Wednesday, January 31, 2007

rad fem porn idea: The really unethical therapist: her teacher told her that hot tubbing with clients was unethical...but she just wouldn't listen!
White people are stupid. People of color and friends join to mock them. There's some stupid in the threads but some beautiful mockery.

LBGT youth more likely to be homeless, have survival sex, etc.
Donate to your local shelter for LBGT youth.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

Stupidfree helps us understand that popping out babies for $100 more a year(what I make on ebay a month) isn't exactly a good business plan. Did you know that babies cost money?
Two jobs off the list:

insurance saleswoman: I gotta eat. My classmate did this and went hungry.

photographers assistant: apparently my brother hasn't been paid for like a month.

Undecided: This girl in my class worked in an aluminum factory, and apparently, it's really cool except for there's no AC and you have to wear like kelvar clothes and you get grease all over you.

also, everytime something is on sale, my dad goes to the store and gets them to give him the money back from when he bought it two weeks ago. He's the king of cheap.
Bad history melts my brain.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Best icon ever:

You people who write long pretentious papers should do a paper on lj icons.
177 items on my netflix queue. I'd like to thank the makers of Urusei Yatsura.

"I said earlier that power largely consists in the ability to make others inhabit your story of thier reality, even if you have to kill a lot of them to make this happen"- pg 181 We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed with Our Families.

Also, it's settlers for kids!
I realized that I missed the bead show this weekend. *sad*

Saturday, January 27, 2007

....eye lid tape. Just say no. Paglia's Law has been invented. Now, we can build the Hot Steaming Cup of STFU wonder.
More on "femininity: how it'll eat your brains". Somebody at twisty's place yesterday said rejecting femininity doesn't mean acting like a man and I totally cosign. Now, I'm all about reading sappy shoujo manga and crying (Oh, their love could never be, even though she helped him discover that snow becomes spring, because he turns into a seahorse when hugged by the oppisite sex! Oh what tragedy!) but I don't agree with the crap that femininity proscribes. Basically, it's that men are indivudals, who like different sports teams,prefer different beers, like blondes or brunettes, tits or ass better, but women? we all uniformly like romantic comedies, jewelry, high heels, and we don't care about boys we care about cars and money.

It's like we all have to work to be exactly the same, and I'm not going out like that, you dig?

Also, feminist is full of idiots. Because possibly being harrassed, raped or murdered is totally like the time that I got a free thai dinner because some dude thought I had good looks(he had bad eyesight). And the stupid continues in another post. *shakes head*

Friday, January 26, 2007

Blog scholarship. I'm looking at you brownfemi.
I heart spicy toast. but white people continue to embarrass the whole country. Now people in foreign countries know our future lawyers and judges have no sense. "They thought that celebrating a slain ethnic group leader by insulting that ethnic group was a good idea for a party? Ha ha ha, that would go over well in a country that has people with digital cameras ready to post your embarrassing pictures to the whole internet"
I was calmly wanting food and then Jack Goff informed all blog readers that twisty said something about BDSM. So it's time for 'what's your thoughts on bdsm". I hate folks like those Goreans and the Taken in Hand folks. At least hide behind "Well, my relationship may have the same old woman being submissive dynamics but it's a coinkydink" stuff or something. But when you say the woman gotta be the bottom, that just irks me.

Also Amanda from Pandagon says that her femininity compliance is high but she doesn't care if Twisty doesn't like femininity. I think it's not just compliance, it's awareness of the social aspect of femininity. If you're working hard to think that you just woke up one morning with the desire to have pretty toes ingrained in your nature, you're going to get mad if someone says that you didn't, but if you're like "dude, nobody needs colored toe nails" and are realistic about it, it's harder to get all het up about someone pointing out the obvious.
Apparently soap has a fandom now. Thanks to this thread I feel like I should buy perfume, because I don't like fruity smelling or musky crap, I'd like a cleaner, more masculine scent(as you see, I'm obsessed with all things masculine lately. Why? Femininity is scary because it plays on my fears of being completely devoured by other people- I don't wanna be a pod person who doesn't have interests outside pleasing others!) Also I like how stephen colbert has homoerotic jokes in his show, like the whole blew me right away bit in last night's show.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tom Tancredo is mad because there's a congressional black caucus. Cohen, a guy in the congress, who I would have voted for but my district is wrong says that no, he did not try to join the congressional black caucus. (the consensus in my house is that cohen is a white jew).
Grey's Anatomy star goes to therapy for saying anti gay slurs. White people can still call you the n word without punishment.
Girls as young as 6 are exploited in Cambodia's sex trade. US State Dept reports that 1 million children a year are exploited in this way. Note that women in other countries don't need the big first world savior to say "the rape of children is wrong". A former prostitute is leading the charge in saving these children.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Apparently Irish Soda Bread is serious business.

