Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I probably don't agree, but what an interesting post. This is somehow linked to that post. It may be in time that I read it rather than ideas. I was amused by the prose in this post. Amanda talks about bars or something.

That last one reminds me. Femininity is a mark's game. First, you go out and do a whole bunch of work and spend a lot of cashola being 'pretty'. Then you go out and do a whole bunch of emotional labor making sure that no important people(like menz) get their feelings hurt(this I think is why a lot of women go around being like "well so and so is such a slut!" or "Those ball busting feminist bitches ruined everything!" because it's too scary to stand up and attack the real oppressors) and trying to make sure everyone is happy with their place in the dominance hierarchy. Then you do a bunch of housework and shit. Oh yea, and then you have to have sex like a porn star. But you don't get paid like a porn star either. So you do all this work, and you don't get paid. Yea, I'm not for that.

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