Thursday, March 23, 2006

So today, we had a special speaker in class! A professional transperson and an Emory alumnus, Scott Turner Schofield did a show yesterday that I saw. I have to admit the show was much more entertaining, what with the multimedia and all, and the anecdotes were much better- in class, we didn't get any of the good stuff about picking a 'dick' and how that is related to his father's penis or about how he went into a sex shop, and blushed so much he had to say he was legal, but Southern. Although in class, I liked that he was unafraid to use the classroom as a prop, even going to far to use this one guy's hat as a prop for a partial performance. In class, we didn't get the nudity either, since it is possibly not allowed. I was confused about the nudity at the show, as I had believed the nudity warning was in case someone saw something during costume changes.

Although one of my class mates was shocked,shocked! about the nudity, I didn't worry about it too much, and my teacher, when asked, was like it's a performance, which is true- it's not like she said it was a G rated one. We learned some important stuff about transgender issues in class, which was good. So I guess I should plug his website while I'm talking about it.

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