Netflix friends?

Also, for me, tube tops are immodest because I have nothing to hold them up causing sliding and possible showing of the nipples. (crazy Christians think women are too immodest)
Odd animals sold on garagesale memphis:

sheep(sheds its own wool)

Also in the commercial appeal I saw an ad for goats.

Edited to add: the chickens (6 of them) have been reduced to $20. They are Rhode Island Reds. Although the ad person is from MS, so I can't complain.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beware of those tax refund loans. Disturbing NSFW body mod. Also, help mock stupid white people.

In this west hollywood place, apparently people are protesting against Shirley q liquor. I wish annoying white men would realize that nobody wants to see them in blackface drag.
How shannon indulges herself in sensual pleasure: she buys comics, and buys chocolate that is expensive. I also love the cold feel of gemstone beads. So cold!
Shannon's feministe reading for today:

We learn that anti choicers think that girls cause men to rape by French kissing. Now I'm an anti sex prude and all that, and think maybe you should put off the p in v, the fisting or the anal til you know the person has the good sense to use protection, but...French kissing?! The only thing that causes rape is rapists I say.

Also, we learn that HD is giving porn makers problems which they solve by making the porn actresses do more work, and some porn actresses are even getting expensive and painful surgery.

This has little to do with the above, but did you know that women in Iraq are becoming 'temporary wives' (it's like prostitution, but more religious) more frequently now that we invaded? Also, I heard a lot of Iraqi women's jobs have been disrupted due to the war. It reminds me of the bit from We Wish to Inform You that Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families about colonialism being violence. So like, colonialism is bad because it's violence against women(and men).

Dawn Eden continues to delude herself.

Monday, January 22, 2007

This group brings the lulz to the yard.

Also, acorn is looking for organizers
Shannon decides to be mean to other people. Beauty=power? It's a trap ladies! While you're wasting a hundred smackers on lotion that isn't any better than the lotion you could buy for 2.99 on sale, somebody else is spending that cash learning some skills. Do you think anyone got to a high position on the world stage(including the ugly as sin Dick Cheney) just by being a pretty face? The reason why the women political leaders who have today(think like Hillary or Condi) aren't the hottest women ever is because to develop one's self politically you need time to develop skills and connections. Condi may be evil, but she got to where she is by being the provost of Stanford, not by brandishing an eyelash curler.

It's sad that even now women think they don't have real power and need to rely on beauty. Why do I say this? This sort of rhetoric is woman specific in our culture and serves to limit us as well. Ok, imagine my dad writing a blog post: When I put my hair grease in my hair, I feel so powerful! My shaving cream feels so good on my stubble! I feel I can engineer any obstacle when I use this shaving cream! Ok, I'm laughing, but apparently this is supposed to make sense for women somehow.

The reason women get fed all this bullcrap(and we feed it to ourselves too) is to substitute for actual power. We'll giggle and have slumber parties and be unhygenic with our beauty products while you guys go and rule the world now. It's not right to have friviousity assigned to one gender, while the other gender gets to do the good meaty stuff like being President. The first step is to recognize this in ourselves, and thus we can teach folks coming up that they don't have to believe this bullshit.

Teach girls that accomplishing difficult tasks is a worthy use of their time. Help them to gain skills so that when they grow, they'll have a rich and successful life long after their beauty fades(seriously, what's with the mess about beauty when we all know women get paid less, get mommy tracked, are pressured to waste their money AND often live to be 80 years old?)
Wanda Sykes:

Mean Feminist Vicky explains racism to white liberals.

Nobody likes an anti choicer.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Gift of Fear is an amazing book, so I reccomend that people who read this blog buy it.

Also, see how people are positing some crazy post abortion syndrome.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hot tempered Shannon will take the book Authentic Happiness out of context for her topic "Is surviving fetushood good enough credentials for feminism?". In his book, Authentic Happiness, Seligman basically says this "True happiness is achieved by using one's signature strengths in activities that produce flow and gratification in life. The idea that one can be happy just by following hendoistic pleasure is total bunk. Also I'm super cool and I defeated behaviorism with my big penis. My kids are amazing due to my great psychology". Well, we don't have large penises here where we can defeat behaviorism nor do we have kids that are amazing due to our great psychology abilities, so we'll just use the first part.

How does this apply to feminism? Well, I'm going to make up a connection using my talents at connecting two things that don't go together. Many people wonder why doing exactly what they were doing doesn't get them praised as wonderful feminists. Why, they wonder, do people not see how great a feminist they are for existing? My theory is that praise no matter what you do doesn't do well in a social movement.

