Friday, March 10, 2006

Some blacks on the left are annoyed at certain Jews in Illinois who have not been very sensitive to our needs as black people. Basically, all black people are not in fact responsible for what one black person does, even if the two are the same religion. I am not anti gay, although sometimes I might go to a Baptist church to appease my family. Basically these Jews are acting exactly like white people- not understanding that blacks in fact are on the same level as them, and don't need their permission to have opinions. It's shameful for members of a historically oppressed people to act that way. Really, guys, consult a history book. We don't say no Jews should be on a civil rights commission because some Israelis they haven't even met oppressed some Palestinians,here. The standard is the same for the Muslims too. Even if a Muslim has never even heard of whoever do the outage of the day, they are told to apologize, and told it is all their fault, blah blah blah. You never see all whites being told to apologize after terrorism, oppression,etc.

So the fact that Jews want to claim the spot of people who can make others really apologize(a sign of power, and the reason why whites never really apologize to blacks- no I'm sorry you were offended is not an apology. ) rubs me the wrong way, especially because Jews only became white not so long ago, and they need to remember how hard it was before, and not act like the people who had treated their people so badly. I know some are worried about their precarious whiteness, but they need to work to break down the system where some are white and get all sorts of goodies, and some aren't, and they are fucked.

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