Friday, January 12, 2007

From stupidfree:

Oh, please. Not this "but what I wanna!" thing again.

Some choices are made against more societal inertia than others. Feminism is, or is also, about lessening the societal inertia that disproportionally blocks women [or -certain- women] from making choices [or -certain- choices], and which isn't predicated on the woman's specific abilities. "What you wanna" is an aspect of that, but not the totality of it.

People who call themselves feminists but leave their choices at "but I wanna!" piss me off: at least try to look at the big picture, snowflake; it does exist. [Not targeted at -you-, just general frustration.]
- your friendly resident non-feminist.

I think but I wanna folks should call themselves post feminists to lessen confusion.

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