Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A huge flamewar broke out on the internet. The current incarnation of the flamewar (as this was really a primal conflict, possibly started before I was born) started on feministe- Lauren, a white feminist who had retired from blogging, but was guest blogging on her former blog, made a short pithy statement about the 'feminist police'. Hilarity and a huge flame war ensued. She then notes that the idea that women don't like to argue is a lie. Also, Amanda at Pandagon noticed and posted about it.

Here is what I think caused the multiple flamewars. Basically, two male feminists Hugo and Amp have moderation policies that many feel are too easy on trolls, especially men's rights activists, who basically are guys who say BITCH STOLE MY MONEY five billion times a day. Also, they (the male feminists, not the MRAS) have banned some female feminists or told them to be 'civil' while open racists and idiots who think women are all golddiggers have been allowed to stay without reprimand.

This is the cause of the anger and resentment directed towards them. They blithely did not expect how a little disrespect here, and a few excuses there could cause such anger, much as some people are wondering now why their cars got set on fire or why people rap about 'fuck the law'. We don't know if they'll recover and become better feminists. I fear for Hugo as he has become defensive instead of being open to constructive criticism. Will he be able to go back to the light? Well, that's for the next installment of as the feminists go round.

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