherished
dreams on a table, to nourish
and reassure those close and dear.

In this act of cooking, I bid farewell.
Always I insisted you alone were to blame.
This last instance my eyes open
and I regard you with all
the tenderness and forgiveness
I withheld for so long.

With no future
we have nothing to fight about."
~Edward Espe Brown

I got this poem from here. If only I was capable of such glorious poetry.
On Why White People are Untrustworthy:

If you overhear your suitemate being like so, she's like black! and her hair sheds! and it's so gross! can you complain to the school, should you take revenge, what? I'm not thinking that's ok, especially when that bitch takes hour long showers.
NARAL is trying to get the abortion ban repealed in South Dakota. Also, college competition is tough for female students. White males continue not to be questioned, despite the lowered standards for them.
Well, today in California, there was a school walkout against new immigration laws. In Wisconsin, thousands marched for immigrants. There were also work stoppages and protests across the country. Too bad our gov't doesn't listen,eh?
Indian designers. Also, more on fashion.
Chicks who get so broken up about being called anorexic, should a)reevaluate their eating choices. If they are unhealthy and underweight, eat more food. If not, tell the assholes to go fuck themselves. But it's probably the former- people usually don't get anorexic looking naturally. or b)become pro ana, starve yourself to death, blah blah cakes. But I recommend A.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Walk There Competition is coming up! Maybe your friends or your workplace could be a group.
So today, we had a special speaker in class! A professional transperson and an Emory alumnus, Scott Turner Schofield did a show yesterday that I saw. I have to admit the show was much more entertaining, what with the multimedia and all, and the anecdotes were much better- in class, we didn't get any of the good stuff about picking a 'dick' and how that is related to his father's penis or about how he went into a sex shop, and blushed so much he had to say he was legal, but Southern. Although in class, I liked that he was unafraid to use the classroom as a prop, even going to far to use this one guy's hat as a prop for a partial performance. In class, we didn't get the nudity either, since it is possibly not allowed. I was confused about the nudity at the show, as I had believed the nudity warning was in case someone saw something during costume changes.

Although one of my class mates was shocked,shocked! about the nudity, I didn't worry about it too much, and my teacher, when asked, was like it's a performance, which is true- it's not like she said it was a G rated one. We learned some important stuff about transgender issues in class, which was good. So I guess I should plug his website while I'm talking about it.
Healthism in the fat community. Anorexia, healthism and culture in Finland. Also, hey a parody of the stupid food pyramid site. My real pyramid suggested 3 cups of milk products(EW! That sounds like a good way to get the shits) and 5 and a 1/2 ounces of meat(yuck!) I hate these stupid wellness classes, don't you? I'd rather be on the bike standing up at level 4 for a whole hour than go to one of these dumb lectures. I didn't even go to any of that dumb crap the last half and still got an A on my test.

At least I got a free apple. Here's a checklist to see if you have an eating disorder.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I have to agree with this dude's artist's statement. I'm technically a Southerner, but I have to say KILLING BLACK FOLK ISN'T GOOD,K, THX. In other news, here's a fat lib document. Fatty Patties on food standards, health Calvinism. Also, donate to a possible Plannned Parenthood on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota. In other news, more about fat.
More complaining about health nuts. I'd like them all to admit that they don't care about people's actual health. It seems more likely that they like to feel superior because they are 'healthy' or make 'good choices'. Why do I say that? When confronted with the idea that poor people or people with kids or lives or hobbies, might not want to live on weird food they've never even heard of or spend time running around for no reason, they simply say but in some random theorectical universe they could! I think the ones who evagalize(as I'm sorry to say, other people's health is none of your beeswax.) are not happy with their choices. I'm eating couscous for breakfast instead of bacon and eggs, or example. I don't try to force everybody to eat couscous for breakfast, because I like couscous, so I don't have to say my choice is better than someone else's to feel good about it or try to put a moral dimension where there is none. Not to mention that some may be going to work early and eating in places that may at best, have a little fruit cup, which totally isn't enough.

The lack of realization that everyone doesn't live as you do, with lots of extra leisure time and food choices, bothers me too. If we can't understand that somebody might not feel safe on their own street at night, or that their WIC doesn't allow them some choices(I look at the WIC thing near the register and am always surprised what it restricts), how can we understand say, foreign policy in places where they don't even have the same culture?

But the main thing I don't understand is why they feel entitled to hold court over something so basic to life. The church dinners with greens(the good Southern type) and fried chicken and red velvet cake somehow are supposed to be sacrificed to eating steamed broccoli and grilled chicken? Yea and right. A tired mom can't have a pizza night? Suuure. Instead of watching a movie, run around the treadmill? A 'healthy' lifestyle is devoid of life and color as the health nuts run it. I don't mind people who actually like exercise or who love to create healthy recipes, but if you don't, don't force yourself.

