Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My moral superiority is class S!

In America, we've perfected the moral superiority contest. We talk about how hard we had it, maybe embellishing a bit- smooth over the help from the rents, the good health you enjoyed, etc- while beating others about the head about how they only worked part time when you worked full time while you were in school.

Instead of us all banding together, saying hey, this system isn't working for anyone, we make it into a contest of who can do the most before they break down and crack. But when we break down, who will catch us? We can't catch others from a place of superiority.

But everyone is losing out. The people who break down and drop out. The people who would have benefited from the creativity and talent of those who aren't strong but have something to say. The children who feel the stress of their caretakers. The employers that get lower quality work.

We're not machines. We're human. When we realize this, we can work for a system that everyone can do their best in.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You know, apparently I have slutty nipples.
Ugly ass pink telescopes cause much consternation at PZ's. The problem is not so much pink as the default toy your brother will be getting from the grandparents is the EXPLOSIVE DEATH STICK 2000 and you'll be getting a disembodied head so you can do its hair. Major bummer, dude.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am a feminist so every choice I make is feminist

From zombieroadtrip.

I think that this is sort of a hidden backlash. We have to spend all our time declaiming how we feminists are truly feminine, while folks pushing back everyone's rights have open field to mess us up! In 2010, let's kick those folks asses.

Also, I've decided that I'll identify as fucking awesome instead of as a woman. But this has no affect on you, and doesn't really matter.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I just realized why I am messy! My brother was all like clean up the living room, and then complaining about the way I cleaned it. He can have higher standards because he can expect other people to clean shit for him, and then he can complain about how it's not clean enough. I know I'll have to clean shit myself, so I STFU about mess.

Also, I thought they couldn't invent something wackier than pube shaving, but now...we have LABIA COLORANT! I have no idea how folks will defend this. But go wild, folks. I'm hoping you do your best on this! hehehehe.

Oh hahaha, now they are trying to pretend that having pink labia is somehow 'healthier' than browner labia. LOLZ, 'health'

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Here's a long considered post about why Lifestyle Activism is stupid. I'm going to riff off of it, as I usually do. Personally, I think that declaring that the stuff we are already doing is 'activism' or 'feminism'[a HUGE pet peeve of mine, as you can tell.] is just spinning our wheels. We can pretty much retcon any thing we already do into being activism. I like playing video games and reading shoujo manga. I COULD say that me playing Persona 4 is lifestyle activism because there's storylines about gender roles, and anyway, GIRL GAMER!!!!! but come on, I'm not fooling ANYONE.

I think this sort of navel gazing is pretty comfortable for those in power. I mean, me going on about how freecycle is so much fun, brings together the community, and helps clean house is NOT going to break down the capitalist system that has people hoping someone will take pity on them and give them some food.

And yea, western style liberal feminism did start with consciousness raising, but I get the feeling it wasn't about how much they loved mopping the floor, and how great those new dresses at Marshall Fields are. If they were, I'm sure it would have been a whole lot less threatening to the status quo. Sadly, the backlash is so pronounced that feminism nowadays is reduced to the modern day equivalent of saying we love to mop the floor.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Apparently you shouldn't give folks your boxes of kraft mac and cheese from 1996.
Dear the internet, I am not pleased with military women being forced to risk their health because of stupid politics. That reminds me of this Quiverfull book I am reading, in which some poor lady had to write out that her being raped while in the military was not her somehow cheating on her husband, because of some unusual church rules. Personally, I don't agree with the Quiverfull lifestyle. Yes, I disagree with some aspects of other people's lifestyles and behaviors, especially as my temperament says BUT WHAT IF YOUR HUSBAND IS AN ABUSIVE FUCK WHO IS ATTRACTED TO PATRIARCHY BECAUSE HE GETS RESPECT JUST FOR HAVING A PENIS, AND YOU HAVE TO RUN OFF, AND YOU'VE NEVER EVEN BEEN ALLOWED TO GO TO CHRISTIAN COLLEGE?! The worst case scenario, that's me! I'm sure they are all changing their lives to elicit my worldly approval.