If we just say feminist is merely being supportive of women's choices, well, what can we do (as we are bound by integrity) if women choose to make confederate flag pillows, lop off the clits of other women, tell other women that if you get an abortiion, you're a dirty whore who will die of breast cancer?

Not everything a woman does is towards the cause of greater justice or more equality.. I think virtues such as justice or equality should be the measure of feminism. I think that if we base our feminism on such values, our confidence in ourselves as feminists will grow. We won't have to ask others if we are good feminists or not, because we'll know because of our work and the strength we have gained through it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

*burbles* My first non cracked Netflix movie! But to earn it, it's handwash day! Full of hate!
I was listening to Fresh Air today and this crazy Israeli guy really annoyed me. I'm not saying the Palestinians have never done anything wrong ever, but come on- I'm not seeing why we need to be tossing out comparisons to the Nazis. I'm against terrorists but I don't think they are exactly fascists. It reminded me of this Word by Word I heard. Some guy said that the problem that we had in the Vietnam war and the problem we are having in Iraq is that we aren't seeing the importance of nationalism. Another guy was confused since the Sunnis, Shia and Kurds don't seem to be wanting a united nation, but I think it's more like those three groups are like nations without states or something like that.

Anyway then another guy said that we have plenty of folks who know all about these sorts of issues, but if decision makers don't listen to them, we'll keep making the same mistakes.
I figured out that I had read the Cult of Personality before. Newsweek has a long story about how going into somebody's country and blowing stuff up affects the children. I hope you hawks are happy now.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You know, that D'Souza guy who was on the Colbert Report last night? His remarks on gay marriage were like "look at me! I'm denying reality to be a dick"
Jay Sennett wants you to review his book.
When I realized that people are willing to admit to me that they buy this to me, I wondered how I can get other people to keep their sex lives to themselves. The fact that other people don't do that yet is why I don't think whatever you got is super duper special.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You too can give a child the magic of their first book.
Today I wore the wrong glasses all day. I thought something was funny with my vision, but I could mostly see so ignored it. I figured it out in class and when I came home, the glasses I wear were in a cereal bowl next to my bed.
I added a new movie to my netflix queue.

Trigger warning: Snark.

Oh dear! Because every single utterance ever spoken on the net is about making you feel like a good feminist. Tip: you're an adult now. Nobody cares.

Also, the thing is that wearing a corset for sports makes no sense at all. Lack of common sense is apparently another reason femininity is a mark's game. According to advertisers, we are so dumb that we'll buy completely ridiculous clothing because it's 'feminine'. Ok, some people are like that, but not all of us.

Hopefully this last part will not trigger the sensitive:

The pleasureseeker finally finds shoes that don't cost an arm and a fricking leg.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Man I hate chicks like this. Ok, here's the deal- rape is one of those dealbreaker things you should have? No excuse,ok? Now it's time to take someone's words out of context and read horrible things into them:

Kyso K Jan 15th, 2007 at 8:11 pm

Maybe IÂ’m too much of a softie.

Well, once a rapist always a rapist, much like once a prostitute always a prostitute, but there is always room for forgiveness if someone is really sorry for what they did and is willing to work to change. If he really has changed as a result of being prosecuted, then great, thatÂ’s a gold star for the idea that people can be rehabilitated, and a reason why we donÂ’t lock people away for life for every infraction.

Certainly itÂ’s his misfortune to end up dating someone who would willingly fuck up his redemption because it didnÂ’t match her fantasies. What a selfish bitch.

This is the garbled shocking inference I came up with: What? What's with the once a prostitute always a prostitute thing?

Also, Phonecian in a Time of Romans is being yelled at again.
I don't support Dawn Eden. She's a woman, but yea, I can't support her crazy mess. Remember- if casual sex makes you feel empty inside, don't do it. If you're old enough to have casual sex, you're old enough to have good enough sense to know when to throw in the towel.

Also, amanda notes that marriage is work for women and that mark foxwell notes that motherwork is work.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kactus is working hard, but the sad part is that we can't always do what is right all the time. So we have several solutions- we could acknowledge that we don't always do what is in accord with our ideology, we could change our ideology so that what we do is right, or we could complain about it. Personally I prefer the first one, because it has the crisp purity of having ideological standards, but with more flexibility. I don't like the second as it's too hmm..floppy.. for me. I'm of course suspicious as it seems that standards get watered down so much that we end up equating feminist with "yea, this person got shot out of their mama's crotch alright". That's why you get shit like this feminists for life crap. It ties in with that Logic of Failure book I was talking about too. They see a good thing 'more babies' and ignore the bad consequences of the actions they take to gain that goal- such as dead mothers(the reason we can't take all pregnancies to term is that some are dangerous), economic problems(this can hurt living children) and the like.