Find some exercise you like. Eat food that is full of life and color and taste. If you like your own lifestyle, you won't be trying to bother other people. And yea, it's a luxury. Not all of us have 'extra' space in our budgets that we can cut back for the healthy food. I can only maintain the food lifestyle I live because I am childless and parent dependent(like yea, I work sometimes, and have a business, but I don't pay the rent for my dorm room). If I was less privileged, I'd spend less time seeing what weird grains I can eat, and more time surviving. Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't be taking a cycling class(my school requires me to take this dumb class for my physical fitness whatever) as I might not be able to afford even a nominal fee. So that's why I don't insist that everybody have the same lifestyle as me, as life is complex and people's situations are different. Not to mention, the whole emphasis on controlling your eating as a discipline for morality doesn't seem ok in the age of eating disorders.
So yesterday in mentoring, we did the Jeopardy game which was my idea. It went well, except for our super competitiveness and the fact that the other team colluded with the judges to win. (we won in points due to my knowledge of black women's history.) So afterwards we went to class and tried to discuss race. We got some insightful comments but also some of the same old whiny bullshit(you feel accused? well, suck it the fuck up, you big baby). Not to mention, I never believe white people when they say they are 'guilty', because when I feel guilty, I try to actually do something- not *cry* about it. Then some guy said maybe we should break into same race groups. I was amused that the guy who suggested it was slightly confused about where to go, but he decided he was in the white group. One guy tried to be wise ass about how he was Italian or some dumb shit, but luckily, one of the teachers didn't play that.

In the black group, we got a lot accomplished. We talked about how the ten billionth time someone assumes you're on welfare, or that your brother or sister is your son or daughter or that some asshat accuses you of stealing a car, that you become annoyed. That there's power in insisting that you not become angry when attacked(and yes, those assumptions and rudenesses are attacks meant to keep you in your place). We talked about the show Black.White and how the white folks were stupid and rude. We talked about how terrible it is that what you do and say and work for doesn't matter, that people will insist on seeing you a certain way despite the evidence.

So yea, that's what happened in mentoring yesterday.

Monday, March 20, 2006

You know what I can't stand? Well I tell you. People saying the 'healthy lifestyle' is in reach for everyone. Uh, no, it's not really sustainable, because it's basically an intensive hobby. It's nice if someone wants to spend their time tracking down healthy recipes and running around the neighborhood, but the insistence that the rest of us all have the same hobby is annoying, especially when they try to harass poor folks or people with kids, who may not have the resources to take up this hobby, even if they are naturally the type who loves that sort of thing.

Sometimes I eat 'healthy'(but no, I don't live on salads. My body has made that choice for me- I don't eat- I get crazy. And if my food has gone down to my toes, I'm upset) and I have to take cycling two times a week and I'm going to add in swimming maybe, but I don't go around insisting that exhausted single moms would all take up "Hey, what can I do with rolled oats and a pound of organic carrots?" and "let's spend 3 hours at the gym sweating off our makeup" if we gave them an informational pamphlet about it. People know about this stuff- it's not like they don't see the WORKS WITH THE SOUTH BEACH DIET on their food or can't thumb through a magazine or hear on the radio or hear on the TV about how [X] is the new superfood and [Y] will kill you, and if you're not rail thin, you're doomed, doomed I tell you. They may not know about how many hours upon hours of exercise you're 'supposed' to do, but how many of us middle class people actually do the exercise after sitting through boring classes on nutrition?

That's what I mean by it's not sustainable. How many people quit after a few months and go back to eating regularly and having fun instead of exercising? A lot,right? I think it's because in this society, health is not realistic. We can talk about how lazy everyone is if we want, but less work, better food availability everywhere,walkable neighborhoods, etc would do a whole lot more for our waistlines than anything else the diet and exercise obsessed can throw at us.

But then if all of us were healthier, then who would they bash?
GEICO and possible disparate impact. Also, I'm sure something is happening over here. I'm not sure what it is as I am very dizzy and blank minded lately, but someone else might be interested. There might be racism in the Netherlands, but there are also cute girls.

Radical Progressive Carnival!Submit you all. Also, the radical women of color need YOU to submit your blog entries.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Continuing migrant coverage. I know something should be done, but I'm at a loss. Transpeople oppressed in prison. Black People's Self Esteem Eaten Away by White Supremacy. In France, Massive Protests. Steve Gillard mocks the stupid.
In the comments of her blog, brownfemipower said this:

Right now, i think that many of us have no choice but to position ourselvs (that is PROTECT ourselves) in a way that is mean or offensive to white folks. when i know for a fact that most of the white parents in my neighborhood look at my little chicano/a kids and see *trouble maker* *Drop out* *teenage pregnancy* *poor* *uneducated*, I really don't feel much like working on trusting white folks much--cuz i'm not going to let my kids be fucked up by *their* shitty beliefs. i'm not going to work to dispell their beliefs about my kids, i'm going to talk to my kids and give them the power, education, self assurance and self love to realize that those folks are fucked up individuals. That way my kids deal with racists on *their* terms, not the other way around.

That reminded me of my dread of the white gaze, which of course is really hard not to internalize. I of course haven't internalized the "cute little boy is a horrible thug" or the "little girl growing into her first training bra is a baby factory waiting to happen and is slobbering all over some $400 a month" parts, but the "If you don't do stuff exactly perfectly right, you're a terrible person"(although it's ok if you're white) This of course torments me because I can never guess what ridiculous standard will be next- whether the work I stayed up for hours doing isn’t important and doesn’t count in the calculus of who is doing the most work, and who is the martyr.

