Thursday, January 18, 2007

I was listening to Fresh Air today and this crazy Israeli guy really annoyed me. I'm not saying the Palestinians have never done anything wrong ever, but come on- I'm not seeing why we need to be tossing out comparisons to the Nazis. I'm against terrorists but I don't think they are exactly fascists. It reminded me of this Word by Word I heard. Some guy said that the problem that we had in the Vietnam war and the problem we are having in Iraq is that we aren't seeing the importance of nationalism. Another guy was confused since the Sunnis, Shia and Kurds don't seem to be wanting a united nation, but I think it's more like those three groups are like nations without states or something like that.

Anyway then another guy said that we have plenty of folks who know all about these sorts of issues, but if decision makers don't listen to them, we'll keep making the same mistakes.

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