That's why you need to be clear on what your reason is for feminism. We all have goals that sound good, but we have to be sure on our methods. What sounds good might not actually be good. Of course, another problem is that we all come from different backgrounds. To me, the idea that people don't know all of what is in their own minds is old hat. My true identity is a psych geek. I've heard all about sweet lemons(the opposite of sour grapes), rationalization, defense mechanisms, etc, til when I put things together it sounds confusing.

So like, when I don't hear men enjoying the amazing fun of kitten heels, I get sort of suspicious. Also, if armpit hair really caused you to be a stinky mess, why would men have it? Nor do you hear a lot of men talking about the freedom and wonder of pretending to be gay for the ladies, even though women consider this hot since they spend hundreds of hours writing about the gay sex adventures of fictional characters. Why is that?
On page 185, for you people reading along at home, Dorner(I don't know how to make those dots above the o) summarizes his(?) main points. He says "we have seen people fail to formulate their goals in concrete terms, to recognize when their goals contradict each other and to set clear priorities". Now I'm going to complain about my 'enemies' while totally ignoring my own flaws. Now, post feminists drive me nuts! Their goals aren't very clear at all. They are all like feminism is about choices and supporting women. The problem is that those goals often conflict. Women may choose to bitch about those whores with their free welfare, complain about those baby abandoners who work outside the home,etc may feel more supported if we made all women stay at home and let all the single moms starve to death but yea, that wouldn't be very helpful for the majority of women. Of course, setting priorities is really hard- what's more important, defending your cute shoes or getting women to build up capital that they can use to create businesses? Another example- what's more important- disabling human trafficking or talking about happy hookers?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

There's nothing more fun than a good book with lots of psychological experiments and graphs and people being misled by the way their brains are constructed. The Logic of Failure is a great book. I like how the writers use games for their experiments as I have long been fascinated by games that are somewhat complex. I first thought of civilization, which involves a complex balancing act between science, military and culture. Then I thought of Ogre Battle, which has a reputation system that is quite hard for me to grasp. You have to increase your alignment by defeating characters that are higher in level, but at a certain point, your alignment starts to drop because you level up, and you also have to be careful about how underleveled you allow yourself to be, because if you allow yourself to be too underleveled, you'll be defeated and the cities you already have will be taken over by the empire, and thus you'll lose reputation. Of course, the games here are more like "how you can fuck up colonizing Africa and cause people to die"(based on real events) and Simcity for psych majors who aren't commies(because worker's collectives lead to ideas about shooting nonworking workers)

Also they used one of my favorite stories from childhood! The good ol' inventor of chess asks for 1 grain of rice for the first square, 2 grains of rice for the second, and double the amount of rice for each square story. Super yay!
I'm rich and even I know ebt is for food stamps. Jill is working hard, but the stupid is too strong. In the post Jill responds to, we've got idiots who assume that just because you're poor, you don't work. In the comments of Jill's post, we get the same old I don't feel guilty crap. I'm totally for feeling guilt if it means that kids are going to eat and thus do better in school. Also, some folks out there are getting by on a single income of like 7$ an hour. So maybe after the rent is paid, the kids have their uniforms, the water and lights are on, maybe the food gets a little bit scanty. There's no shame in getting help if you need it, only shame in wanting to deny people help.

Also, amanda is good at talking.
Shannon's sense of humor has gone latent. I'm vaguely offended by this post. Upper brain says: joke lower brain says: warning, offense! Also, axe commercials kill me. Tons of women in bikinis running around for the service of some boring white guy, and the slogan: spray more, get more? Just kills me. Better go back to inking.

Oh yea, feminist mormon housewives on eating disorders.
Also, AP racism asks if this lady is fucking high.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Also, men are oppressed by ladies night. I as an evil, man hating feminist, hope that you will help me oppress men by bidding on my ebay auctions Everytime a woman puts money in an account that is not controlled by her husband, brother or father, a MRA dies a little bit inside.
Fetish wear or not, this shit is just tacky. Oh yea, I was reminded that I was pissed off about world have your say on thursday On the show, this Iraqi lady was mad about how she couldn't get to college because of American troops, and these American folks were all like under Saddam you couldn't go to college, and all like, you should apperciate your freedom. The lady corrected them about the not able to go to college under Saddam part, but the idea that folks are supposed to be all grateful for us invading their country annoys me.

Also, apparently today's show was about how much black people suck.

Spotted Elephant works hard for reconcilliation, but are we really all natural allies? Like guys who always complain about us focusing on chick issues like day care and abortions I have a hard time agreeing with or feminists who are all like race issues aren't important. I may mock post feminists*, but I mock with love. Why? Well on the net, I'm controlled by my masculine side(concerned with whether things are right, argumentive, concerned with fun) not my feminine side(concerned with people's fee fees, conflict avoidant, concerned with work). This makes it very hard for me to be gentle and kind.