It’s very nervous making since I can’t anticipate the expectations which may be anything from whether I smile enough to whether I am making myself sick enough with overwork. And I’ve got the easy part. I’d hate to be poor and have a perfectly fine black working class neighborhood to be a ghetto, kids working hard in school to be totally uneducatable retards, and people doing the best they can under the circumstances to be a horrible underclass of criminals who will kill you soon as look as you.

And that’s why you weren’t greeted with flowers and candy in people of color space.
Native Americans stuggle after Katrina. They would like you to volunteer or donate money.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

White Man Wears Funny Hat. Teaches about Slavery in North. Also, African Burial Ground Open to Public. In other news, I totally want this book. Unrelated, abortion grave robbers.
Advocates of focused scholarships programs like Theodore M. Shaw, president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund Inc., challenge the notion that programs for minority students hurt whites. "How is it that they conclude that the great evil in this country is discrimination against white people?" Mr. Shaw asked. "Can I put that question any more pointedly? I struggle to find the words to do it because it's so stunning."

From Afronetizen. I totally agree. I guess this proves that you can't rest on your laurels even after great progress, as someone is always trying to take what you have earned from you. Dad calls them Liliputians, but they sure seem like giants to me.
Why Don't We Ever Pass This Sort of Thing Around?

Thirty-four percent of blacks over age 3 were enrolled in school in 2000. For all races, the average was 27.5 percent.

On the high school level, the combined verbal and math SAT scores of African-American children improved by 173 points from the 1975-1976 school year to the 2000-2001 school year while the scores for their white counterparts improved by 116 points. While the racial gap shrunk, African-American scores remained more than 200 points lower than white scores.

The high-school dropout rate for blacks fell to 5 percent in 1998 from 8.7 percent in 1975. During that same period, the dropout rate for whites fell to 4.4 percent from 5.4 percent.

In 1975, one in five African Americans age 18 to 24 were attending an institution of higher education. By 2000, that number had increased to nearly one in three.

From 1980 to 2000, the number of blacks receiving bachelor degrees climbed by 78 percent. The number of blacks receiving master's degrees had increased more than 100 percent.

I'm sick and tired of having the efforts and strivings of me and my generation mates ignored in favor of the same old tired narrative about how blacks don't do this or can't do that.
Rachael S talks about slavery. Check out the suggested readings on Ally Work. My spring break is waning so I guess I should actually do some homework now. But making fun of Black Conservatives is so much more fun.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Illegal labor in Asia. Irish Prime Minister rebuffed over illegal irish.More on the illegal irish.
As the feminists turn continues, as Kevin Elliot reminds the arguers of their white privilege. This causes Piny to apologize for his white privilege. Brownfemipower will believe him when there is proof in the pudding. Barb from Lucky White Girl summarizes the whole deal in a privilege carnival. Especially read Dark Daugtha's post. In other feminist blogosphere news, Molly is getting death threats from the deranged.
I totally agree.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I don't want to give more traffic to her site, but a certain asian sellout is comparing a brillant 7 year old black poet to Prussian Blue, and lying about the meaning of the word racism. She's going to be surprised one day when times get tougher and her handlers don't have any use for her any more.
Hey, it's more Dykes to Watch Out For!
Why Do I Sometimes Not Take Advice?

1)It's unrealistic. I have a 3.2. I can't go to Harvard grad school.

2)I already tried it before, and it failed miserably. And no, well, you weren't trying won't convince me to try again after whatever flaming disaster happened.

3)I can sense that if I don't succeed, you'll yell at me. Basically, your advice has strings.

4)It's stupid. Horribly stupid. Simply because it's your opinion doesn't make it right.

5)Your advice is really an insult. Your tone as well as your word choice contribute to this.

6)It's airy fairy bullshit that anyone with a brain knows is stupid and toxic. "You were sending out magic fairy waves of badness so that's why you have problems" is typical and disgusting.

These six reasons are why people are 'shooting down' your advice 99% of the time. Basically, listen to other people. See the context of the problem. And don't be an asshole.
Men Take Responsbility for Rape. You can help.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A huge flamewar broke out on the internet. The current incarnation of the flamewar (as this was really a primal conflict, possibly started before I was born) started on feministe- Lauren, a white feminist who had retired from blogging, but was guest blogging on her former blog, made a short pithy statement about the 'feminist police'. Hilarity and a huge flame war ensued. She then notes that the idea that women don't like to argue is a lie. Also, Amanda at Pandagon noticed and posted about it.

Here is what I think caused the multiple flamewars. Basically, two male feminists Hugo and Amp have moderation policies that many feel are too easy on trolls, especially men's rights activists, who basically are guys who say BITCH STOLE MY MONEY five billion times a day. Also, they (the male feminists, not the MRAS) have banned some female feminists or told them to be 'civil' while open racists and idiots who think women are all golddiggers have been allowed to stay without reprimand.

This is the cause of the anger and resentment directed towards them. They blithely did not expect how a little disrespect here, and a few excuses there could cause such anger, much as some people are wondering now why their cars got set on fire or why people rap about 'fuck the law'. We don't know if they'll recover and become better feminists. I fear for Hugo as he has become defensive instead of being open to constructive criticism. Will he be able to go back to the light? Well, that's for the next installment of as the feminists go round.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A fucked up handbill circa 1964. Segregation was not accidental. It was purposeful and much political will kept it in place.

