Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So yesterday in mentoring, we did the Jeopardy game which was my idea. It went well, except for our super competitiveness and the fact that the other team colluded with the judges to win. (we won in points due to my knowledge of black women's history.) So afterwards we went to class and tried to discuss race. We got some insightful comments but also some of the same old whiny bullshit(you feel accused? well, suck it the fuck up, you big baby). Not to mention, I never believe white people when they say they are 'guilty', because when I feel guilty, I try to actually do something- not *cry* about it. Then some guy said maybe we should break into same race groups. I was amused that the guy who suggested it was slightly confused about where to go, but he decided he was in the white group. One guy tried to be wise ass about how he was Italian or some dumb shit, but luckily, one of the teachers didn't play that.

In the black group, we got a lot accomplished. We talked about how the ten billionth time someone assumes you're on welfare, or that your brother or sister is your son or daughter or that some asshat accuses you of stealing a car, that you become annoyed. That there's power in insisting that you not become angry when attacked(and yes, those assumptions and rudenesses are attacks meant to keep you in your place). We talked about the show Black.White and how the white folks were stupid and rude. We talked about how terrible it is that what you do and say and work for doesn't matter, that people will insist on seeing you a certain way despite the evidence.

So yea, that's what happened in mentoring yesterday.

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