*post feminist- every single thing a woman does is feminist.
From stupidfree:

Oh, please. Not this "but what I wanna!" thing again.

Some choices are made against more societal inertia than others. Feminism is, or is also, about lessening the societal inertia that disproportionally blocks women [or -certain- women] from making choices [or -certain- choices], and which isn't predicated on the woman's specific abilities. "What you wanna" is an aspect of that, but not the totality of it.

People who call themselves feminists but leave their choices at "but I wanna!" piss me off: at least try to look at the big picture, snowflake; it does exist. [Not targeted at -you-, just general frustration.]
- your friendly resident non-feminist.

I think but I wanna folks should call themselves post feminists to lessen confusion.
I was reading Brownfemi's blog and apparently single moms are getting scholarships.
mendemama on blackfolks explains why femininity is a raw ass deal:

go to a craigslist rants and raves and there are white men bitching how American (Read:white) women are too fat, too masculine, too career obsessed, have hair too short . . . . .

and that's why they're ONLY dating Asian/Eastern European/Martian women. Of course, it's always the woman's fault for not being feminine enough. No mention of the power dynamic inherent in a woman having to be less than. I mean a green card is a hell of an incentive to put up with bullshit.

We're supposed to be all these things, pay dutch, clean house, give him the big piece of chicken, remember his mama's birthday, keep our hair long, go to the gym and pass up that peach cobbler . . . . .until the newer model comes in and we're placed on the trash heap. And better NOT ask for any alimony or child support. Cause then we're gold-digging heiffas doncha know.

Not with THAT program. I absolutely love men. . . .but I'm finding that they make better friends or f-buddies these days. Which might be news to my boyfriend. (tee-hee) Because we're all carrying around too many expectations, misconceptions and whole buncha other shit.

You know what? For me and mine, I'm choosing the good deal, not the shitty one.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

In his book, Learned Optimism, Seligman talks for a few paragraphs on the dangers of our over individualistic society in terms of how it can lead to a pessimistic explanatory style(as he often says- it's me, it's going to last forever and it's going to ruin everything I do) and a vast sense of meaninglessness.

Now I'm going to talk about individualism and feminism. I think a case of tension is about whether feminism well...does it have content? Amy grumbles about how noone complains that commies don't own big corporations and Mag is hurt because folks don't see how wonderful and special being a femme who likes pop music(just like 99 million other people!) is.

I give you these two perspectives so I can meet them in the middle. Amy is talking from the perspective that feminism has content- it's like you give up hot dogs to be a vegetarian because the not so nice parts of the cow and the pig and probably the rat are considered to be meat, and so if you eat meat, you're not a vegetarian. Mag, well, she's talking more from a feeling place in which we all want unconditional love and acceptance. I of course have a hard time not making fun of this.

But yea, basically, the goals of feminism are about 'choices' and 'freedom', usually defined in terms of having people approve of your choices in consumption. This of course makes me suspicious as I am aware of the fact that nowadays one's identity is seen as less connected to others and the group as it is fragmented into a million and one consumption based niches.

Personally, I prefer the more group orientation, more content based feminism. Why? Because to me, the point of a social movement is just to go and achieve goals. I'm cool with trying to explain why we should be cool with transgender folks in our bathrooms, because that makes sense to me. It helps a group achieve being able to pee more comfortably and helps people discrimiated because of their sex be less discriminated against.

But I'm not so sure I can endorse feminism to be individual orientation and less content based because that seems like the rest of society's job to me. If people make fun of you, I suggest self esteem. Like, let's say people don't like your taste in music or think your socks aren't really as cute as you think they are. You could go and cry about it. Or you could say hey, I accept the fact you don't like my taste in music and think my socks are ugly. I'm still cool with myself as a person, even if everyone doesn't approve of me.

Get a little Albert Ellis on yourself. I recommend Seligman's repackaging of the old ABC(antecedent, belief, consequences) deal. Use it, and I think your self esteem will improve. Yea, so I think some stuff is a personal problem and some stuff are societal problems.

For me, to see the latter, you gotta look at the patterns. Why are there more sushi on naked girls than sushi on naked men?, why do women get paid less and are encouraged to spend more,etc,etc. You have to think about the structure of society. Yes, it's sad that your friends made fun of your cute kitten heels. But it's kind of like worrying about how once my brother said our chair was a black man's chair. It's not nice, but there's a whole lot of other stuff you got to get to first before you can even be worrying about that.
Feminine center my ass. This is why I think femininity is a bunch of bunk. Instead of being proud of black women going out and achieving something, we have some BS about wasting time doing stuff that does nobody any good. Why don't you guys go and waste your money on a bunch of useless beauty crap, and cook and clean and have a perfectly ripped body before you start talking about how black women aren't good enough for ya. Oh you won't? And you'll bitch about a grownass woman wanting a guy who isn't a burger flipper? Yea, later for you.
Women embrace their feminazi side as shannon's brain continues to be too weak to think. Seriously, if you stiff a woman on con costs, the right response is not to talk about her sex life.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Shannon explains why your kink is not ok. Link to crazy child porn wank.