It's Irish Heritage Month. Don't say we never gave you anything. If I stay in Atlanta, I really am excited for the advent of extended use Breezecards. Refillable transit cards? Yay.
I read two chapters of Value in the Valley and I must bitch to get the sugar out my mouth:

1)Anything talking about your 'mindset' or being 'positive'. To get a good outcome, you need to do good things. You can have a positive mindset towards opening a business, but you can pay $88 for a MLM system, and never succeed. You can have a good mindset about math, but if you're terrible at it, you're terrible at it.

2)Anything talking about your energy attracting people or whatever. The writers don't mean it that way, but you know that whoever reads this is recasting it into "you don't have a man/he treated you like crap/your best friend betrayed you because/whatever...because you're a horrible person"

I have to admit I prefer Tomato Nation. None of that wishful thinking stuff about the universe having a purpose for us- I'm sorry, but the universe could care less or us having God nature. Simply advice about what to *do* or not do as the case may be. It's practical, it's portable, and it works for everyone from silly old women with the moon in their eyes, hair,etc, and people with some sense.

But you may ask why are these things so popular if they are so stupid? Well, there are two effects working here. First, if you make something vague enough, people will say 'yea, that's me'. This is called the Forer effect. Another effect is that many problems are self limiting. Your boyfriend is acting like a shit, you break up with him. You'll feel bad for some weeks, but probably usually recover. If you read a self help book anytime in that period between feeling bad and feeling better, you may attribute the feeling better to self help books.

Of course, there is also simple wishful thinking. I feel better now.
Discussion on transracial adoption.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Black Genius Upsets Some Easily Upset People. It is the truth that famous historical figures have not always had a positive legacy, and in artistic pieces, some of the negativity they have spawned will be brought to task. It's no biggie. People are criticized all the time while they are alive, and they manage to stay that way. Is it really so bad to talk bad about those whose very bones have decayed? Or is it the ideology that is sacrosanct, not the people?
A blackfolk repost.

I'm angry today, and I hope no one minds if I vent.

I hate that in 2006, white people are still trying to pass off colonialism as a good thing.
I hate that white people can use racism to try and dismiss racism and think it makes sense. There's no
racism, black people are just hysterical
I hate that white racism always ends up my responsibility because I'm black. Someone says something racist
and all the white people in the room look at me.
I hate that white people are more interested in not being seen as racist than not being racist.
I hate that because white women are constantly told the entire world is desperate to do it with them,
they think of themselves as the gatekeepers of touch. And that it's okay for them to get up in your
space without permission.
I hate that for all thier posturing that pc is out to persecute them, there is no group on earth readier
to shriekingly accuse people of racism than white people.
I hate that sexism, homophobia are always being passed off as poc problems. Because white people don't
beat their wives and my faggot ass is treated so well in a white world
I hate that whenever I bust them saying something racist they come back with "you know I"m not racist
right" repeated again and again without even once trying to do any kind of self examination or fix the
I hate that white atheists always try to stuff white-christian culture down my throat in the name of
proving my atheism.
I hate that we get accused of racially secluding ourselves when we hang out with other black people, by
white people who only hang out with other white people. Minus the one token.
I hate that when white people come up to me and just rub my hair, and I have to say "don't ever treat me
like a pet because I'm black!" white people think I'm being rude.
I hate that people try to hook me up with ugly ass white guys because they think of being black as some
kind of detriment.
I hate that white people try to use poc like talismans that ward away accusations of racism or get out of
racism free cards.
I hate that white people leave sulking whenever I don't let something racist that they said pass. Even if
I tell them why in calm voice.
Our gov't is creepy.
So I wandered over to the woman of color blog, and she had reposted black amazon's brave words, and I thought that these would be an inspiration, so I'm reposting them too:

Open Letter to the blogosphere:

We aren't going anywhere. What you do is not okay and it will NOT go unchallenged.

You think a dickslap will stop us? We're here not because we were bored and found blogger as a diversion. we're here because we believe.

We believe after gunshots,bombings,beatings,genocide,rapes,violence, and horrors you can only begin to imagine. Sure we fear these things but we fear a world left to them even more . So we keep going .THIS IS POWER AND COURAGE. So what does that make those who stand against us

We are the thrown out , kicked out, left out ,spat on,shat on.ignored,demonized, fetishized,and ostracized foundation your weak asses you try to stand on everyday.

Want to know why the earth shakes and you get so frightened everytime we even speak up?

We know you . You are not some great unsolveable mystery. You need us in our place because without us you have no idea what to do with yourselves without it . Identity forged on our silent acceptance gets very shaky as we get very loud .

We have made the world you flail so desperately in and we will remake it as we see fit. The fact that you are not ready is niether a deterrent or a propellent.

It is not about you. Now matter how much you try how far you regress it will NEVER.BE.ABOUT.YOU.

It is about Justice,it is about peace and it is about love .

They sound soft and easy but they are made of diamond and steel. They are made in fire and pressure, you do not even begin to comprehend the durability of us.

To those who would collude with violence and hatred .

How well as that worked ?

Have you become an honorary yet?

How does it feel to be a good one instead of a free one?

They don't respect you . They don't care about you . They tolerate you. They see you as what you are , willing to do almost anything to be a " not like them". Even destroy yourself

How does it feel to be a good one instead of a free one?