In other news, our economic system is really inefficient. I hear 45% of Detriot's workforce is un or underemployed. We talk about how we're such a rich and powerful nation, but I can't believe that we can't get more people into good paying and decent jobs. I think a lot of the un or under employed have valuable skills we could be using, but we're so tied up with a system that throws thousands out of work if the stock price drops one cent, we can't use them.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sadly, pearl clutching is fun and fast, and actual work is not glamorous and is slow slow. I think this is the root of the 'why don't you protest against thugs' fallacy. Being in a tutoring program, a mentoring program, isn't flashy, and becoming an activist against folks who want there to be no investment in anything that might be productive or useful is derided. Do a jobs not jails action and see what the same folks complaining about thugs say.

Instead we're supposed to hold out for a black male hero to marry us women[because all problems can be solved if those single moms just got married], and not worry our pretty little heads over unequal school funding, lack of infrastructure, and job discrimination.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

There's debate about feminine pursuits.

Why are male interests considered fun and female interests considered boring? [note: it's because 'female interests' are usually work in disguise. Work to be hot, work to make people feel good, work to clean stuff, and feed people, work, work, work.]

Hey! I like masculine things, and I'm a good feminist! Hmm...well...I do see a lot of push to be like WE LOVE TRADITIONALLY FEMININE THINGS AND WE'RE FEMINIST!!! which seems to sort of pushing the rest of us who don't like baking and shaving to one side...


Sadly, girl with dog icon, we don't.
Strangely enough, before the 90s, most women were able to survive the SUFFERING of having PUBIC HAIR, and their lives went on. Actually, I think in Europe, many women still SUFFER THE PAIN of having pubes! You know what? We on the net wouldn't have known what you do with your pubes if you hadn't told us. If you love your pubeless vulva, why drag in Andrea Dworkin and the Mean Feminists[tm]?

Also, here's some stupid. about how the ghost of Andrea Dworkin came into people's homes and made them not be ~~PRETTY~~. You know what? The real enemy of feminine women is the patriarchy- lower paying work, the mommy track, sexual violence against women, etc. It's not us *mean feminists* who question why 90% of JUST HATE HAIR people are women, or who wonder about the time and money spent to look 'acceptable' in this society as a woman as compared to the time and money for a man[notice the Nice Guy who thinks he deserves a woman at the top of society's looks tier despite his unremarkable looks and often disgusting personality].

I sometimes wish that women could accept themselves. Love the people who are working hard inside their bodies with their fat, their stretch marks, and heck, even HAIR. See the essential part of themselves not as 'how do I look?' but 'how am I moving through the world?'. I don't want to be 'a man' as much as I want to be 'treated' as a man. Pit hair? Not EW, GROSS, HOW DARE YOU! but oh well..what's next? The face I woke up with, the one I was born with and the ones I love see through thick and thin? Not YOU'D LOOK BETTER IF... but accepted as it is. My stride, not sultry and seductive, but straight ahead? Not I'LL TEACH YOU TO WALK RIGHT! but accepted. My genitalia? Not MAYBE IF IT LOOKS LIKE THIS... but loved despite the fact that I'm an mammal. My style? Not MAN, YOU'D LOOK BETTER IN HEELS, HOOP EARRINGS, A DRESS, BLAH BLAH but just seen as what I wear to keep warm.

Your enemy is not us mean feminists who wonder why, who long to understand why things are the way they are; your enemy is our society, slicing us all to bits. Maybe the gender policing doesn't hurt you- maybe you're struggling for things to be the same. That's nice and well, but realize that things will stay the status quo without I HATE HAIR! crap,ok?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teen girls think becoming a prostitute is edgy. I think they are wrong. Violence against sex workers is real, and stigma. It's not all happy hookers and ~empowerment~. And not to mention, what if the police extort you for sex? That's sick.
For some reason, I'm not so sure that rounding up homeless folks using the police is the best approach. Many homeless people might be scared of the police. I think it's a shame that there's no free shelter in Memphis. The Peace and Justice Center is being slammed here for thinking long term, but sometimes you need to think long term.

Just having sweeps every time there's a frost doesn't touch the problem at all.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

A woman died in the marathon today. I saw the runners coursing down the streets, trying to pace themselves, and trying not to be distracted by onlookers. I felt pretty impressed, as I'm more of the 'lay down and cough' type, although recently, I've been complaining more about how my side feels like someone kicked me in it...