Friday, January 26, 2007

I was calmly wanting food and then Jack Goff informed all blog readers that twisty said something about BDSM. So it's time for 'what's your thoughts on bdsm". I hate folks like those Goreans and the Taken in Hand folks. At least hide behind "Well, my relationship may have the same old woman being submissive dynamics but it's a coinkydink" stuff or something. But when you say the woman gotta be the bottom, that just irks me.

Also Amanda from Pandagon says that her femininity compliance is high but she doesn't care if Twisty doesn't like femininity. I think it's not just compliance, it's awareness of the social aspect of femininity. If you're working hard to think that you just woke up one morning with the desire to have pretty toes ingrained in your nature, you're going to get mad if someone says that you didn't, but if you're like "dude, nobody needs colored toe nails" and are realistic about it, it's harder to get all het up about someone pointing out the obvious.

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