Finally to the half ass allies and silent bystanders

Picture us

Mythologize us

But never ask us , make no real oveture to include us .

Continue to wonder why we don't want a part of your goals.

Then continue to wonder why your goals keep slipping.

Ask yourselves where are we but never look. Sprikle a few in there for " Coloring"

Tell us how you'll save us while we continue to save ourselves when you retreat to privelege.

Make sure the battles of privilege are the most important ones you fight.

Wonder why we stop listening when you talk about high theories when even here we fight for existance.

Use your megaphones to degrade and destroy us lightly cavalierly and with no thought and with silence and ignorance.

All of you

Worry about us . For the first time in your lives worry about us. Worry about what's happening. Fight it with every breathe you breathe,wonder. This uncertaintity you now experience we have lived with all our lives.

We may greet you with love but understand we are fighting for our lives and understand WE WILL NOT LOSE!

This reminds me of the civility debate, and why liberal white men (mostly) don't get it. The line about us fighting for our lives is true. That's why I can't understand why certain of them allow trolls to transmit their vile ideas on their blogs. Maybe once or twice, but for years at a time? Simply because they don't use bad words doesn't mean that they are not using you as a platform to spread their ignorance and hate. And no, that does not simply 'tell everybody how stupid they are". No, they see you as agreeing, as enablers of their hate for anyone not a white male. That hate is not like me telling a racist to go fuck himself, as the racist goes back to his life, unharmed.

The lies these men spread about 'welfare mothers', about 'mothers who trick men', about women who 'lie about rape' get laws passed that hurt everybody. Those lies ruin lives. Sure, they might not be the lives of rich white males, but we count as people, too, you know. And everyday we have to fight to be considered human at all.
Geh, there's one thing that I hate and that drives me mad, and it's the OMG, ONE GUY CALLED ME ANOREXIC ONCE!!! OMG, THAT'S LIKE TOTALLY OPPRESSION! thing. Dude, you eat a lettuce leaf for lunch and exercise four hours a day, and you're moaning because someone thinks you're too thin? If you were naturally thin, your ass wouldn't have a grey tone to your skin and look like a skeleton. I personally am naturally thin, but I have hips, so I'm not feeling your pain. If all you have to deal with is some misplaced snark because you get rewards from the culture, you're doing good.

Also, future stupidity watch. At feministe, zuzu is upset about pale people being made fun of. I bet in a few years, whenever we try to talk about racism, some stupid white chick will be like "But But.. SOMEONE ASKED IF I WAS SICK!!! THAT'S LIKE TOTALLY OPPRESSION!!!" Dude, yea, extra pale is a bit unusual, so you'll get some comments, but it's not that crucial. If it's a white person, talk about how their tanning ass will be so wrinkly, you can stretch those mofos out and they will reach to your toes. Also, try a vacation to England- in the middle of the summer ,all the white folks were so pale, they glowed. Fit in and see the historical castles and the English countryside.

Seriously, I think the trend will come around to pale again, and all the folks will be happy to let their tans revert back. But the trend never comes around to 'black'.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I got this article about the so called 'partial birth abortion' from Alas,a Blog. I think it's powerful for women to share their stories on a national stage. Perhaps we can change minds?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stupid spring break stuff.

Of the 27 percent who said they had attended a college spring break trip:

_More than half said they regretted getting sick from drinking on the trip.

_About 40 percent said they regretted passing out or not remembering what they did.

_13 percent said they had sexual activity with more than one partner.

_10 percent said they regretted engaging in public or group sexual activity.

_More than half were underage when they first drank alcohol on a spring break trip

So basically, less than 14 percent of all college women even drank to excess on these trips, which really isn't that bad, and all the sudden all college girl are going wild? That's crazy. My school gave out novelty pens and brand name condoms(don't let the random guy you're fucking think you're a bimbo- have your college name on the condom wrapper!) which was a good response. Even the 13% isn't so bad if they remember to use condoms and are generally safe, and I bet most of that 10% are girls fucking their boyfriends on the beach. It's much ado about nothing, especially if they expect us to be shocked because some chick flashed her tits on the beach or danced on a table. Most of us have seen breasts before, you know?
Here's a post on including children in your radical meeting.
Oh yea, more swipes against wastes of flesh. And reappropiate bashes black face TV. There are some really amazing comments about the fact that white folks don't need people of color to teach them to be decent human beings.
So I'm reading Woman of Color Blog like I'm wont to do, and she posts about this asshat with piss poor discernment skills. My favorite part is the black guy who is like "Uh..we're not BEST friends". Then I check the comments, and it seems that vegankid has contact info for this asshat. So I'm like, heeeey, what if we all email/call him and tell him that his actions are unacceptable... Hm. Hm. Maybe he won't spread lies about black people anymore, if we do that,eh?

Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm proud of myself for yesterday. For mentoring, I suggested Jeopardy for our Black Women's History themed day.I fought really hard against folks who talked about how the girls might not know all of the people for an academics category. I'm not happy with sports and entertainment being two separate categories, as black people being in those areas is shoved down everyone's throats, but at least we'll at least plant some seeds about the various things that black women can do.
In other news, daily violence against women was the cause of the disappearances in Mexico.

