Monday, March 13, 2006

A blackfolk repost.

I'm angry today, and I hope no one minds if I vent.

I hate that in 2006, white people are still trying to pass off colonialism as a good thing.
I hate that white people can use racism to try and dismiss racism and think it makes sense. There's no
racism, black people are just hysterical
I hate that white racism always ends up my responsibility because I'm black. Someone says something racist
and all the white people in the room look at me.
I hate that white people are more interested in not being seen as racist than not being racist.
I hate that because white women are constantly told the entire world is desperate to do it with them,
they think of themselves as the gatekeepers of touch. And that it's okay for them to get up in your
space without permission.
I hate that for all thier posturing that pc is out to persecute them, there is no group on earth readier
to shriekingly accuse people of racism than white people.
I hate that sexism, homophobia are always being passed off as poc problems. Because white people don't
beat their wives and my faggot ass is treated so well in a white world
I hate that whenever I bust them saying something racist they come back with "you know I"m not racist
right" repeated again and again without even once trying to do any kind of self examination or fix the
I hate that white atheists always try to stuff white-christian culture down my throat in the name of
proving my atheism.
I hate that we get accused of racially secluding ourselves when we hang out with other black people, by
white people who only hang out with other white people. Minus the one token.
I hate that when white people come up to me and just rub my hair, and I have to say "don't ever treat me
like a pet because I'm black!" white people think I'm being rude.
I hate that people try to hook me up with ugly ass white guys because they think of being black as some
kind of detriment.
I hate that white people try to use poc like talismans that ward away accusations of racism or get out of
racism free cards.
I hate that white people leave sulking whenever I don't let something racist that they said pass. Even if
I tell them why in calm voice.

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