Monday, January 15, 2007

Man I hate chicks like this. Ok, here's the deal- rape is one of those dealbreaker things you should have? No excuse,ok? Now it's time to take someone's words out of context and read horrible things into them:

Kyso K Jan 15th, 2007 at 8:11 pm

Maybe IÂ’m too much of a softie.

Well, once a rapist always a rapist, much like once a prostitute always a prostitute, but there is always room for forgiveness if someone is really sorry for what they did and is willing to work to change. If he really has changed as a result of being prosecuted, then great, thatÂ’s a gold star for the idea that people can be rehabilitated, and a reason why we donÂ’t lock people away for life for every infraction.

Certainly itÂ’s his misfortune to end up dating someone who would willingly fuck up his redemption because it didnÂ’t match her fantasies. What a selfish bitch.

This is the garbled shocking inference I came up with: What? What's with the once a prostitute always a prostitute thing?

Also, Phonecian in a Time of Romans is being yelled at again.

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