And stupid would be deadbeat dads are mocked.
Some blacks on the left are annoyed at certain Jews in Illinois who have not been very sensitive to our needs as black people. Basically, all black people are not in fact responsible for what one black person does, even if the two are the same religion. I am not anti gay, although sometimes I might go to a Baptist church to appease my family. Basically these Jews are acting exactly like white people- not understanding that blacks in fact are on the same level as them, and don't need their permission to have opinions. It's shameful for members of a historically oppressed people to act that way. Really, guys, consult a history book. We don't say no Jews should be on a civil rights commission because some Israelis they haven't even met oppressed some Palestinians,here. The standard is the same for the Muslims too. Even if a Muslim has never even heard of whoever do the outage of the day, they are told to apologize, and told it is all their fault, blah blah blah. You never see all whites being told to apologize after terrorism, oppression,etc.

So the fact that Jews want to claim the spot of people who can make others really apologize(a sign of power, and the reason why whites never really apologize to blacks- no I'm sorry you were offended is not an apology. ) rubs me the wrong way, especially because Jews only became white not so long ago, and they need to remember how hard it was before, and not act like the people who had treated their people so badly. I know some are worried about their precarious whiteness, but they need to work to break down the system where some are white and get all sorts of goodies, and some aren't, and they are fucked.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

And I think that is the issue that I'm getting at. Comparing my oppression with your (not "you", a figurative you) oppression doesn't bring you validity, you merely expose your ignorance of my struggle and belittle my fight for change by implying that it is a thing of the past. Racism and homophobia manifest differently because they are different. The similiarities they have lie in the fact that those who have the power to oppress only have so many avenues to wield their oppression.

Black history is not a tool with which others get to use as they see fit in order to push their agendas. At what point did anyone say that was okay? You diminish my fight by presuming and implying that it is over, and we're all living high on the hog. You do not get to commandeer my voice and those of my ancestors to bandy about in the name of your cause. and a part of me can't help but see that as a form of psychological manipulation.

I've heard (and I imagine you may have also) countless conversations where someone white -- gay or straight -- compares some injustice to slavery. But these people know so little about the history, detail and scope of slavery in North and South America. They don't know or understand the extent of its impact and how it has pervasively influenced our lives and our nation on a fundamental level. And that's just slavery. I'm not even touching on the years of subtle and overt oppression that flourished throughout the years and continues to malign our society to this day.

So if you don't know these things, if you don't fully understand, haven't bothered to educate yourself beyond the average high school textbook, what gives you the right to wield it like a sledgehammer and diminish their journey to some trite analogy to "validate" your feelings.

Because the reality is: Yes! Someone would say _____ about _____. People say it all the time, just not always someone in your social circle. You don't know this because you're not paying attention. I like Parry Shen, but yes, there are radio hosts who make blatant derogatory remarks about the way black people speak. And no, they're not few in number. So stating that it doesn't happen because it's socially "unacceptable" is bullshit, and it is wrong to imply that AfAm are treated with greater respect than other POC or members of the GLBT community because millions of people of African descent who will happily inform that that is certainly not the case.

And to me -- and I am not alone in this -- that is exactly what those statements do.

This is a post from this thread. She? articulated my pet peeve better than I could ever do.
I really liked the Daily Show making fun of Black Republicans. Although Michael Steele didn't get pelted with oreos, but it's way funnier to pretend he did. Tip: People of the same race making fun of each other for selling out is not the same as hundreds of years of oppression,k,thx.

Oh yea, and coercion is still rape,k,thx. In other news, blogger explains why making people walk on eggshells to make you feel better about your privileged self is a cobag move.
Another post that should be passed around. I believe we should all read it and show it to every single one of our friends. While a miracle probably will not occur, even if one or two people understand rape more, maybe that'll be the crucial person who will urge a survivor to stand up and report a rape, maybe that person will not let a guy who was raping a woman on video tape go free, maybe that person might stop a rape.
Molly Saves the Day on abortion. Pass this post around,please!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Any man who cares about a few bucks a month over his own damn kid is a terrible dead beat. The kid needs to eat, and have someplace to live, even if you want some more money for booze. The mom is actually working to feed, clothe, and school the kid. All you have to do is fork out some cash. The fact that men are whining over this is a fine show of how entitled men seem to be. Women are breaking their backs working and making a home for kids men have abandoned, but men are complaining about the little bit they might have to do. I guess I ranted against sexism. Do I get a cookie?

More about these irredeemable douchebags.
As an sexually conservative erotophobe(NSFW), I can also disclose my sexual activities and not drive away partners, or not be less likely to get a monogamous partner because of my sexual activities.

Also, more on that post from a race tip. This has nothing to do, but hey, it's a good blog against sexism piece. Look, a FAQ. More on Crash.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'll blog against sexism tomorrow, but for now I'll link this essay on sex work. Something totally unrelated has been bothering me. I don't know what to do about transit outreach. We need information on how to ride the MARTA and also to convince people to ride the MARTA more out there. I applaud the CFPT with the outreach for the Inman Park festival some time ago, but it seems that we could be doing more. Maybe I should make a guide, offer it, and let the more skilled people decide what to do.
So in mentoring today, I finally got a mentee. She is very good at charades and will probably be in leadership positions as she gets older, as she is adept at bossing her peers around. I comentored with another girl and we had fun talking about careers and making a quilt square. I tried to talk about how my dad is a sales systems engineer but totally sucked, but at least the suggestion of a career in technology was made. Some of the other careers presented were cool, like window dresser or architect but we could have used more sci tech careers.

