Sunday, December 13, 2009

Strangely enough, before the 90s, most women were able to survive the SUFFERING of having PUBIC HAIR, and their lives went on. Actually, I think in Europe, many women still SUFFER THE PAIN of having pubes! You know what? We on the net wouldn't have known what you do with your pubes if you hadn't told us. If you love your pubeless vulva, why drag in Andrea Dworkin and the Mean Feminists[tm]?

Also, here's some stupid. about how the ghost of Andrea Dworkin came into people's homes and made them not be ~~PRETTY~~. You know what? The real enemy of feminine women is the patriarchy- lower paying work, the mommy track, sexual violence against women, etc. It's not us *mean feminists* who question why 90% of JUST HATE HAIR people are women, or who wonder about the time and money spent to look 'acceptable' in this society as a woman as compared to the time and money for a man[notice the Nice Guy who thinks he deserves a woman at the top of society's looks tier despite his unremarkable looks and often disgusting personality].

I sometimes wish that women could accept themselves. Love the people who are working hard inside their bodies with their fat, their stretch marks, and heck, even HAIR. See the essential part of themselves not as 'how do I look?' but 'how am I moving through the world?'. I don't want to be 'a man' as much as I want to be 'treated' as a man. Pit hair? Not EW, GROSS, HOW DARE YOU! but oh well..what's next? The face I woke up with, the one I was born with and the ones I love see through thick and thin? Not YOU'D LOOK BETTER IF... but accepted as it is. My stride, not sultry and seductive, but straight ahead? Not I'LL TEACH YOU TO WALK RIGHT! but accepted. My genitalia? Not MAYBE IF IT LOOKS LIKE THIS... but loved despite the fact that I'm an mammal. My style? Not MAN, YOU'D LOOK BETTER IN HEELS, HOOP EARRINGS, A DRESS, BLAH BLAH but just seen as what I wear to keep warm.

Your enemy is not us mean feminists who wonder why, who long to understand why things are the way they are; your enemy is our society, slicing us all to bits. Maybe the gender policing doesn't hurt you- maybe you're struggling for things to be the same. That's nice and well, but realize that things will stay the status quo without I HATE HAIR! crap,ok?

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