Thanks to the internet, I've noticed that your kink is not as special and unique as you think it is. Female subs, dime a dozen. Men who like really really bad porn- everywhere. So with this in mind- Stuff I think should be legal, but ok to mock: BDSM, adult babies, furries, the like. Your hobby isn't special just because it has sex in it.

Stuff one should probably not much- sexual orientations like being gay or asexual.

Stuff that is just plain evil, and we should outlaw: child porn. zoophiles. more as needed.
Pandagon, Feministe, you've made OTF Wank! See rape apologists mocked again. See rapists hated on.
Life at 7.25 an hour Note that this guy has a family. Also note that many teenagers have families as well. Also I think folks don't get a lot of time for breaks and may be eating just what is fast and easy and cheap.

Monday, January 08, 2007

I must spread the suffering around.(link leads to horrible pain. recovering eating disorder people- don't go there. you'll get sick again)

Also, *shakes head*
Somebody outside of LJ says that feminism is about choices. On blackfolk, solutions to workplace harrassment are discussed. One should read this thread. Jill recounts how social influence caused her to get fucked up ideas about weight. Society- it exists people. Also, in India, a woman fights against child prostitution. Also, prostitutes speak out on the BBC
Skin bleaching products were on the agenda for world have your say.

Also, more about transpeople. I say transwomen who are assholes will not be welcome to woman only spaces. Of course, born women who are assholes shouldn't be welcome either. I think we can still speak even if we're being called transphobic. We can simply ask why they feel that way and try to accomondate the nonassholes. Also, we all oppress each other(it's complicated- like I'm oppressing the poor by hogging resources, but white people are oppressing me by calling me the n word behind my back, but I'm oppressing the transpeople by being lazy and stupid, but the men are oppressing me by expecting me to do girl shit and women are also oppressing me by expecting me to do girl shit too, but then I'm oppressing the people in the third world by hogging their resources).
The transadvocate has thoughts. She talks about gender as being a spectrum and nobody being expected to be a certain way because of their gender. One of my pet peeves about womanhood is everyone expecting you to like femininity, and to want to do extra pointless work just because you got labia.

Amp doesn't blame the twisty.
I didn't know Memphis had a dedicated abortion clinic. ..BLACK LOLI RAGE! But as usual, white people run our lulz with their stupidity. Because it's bad for a mod to call someone racist if they did something racist. Oh yea.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Disability rights people are buzzing about the ashley treatment. Wheelchair dancer talks about human rights. Fit of Pique is talking about disability and sexuality. The gimp parade has a lot too.
Mmmm..polyzoophile wank.
As I finally put up the huge pile of comics I have to sell, I found this site. Kactus tells us about trifling motherfuckers. I don't care if the girl was out naked with a sign that said free blowjobs here on her. The boys should know better. The reason that there is a law against having sex with 11 year olds is that they aren't cognitively developed enough to understand what's really going on there. Not articulate, but I hope the boys are thrown up under the jail to teach them a lesson.
Saving the world can be glamourous. Cue someone saying that little girls(and only little girls.) naturally pop out of the womb interested in 'glamour' that leads to jobs you can age out of such as model or porn star, and not interested in unglamourous math or science, which you get paid the big bucks for doing.

Random: Once, I met a lesbian feminist. Apparently they used to live near little five points and call people buckhead dykes and played softball. She wasn't against transgender people, I don't think?. Amy has a long post, and I say I disagree with the part about cisgendered folks. I think that it's just trying to say that there's not normal people vs those weird transgendered people, but that the rest of us have a position that we're from too. Like, I don't like all that girly crap, but I identify as cisgendered as I'm like fine with the status quo as far as my body is concerned! No need to change genders here! I also think that she should take out the part about the feminity and masculinity thing in the transgender defintion, because it's too's something. Anyway, I don't think they all want to be like traditional masculine or feminine.

Maybe they want to change the way to be masculine or feminine? I don't know about all that. People try to educate me, but I'm not working hard enough. Also, transwomen aren't really men in my opinion, because they get treated like women, which is to say, like crap. I think transmen are men, but it's like one of those discreditable identity things.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Even the wankas can't laugh about this moral dilemma.