In the after mentoring talk session, the main topic of discussion was the alternative school. One of the mentees had been sent off there, and another might go for cussing out her teachers. The ISS teacher ,who had wandered in off the streets, informed us that the alternative school has ceased to be a deterrent because they send a lot of the kids there, and if everybody you know is going, hey, you'd want to be there,right? However it seems that today the school had caught fire and the students had to be evacuated. WTF?

We also watched a video on the Children of Rockdale County who need a good buttwhooping. The denial and stupidity of the parents was sickening. I'm sorry- but I don't think one of the girls' parents even punished her after she was caught having group sex by a four year old! Yea, so they all needed an asswhooping- and the whole society needs to bring down some consequences on their asses- one kid stabbed a guy and he didn't go to prison, wtf? We need to stop assuming violence and group sex is caused by poor black people, and punish white perps too. And some parents need to learn how to fucking parent for fuck's sake.
Two views of prison and reproduction from A Womb of Her Own and Feministe.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Reality TV coming to ya from Africa Also, net strangers, what to do on a grad school interview?
I was reading an article for class and found this striking. More later.

Among the inner-city[poor] students, 20% were
Caucasian and 80% were from ethnic
minorities ~31% were African American,
48% Hispanic, and less than 1% each were
Asian or another ethnicity!. Ninety-three percent
of students in the high-income sample
were Caucasian, less than 2% each were African
American and Hispanic, 3% were Asian,
and the remainder were of other ethnic
Demographically, the two groups were at
the extremes of SES in contemporary American
society. Based on data from the United
States Census Bureau’s 2000 Decennial Census,
the median annual family income in the
inner-city sample was approximately $27,388.
The estimate for our affluent sample was nearly
five times that ~$125,381!. Percentages of students
receiving free or reduced lunches in the
two cohorts were approximately 79 and 3%,

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Eric Stoller fights against affirmative action lies. And no, one person of color in your workplace is not a lot, k,thx. Also, Twisty calls out rape enabling cobags.
Here's an old but good article about the hypocrisy of some pro lifers.
How not to be a vegan: cultural appropriation and fuckwittery. Also, white allies talk about how not to be racist. More on how not to be a vegan: same post, new amazing comments. Racist assholes make everybody hate the South.
How to Tell if You're a Rapist:

There seems to be some confusion about rape. Here's how to tell if you are a rapist:

The most telling ways are these three:

Is she a child?
Is she unconscious?
Is she screaming NOOOO?

But there are other ways to tell:

Did you have to threaten to hurt her so she'd have sex with you?

Did you have to misrepresent where you were going?

Is she puking, about to pass out or simply off her head with drinking?

Are you in a group with your buddies? Did you not talk about the scene first and obtain the woman's consent?

Is she dodging your dick, or blocking it, or trying to get away? If you don't know the girl and haven't talked about bedroom play, you're most likely a rapist.

Did you have to give her drugs so she'd have sex with you?

Did you threaten her emotionally(i.e. have sex with me or else!)?

Are you holding her down?

Is she sobbing? Whimpering? Freezing up? Then you need to stop and ask her if she is ok.

Other stuff that is pretty damn bad as well:

Unsolicited Fingers Anyplace.

Video taping sex without someone's consent and showing it to people

Groping people for no good reason


You are never entitled to sex.

No, I don't care if she's a sex worker.

I don't care if she did it before.

I don't care if she slept with the whole frat house.

I don't care if she is running around butt naked.

I don't care if she wants to be a porn star.

I don't care if she is your g/f/wife/whatever

Don't rape, dumbass.

This isn't exhaustive, but go with the spirit of the thing rather than the wording. Basically, think before you put it in. A little bit of respect and asking women their opinions can prevent you from being a disgusting waste of flesh.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

WOOOO! The Radical Women of Color Carnival is Out! It's dedicated to Octavia Butler, and is totally awesome.
Dumbass evo-bio-whatever BS critiqued. Also, I love this poem.
This is what I have. What would you make with something on this list? I have basic spices:
Lime juice
canned salmon
cornbread crumbs
cornbread batter
green tea
canned tuna
red beans
black beans
soy sauce
peanut sauce
spaghetti sauce
salmon frozen
rolled oats
frozen orange juice
sesame oil
taco seasoning
potatoes (1)
miso cup
I was at flea's blog, and I saw this link. I wonder how we can get the help and resources to the poor too, who might not have steady or very fast access to the internet. Has someone made a brochure to give to local groups?

Friday, March 03, 2006

The main reason that racism and that time a Chicana spoke spanish or something are different:

2006-03-01 07:07 pm UTC (link)
Hmmm. I think most POC, under the definition of predjudice you just layed out, wouldn't be considered predjudiced as such. Because most of us form our dislikes and aversions, at least as pertains to the caucasian race, due to experince and direct contact. Not much of which is preconcieved, but formulated as we experience more and more of the disparities and ignorance within the anglo-dominated culture. Nor are most suspicions and fears we hold against the majority irrational, as we have seen what they are capable of and experience the effect of their institutionalized racism on a daily basis, both in our workplaces, and out in public.
Thanks for the food for thought.