Alas talks about antitrans arguments and why they are illogical. I'm adding in that while some posit that transgender folk suffer from a 'gender identity disorder' it's more like dude, let's put some shit on a form for insurance purposes. Not to mention, it's like, you can't tell how a person will behave from the mere information that "they were assigned X gender, but feel more like Y gender". Yea, that tells me nothing. You could save small children in Africa or sit on the couch eating ho hos. I can't even tell if you're going to act like a woman who is all frilly and shit or act like a woman who likes beer and sports and shit like that. Also, what if we made all the transwomen go to men's rooms and the men try to kick the shit out of them for not conforming to gender roles? Wouldn't that be awful? And it'd be all our fault too. Anyway, I hope this made sense and didn't offend more people than needed.

Hey, Blackamazon came back!
White people still think hanging up nooses at people's workplaces is funny. In other news, white folks ain't crying oh be nice to the afflicted, some of whom may be women, as black people come in all the commonly assigned varieties.
An outrageously expensive auction.
The worst anime ever. This proves that the idea that only the best anime is brought over is a vile vile lie! Why is Rose of Versailles and Onii-sama E not brought over, but this piece of evil evil is?! I totally blame the patriarchy!

Also I'd like to note how come a lot of porn is like the antierotic? Like this shit is putting me off sex. For a good long time.

Friday, January 05, 2007

I don't support women's choices to wear lolita to the gym. I also don't support their choices to have pro eating disorder communties. Question to internet people- do you think Somali women will be more screwed than usual now that Kenya has closed the border?

You scored 53% Murderous, 75% Devious, and 47% Virtuous!

Well done! May the gods of vengeance smile on your wicked work. Here's a breakdown of the score system. (Here "High = above 80%, Moderate = above 50% and Low = below 50%)

High "Murderous" - Your vengeance style is reminiscent of Beatrix "The Bride" Kiddo. If someone crosses you they are as good as dead. Mind you, you'd probably kill someone for looking at you in a funny way. What's most important to you is that your victim suffers a bloody end. If you also scored moderate to high on "Devious", their end could also be very...creative. Your "Virtuous" score will tell you how likely you are to give in to your bloody urges. If it's low - Gods help us all.

High "Devious" - Your vengeance style is more complex. You might draw inspiration from such plotters as Alexandre Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo, Bronte's Heathcliff or perhaps Sideshow Bob off "The Simpsons". You think about every aspect of your revenge and you make sure that whilst your victim may not die at the end they are going to wish they did. You care more about totally humiliating your enemies, preferably with cunning and devastating wit. It may take years, but you'll get them in the end! If you have a higher "murderous" score, you may use your devious mind to dream up a really sticky end for your enemies. Higher "Virtuous" scores, may imply you are more of a fantasist than a plotter. Which is probably healthier anyway.

High "Virtuous" - You seek to emulate those on a higher spiritual plane by eschewing something as vulgar and sinful as revenge and forgiving those who trespass against you. Like Christ, Buddha, Gandhi and other pacifists you turn the other cheek as opposed to turning the knife. How nice! Be careful of becoming a doormat. You don't have to actively pursue revenge but maybe you should stand up for yourself if need be. Avoid being too sanctimonious about it. Else you might find yourself targetted for revenge! Virtue, when tempered with occasional naughty thoughts as demonstrated by mod to high "devious" scores or even "murderous" scores is most normal behaviour.

Mixtures of all three - Most people don't go out an wreak bloody havoc on their enemies or devise subtle plots to show them for the ponsdscum they really are. Most of us bottle up out resentment and let it out as petty vindictivness (ordering numerous pizzas in their name, rumour-mongering etc.)nasty fantasies or occasionally, murderous rampages (postal workers). Use your common sense to work out what this means for you.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 22% on Murderous
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Link: The Overdeveloped Sense of Revenge Test written by Bethan24 on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I need a topic for a 4-8 minute presentation for the youth! Also: mmm, wagglepop wank... Man, near the end it starts getting really crazy- apparently saturn doesn't just love wagglepop, the auction site that increases buyer enjoyment(LOL!), but ze is a prophet from another planet and understands natural law.

Also top keywords:

how to stop watching porn
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tubman's law
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why do the african peoples wear jewelry for traditons?
pedo teachers
Blackfolks has a friendslocked post about cumming on folks faces and shit. Some think it's because of porn, some think it's because men are visual, some think it's because of power. I think I'm gonna cut you if you get semen on my face or even worse, in my hair.

I also learned the term porn creep. Also no spit on the cooch.
Link to post here. No one is outlawing porn. Saying that feminism is an alternative to rape counseling? Not so much, although you can put the two together. You can make a good thing out of a bad thing by deciding to make sure what oppressed you doesn't oppress anyone else. Also,, men and transwomen can keep their penises. Nobody said they couldn't. Also, I don't agree with the whole niceness thing. This is a political movement, not a support group.