Link here. Learn it, use it, love it.
That's it- I'm fully sex skeptical! I've been pondering my position in the sex wars for a bit, and so my position is still soft- but I'm sorry, if someone beats and abuses you, it's not your fault. If someone seals your vagina shut with wax, that is probably *NOT* empowering. If a guy/girl/panda/whoever tricks you or coerces you into sex- also not your fault or your 'choice'. And no, Girls Gone Wild and Suicide Girls are not the greatest feminist lights of our generation. I feel good to get this off my chest.

Logically, I feel that being sex skeptical allows for a fuller exploration of power relationships. Instead of putting 'sex' behind the "we can't analyze this" barrier- we can see how sometimes even choices can perpetuate the partiarchy, and how power replicates itself, even if someone *likes* showing her vagina to strangers, this doesn't automatically make the walls of the patriarchy come tumbling down.

I'll make this analogy: I love anime. It's so much fun. However, simply because I like anime and choose to watch it doesn't make it feminist. So simply liking an activity- it doesn't make it feminist. You can still do it, of course. I have a slight feeling that hookups reproduce the partiarchy,but I can't articulate it.

Maybe it's a woman's biology- I don't know many women who genuinely get off on blowjobs and sex without much foreplay, but maybe I'm wrong. The drunk and emotionally immature don't seem like they know how to fuck, in my opinion. Maybe it's the fact that men are allowed more casual sex without as many repercussions- which leads to intrasex uh..sexism. The 'slut' or 'whore' is called such, because she is seen as cheating and/or lowering the opportunities for other girls to get their groove on in the competition for men.

So while girls are talking about who fucked a whole frat(and I'm not immune to saying sorostitute! You enable frat boys!) the guys are making out fine, and don't have any obligation to grow the fuck up. I have no solution to this problem, but I think that I should really drink a lot of the margaritas that I can finally drink.
Tip: you don't have a right to be an asshole. I think that his message that he's an English speaking American is kind of suspicious. It's as if he is not fond of our immigrant friends who are dying in the heat to get this dumbass some food. A cockpunch award to him.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Social Ideal?:

Mostly it drives me nuts. Our society is set up for my exact and total opposite. Take the emphasis on networking- this has nothing to do with whether you can do the work, but rather is a bias in favor of the friendly and outgoing. Not to mention the 50 million benefits that married and coupled people get socially- yea, so the rest of us people who don't meet the beauty standard in any way whatsoever, we're left out. Not to mention, you have to be good at math too- sure, it's ok if you make good grades in other subjects, as long as you have the ability to work 80 hour weeks and become a lawyer, but otherwise, you're made fun of by the math caste, who are oh so much smarter and better than us who do 'useless' subjects like psychology or whatever/

The most maddening part is that we imagine that everyone can gain these abilities. I'm not sure what would magically allow me to work 80 hour weeks- I have to admit that I can't take any illegal substances, due to the fact that my grandpa was an alcoholic,etc. I'm also not sure how I'm supposed to be outgoing when I simply am not at all, and get tired from all that emotional labor(I can only do about 8 hours per week now). Not to mention, do the whole beauty thing (I guess including plastic surgery as I'm never going to have thin thighs and hips) and work on being a girl without a lot of strong opinions(I don't think whether you look better in baby blue or white counts) who only cares about what celebrities do. Oh yea, and you need to exercise 4 hours a week too, and live on lettuce leaves.

Not to mention if you don't have money, you're a bad person in general, which leaves plenty of people fucked, since our society depends on people having money to get basics like healthcare. I'm not good at articulating this, but something seems to be wrong here, and it drives me nuts.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I don't get why every single activity has to be feminist approved. Yea, folks don't think BDSM is feminist, so what? Not every single thing I do helps to fight against the patriarchy, but you don't see me writing a long dissertation on how Sailor Moon is *really* feminist because women are fighting or that laughing at the clothing that celebrities wear is feminist because's really empowering! You know what? Nobody is entitled to a feminist stamp of approval. If other people don't think you're a feminist- think about a)why they might not think that you're a feminist b)why you really want them to all say you're feminist. There are many different types of feminism- it's not like everyone will agree with my view that showing your vagina to random strange men is probably not empowering, but I don't run around crying about it.
From the Citizens for Progressive Transit ML:


I wanted to pass on info from the Downtown Transportation Management
Association. According to TMA director Heather Alhadeff, Downtown is
following Midtown Alliance's example by working with Flexcar
(, a company that does carsharing operations. They're
looking at Midtown and Downtown doesn't want to miss out on it. For
more information on Flexcar, see their web site, and for more info on
carsharing as a concept, see

I for one am excited, as I absoultely never drive and part of it is
that even if I only need a car for an hour, I have to pay like $60 to
rent from someplace like Enterprise. But with this, I can rent a car
for an hour, run out and pick up a piece of furniture or make some
weird late night appt. and not have to put out a lot of money.

Anyway, if anybody is interested in this local effort, I'd recommend
talking to Heather,, (404) 658-1877.

That'd be useful for me too. I don't need a car all the time, only occasionally. They should advertise this to college students very heavily.
The worst state of the Union. If you can get to Memphis, here are some clinics. There's the Clinic for Reproductive Health You could try the Planned Parenthood. I don't know what to do about the Delta part of the state though. Here's more reportage on how fucked up this whole thing is.