I think folks who don't tip toe about the supposed sensitivites of women give them more credit than folks who worry about being nice. The idea that women can't go and make political decisions based on logic or what works best for them(for example, many women are happy with things the way things are and think that any woman who is disadvantaged by the system as it is today is just a bad person) is just bunk.

Women don't need special coddling or hugs to fight for their own damn liberation. Some may just prefer to sit back and benefit from the fights of their foremothers, like those annoying ladies who have their own checking accounts to put in big checks from complaining that women are working outside the home. Now, those ladies are a whole lot meaner than us feminists there.

They are classist in that the whole 'if you work, you are a baby abandoner" stuff hits women who need to work to feed their kids really hard. Not to mention the whole why do women ever have sex if they don't want 3 zillion kids line. I also think the whole women don't really get raped, they are just all liars line that is widely believed by men and women alike is really mean.

Really mean beliefs seem to be widespread, despite the cruelty involved is my point. Also, I'm imprinted on psychology, so I believe the mind is a a scary place, full of things unknown to the person at the time. Also I'm from the internet generation, so I understand that everyone thinks they are a special little snowflake, but five zillion people have the exact same thing that they think makes them so special.

Oh yea, and social influence. It happens. *runs around saying things are poorly designed- just like my dad does* Oh yea, and this being nice shit is a bunch of dumb emotional labor enforced by dumbass ideas like women gotta be nice all the time. Fuck that shit. I don't gotta act a certain way just cuz the doctor looked on the ultrasound and said 'hey! labia!'

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I accidently ended up being charged 1.50$ for a tomato. Please advise.

Also dykes to watch out for blog has its own moderation issues. Bechdel decides on self moderation for now.

Hey, poor people. Apparently you all can afford to buy $150 shoes and $200 ipods because you saved up..? *confuzzled now* Yea, somebody explain this to me? *is rich and can not afford $150 shoes*

Also rape defenders are stupid.
A long thread about Oprah's negative ass.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

elle had an amazing post. Not related: The Color Purple is the best book in the world, don't just watch the movie,ok?
I probably don't agree, but what an interesting post. This is somehow linked to that post. It may be in time that I read it rather than ideas. I was amused by the prose in this post. Amanda talks about bars or something.

That last one reminds me. Femininity is a mark's game. First, you go out and do a whole bunch of work and spend a lot of cashola being 'pretty'. Then you go out and do a whole bunch of emotional labor making sure that no important people(like menz) get their feelings hurt(this I think is why a lot of women go around being like "well so and so is such a slut!" or "Those ball busting feminist bitches ruined everything!" because it's too scary to stand up and attack the real oppressors) and trying to make sure everyone is happy with their place in the dominance hierarchy. Then you do a bunch of housework and shit. Oh yea, and then you have to have sex like a porn star. But you don't get paid like a porn star either. So you do all this work, and you don't get paid. Yea, I'm not for that.
There is a large discussion about inner city kids- bad for wanting sneakers and ipods or just kids who need stuff like food and love. Personally, I have to admit when I was a kid, I would have probably said I wanted a car, especially if I had seen Oprah give her whole audience cars before. And I am sort of confused by the whole school uniforms thing anyway. Here in Memphis, the uniform is something like a white shirt and khaki pants or something. (it varies by school though). It's specifically set up so that it's in the reach of parents. So why would they want a uniform to go to school when most of them have a uniform?

Also, I was reading the republic of T and this article about how boot camps torture and kill kids caught my eye. Note that many teens of color are being caught up in these crazy programs, where they are physically and emotionally abused.

Oh yea, and yet more about Oprah.

Apparently some older black people (i.e. my dad) think whole milk is healthy. It's not.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Lady is mad because some people don't like her porn novels. I like this post about fandom. Look, it's games! Online!
I've decided to denounce things. I denounce zoophiles. While I have been accused of hating cats(No, I'm just really surprised by COLD CAT NOSE) even if I did, I would not wish such abuse on the poor animals. Being cruel to animals is really wrong.
Oh yea, and I don't support women's choices to believe they are anime characters. Also, for fuck's sake, will people stop shooting real guns up in the damn air on new year's? You could kill somebody. Also I'd like to offend people, so I will be typing now. Like, is it me or are the realities of transwomen sort of distorted by porn's dickgirls and chix with dix? (is it me or do you never see transmen in porn?) and like, what's with transgendered people in prostitution? I really am worried it's more like "dude, I'm worried about my gender presentation putting me out of the running for a job/I got kicked out and have to live" and less like "Hey, I was going to be a doctor, but then this lady in the supermarket had a prostitution now, ask me how button and I had a new life's work".